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[15:03:42] <Monochrome> no u
[15:04:13] <Monochrome> question
[15:04:23] <Monochrome> anyone here has kewl drawing skillz?
[15:07:33] <Mrrrr> lol
[15:07:35] <Mrrrr> depends
[15:07:49] <Mrrrr> I can draw abstract and stuff
[15:08:11] <Mrrrr> Realistic people/mosters I have issues with tho :D
[15:13:23] <Monochrome> lol
[15:13:30] <Monochrome> i can draw abstract aswell lol
[15:13:57] <Monochrome> i've been looking for an amateur concept artist to help meh with a game project
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[15:19:10] <Mrrrr> Im busy with a project atm :/
[15:19:21] <Mrrrr> but im working on code for them
[15:19:23] <Monochrome> o rly?
[15:19:27] <Monochrome> wut is it about?
[15:19:43] <Mrrrr> well my part is just helping with the map editor
[15:19:52] <Mrrrr> darkradiant.sf.net
[15:20:33] <Monochrome> ah its doom3 based
[15:20:46] <Monochrome> wut are your skillz?
[15:20:54] <Monochrome> coding n shit i suppose?
[15:22:20] <Mrrrr> everything basically :/
[15:22:23] <Mrrrr> besides mapping
[15:22:42] <Mrrrr> I can texture, code, sorta model
[15:22:56] <Mrrrr> some concept stuff so long as there arnt characters :P
[15:23:21] <Mrrrr> but yeah, looks like DR work will be around for quite a while
[15:23:29] <Mrrrr> the mod's release in end of next year
[15:24:06] <Monochrome> final release or beta?
[15:24:47] <Monochrome> holy shit, out the fuck you guys scored so many professional artists?
[15:24:52] <Monochrome> *how
[15:27:48] <Mrrrr> lol
[15:28:00] <Mrrrr> its a very organised, very professional thing
[15:28:07] <Mrrrr> I wish I could show you some of the vids
[15:28:32] <Mrrrr> but yeah, its more about gameplay than graphics or anything like that
[15:29:10] <Monochrome> how come you guys managed to create something like that?
[15:29:23] <Monochrome> oh ye, forgot its d3 based...
[15:29:29] <Mrrrr> yeah
[15:29:39] <Mrrrr> not a chance we could make the whole engine
[15:29:49] <Monochrome> if you're using a popular engine you'll immeadiatly get loads of support
[15:29:49] <Mrrrr> cos we're light on coders
[15:29:59] <Monochrome> life is so unfair
[15:30:08] <Mrrrr> and people with expertise in lighting are VERY rare in the "we work for free" line
[15:30:13] <Mrrrr> no
[15:30:21] <Mrrrr> theres not much support for d3 :
[15:30:26] <Mrrrr> UE, perhaps
[15:30:45] <Monochrome> not anymore perhaps, but i bet it was when you guys started
[15:30:56] <Monochrome> i've been working on an opensource engine for quite a while now
[15:31:09] <Monochrome> and getting decent help is extremely difficult
[15:31:14] <Mrrrr> yeah
[15:31:25] <Mrrrr> I worked on textures for Iris
[15:31:32] <Monochrome> i've been trying to develop a shooter for about an year and a half now
[15:31:35] <Mrrrr> and those guys had massive issues with engine stuff
[15:31:46] <Monochrome> and i'm thinking about burrying the whole thing
[15:31:53] <Monochrome> though not permanently
[15:32:04] <Monochrome> now i wish to create an innovative dungeon crawler
[15:32:32] <Monochrome> but b4 proposing the project to the rest of my team i need to finish a concept and i also need someone to ilustrate it!
[15:33:00] <Monochrome> so that's my dillema
[15:33:21] <Mrrrr> lol
[15:33:27] <Mrrrr> I actually watched something
[15:33:35] <Mrrrr> that I posted on the TDM forum
[15:33:45] <Mrrrr> From a Bioshock dev
[15:33:59] <Mrrrr> lemme get it
[15:34:47] <Mrrrr> http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-4508664361400518462
[15:34:47] <Mrrrr> or
[15:34:47] <Mrrrr> http://tinyurl.com/35uahw (flv for watching offline in a decent 3rd party player, with some nice post-processing)
[15:34:55] <Mrrrr> quite interesting
[15:35:19] <Monochrome> dis better not be a waste of time
[15:35:39] <Mrrrr> it may/may not be
[15:35:51] <Mrrrr> if bw is free for you, I'd grab it and watch it when you have time
[15:36:17] <Monochrome> bw?
