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[12:05:11] <Colourless> hi
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[14:23:37] <ElleVeeDee> y0, hi and such.
[14:26:03] <Colourless> <insert gretting here>
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[14:31:20] * ElleVeeDee inserts... something.
[14:34:37] <Colourless> something is a pretty crappy greeting
[14:36:57] <ElleVeeDee> but it's a pretty good gretting.
[14:37:05] * ElleVeeDee giggles until he collapses.
[14:38:34] <-- ElleVeeDee was kicked from #Pentagram by Colourless (ooh... a funny guy)
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[14:38:47] <ElleVeeDee> i try.
[14:39:01] <Colourless> no auto join i see :-)
[14:39:13] <ElleVeeDee> havent been trying *that* long. ;-)
[14:40:33] <Colourless> yeah well, let me be the first to tell you that you suck! :-)
[14:40:47] * Colourless assumes he is the first to say that
[14:41:27] <ElleVeeDee> yes, you're the first. It's mostly "you stink" or "Dork!" that I get to hear.
[14:41:44] <Colourless> eww
[14:41:47] * ElleVeeDee adds "suck" to his resumé...
[14:41:50] <Colourless> stay away from me
[14:42:00] <ElleVeeDee> you got it.
[15:09:08] <wjp> watt: around?
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[16:57:46] <wjp> bbl, dinner
[17:22:21] <wjp> back
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[17:54:39] <wjp> hi Fingolfin
[17:54:52] <Fingolfin> hi
[18:14:24] <watt> meh?
[18:14:28] <watt> hello
[18:14:33] <wjp> hi :-)
[18:15:00] <wjp> watt: would you be interested in cvs access?
[18:16:26] <wjp> (write access, that is :-) )
[18:25:27] --> Kazin has joined #pentagram
[18:34:47] <watt> absolutely.
[18:38:50] <wjp> ok, all done; welcome aboard :-)
[18:39:02] <watt> thanks :-)
[18:40:09] <wjp> oh, btw, please don't add any directories to cvs without discussing it (since you can't delete or rename directories) :-)
[18:42:26] <watt> right.
[18:42:47] <Colourless> :-)
[18:43:03] <wjp> that was the only 'rule' I could think of ;-)
[18:43:26] <wjp> other than maybe that deviating from our totally undefined 'master plan' is bad ;-)
[18:44:40] <Colourless> :-)
[19:01:40] <watt> that's strange I can't seem to ssh into cvs.sourceforge.net - getting permission denied, and I know I'm not mistyping my sourceforge password.
[19:02:06] <wjp> is that supposed to work?
[19:02:38] <wjp> I get "This is a restricted Shell Account"
[19:02:56] <Colourless> you're not supposed to ssh into cvs.sf.net :-)
[19:03:36] * Colourless gets "Permission Denied" assuming he typed his password in correct when attempting to do that
[19:04:05] <wjp> I didn't use password authentication
[19:05:05] * Colourless foolishly forgot to put in his username
[19:05:15] * Colourless now gets the restricted shell account message
[19:06:01] <watt> http://sourceforge.net/docman/display_doc.php?docid=768&group_id=1#develhomedir
[19:06:20] <watt> need to set up the home directory, right?
[19:06:57] * Colourless thinks you are a wee bit confused
[19:07:16] <watt> quite possibly
[19:09:20] <wjp> it's possible you need to wait a couple of hours before it works
[19:09:27] <Colourless> developer cvs is 'damn' simple to set up
[19:09:55] <Colourless> easier than anonymous cvs actually :-)
[19:10:23] <watt> I haven't played much with cvs in the past, so I touch confused to what I need to do in cvs sometimes.. been using subversion mostly.
[19:11:15] <Colourless> read this page: http://sourceforge.net/cvs/?group_id=53819
[19:11:23] <wjp> the 'need to ssh in once' is more a SF issue than a cvs issue
[19:11:33] <Colourless> :-)
[19:11:55] * wjp has a pentagram subversion repository lying around here somewhere
[19:12:20] <wjp> although I didn't keep it up-to-date or anything; just did a cvs2svn on pentagram to try it out
[19:14:02] <watt> arg.. yeah, it not accepting my password at all.
[19:14:27] <watt> with a cvs chechout either
[19:41:36] <wjp> watt: https://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=875403&group_id=1&atid=200001
[19:42:01] <wjp> see the 'workaround' section near the end of the report
[19:42:38] <wjp> the 'issue at hand' seems to be exactly what you described
[19:52:59] <watt> thanks.. guess I'll have to wait around for a bit.
