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[01:01:03] --> SB-X has joined #pentagram
[01:51:57] <Colourless> my No Remorse has v1.01. MD5 sum matches what we already have
[01:53:11] <servus> What are you doing a checksum on? I have a first-release CD of Remorse
[01:55:19] <Colourless> md5 sums on eusecode.flx/gusecode.flx/fusecode.flx (depending what game language)
[01:57:06] <servus> e3b09cbe08b18b45767739a37ee5c239 ./USECODE/EUSECODE.FLX
[01:57:17] <Colourless> cool same as mine
[01:58:10] <Colourless> tgwds are slowing becoming tgwds hehe
[01:58:18] <servus> Oh, I'm 1.01 too... Guess there was never a 1.0 : o)
[01:58:20] <Colourless> where the definition of 'd' changes
[02:00:15] <servus> Hmm? I am lost :)
[02:00:34] <servus> Do you know about the 1.21 No Remorse patch?
[02:01:08] <Colourless> yes
[02:03:20] <Colourless> games/gamemd5.h contains the list of the games we know
[02:08:28] <servus> You have all of mine.
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[12:49:35] <watt> Been thinking a little on hidbindings and supporting tgwds. I think the logic for them should be moved to the objects they work with and be registered/unregistered the same way console commands are. That should at least help out some.
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