[15:36:25] <Monochrome> bandwidth?
[15:36:27] <Mrrrr> but I'v been watching and helping with projects for ages... and I really didnt see some of th things he talked about, but once I look at something... I can see them now
[15:36:28] <Mrrrr> yeah
[15:36:31] <Mrrrr> k brb making tea
[15:36:35] <Monochrome> its not lol
[15:36:38] <Monochrome> omfg 23 min
[15:36:39] <Monochrome> no way
[15:36:45] <Mrrrr> lol
[15:36:48] <Mrrrr> its 87min
[15:37:05] <Mrrrr> or 83
[15:37:07] <Monochrome> fuck dis fggtry then
[15:37:08] <Mrrrr> whatever :P
[15:38:05] <Monochrome> anyways, so ye, i've been looking 4 a concept artist who's simply whilling to make a few drawing illustrating the various game classes
[15:38:11] <Monochrome> but its quite hard
[15:38:20] <Monochrome> and i'm NOT going to deviantart
[15:38:43] <Monochrome> cause i have principles aswell
[15:41:12] <Monochrome> blackbelt jones vids are so much more worthwhile of watching
[15:42:13] <Monochrome> than bioshocks crap :p
[15:42:19] <Monochrome> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=APTdjG6Xo9A
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[15:46:08] <Mrrrr> lol
[15:46:14] <Mrrrr> its not about bioshock really
[15:46:18] <Mrrrr> its about its development
[15:46:30] <Mrrrr> and how it was formed with smoke and mirrors
[15:46:38] <Mrrrr> the back story you never quite hear
[15:46:53] <Mrrrr> how its a mesh of three engines
[15:46:56] <Mrrrr> shit like that
[15:49:11] <Monochrome> i dont care a shit about professional game developing
[15:49:24] <Monochrome> it gets evil when you mix it with munies
[15:49:35] <Mrrrr> still applies to small guys
[15:49:38] <Mrrrr> I mean
[15:49:43] <Monochrome> sure their production methods may be cool
[15:49:44] <Mrrrr> take a look at Black Mesa Source
[15:49:54] <Monochrome> but bureaucracy plays a big role aswell
[15:49:56] <Mrrrr> They release hacked toegether screenshots
[15:49:58] <Monochrome> and publishing crap
[15:49:59] <Mrrrr> the world goes crazy
[15:50:06] <Mrrrr> they end up with millions of devs and artists
[15:50:10] <Mrrrr> over like 10 pics
[15:50:39] <Mrrrr> lol thats the thing
[15:50:43] <Mrrrr> that vid makes you realise
[15:50:47] <Mrrrr> the game had like 0 funding
[15:50:55] <Mrrrr> and most of the money came from lies
[15:51:06] <Mrrrr> if you remove "money"
[15:51:11] <Mrrrr> and replace it with "artists"
[15:51:13] <Mrrrr> same shit man
[15:51:20] <Mrrrr> people want pics and vids of something that looks cool
[15:51:37] <Monochrome> its a lot different when you go indy 4 real
[15:51:48] <Monochrome> its easy to get support on mods
[15:51:54] <Monochrome> but IMO its not worthwhile
[15:52:12] <Monochrome> those kids praticly cum everytime they see a cool mod for HL2
[15:52:37] <Mrrrr> why reinvent the wheel? :/
[15:52:52] <Monochrome> on the next year they will completely forget about it by the time Crysis dominates moding world
[15:53:01] <Mrrrr> nah
[15:53:03] <Mrrrr> it wont
[15:53:07] <Mrrrr> same happened with farcry
[15:53:16] <Mrrrr> everyone stopped other shit
[15:53:22] <Mrrrr> and worked on shit for farcry
[15:53:25] <Mrrrr> before it was even out
[15:53:27] <Mrrrr> then it hit
[15:53:27] <Monochrome> farcry didnt had the marketing Crysis has
[15:53:29] <Mrrrr> modding sucked
[15:53:30] <Monochrome> neither the tools
[15:53:33] <Mrrrr> what?
