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[17:20:19] <LordGnida> yo
[17:20:32] <LordGnida> anyone here?
[17:21:18] <wjp> hi
[17:21:21] <LordGnida> hi
[17:21:29] <LordGnida> i got a question about pentagram ;)
[17:21:44] <LordGnida> The sound ain't working... only midi
[17:21:56] <wjp> sound effects aren't implemented yet
[17:22:01] <LordGnida> a ok
[17:22:02] <LordGnida> ;)
[17:22:03] <LordGnida> tnx
[17:22:10] <LordGnida> will they be soon? ;)
[17:22:35] <wjp> hm, hard to say :-)
[17:22:50] <LordGnida> ok, tnx man (or woman? ;))
[17:22:56] <LordGnida> have a nice time, see ya
[17:22:58] <LordGnida> bybyyy
[17:23:01] <wjp> bye
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[17:23:33] <wjp> I should finish that savegame stuff I was doing
[17:24:50] <wjp> I'm marking a couple of gumps as 'core gumps' which means they won't be saved but their children will be
[17:25:22] <wjp> when loading their children will be added back to the right gump with a GUIApp::addGump call
[18:55:13] --> Fl00der has joined #pentagram
[19:32:10] <wjp> wow, saving/loading actually works again
[19:33:03] <wjp> old savegames won't quite work, though
[19:33:30] <wjp> the good news is that the current system of saving gumps should be more future-proof :-)
[19:41:19] <watt> :-)
[19:45:05] <wjp> hm, minor cosmetic issue is that the console pops up (or down, rather) briefly when loading
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[22:09:53] <wjp> ok, committed that
[22:10:03] <wjp> old savegames are rather broken :/
[22:11:03] <wjp> it should make the implementation of scaling/inverting a lot cleaner, hopefully
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[23:31:12] * watt nods. Not having to reset those core gumps is a good thing.
[23:32:01] <wjp> actually they are being reset on load/save :-)
[23:32:13] <wjp> they're just not saved anymore
[23:32:52] <Fingolfin> hi
[23:32:55] <wjp> hi Max
[23:33:14] <watt> but not recreated right... or did I miss something in the diff?
[23:33:40] <wjp> they're being recreated
[23:33:53] <wjp> resetEngine kills all gumps
[23:38:32] <watt> oh...
[23:42:16] <watt> ok, I see it....
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[23:42:38] <wjp> if we give them fixed object IDs we could keep them around
[23:43:04] <wjp> but saving/loading/reseting shouldn't happen that often, so it's not really a problem I think
[23:43:11] <wjp> anyway, time for me to go; good night
[23:43:17] <watt> night
[23:43:28] <Fingolfin> night willem