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[01:34:46] <watt> well, I think its time to commit. I wanna start my next bit - the swappable mouse buttons, which incidently won't even have to be mouse buttons ;-)
[01:36:12] <watt> After that, it probably won't be long before proper joystick handling allows me to play using only the joystick.
[02:13:01] <watt> hmmm. well, I guess I'll commit later... long phone call
[02:17:21] <Lightkey> joystick...
[02:20:40] <watt> yeah.. I'm gonna tie the axes into the cursor movement at first. I won't think far enough ahead at this point for stuff beyond that.
[02:21:28] <watt> the buttons on joysticks should already work, but its not documented as I knew it would change
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