[15:53:36] <Mrrrr> yes it did
[15:53:47] <Mrrrr> the tools suck cock tho
[15:53:57] <Monochrome> Crysis tools promise a lot
[15:54:00] <Mrrrr> that Cry engine is a waste of time
[15:54:13] <Monochrome> all engines are a waste of time
[15:54:28] <Mrrrr> UE3 rapes it for everything it can do, it does it better and with faster dev and better doc :/
[15:54:34] <Mrrrr> no way dude :/
[15:54:38] <Monochrome> dunno about that
[15:54:48] <Monochrome> thing is
[15:54:51] <Mrrrr> Played the beta?
[15:54:53] <Monochrome> most mods dont even get finished
[15:54:54] <Mrrrr> its shit
[15:55:27] <Mrrrr> yeah, cos they do things the wrong way
[15:55:34] <Mrrrr> either its a "everyone come halp!"
[15:55:35] <Monochrome> exactly
[15:55:43] <Monochrome> and that's my point
[15:55:43] <Mrrrr> or its a "we arnt releasing any media til its done"
[15:56:10] <Monochrome> fucking mods are only stealing all resourceful people from pure indie dev
[15:56:18] <Mrrrr> yes
[15:56:26] <Mrrrr> its cos you "indy" faggots
[15:56:34] <Mrrrr> think that games are some sort of art form
[15:56:38] <Mrrrr> and they should be perfect
[15:56:42] <Monochrome> not rly
[15:57:00] <Monochrome> i'm against graphical extravaganza
[15:57:07] <pupnikbeer> yeey i got my U8 cd
[15:57:09] <Mrrrr> its times like this that good olZero-Punctuation
[15:57:10] <Mrrrr> come to play
[15:57:15] <Mrrrr> yeah
[15:57:22] <Mrrrr> Gameplay > Gfx
[15:57:23] <Mrrrr> no doubt
[15:57:34] <Mrrrr> but you dont need a in house engine
[15:57:40] <Mrrrr> to facilitate gameplay
[15:57:44] <Monochrome> and most indy devs learned that the hard way
[15:57:44] <Mrrrr> 80% of the time
[15:58:25] <Monochrome> thing is, without people you cant get games done. and mods are like a herd of lemmings
[15:58:30] <pupnikbeer> there are a few hundred open-source/freeware games you never tried because you took one look at the screenshot and said "no thanks"
[15:58:34] <Monochrome> most of the times they lead to nowhere
[15:58:43] <Monochrome> except to its own termination
[15:59:09] <Monochrome> personally i believe nowadays games suck because of graphics
[15:59:46] <Monochrome> people spend too much time making shiny things and not enough time thinking if it will work
[15:59:50] <pupnikbeer> name me a few crap-graphics games you actually play
[15:59:58] <Mrrrr> if the graphics are a extention of the gameplay and they help it
[15:59:58] <Monochrome> Soldat
[16:00:02] <Mrrrr> then they were worth it
[16:00:09] <Monochrome> erm
[16:00:10] <Mrrrr> if graphics are a feature
[16:00:11] <Mrrrr> you have failed
[16:00:12] <Monochrome> Wesnoth
[16:00:25] <Monochrome> Freeciv
[16:00:38] <pupnikbeer> all have good graphics for open-source games
[16:00:38] <Mrrrr> Soldat I wouldnt call an example
[16:01:35] <Monochrome> i only think about graphics when i have a perfect concept in my head
[16:01:55] <Mrrrr> then thats what you need to show people
[16:02:04] <Mrrrr> srsly, you could make whatever you want
[16:02:10] <Monochrome> hardly. people like art.
[16:02:11] <Mrrrr> if you can show people a well designed site
[16:02:15] <Mrrrr> and some pretty pics
[16:02:17] <Monochrome> you can have the best concept in the world
[16:02:24] <Monochrome> but if you dont have sum art
[16:02:30] <Mrrrr> exactly
[16:02:31] <Monochrome> they'll simply mock you
[16:02:44] <Mrrrr> so, you dont have to get some pro to do it?
[16:02:52] <Mrrrr> just sit and do it yourself
[16:02:58] <Monochrome> do what?
[16:03:02] <Mrrrr> the concept art
[16:03:09] <Mrrrr> you are the one with the idea after all
[16:03:13] <Monochrome> lol i suck at drawing :p
[16:03:31] <Mrrrr> nah
[16:03:32] <Mrrrr> srsly dude
[16:03:37] <Mrrrr> stick up a CMS
[16:03:43] <Mrrrr> get a name for the project
[16:03:48] <Mrrrr> theme the CMS to reflect it
[16:03:50] <Monochrome> CMS?
