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[18:11:09] <wjp> Colourless: I'm most likely going to break your HW-cursors experiment somewhere in the next couple of days :-)
[18:11:35] <wjp> moving stuff around, so it could be something gets lost or out of order accidentally
[18:14:58] <Colourless> np
[18:15:15] <Colourless> as it currently is, it is hack.
[18:15:29] <Colourless> and due to what SDL does, will never work in full screen
[20:23:21] <wjp> well, I can now load quicksave at startup instead of u8save.000
[20:24:09] <wjp> oh, are you interested in memory access errors in timidity, btw, or should I just file a bug report?
[20:25:08] <wjp> (timidity_resample.cpp, pre_resample(), line 719 can read two bytes before the buffer)
[20:27:50] <Colourless> file bug report, i'll forget otherwise
[20:40:28] <wjp> yay, deleted the U8Playground function now :-)
[20:44:27] <Colourless> what have you done instead?
[20:45:05] <wjp> there are now Game::loadFiles() and Game::startGame() functions
[20:45:17] <wjp> (virtuals)
[20:45:34] <wjp> U8Game::startGame loads u8save.000 and sets up the avatar's inventory
[20:45:50] <wjp> hm, I should also add a function that triggers the real start sequence
[20:46:19] <wjp> but need to implement some more things for that first (entering your name in the diary)
[20:46:44] <wjp> the u8save.000/quicksave choice is now a #if 0 in the code
[20:46:51] <wjp> (in GUIApp::startup)
[20:56:28] <wjp> hm, bug
[20:56:39] <wjp> the avatar gets up twice at the start :-)
[21:01:07] <wjp> ok, I think I'll commit this now
[21:01:22] <wjp> I'll probably add some config options for startup behaviour later
[21:14:23] <wjp> commit mails aren't exactly fast this past week :-)
[21:14:47] <wjp> oh, there they are
[21:19:27] * watt says hi and then nods....
[21:19:42] <wjp> hi watt
[21:41:51] <watt> Cool. Any other cleanups in progress or planned?
[21:42:51] <wjp> hm, not really
[21:46:02] <wjp> I should probably think a bit about short-term plans :-)
[21:46:30] <watt> oh?
[21:47:31] <wjp> I don't really have any at this point :-)
[21:49:00] <wjp> although: some more playtesting, fixing leftover FIXMEs/TODOs, fixing combat movement
[21:49:23] <wjp> thinking about the savegame interface
[21:49:30] <wjp> implementing entering your name at the start
[21:49:53] <wjp> implementing a few leftover intrinsics
[21:53:23] <watt> yes... name is needed.
[21:54:50] <watt> well, sometime this weekend, someone should kick me and tell me to program something... The last thing I should do is waste another weekend on FF Tactics.
[22:01:31] <wjp> sure, if you want :-)
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[22:18:16] <wjp> time to go; night
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