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[00:08:39] <banan> hello
[00:08:44] <banan> anyone here?
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[00:25:13] <banan> hey guys
[00:25:22] <banan> I need a .dll file
[00:25:37] <banan> AILXMI.DLL
[00:25:57] <banan> :D
[00:28:09] <banan> nevermind..
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[01:56:15] <banan> hey
[01:56:18] <banan> i got a problem
[01:58:30] <banan> I can't hear any music when I play U8 with Pentagram.. :/ the music works on DOSBox, but not with pentagram
[01:58:33] <banan> why?
[01:58:48] <banan> anybody here?
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[12:23:02] <Darke> Random link of the abstract timeframe: http://www.sablecat.com/dst/support.html "Undead Technical Support Hotline" (Hey, it sounds more interesting then then regular type of tech support! *grin*)
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[12:41:50] <watt> hehehe
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[13:02:34] <Sheng_Gradilla> wahahahaha :D
[13:02:54] * Sheng_Gradilla is back (gone 07:22:42)
[13:42:16] <watt> hooray. No work today... so, seeing as I'll be extremely bored all day... I guess I'll develop some pentagrams.
[13:42:56] <watt> hmmm... now, what to do....
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[13:47:55] <wjp> if you're not tired of avatar movement yet, combat mode has some issues
[13:48:06] <wjp> particularly block-mode seems to get stuck often
[13:49:40] <watt> hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
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[13:54:48] <watt> that was strange... I'm the only one who didn't drop
[13:55:16] <wjp> that usually means that your server is the one that split
[13:55:34] <watt> oh
[13:56:55] <watt> any idea on why combat block is getting stuck?
[13:56:56] <wjp> if you _are_ bored with avatar movement, maybe a mockup version of a new savegame UI? It's probably about time we worked on 'real' saving/loading
[13:57:03] <wjp> no, haven't looked at that at all yet
[13:58:17] <wjp> or think about a way to solve the problem with saving/loading with modal gumps open
[13:58:32] <wjp> playtesting is also an option :-)
[14:01:37] <wjp> the pentagram 'startup sequence' needs work as well. Particularly there needs to be a way to query the current GameInfo struct at runtime
[14:01:58] <wjp> and also the U8-specific parts of the startup sequence need to be moved elsewhere
[14:10:28] <watt> hmm... the AvatarMoverProcess doesn't seem to be receiving the mouseUp sometimes
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[14:11:56] <watt> more specifically, it locks when you drag the mouse while clicking
[14:13:24] <watt> moving the mouse in a direction change when you are already blocking
[14:14:39] <wjp> ah, I see; that's of course rather common with a click-and-hold action
[14:16:20] <watt> think it has something to do with dragging
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[14:32:06] <watt> hmmm... the problem is if dagging != DRAG_NOT then stopDragging is called, but OnMouseUp for gumps is not
[14:32:23] <watt> sooo..... always call OnMouseUp?
[14:35:00] <watt> or Option2: GameMapGump calls OnMouseUp in its stopDragging and knows that BUTTON_LEFT should be sent
[14:36:49] <watt> or Option3: AvatarMoverProcess always gets OnMouseUp regaurdless of gump that you point at
[14:37:55] <watt> option3 is the only one that guarantees the block doesn't lock
[14:40:16] <watt> the original does not go with option3.
[14:41:11] <watt> switch to combat, open backpack, hold block, release mouse while over backpack... original locks up too
[14:41:34] <wjp> :-)
[14:42:14] <Darke> Another bug-for-bug compatible implementation? *grin*
[14:43:14] <watt> that's also interesting.. I think mouse buttons put a lock on the keyboard
[14:44:51] <watt> that it did.
[14:45:14] <wjp> do you mean keyboard didn't respond at all when any mouse button is down?
[14:45:28] <wjp> what does it do with: mouse down, key down, mouse up, key up?
