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[01:12:09] <watt> Think I figured out a way to make targetted jumping more/less of a hack.
[01:13:17] <watt> Less in the altering of deltas to make an animation target a certain spot.... more in the way that the answer may be dynamically creating new animations all together
[01:15:10] <watt> something like adding TargetedJump to the list of animation enums, and when you ask mainshapes for the animaction it gives you one that was built when some sort of target point method was called.
[01:15:44] <watt> Then the animation can be any number of frames long and have a delta cap per frame.
[01:16:59] <watt> Least I think. Hopefully that would create more realisitic looking jumps, but would require "knowledge" about normal jumps.
[01:50:06] <watt> hmmm.. didn't know that was how AnimActions were stored
[02:48:53] <watt> hmm... AnimDat::setAnim(uint32 shape, uint32 action, AnimAction * newaction)?
[02:50:18] <watt> just set the AnimAction (say 63 for Avatar on targetedJump) to a new AnimAction created right before the jump is performed?
[03:14:48] <watt> hmm... i dunno.. is the ActorAnim itself too sacred to modify? Should this concept be applied elsewhere?
[03:31:09] <watt> ah... and x_fact[dir] and y_fact[dir]... that would be the error in my logic.
[03:32:10] <watt> I still haven't modified the direction by modifing the AnimAction. duh.
[03:32:34] <watt> This solution would only allow scaled jumps I guess.
[03:33:05] <watt> (Which still might not actually be a bad idea :-)
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[03:33:22] <watt> oh well, back to the drawing board...
[03:33:48] <watt> just watt and a few hundred crazy ideas
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[12:03:07] * Darke wonders if it's just him, or is there something about most game/computer forums that almost seems to cause your iq to drain out your ears though sheer weight of collective st00pid? O.o
[12:11:16] <sbx> i dont no wat Umean n00!b
[12:13:25] <sbx> now, ne1 have SoF-crack I NEEDEIT!!1!
[12:13:45] <sbx> plz email
[12:14:33] <wjp> Darke: that's pretty much my impression too :-)
[12:14:47] <wjp> that's why I avoid them :-)
[12:25:44] <watt> hehehe.... ah yup.
[12:28:24] <wjp> watt: I think I prefer the current targeted jump method to something that would alter the animation structs
[12:30:42] <watt> suggestions?
[12:31:24] <wjp> I'm at work right now, so don't have the time to take a proper look at things
[12:31:35] <sbx> oh I like Pentagram
[12:31:42] <sbx> two days ago was the first time I tried it!
[12:31:48] <sbx> since mapdisp
[12:31:54] <watt> ok.
[12:31:56] <wjp> finished the game already? :-)
[12:32:05] <sbx> no not yet
[12:32:43] <sbx> the game is actually a little better than I remembered
[12:32:54] <sbx> even in pentagram, though it's kind of hard to see everything zoomed out
[12:33:01] <sbx> and text especially
[12:33:18] <wjp> I find it impossible to find obsidian and blackmoor in my backpack :-)
[12:34:32] <watt> hmmm? focused item outlining a good item? Give items under the mouse a faint blue glow?
[12:35:17] <watt> probably assume and auto-look for items in containers then.
[12:35:49] <sbx> that wont help me read text
[12:36:00] <wjp> for text we can replace the text by any ttf font
[12:36:18] <sbx> can I change screen resolution?
[12:36:37] <wjp> http://newspics.rpgdot.com/imageview.php?dir=gallery/861//Screenshots/&name=3.jpg
[12:36:38] <sbx> something smaller
[12:36:50] <wjp> yes, you can set the resolution in the config file
[12:37:02] <sbx> oh sorry, that's cool
[12:37:06] <sbx> I didn't know
[12:37:26] <sbx> what are the options?
