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[01:13:46] --> ursus has joined #pentagram
[01:14:10] <ursus> what spoon?
[01:16:26] <Darklock> yes, there is no spork!
[01:17:44] <ursus> hey Darklock how you doing?
[01:18:02] <Darklock> not long anymore
[01:19:11] <SB-X> ?
[01:19:18] <ursus> where are you?
[01:21:12] <ursus> bye all, good night
[01:21:50] <SB-X> byebye
[01:21:59] <-- ursus has left #pentagram ()
[01:24:35] <Darklock> soon in bed :)
[01:27:21] <SB-X> maybe :)
[01:28:45] <Darklock> no I'm quite sure I'm soon in bed
[01:29:07] --- smatthews_ is now known as servus
[01:29:24] <SB-X> how am I supposed to know that?
[01:29:29] <SB-X> ok then
[01:29:45] <Darklock> well I said it, so might have read it.. ;)
[01:30:02] <Darklock> and then.. it's just a matter of understanding
[01:30:10] <Darklock> it's really quite easy
[01:30:32] <SB-X> Flooder_ said he maybe soon in bed
[01:30:41] <SB-X> so I assumed
[01:31:08] <Darklock> who is.. Flooder_?
[01:31:15] <SB-X> some guy in #exult
[02:24:45] <Lord_Nightmare> Darklock: there ARE other people in #exult...
[02:25:01] <Lord_Nightmare> servus (who is also here) responded to you after you left
[02:25:09] <Lord_Nightmare> <-- Darklock (n=jonas@dslb-084-056-084-107.pools.arcor-ip.net) has left #ExUlt ("Alles so bunt...")
[02:25:09] <Lord_Nightmare> <servus> Interesting question asking style :)
[02:27:19] <servus> In my part of response to the question, I'm still working on Exult3D, albeit rather slowly.
[03:59:55] <watt> woah.. gcc uses subversion repos now... neat.
[04:02:13] <watt> so yeah, what's the take on gcc 4.x now... I've yet to move foward.. waiting for 4.1 at least, but any experiences with it here yet - interested in it mostly toward C++ stuff.
[04:06:08] <watt> new C & Obj-C parser might make me quite happy at work (we were an old NextStep/OpenStep shop - now GNUstep)
[04:07:21] <watt> and I've got to wonder if the dead code elimination will warn - I hope - got a few inherited project that could use such warnings ;-)
[05:05:10] <-- SB-X has left IRC ("casts gate travel")
[05:37:07] <Darklock> back from beauty sleep :)
[05:37:46] <Darklock> Lord_Nightmare: I know, that was deliberate :)
[09:18:16] --> Colourless has joined #Pentagram
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[09:54:16] --- Lord_Nightmare is now known as LordNAway
[12:26:50] <wjp> maybe it's time to fix the savegame format
[12:27:37] <wjp> increase the version to 2, refuse to load version 1, and don't change saves again without increasing the version
[12:49:50] --> Harald has joined #pentagram
[12:51:34] <Harald> Is there a way to adjust the gamma ?
[12:52:33] <wjp> no
[12:52:41] <Darklock> close your doors and roller blind
[12:52:50] <-- Kirben has left IRC ("System Meltdown")
[12:54:20] <Harald> ok thx
[12:56:33] <-- Colourless has left IRC ("casts improved invisibility")
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