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[03:11:13] <Sheng_Gradilla> :)
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[08:07:40] <wjp_> hi
[08:07:49] * wjp_ hmms
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[08:12:13] <Colourless> hi
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[19:08:40] <wjp> hm, NWN2 announced, it seems
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[20:27:53] <wjp> U8's movement system seems to be quite complex... more complex than I thought
[20:28:04] <wjp> before moving it first appears to check if you can take the full step
[20:28:21] <wjp> if not, it tries taking shorter steps or taking a 45-degree-turned step
[20:28:26] <wjp> (not sure in which order)
[20:28:50] <wjp> one typical example is trying to run into a wall
[20:29:07] <wjp> if you start at the right distance, the avatar will turn 45 degrees just before hitting the wall
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[20:29:38] <Fl00der> hi
[20:31:45] <wjp> it also seems that the avatar is sometimes moved a bit left or right to avoid obstacles
[20:32:36] <Fl00der> huh?
[20:32:38] <wjp> implementing all this is going to be interesting, to say the least
[20:32:51] <wjp> just talking to myself a bit, don't mind me :-)
[20:33:01] <Fl00der> hehe
[20:33:10] <Fl00der> no problemo :)
[20:34:17] <wjp> this moving-aside seems to happen for both walking and running, but not for stepping
[20:34:35] <Fl00der> in U8?
[20:34:59] <wjp> yes
[20:35:32] <wjp> you do take 45 degree turns when stepping
[20:35:39] <Fl00der> so for example, if you walk/run right to rock, avatar moves a bit left and keeps walking/running?
[20:35:53] <wjp> oh, to clarify: by '45 degree turn' I mean 45 degress turned from the mouse cursor, not 45 degrees from the current movement direction
[20:36:00] <wjp> yes
[20:36:02] <Fl00der> mmmkay
[20:36:16] <Fl00der> so how far pentagram project is?
[20:36:30] <Fl00der> I mean, is there samekind start like exult has?
[20:36:36] <Fl00der> easy and fast
[20:36:57] <wjp> start? you mean installation?
[20:37:17] <Fl00der> well yes, so I don't have to manual config to get u8 work with pentagram
[20:37:29] <wjp> no, you need manual configuration
[20:37:33] <Fl00der> : /
[20:37:43] <wjp> we'll change that in time
[20:37:53] <Fl00der> good, but how soon? :P
[20:37:58] <wjp> not soon :-)
[20:38:03] <Fl00der> gosh
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[20:41:01] <wjp> the same moving-aside happens when stepping just alongside a cliff it seems
[20:41:21] <wjp> (when you would fall when you don't move a couple of units aside)
[20:41:40] <wjp> so it seems we must do some rather extensive testing before moving
[20:42:12] <Fl00der> I have never played U8
[20:43:01] <Fl00der> but now I will make history and play it, if it works with my pc...brb
[20:45:33] <Fl00der> mm...what pentagram does to U8 anyway?
[20:49:00] <wjp> what do you mean?
[20:49:46] <Fl00der> well at this point, does it increase quality, sounds etc.?
[20:50:43] <Fl00der> and why it doesn't work when I start pentagram.exe :/
[20:50:51] <wjp> because you must manually configure it
[20:51:22] <Fl00der> mmm...I have made some configuration
[20:53:47] <Fl00der> Do I have to do anything else than config pentargram.ini and put right paths?
[20:54:14] <Fl00der> at least readme doesn't say about anything else...
[20:54:45] <wjp> that should be all
[20:55:04] <Fl00der> hmm...doesn't start
[20:55:37] <Fl00der> data = ultima8 install dir/DATA ? and U8= Ultima 8 install dir ?
[20:57:08] <wjp> no, data = pentagram data dir
[20:57:47] <Fl00der> hmm
[20:58:03] <Fl00der> but I installed pentagram to u8 install dir :P
[20:58:32] <wjp> it has to point to where fixedfont.ini, u8armour.ini, u8.ini, etc... are
[20:58:37] <wjp> i.e., the pentagram data dir
[20:58:44] <wjp> it doesn't care much where you put it
[20:59:07] <Fl00der> well I try install pentagram again to dif. dir
[20:59:25] <wjp> it doesn't matter where you put it
[21:02:10] <Fl00der> ah
[21:02:10] <Fl00der> Warning: unable to open @data/VeraBd.ttf
[21:02:18] <Fl00der> from stderr.txt
[21:02:34] <wjp> that's just a warning
[21:02:49] <wjp> ignore it
[21:02:51] <Fl00der> ah shit
[21:02:56] <Fl00der> now I know what's wrong
[21:03:29] <Fl00der> now comes
[21:03:29] <Fl00der> Problem mounting virtual path "@detect": directory not found: C:\pelit\Ultima8\game\
[21:03:29] <Fl00der> Problem mounting virtual path "@detect": directory not found: C:\pelit\Ultima8\game\
[21:03:29] <Fl00der> Problem mounting virtual path "@u8": directory not found: C:\pelit\Ultima8\game\
[21:03:29] <Fl00der> Problem mounting virtual path "@detect": directory not found: C:\pelit\Ultima8\game\
[21:03:30] <Fl00der> Unable to load static/u8pal.pal. Exiting
[21:04:04] <Fl00der> :S
[21:04:29] <wjp> typo? wrong path?