[12:38:22] <wjp> http://pentagram.sourceforge.net/docs.php#advanced_ini
[12:38:54] <sbx> ;D
[12:38:54] <wjp> (yes, we actually have documentation :-) )
[12:39:08] * Darke watches as sbx is stunned by the huge mass of documentation for a not-yet-finished engine. *grin*
[12:40:41] <sbx> it's already very advanced/sophisticated
[12:41:37] <wjp> watt: item highlighting? how very U9-ish :-)
[12:41:57] <watt> oh.. sorry :-)
[12:42:08] <wjp> should actually be fairly easy to do
[12:42:09] <watt> I actually never played U9
[12:43:28] <sbx> me neither
[12:43:39] <watt> Of course, that must be a gameplay option... speaking of.... perhaps we should add a GamePlay class into games/ for the options
[12:44:05] <sbx> what can I set for resolution?
[12:44:10] <wjp> anything
[12:45:47] <sbx> ok thanks
[12:46:35] * watt just fired it up at 800x320... kinda looks cool
[12:47:55] <watt> and throwing it to full screen makes it kinda like watch widescreen formated movies ;-)
[12:49:32] <watt> s/watch/watching
[12:54:48] <wjp> hm, another short-term plan: fix up ttf font support properly
[12:55:29] <wjp> so that they have the same size and colour as the original U8 fonts
[12:58:23] <sbx> with the black outline?
[12:58:44] <wjp> yes
[12:59:03] <wjp> the black outline is the hardest part of the ttf code :-)
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[14:25:08] <MC-Mongo> hey y'all
[14:26:15] <sbx> hi
[14:26:33] <MC-Mongo> sbx: How are you doing?
[14:27:05] <MC-Mongo> sbx: any progress?:D
[14:28:31] <sbx> Good
[14:28:38] <MC-Mongo> damn, why is this pentagram project taking so long? what are you guys doing?:D
[14:28:39] <sbx> progress on what?
[14:28:50] <MC-Mongo> why, the pentagram of course:D
[14:28:50] <sbx> oh
[14:28:56] <sbx> what's pentagram?
[14:29:06] <MC-Mongo> it's a program
[14:29:24] <sbx> do anything useful?
[14:29:35] <MC-Mongo> maybe..
[14:29:47] <MC-Mongo> im kinda bored..
[14:29:52] <sbx> that would explain why this channel is named #pentagram!
[14:30:02] <sbx> i don't know I just sit in here and idle
[14:30:02] <MC-Mongo> haha!:D really?
[14:30:12] <MC-Mongo> sbx: why do you idle?
[14:30:28] <sbx> usually not much chat in here
[14:30:34] <sbx> but no not really :p
[14:30:37] <sbx> i'm just not a pentagram dev
[14:30:39] <MC-Mongo> hehe
[14:30:42] <sbx> i'm just a fan
[14:30:45] <MC-Mongo> me too
[14:39:32] <MC-Mongo> sbx: when are they going to update their website? i want more news....
[14:39:40] <MC-Mongo> I
[14:39:46] <MC-Mongo> ooof
[14:42:31] <sbx> wjp: when are you going to update your website?
[14:43:22] <MC-Mongo> hehe
[14:47:24] <wjp> I think the relevant question is: "When are you going to do something worth updating the website for?" ;-)
[14:48:13] <MC-Mongo> hehe
[14:54:08] <wjp> I've actually been spending some time on pentagram again this week, so who knows... maybe soon :-)
[14:54:24] <MC-Mongo> that's great news, man!:D
[14:55:05] <MC-Mongo> you should update your website with your new information, seriously
[14:55:26] <wjp> hm, I'll try to have something in 7 days
[14:55:41] <MC-Mongo> ok:D
[14:55:44] <wjp> that's the next time the date ends with a '4' again ;-)
[14:57:57] <MC-Mongo> hehe
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[15:01:29] <wjp> hi Fingolfin
[15:02:23] <Fingolfin> hi
[15:09:00] <MC-Mongo> hello Fingolfin
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[16:26:30] <watt> Hmm, I get back and my keyboard doesn't respond and after rebooting KDE goes all "Not the same"
[16:26:34] <watt> biff
[16:27:58] <watt> hmmm, I swear I did remember to logout of KDE after the last upgrade.....
