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[00:39:52] <Copernican> where does pentagram look for pentagram.ini on os x?
[00:43:46] <watt> what's your HOME environment variable set to?
[00:44:12] <Copernican> ~
[00:44:23] <Copernican> i.e. /Users/myhomedir
[00:44:39] <watt> should be ~/.pentagram/pentagram.ini then.
[00:44:44] <Copernican> well
[00:44:46] <Copernican> i tried that
[00:44:58] <Copernican> and got a message about being unable to find a config file
[00:45:17] <Colourless> which config file?
[00:45:37] <Copernican> pentagram.ini
[00:45:51] <Copernican> "No configuration files found."
[00:46:56] <watt> It checks two places for pentagram.ini.... one system-wide and one specific.
[00:47:21] <Copernican> and those locations are?
[00:47:24] <watt> the system wide one need to be the data directory.
[00:47:28] <watt> one second.
[00:47:33] <Copernican> you mean, wherever uw8.exe is?
[00:47:53] <Colourless> no
[00:48:56] <watt> Oh... there's also the built in data ??? I wonder if that's the case
[00:48:58] <Colourless> try putting pentagram.ini in either the pentagram or pentagram/data dir
[00:49:11] <Copernican> well, in any event, shouldn't it work in ~/.pentagram?
[00:49:21] <Colourless> what os are you using?
[00:49:24] <Copernican> os x
[00:49:36] <Colourless> may not be compiled to use 'HOME' dir
[00:49:43] * Colourless checks config script
[00:50:18] <watt> hmmm.. oh yeah-- ifndef HAVE_HOME.... didn't think of that
[00:50:56] <Copernican> well, the HOME env var definitely exists
[00:51:05] <Copernican> so i'm not sure how the config script is getting thrown off
[00:51:07] <Colourless> yep build system in osx doesn't define HAVE_HOME
[00:51:14] <Copernican> ah
[00:51:16] <watt> in those cases, I'd say try root
[00:51:35] <Colourless> you will need to put the pentagram.ini in the same dir as the pentagram executable
[00:51:40] <Copernican> and there are no run-time flags for the pentagram executable?
[00:51:45] <Copernican> i see
[00:52:52] <Copernican> nope, that doesn't work
[00:53:01] <Copernican> both pentagram and pentagram.ini are in /usr/local/bin
[00:53:03] <Copernican> no luck
[00:53:12] * watt knows that's a horrible solution, but it would show the problem.... (if HAVE_HOME is not defined and not WIN32 -- "@home" becomes "" and pentgarm.ini looks at "@home/pentagram.ini"
[00:53:29] <watt> thus "/pentagram.ini"
[00:53:32] <Copernican> heh
[00:54:09] <watt> we.. um need to fix that to have a better else case. - like "."
[00:54:30] <Colourless> current else case is "."
[00:54:57] <Copernican> VERY interesting
[00:55:04] <Colourless> it should be looking for ./pentagram.ini in osx
[00:55:05] <Copernican> if i change to ~/.pentagram
[00:55:08] <Copernican> it does work
[00:55:10] <watt> oh.. yup.
[00:55:41] <Colourless> current directory problem
[00:55:42] <watt> arg... ifdef logic messes with me a bit
[00:56:03] <Colourless> it's looking in the 'current directory' for pentagram.ini
[00:56:14] <watt> yeah... "./pentagram.ini"
[00:56:22] <Copernican> i respectfully suggest that you either change it to look for pentagram.ini in ~/.pentagram and/or that you add a FAQ item for it
[00:56:39] * watt apologizes for my added confusion
[01:28:57] <watt> rats.... no one to eat out with at this moment... and I crave __FOOD__
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[06:20:16] <watt> YAY! Proof of concept is working ... I bound the m key to MiniMapGump::toggle and clicking m now executes that command.
[06:23:19] <watt> now I just need to um.. reimplement the HIDBindings as console commands and completely rewrite the gui to set the controls (which needed it anyway)
[06:25:20] <watt> Also need to see if this slowed anything down noticeably... I doubt it, but it might just.
[06:30:28] <watt> ohh... and parameters are working too.... "HIDManager::bind F5 GUIApp:setVideoMode 800 600" works
[06:30:38] <watt> anyway... need sleed
[06:30:50] <watt> s/sleed/sleep
[06:30:57] <watt> see what I mean.
[06:30:59] <watt> :-)
[07:31:04] <wjp> I'd probably keep the bindings that control the avatar as they are now, without changing them to console commands
[08:45:17] <wjp> hm, Mac OS X support probably needs some work
[08:46:18] <wjp> part of the issue is that it really has two separate ways of installing pentagram
[08:46:33] <wjp> one is through an application bundle, the other the "unix way"
[08:48:24] <wjp> although with built-in data, the differences aren't as big
[08:49:46] <wjp> I wonder where we're "supposed to" store config files and saves
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