[19:53:38] <wjp> well, the workaround suggests changing your password
[20:03:46] <watt> yup. did that about 30 minutes ago just to be sure.
[20:18:01] --> ElleVeeDee has joined #pentagram
[20:18:10] <ElleVeeDee> g'aftnoon
[20:19:48] <wjp> hi
[20:20:37] <ElleVeeDee> i dont suppose you know stuff about U9 too?
[20:20:45] <wjp> not me
[20:20:58] <ElleVeeDee> k
[20:29:04] <Colourless> we refuse to know about that game
[20:30:35] <ElleVeeDee> aaaw.
[20:30:53] <ElleVeeDee> the bitmap16.flx is eatin' me alive.
[20:31:14] <ElleVeeDee> (which, of course, is better than if it had been eating me dead...)
[20:32:51] <Colourless> i'm going to take a guess.... it's a flex.... it contains images... which are 16 bit
[20:33:00] <ElleVeeDee> yes, well, almost true.
[20:33:04] <ElleVeeDee> some are actually still 8bit.
[20:33:39] <ElleVeeDee> many of the images (textures, whatever) comes out just fine, others have the colors all wrong. Somehow.
[20:33:42] <ElleVeeDee> it pisses me off.
[20:34:11] <wjp> different palette? translucency? other pixel format?
[20:34:55] <ElleVeeDee> take your pick...
[20:35:14] <ElleVeeDee> I havent looked at it too long, but I (for a change) decided to do the smart thing and come here and ask *first*.
[20:35:40] <ElleVeeDee> no need to eat the cheese twice, eh?
[20:35:48] <ElleVeeDee> or invent the wheel, or some such.
[20:37:03] <ElleVeeDee> many of the "wrong" images seem to consist of almost only yellow/gold and red. when i do the normal 5/6/5 color thingie.
[20:38:35] <Colourless> wrong image formar
[20:38:37] <Colourless> try 4444
[20:38:50] <Colourless> or even 8323
[20:38:52] <Colourless> uh
[20:38:54] <Colourless> 8332
[20:39:05] <ElleVeeDee> 8332?
[20:39:35] <Colourless> the texture format are likely going to be whatever the 3dfx cards supported
[20:39:59] <ElleVeeDee> ah.
[20:42:54] <Colourless> i'm going
[20:42:56] <Colourless> cya
[20:43:01] <-- Colourless has left IRC ("casts invisibility")
[20:46:10] <watt> ah! Victory!
[20:46:40] <watt> ssh keys to the rescue
[20:47:06] <ElleVeeDee> who won?
[20:47:11] <ElleVeeDee> (and what)
[20:48:09] <watt> everyone wins.. the Prize of course
[20:48:19] <watt> tm
[20:49:04] <watt> hehee
[20:55:33] <ElleVeeDee> what bout me?
[20:55:43] * ElleVeeDee didnt receive any prize, nor any rewards. or cookies.
[20:56:10] * watt hands ElleVeeDee the *Prize*
[20:56:35] <ElleVeeDee> oh. my. GOD!
[20:56:37] <-- ElleVeeDee has left IRC ()
[20:56:51] <wjp> hm, what did you give him? :-)
[20:56:59] <watt> err.. was that supposed to happen?
[20:57:24] * watt kicks *Prize* making machine.
[20:58:28] <watt> hmmm.. not quite sure what the Prize is... it supposed to be a secret
[20:58:44] <watt> but I don't think it's supposed to do that
[21:29:29] <watt> changelog is manually edited, right? or is there a script modifying it with the commit log?
[21:30:27] <wjp> it's manual
[21:30:52] <wjp> although I usually use the same text for the changelog and the commit log
[21:49:53] <watt> oh... hmm.. the chars I use to represent tabs in vim showed up in the message.. whoops
[21:51:18] <wjp> :-)
[22:02:41] <wjp> time to go; g'night
[22:03:59] <wjp> btw, what happens if instead of dropping the object just above the ground you put it at the farthest position the sweeptest returns?
[22:04:19] <wjp> (really gone now :-) )
[22:04:53] <-- Fingolfin has left IRC ("42")
[22:30:57] <watt> farthest from the Avatar or the highest item? Basically just doesn't fall I think. I added in the extra 8 height in an attempt to make sure the item deosn't fall through the highest item.. the barrels still fall through the docks sometimes unfortunately.