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[23:09:32] <Dominus> trying to figure out whether pentagram has also a config-key_exists function....
[23:09:41] <Dominus> config->key_exists
[23:10:47] <wjp> exists(), probably
[23:12:05] * Dominus is porting the coreaudio changes from exult to pentagram
[23:13:52] <-- nutron has left IRC (Quit: I must go eat my cheese!)
[23:35:25] <Dominus> wjp, I wonder is there anything like Exult's exception.h? Because Marzo did some error handling in CoreAudioMididriver.cpp which I cannot port 1:1 of course :)
[23:39:41] <Dominus> nuts... somewhere there is a problem with the damn {}....
[23:48:46] <Dominus> oh wow, made it compile...
[23:49:03] <Dominus> now I *only* need to test it :)
[23:55:13] --> nutron has joined #pentagram