[14:45:33] <watt> down and handled, I beleive
[14:46:59] <watt> I was trying to see if the original went with option 1 or 2... the obvious test is to hold the left button.. open a menu and let go on a button to see if it clicked and if the block locked up
[14:48:45] <watt> wow, seems I just increased the complexity of this concept... crap
[14:53:18] <watt> yup. mouse down blocks key down until mouse up is seen.. all key down where completely ignored.. and key up I don't think is actually bound to anything in u8
[15:01:06] <watt> Option 1 worked nicely.... and actually doesn't get locked like the original did with the backpack
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[15:33:21] <wjp> ok, great; another bug squashed :-)
[15:33:51] <wjp> would it be a problem not to allow saving when modal gumps are open?
[15:34:31] <wjp> we'll obviously have to make an exception for the diary
[15:35:04] <Colourless> well, other than the diary should ever be saving when a modal is up
[15:35:19] <wjp> hm, parse error :-)
[15:35:58] <Colourless> well, other than the diary it shouldn't ever be saving when a modal gump is up
[15:36:14] <wjp> currently you can quicksave while target gump or slider gump is open
[15:37:27] <Colourless> well, that shouldn't be allowed
[15:37:49] <wjp> so then we're just stuck with the diary
[15:38:07] <wjp> if done properly, we could just skip saving that entirely
[15:38:54] <wjp> hm, we could also close the diary entirely when saving
[15:38:57] <wjp> or would that be weird behaviour?
[15:39:30] <Colourless> that would be weird
[15:39:39] <Colourless> can't we just skip model gumps when saving?
[15:39:48] <wjp> we could
[15:40:14] <wjp> hm, did we save children 'in' their parent?
[15:40:34] <wjp> we do of course need to be careful that we don't save references to them anywhere
[15:40:40] <Colourless> and then not allow a save when modal is up execpt from the meny
[15:40:47] <Colourless> i don't know
[15:41:22] <wjp> yes, we save children in their parent
[15:42:21] <wjp> things like focus_child, possible mouse/keyboard and things to look out for when dropping gumps
[15:42:31] <wjp> mouse/keyboard locks, that is
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[15:52:09] --> Fl00der has joined #pentagram
[15:59:04] <wjp> does the original save open gumps at all?
[15:59:19] <wjp> if not, what happens with things like open chests which have usecode for closing a gump?
[16:00:03] <Colourless> no idea
[16:00:32] <wjp> only one way to find out I guess :-)
[16:00:54] * wjp fires up dosbox
[16:03:03] <wjp> it saves open gumps
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[16:03:59] <wjp> oh, don't know if you already noticed, but the 'real' exultbot is back
[16:04:32] <Colourless> ooh
[16:04:35] <Colourless> no i hadn't
[16:18:19] <watt> hmm.... how did we want to do screenshots for save games?
[16:18:52] <Colourless> good questionb
[16:19:19] <Colourless> need to add in general screen capturing...
[16:19:58] <wjp> hm, might have to take a screenshot before opening the diary
[16:20:11] <wjp> would probably be the easiest way to get the 'right' contents
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[16:21:53] <Colourless> not what i would call the 'right' way to do it...
[16:22:14] <wjp> re-render skipping the diary?
[16:22:56] <Colourless> yeah... or perhaps... close diary... render... open diary....
[16:23:21] <wjp> that would be messy
[16:23:33] <watt> well, we also want the size to always be the same resolution right? A 320x200 centered on avatar then scaled down?
[16:23:58] <Colourless> yes most likely
[16:24:59] <watt> and saved in pentagramShapeFormat.
[16:25:11] <watt> me thinks
[16:25:14] <wjp> bbl, dinner
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[16:57:43] <watt> hehe - FFVII: Advent Children summed up http://games.slashdot.org/comments.pl?sid=120763&threshold=-1&commentsort=0&tid=97&mode=thread&cid=10169279
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[17:09:33] <wjp> back
[17:33:54] --> banan has joined #pentagram
[17:33:56] <banan> ¨hello
[17:34:01] <banan> I'm back
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[21:16:43] <watt> been thinking we need a gimp plugin.
[21:44:09] <watt> oh... exult-1.2 is giving me scary compiler errors.... crap
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