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[01:33:07] <Colourless> good good :-)
[01:38:59] <Colourless> of course not fun fighting with a computer the freezes while compiling on a hot day...
[01:39:01] * Colourless sighs
[02:14:18] * Darke2 would provide some coolness, but he's currently sweltering in Brisbane's heat and humidity. So he's not quite as cool a bunny as usual. *nod*
[04:22:09] * servus imagines Darke2 running over to Colourless with a bucket full of ice cubes, only to run back to his rabbithole halfway through with a bucket of cold water... and repeating... and repeating... and repeating...
[04:29:29] * Darke2 doesn't think that sounds too far off reality at the moment...
[04:29:54] <servus> Poor bunny
[05:03:20] * Darke2 is not particuarly poor, just a little overheated. *grin*
[05:03:59] <servus> Wealthy yet sweltering bunny.
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[07:22:26] <servus> http://www.vgcats.com/comics/?strip_id=120 What sort of Bunny are YOU?
[07:28:16] <Darke2> That information requires Top Secret clearance. *noddle*
[07:28:47] * Darke2 's pretty sure his blood isn't chocolate flavoured though.
[07:30:07] * servus "oh"s and detaches his fangs from Darke2's paw.
[07:51:16] * Darke2 grumbles. Now he knows why he always seemed to be getting attacked by chocolate addicted vampires.
[07:51:18] <Colourless> darke is an evil bunny. colour black. gender male
[07:55:23] <servus> EBB Seeks Ice, PST
[07:56:50] <Colourless> you're not making much sense man
[07:57:10] <servus> This is the Internet. Acronyms are not meant to be understood by others, FWIW, YMMV.
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[13:07:22] * Darke2 admits to not completely understanding servus' acronyms, but does recognise the mating call of the common MMORPG player, seeking another wishing to exchange valuable items.
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[13:15:21] <henkerer> hi, anybody there?
[13:16:14] <wjp> hi
[13:16:58] <henkerer> kewl
[13:17:38] <henkerer> i tried out prntagram the last few days, and i think its a really nice piece of work
[13:17:43] <henkerer> thumbs up
[13:17:50] <wjp> thanks
[13:19:24] <henkerer> i was wondering, why the way to control the avatar is exactly like it was in the dos game
[13:20:08] <henkerer> i was a bit annoyed by it years ago...
[13:20:13] <wjp> do you have any suggestions for improvement?
[13:21:37] <henkerer> especially the way to move the character is somehow...
[13:21:58] <henkerer> well he always steps in fron of walls and obstacles
[13:22:32] <henkerer> or maybe i'm just too stupid?
[13:22:41] <wjp> what do you mean exactly?
[13:23:32] <henkerer> for example why is there no way to click at a location and the avatar goes to this point?
[13:24:07] <henkerer> or just a way to control it with the keyboard
[13:24:28] <wjp> we could consider adding those
[13:25:52] <henkerer> so i looked up the documentation und browsed the source code a bit wheter there is such functionality....
[13:27:14] <henkerer> i was wordering again, why the mouse actions (butoon up, button down) are somehow hardwired to what the character does
[13:27:55] <henkerer> and why there's no 'layer' of software that is interpreting what the character does
[13:28:57] <henkerer> is there a special reason, that things are implemented like this?
[13:29:30] <henkerer> i'm just curoius
[13:29:46] <wjp> you're welcome to submit patches if you feel you could improve this, of course
[13:32:15] <henkerer> well i have yet very litte overview of the sources, i just had the strong feeling that there is somehow an abstraction layer missing
[13:33:08] <wjp> a development design for such a layer would be welcome as well
[13:34:29] <henkerer> ok, so i'll go on browsing the source code. getting some deeper insights
[13:35:39] <henkerer> i was just wondering, wheter you wanted the pentagram+u8 to be an exact clone(including look and feel) of the old u8 game
[13:36:37] <wjp> in principle, yes, but we don't have anything against (optional) improvements
[13:36:44] <henkerer> or if there's space for impro..
[13:36:47] <henkerer> kewl
[13:38:24] <wjp> for example we have new font code in pentagram to replace the (rather poorly legible) font of the original
[13:40:20] <henkerer> yes this is fine
[13:41:15] <wjp> I guess one thing to do for the control subsystem is defining a set of states the avatar can be in
[13:42:00] <wjp> we don't quite handle all 'controls' yet, by the way; most notably hanging from things is missing
[13:43:47] <henkerer> hanging from things? what does it mean?
[13:46:12] <henkerer> i should have read the features.txt...
[13:46:45] <wjp> if you jump across a gap, but just don't jump far enough, you can (in the original) start hanging from the ledge if you kept your right mouse button down
[13:47:04] <wjp> then pressing the left mouse would let the avatar pull himself up on the ledge
[13:47:12] <wjp> or releasing the right mouse button would let the avatar fall
[13:47:27] <wjp> this isn't working yet in pentagram
[13:47:38] <henkerer> got it.
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[20:45:52] <servus> Darke2: I hate MMORPG language! *whimpers*
[20:47:26] <servus> Does Pentagram use the original or patched jumping style? In the patched version, you can target a tile and jump to there, precisely...
[20:48:04] <wjp> patched
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