[16:03:59] <Mrrrr> Site, Content management system
[16:04:06] <Mrrrr> something like e107 etc
[16:04:09] <Monochrome> i already have a name
[16:04:16] <Monochrome> already have rly cool concept
[16:04:21] <Monochrome> currently working on details
[16:04:25] <Mrrrr> then give them to people
[16:04:27] <Mrrrr> fag :P
[16:04:28] <Mrrrr> Dont go out
[16:04:33] <Mrrrr> I NEED A CONCEPT ARTIST
[16:04:41] <Mrrrr> Let them think
[16:04:45] <Mrrrr> fuck, this is sweet
[16:04:46] <Mrrrr> let me helpz
[16:04:55] <Mrrrr> thats how the dark mod got all its people
[16:05:08] <Mrrrr> there is 0 advertising outside of TTL/TDM forums
[16:05:27] <Monochrome> hum...
[16:05:46] <Monochrome> ok then so i'm gonna tell you my concept
[16:05:47] <Mrrrr> its longer term, but with a classic not gfx based game... who cares eh? :D
[16:06:08] <Monochrome> just to see what u think
[16:06:21] <Monochrome> basicly i spawned this from my hate to all mmorpg drama
[16:06:32] <Mrrrr> rofl
[16:06:34] <Mrrrr> kk
[16:06:35] <Monochrome> you ever played Nethack?
[16:06:39] <Mrrrr> yup
[16:06:51] <Monochrome> remember the main feature
[16:07:00] <Monochrome> random dungeon generator
[16:07:06] <Mrrrr> yeah
[16:07:07] <Monochrome> picture it online
[16:07:11] <Monochrome> with 3d graphics
[16:07:35] <Mrrrr> yeah
[16:07:40] <Mrrrr> see, now thats awesome :D
[16:07:50] <Monochrome> a dungeon exploration game
[16:07:59] <Monochrome> without any persistance
[16:08:08] <Monochrome> simple server browser client
[16:08:11] <Monochrome> like on a shooter
[16:08:21] <Monochrome> you connect or create session
[16:08:31] <Monochrome> chose you dungeon type, if you are creating
[16:08:37] <Monochrome> max number of players
[16:08:48] <Monochrome> w8 4 people to connect
[16:08:52] <Monochrome> and there you
[16:09:02] <Monochrome> perfect game for spending hours exploring
[16:09:14] <Monochrome> or to play for a couple of mins on a lunch break
[16:09:26] <Monochrome> depending on the dungeon size you chose
[16:09:29] <Mrrrr> yeah - I get the idea
[16:09:35] <Mrrrr> and I rike it
[16:09:35] <Monochrome> no persistance
[16:09:38] <Monochrome> no drama
[16:09:42] <Mrrrr> yeah
[16:09:52] <Monochrome> no "hay u stole mah +99 shinyness sword!"
[16:10:01] <Mrrrr> I love the drama tho
[16:10:08] <Mrrrr> I love players to get angry with eachother
[16:10:11] <Mrrrr> and do stupid things
[16:10:19] <Mrrrr> cos - they bring the lulz
[16:10:31] <Monochrome> its cool to watch it, but its lame when you're involved in it
[16:10:43] <Mrrrr> I dont mind, I always keep chilled
[16:10:44] <Mrrrr> but yeah
[16:10:50] <Monochrome> still
[16:10:52] <Mrrrr> your idea is very nice
[16:10:56] <Monochrome> this is pretty much it
[16:10:57] <Mrrrr> the logistics
[16:10:58] <Mrrrr> and that
[16:11:01] <Mrrrr> is pretty hectic
[16:11:05] <Monochrome> 6 classes by now
[16:11:09] <Monochrome> black knight
[16:11:11] <Mrrrr> and the reasoning for the custom engine is too
[16:11:11] <Monochrome> priest
[16:11:13] <Monochrome> rogue
[16:11:15] <Monochrome> squire
[16:11:19] <Monochrome> alchemist
[16:11:21] <Monochrome> barbarian
[16:11:36] <Mrrrr> alchemist?
[16:11:42] <Monochrome> yep alchemist
[16:11:44] <Mrrrr> WHARS MUH MAGE?