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[17:17:52] --> KnAbisPoPs has joined #Pentagram
[17:18:03] <KnAbisPoPs> 7,1hello
[17:18:51] --- sbx|afk is now known as sbx
[17:19:11] <wjp> hi
[17:19:38] <KnAbisPoPs> 7,1i'm french i speak english little
[17:19:40] <KnAbisPoPs> 7,1;p
[17:19:42] <KnAbisPoPs> 7,1lol
[17:19:49] <KnAbisPoPs> 7,1how are you??
[17:20:16] <wjp> I'm mainly wondering if I can get my IRC client to ignore colours :-)
[17:21:04] <KnAbisPoPs> 1,0a ok
[17:21:21] <wjp> black on white is not an improvement :-)
[17:21:38] <KnAbisPoPs> 1,0lol
[17:22:16] <KnAbisPoPs> 1,0i have got a script irc and i don't config
[17:24:31] <wjp> so, what brings you to #pentagram?
[17:24:34] <KnAbisPoPs> 1,0good bye every body
[17:24:44] <KnAbisPoPs> 1,0I
[17:24:50] <KnAbisPoPs> 1,0listing server
[17:25:05] <KnAbisPoPs> 1,0i want speak english with english girl lol
[17:25:14] <KnAbisPoPs> 1,0;-)
[17:25:17] <wjp> :-)
[17:25:18] <sbx> me too
[17:25:24] <KnAbisPoPs> 1,0lol
[17:25:25] <sbx> but they won't talk to me
[17:25:42] <KnAbisPoPs> 1,0lol
[17:25:47] * sbx finally ordered Arcanum.
[17:25:54] <watt> they tend to run screaming in terror from me.
[17:26:28] <sbx> impress them with Pentagram!
[17:26:53] <KnAbisPoPs> 1,0what's!! sorry i don't understand, my english is limited
[17:26:55] <KnAbisPoPs> 1,0lol
[17:27:12] <wjp> sbx: that's probably what sent them running in the first place ;-)
[17:27:32] <KnAbisPoPs> 1,0a ok
[17:27:48] <sbx> :S
[17:27:52] <KnAbisPoPs> 1,0lol
[17:27:54] <sbx> KnAbisPoPs you play pentagram?
[17:28:35] <KnAbisPoPs> 1,0I don't not what pentagram lol
[17:28:37] <KnAbisPoPs> 1,0lol
[17:28:58] <sbx> You Are Here -> #pentagram
[17:29:33] <KnAbisPoPs> 1,0one min I traduct
[17:29:41] <KnAbisPoPs> 1,0yes
[17:29:56] <KnAbisPoPs> 1,0is no i want spay
[17:30:38] <wjp> 'traduire' est 'to translate' en anglais
[17:31:06] <KnAbisPoPs> 1,0lol yes
[17:31:18] <sbx> some people learned english from ultima
[17:31:44] <-- sbx has left IRC ("brb")
[17:31:47] <KnAbisPoPs> 1,0I am 14 years old
[17:32:16] <KnAbisPoPs> 1,0i speak enligh very little
[17:33:25] <KnAbisPoPs> 1,0english is very hard!!!!!!!!!
[17:33:27] <wjp> you speak english better than I speak french :-)
[17:33:45] <KnAbisPoPs> 1,0tu parle french very good
[17:33:51] <KnAbisPoPs> 1,0or little
[17:33:54] <KnAbisPoPs> 1,0??
[17:34:26] <KnAbisPoPs> 1,0lol
[17:34:53] <KnAbisPoPs> 1,0french is hard for me
[17:34:56] <KnAbisPoPs> 1,0because
[17:35:05] <KnAbisPoPs> 1,0I m Réunionais
[17:35:14] <KnAbisPoPs> 1,0i live Réunion Island
[17:36:20] * wjp googles
[17:37:56] <KnAbisPoPs> 1,0search : ile de la Réunion
[17:39:05] --> sbx has joined #pentagram
[17:40:10] <KnAbisPoPs> 1,0my skyblog is in french
[17:40:11] <KnAbisPoPs> 1,0lol
[17:40:16] <wjp> ah, somewhere east of Madagascar?