[21:04:34] <Fl00der> C:\pelit\ultima8\game = my u8 install dir
[21:05:06] <Fl00der> this is my pentagram ini, it's wrong maybe, but plz help :P
[21:05:06] <Fl00der> [pentagram]
[21:05:06] <Fl00der> data=C:\pelit\Ultima8\pentagram\data
[21:05:06] <Fl00der> [u8]
[21:05:06] <Fl00der> path=C:\pelit\Ultima8\game\
[21:05:51] <Dark-Star> try removing the trailing \ from the path? *just guessing*
[21:06:08] <Fl00der> ah
[21:06:25] <Fl00der> WEE
[21:06:27] <Fl00der> it works
[21:06:27] <Fl00der> :D
[21:06:33] <Fl00der> thanks dark-star
[21:06:42] <Dark-Star> no problem
[21:06:55] <Fl00der> hmm is there fullscreen on this?
[21:07:39] <Dark-Star> fullscreen=yes in the config file
[21:07:39] <wjp> add a fullscreen=true somewhere in pentagram.ini
[21:07:59] <wjp> hm, yes or true? *thinks*
[21:08:13] <wjp> I probably made it recognize both
[21:08:13] <Dark-Star> I have it set to "no" so I guessed it should be "yes"/"no"
[21:08:24] <Dark-Star> I left it on the default
[21:08:37] <Fl00der> is there way to put key binding to change fullscreen to window?
[21:08:39] <Fl00der> to pentagram ini?
[21:09:14] <wjp> no
[21:09:35] <Fl00der> ok
[21:09:55] <Fl00der> suggestion: make some button to change fullscreen to window like in exult, in future releases ;)
[21:09:57] <wjp> hm, so it breaks with a trailing slash
[21:10:06] <wjp> yes, we will
[21:10:10] <Fl00der> nice :)
[21:10:26] <Fl00der> yes it doesn't work if I have "\" end of path
[21:10:49] <wjp> hm, I think I remember a similar problem in exult
[21:10:55] <Fl00der> ok
[21:11:14] <wjp> ah, indeed
[21:11:36] <Fl00der> well, I go now eat some bedtime snack but I will be back soon, it's 0:13 AM already :P
[21:11:38] <wjp> in Exult we work around that
[21:11:38] <Dark-Star> wjp: is there currently any work on getting the crusader games to work? some preliminary loading stuff would be great :-)
[21:12:04] <wjp> Dark-Star: not really; the stuff in old should support crusader somewhat, though
[21:12:52] <wjp> the crusader screenshots on our webpage were made with the old module
[21:13:28] <Dark-Star> yeah I know about pentagram_old (I think I even have a checked out copy on my hd somewhere) but I thought maybe there are some news...
[21:15:12] <Dark-Star> oh well, I think I need to reimplement it myself then...
[21:15:21] <Dark-Star> (just kidding ;-)
[21:15:40] <wjp> you're welcome to work on crusader support for pentagram of course :-)
[21:17:06] * wjp submits trailing-slashes bug report and assigns it to Colourless; problem solved ;-P
[21:23:04] <wjp> I should go; good night
[21:24:17] <Dark-Star> g'night
[21:24:54] * Dark-Star looks at the old sources and thinks that crusader support will be pretty hackish...
[21:25:57] <Fl00der> back
[21:26:03] <Fl00der> with full stomach :P
[21:28:18] <Fl00der> aha!
[21:28:45] <Fl00der> fullscreen works fine, just need to put fullscreen=true, to pentagram.ini :)
[21:41:35] <Fl00der> ultima 8 engine looks similar with crusader series engine
[21:41:43] <Fl00der> at least somehow "_
[21:45:27] --> sbx has joined #pentagram
[21:47:21] <Dark-Star> Fl00der: that might be because the engines are basically the same ;-)
[21:47:45] <Fl00der> :o
[21:48:13] <Fl00der> ok then :)
[21:48:41] <Dark-Star> have you actually looked at the pentagram homepage? I think this is mentioned there somewhere, at least in the "screenshots" section :)
[21:49:18] <Fl00der> well, not much, I have looked only download section ;)
[21:50:43] <Fl00der> screens from crusader games :P
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