[16:11:48] <Monochrome> mages suck
[16:11:53] <Mrrrr> fuck you
[16:11:54] <Monochrome> they always unbalance the game
[16:11:57] <Mrrrr> yeah
[16:12:05] <Mrrrr> I know what you mean :P
[16:12:09] <Mrrrr> but alchemist...
[16:12:13] <Mrrrr> wtf does he do? :P
[16:12:24] <Monochrome> lots of stuff
[16:12:33] <Monochrome> his weapon is an archaic gun
[16:12:40] <Mrrrr> OH LAWD
[16:12:43] <Monochrome> that fire iron spheres
[16:13:07] <Monochrome> dungeons and dragons?
[16:13:11] <Mrrrr> yeah
[16:13:17] <Monochrome> i didnt even knew there was an alchemist class on it :p
[16:13:20] <Mrrrr> cant remember which one had the old guns
[16:13:21] <Mrrrr> in it
[16:13:36] <Monochrome> but i got the inspiration from HOMM5 actually
[16:13:38] <Mrrrr> I donno... my friends played the shit
[16:13:42] <Mrrrr> I just read the books
[16:13:43] <Mrrrr> well
[16:13:47] <Mrrrr> the pictures in them :D
[16:14:04] <Monochrome> still, he can do a lot more stuff
[16:14:15] <Monochrome> by now the skills i have assigned to him are
[16:14:55] <Mrrrr> but yeah, your idea is good - the engine will be the hardest part tho :/
[16:15:01] <Monochrome> Grapeshot - loads the gun with a bag full of metallic crap fucking everything when fired
[16:15:18] <Mrrrr> a lot of the game assets can be almost stolen from other things like NWN2 etc - nothing
[16:15:28] <Mrrrr> too hectic that hasnt been seen before
[16:15:30] <Mrrrr> but yeah
[16:15:49] <Mrrrr> its got a lot of possible things you could do it you get an engine up
[16:15:54] <Monochrome> i have thought on that aswell.
[16:16:16] <Monochrome> there is one game that posseses a client that i will probably copy
[16:16:24] <Monochrome> or tell my coders to copy :p
[16:16:44] <Monochrome> Spring Engine - opensource rebuild of Total Annihilation
[16:16:48] <Mrrrr> yeah
[16:16:50] <Monochrome> rly rly awsome client
[16:16:56] <Mrrrr> I helped on the planning
[16:16:59] <Mrrrr> of spring :D
[16:17:03] <Mrrrr> well
[16:17:03] <Monochrome> srsly? you rock
[16:17:12] <Mrrrr> I gave a lot of feedback to one of the devs who was a friend
[16:17:27] <Mrrrr> and I helped a bit with the windows client ui
[16:17:32] <Mrrrr> cos they wanted a flashy thing
[16:17:33] <Mrrrr> with pics
[16:17:35] <Mrrrr> and all sorts
[16:17:43] <Mrrrr> would have killed it
[16:17:46] <Monochrome> the current client is awsome
[16:17:57] <Monochrome> and i decided to use it, or clone it :p
[16:18:11] <Mrrrr> yeah, same idea - differnt game that it launches
[16:18:12] <Mrrrr> kinda thing
[16:18:15] <Monochrome> either way
[16:18:17] <Mrrrr> its got a really nice framework :D
[16:18:55] <Monochrome> i was also thinking of creating a tool that allow the player to customize pretty much everything on the game
[16:19:25] <Monochrome> making new dungeon types, new items, new skills, and even scripting shit
[16:19:58] <Monochrome> thus allowing the players to even create their own games inside of it.
[16:20:21] <Mrrrr> http://spring.clan-sy.com/screenshots/logos/16.jpg
[16:20:22] <Monochrome> and that's why i called my project "Dungeoneer!"
[16:20:31] <Mrrrr> lolz my 2 min design
[16:20:39] <Mrrrr> they put up the shit version with the crap font tho :(
[16:21:04] <Mrrrr> thats when they wanted the MP client inside of the client engine
[16:21:10] <Monochrome> lol
[16:21:17] <Mrrrr> thank god they didnt :D
[16:23:59] <Monochrome> still whaddya think of the name?
[16:24:37] <Mrrrr> lol
[16:24:47] <Mrrrr> corny, but it works :P
[16:25:03] <Monochrome> its corny en purpose
[16:25:13] <Mrrrr> thought so
[16:25:14] <Monochrome> i was thinking about funny cartoony graphics
[16:25:21] <Monochrome> to fit the ambience
[16:25:26] <Monochrome> you remember Dk2?
[16:25:29] <Monochrome> *DK2
[16:25:36] <Mrrrr> DK?
[16:25:41] <Mrrrr> MDK?
[16:25:47] <Monochrome> DUNGEON KEEPER 2 FAGGOT
[16:25:52] <Mrrrr> Ohh lol
[16:25:53] <Mrrrr> yeah
[16:26:00] <Monochrome> something like that
[16:26:01] <Mrrrr> MDK2 had cartoony gfx
[16:26:03] <Mrrrr> sorrrrry :P
[16:26:08] <Mrrrr> yeah
[16:26:16] <Mrrrr> see and already my brain is thinking
[16:26:20] <Monochrome> half funny, half creept graphics
[16:26:23] <Mrrrr> I WONDER IF YOU COULD MOD!
[16:26:29] <Mrrrr> Iris + RunUO
[16:26:39] <Monochrome> wtf is Iris?
[16:26:40] <Mrrrr> And somehow coem up with some random terrain loading
[16:26:44] <Monochrome> oh w8
[16:26:45] <Mrrrr> outside of the map files
[16:26:53] <Monochrome> isnt it a rebuild of u7?
[16:27:01] --> watt has joined #pentagram
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[16:27:02] <Monochrome> no w8
[16:27:08] <Monochrome> its a rebuild of u0 in 3d amirite?
[16:27:13] <Mrrrr> http://www.iris2.de/
[16:27:15] <Mrrrr> yeah
[16:27:32] <Mrrrr> I love abusing othe peoples work :/
[16:28:20] <Monochrome> runUO is nifty but it always fails in therms of customization
[16:28:30] <Monochrome> that's why sphere is still around
[16:28:35] <Mrrrr> yeah
[16:28:44] <Monochrome> imo a mix between runUO and sphere would be the best
[16:28:45] <Mrrrr> we used POL cos you can fuck around so much
[16:29:06] <Monochrome> most sphere shards are dying though
[16:29:12] <Monochrome> or falling to fggtry
[16:29:20] <Mrrrr> yeah
[16:29:33] <Monochrome> you ever herd of Tragena Shard?
[16:29:41] <Mrrrr> Rings a bell
[16:29:44] <Mrrrr> altho the spelling looks odd
[16:29:47] <Monochrome> beta shard in sphere
[16:30:10] <Monochrome> they managed to create a whole bunch of cool crap
[16:30:19] <Monochrome> a huge, completely different map
[16:30:27] <Monochrome> and i mean HUEG
[16:30:47] <Monochrome> and sum rly nifty stuff like an MTG lookalike card game
[16:30:57] <Mrrrr> hehe
[16:30:59] <Mrrrr> yeah you see
[16:31:08] <Mrrrr> thats what Im thinking for your idea
[16:31:08] <Monochrome> too bad they're all a bunch of faggots
[16:31:16] <Mrrrr> giving the chance for the server
[16:31:16] <Monochrome> what?
[16:31:18] <Mrrrr> to be modded
[16:31:24] <Mrrrr> so it could be like you want
[16:31:31] <Mrrrr> and just be a dungeon hack
[16:31:35] <Mrrrr> but people if they wanted to
[16:31:39] <Mrrrr> add custom elements and puzzles
[16:31:41] <Mrrrr> to be used
[16:31:47] <Mrrrr> or even static worlds
[16:31:58] <Mrrrr> but the client stay somewhat static
[16:32:02] <Monochrome> well yeah i was thinking about including that on the tool i mentioned above
[16:32:38] <Monochrome> you get to customize every single aspect. you can create new monsters, new player classes, new items, new traps, even quests
[16:33:12] <Monochrome> plus i was planning to add sum cool PvP modes aswell
[16:33:22] <Monochrome> i had a rly cute idea for a PvP map
[16:33:28] <Monochrome> called the Blood Temple
[16:34:07] <Mrrrr> errr.... riiight
[16:34:23] <Monochrome> hold on its not fggtry
[16:34:42] <Monochrome> i like to get into sum detail sumtimes
[16:34:52] <Monochrome> to show how it works
[16:34:57] <Mrrrr> MediaWiki.
[16:35:18] <Monochrome> liek i said, i havent wrote the whole thing yet
[16:35:24] <Mrrrr> lol
[16:35:43] <Mrrrr> I'd get all your info into a cms, something like mediawiki would be win
[16:35:51] <Mrrrr> few hacks to the css to make it look the part
[16:36:06] <Mrrrr> get sum peoplez to help out :P
[16:36:49] <Monochrome> thing is, i'm not proficient in creating websites :p
[16:37:26] <Monochrome> and i dont have anyone in mah team who can do it aswell
[16:37:50] <Monochrome> there's a kid who can do sum nifty stuff in simple html
[16:37:54] <Monochrome> nothing else
[16:38:00] <Mrrrr> thats the thing
[16:38:08] <Mrrrr> cms is made for you
[16:38:12] <Mrrrr> you just change the colours
[16:38:19] <Mrrrr> so it doesnt look like fucking wikipedia :D
[16:38:21] <Monochrome> wtf is cms after all?
[16:38:31] <Mrrrr> OHH LAWD
[16:38:46] <Monochrome> no u
[16:38:51] <Mrrrr> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Content_management_system
[16:38:55] <Mrrrr> and article about CMS
[16:38:58] <Mrrrr> IN A CMS
[16:39:39] <Monochrome> oh i thought you were referring to something + specific
[16:40:26] <Monochrome> i suck
[16:40:28] <Monochrome> that's it
[16:40:31] <Mrrrr> lol
[16:40:35] <Mrrrr> dude :/
[16:40:37] <Mrrrr> its not hard
[16:40:58] <Mrrrr> infact, theres prolly a nice page on mediaWiki's page
[16:41:02] <Mrrrr> about how to do that kinda shit :D
[16:41:21] <Monochrome> though i think i remembered something
[16:41:24] <Monochrome> hold on
[16:42:08] <Monochrome> there's this site called "wikispaces"
[16:42:31] <Monochrome> think myspace in wiki form
[16:42:43] <Monochrome> without the faggotry
[16:42:44] <Mrrrr> ohh lawd :/
[16:42:47] <Mrrrr> haha
[16:43:02] <Monochrome> http://cube.wikispaces.com/
[16:43:07] <Monochrome> here's an example
[16:43:11] <Monochrome> from the famous cube engine
[16:43:23] <Monochrome> which btw, is an example of an awsome free indy game
[16:44:19] <Monochrome> here's the site itself
[16:44:21] <Monochrome> http://www.wikispaces.com/
[16:46:07] <Mrrrr> yeah
[16:46:11] <Mrrrr> Iv been watching cube :)
[16:46:16] <Mrrrr> and the new engine
[16:46:22] <Mrrrr> and sab
[16:46:40] <Monochrome> which new engine?
[16:46:49] <Monochrome> cube2 aka sauerbraten?
[16:47:33] <Mrrrr> yeah
[16:47:58] <Mrrrr> I call it sab, cos sauerb is too long/I dont care
[16:48:10] <Mrrrr> a friend is making a little project in it atm
[16:48:21] <Mrrrr> showing off some AI stuff he's built
[16:48:33] <Mrrrr> but yeah
[16:48:41] <Mrrrr> that wiki thing doesnt look too bad
[16:48:42] <Monochrome> sab can hold a lot of gfx power AFAIK
[16:48:56] <Mrrrr> I'd host my own mediaWiki... but unless you have a server
[16:49:02] <Mrrrr> thats a bit of a costly thing
[16:49:10] <Monochrome> ye. that's the thing
[16:49:14] <Mrrrr> yeah seems to be doing well gfx wise
[16:49:17] <Monochrome> plus, if these guys use it
[16:49:20] <Mrrrr> faster than I expected
[16:51:39] <Monochrome> lol i've simply developed the strangest of the hobbys
[16:52:14] <Monochrome> recently
[16:52:57] <Monochrome> everytime i pee i try to spit right into the middle of the pee flow
[16:53:26] <Monochrome> if you get it right the pee will push the spit foward
[16:53:26] <Mrrrr> thanks.
[16:53:29] <Monochrome> its awsome lol
[16:54:51] <Monochrome> and its a challenge at the same time
[16:55:25] <Monochrome> you have limited time until you stop peeing and a limited amount of spit aswell
[16:56:05] <Monochrome> if you miss the target the first time you have to concentrate some more spit which wastes precious seconds
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