[17:40:33] <KnAbisPoPs> 1,0yes
[17:40:39] <sbx> black on white?
[17:40:41] <KnAbisPoPs> 1,0Maurice
[17:40:48] <wjp> sbx: it's hurting my eyes too :-)
[17:40:56] <KnAbisPoPs> 1,0black or white
[17:40:59] <KnAbisPoPs> 1,0???????
[17:41:11] <KnAbisPoPs> 1,0my color de peau
[17:41:15] <KnAbisPoPs> 1,0????
[17:41:26] <wjp> 'black on white'
[17:41:30] <wjp> not or :-)
[17:41:33] <KnAbisPoPs> 1,0lol
[17:41:35] <KnAbisPoPs> 1,0a ok
[17:41:41] <sbx> it looks different in mIRC
[17:41:55] <KnAbisPoPs> 1,0my script i not know config
[17:42:02] <KnAbisPoPs> 1,0sorry
[17:43:53] <KnAbisPoPs> 1,0your are look my skyblog
[17:43:55] <KnAbisPoPs> 1,0?????
[17:45:05] <sbx> what?
[17:45:11] <sbx> whats a skyblog?
[17:45:15] <KnAbisPoPs> 1,0lol
[17:45:22] <sbx> exultbot likes your colors too
[17:45:40] <KnAbisPoPs> 1,0easy a website
[17:45:47] <KnAbisPoPs> 1,0lol
[17:46:00] <KnAbisPoPs> 1,0it's my website
[17:46:06] <KnAbisPoPs> 1,0lol
[17:46:37] <wjp> sbx: yeah... I should make it strip out those codes, I guess
[17:46:56] <sbx> I have a near-empty website that I havn't updated in 2 years.
[17:47:45] * wjp hmmms... can't currently have multiple TTFonts for the same .ttf in different colours (at least, not without loading that ttf n times)
[17:48:01] <wjp> I guess I should make the FontManager do refcounting
[17:48:38] <wjp> and not the let TTFont class manage the SDL_ttf structs internally
[17:49:54] <KnAbisPoPs> 1,0good bye every bodys ,the time ir is 21h48, i have school
[17:49:58] <KnAbisPoPs> 1,0good bye
[17:50:14] <wjp> bye
[17:50:23] <KnAbisPoPs> 1,0thank for the chat lol
[17:50:31] <sbx> bye
[17:50:43] <-- KnAbisPoPs has left #Pentagram ()
[17:51:48] <wjp> hm, saying 'lol' after a 'thanks' is kind of weird :-)
[17:51:48] <wjp> ah well :-)
[17:54:16] <sbx> lol
[17:54:21] <sbx> yes
[17:54:56] <sbx> sarcastic
[17:55:07] <sbx> but I'm sure he didn't mean it that way
[17:55:22] <wjp> yeah, I know :-)
[17:56:21] <sbx> It made me think of the end of the movie Man on Fire. Through the entire film we get scenes of extreme violence in Mexico City, corrupt police, kidnappings (they talk about how many there are each day), and then during the credits in small text "Special thanks to the people of Mexico City, a very special place."
[17:58:07] <sbx> Ok it doesn't exactly make me think of it, but there is another recent example that seemed sarcastic to me. :)
[18:11:20] <sbx> I like the idea of a gameplay FAQ.
[18:41:47] --> Dominus has joined #pentagram
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[18:42:17] <Dominus> hello hello
[18:42:30] <Dominus> <sbx> I like the idea of a gameplay FAQ.
[18:43:02] <Dominus> already? we haven't even encountered users that ran into game problems that they blame on pentagram :-)
[18:43:23] <sbx> oops :p
[18:43:32] <Dominus> btw, sbx, did you see wjp's future project plans for you?
[18:43:44] <sbx> yyeah.. I think
[18:43:48] <sbx> I forgot about my flags list
[18:43:48] <Dominus> in #exult?
[18:43:55] <Dominus> yeah that one :-)
[18:44:05] <sbx> (meaning I havnt touched it in a while, but it's still here)
[18:44:32] <sbx> so thanks for reminding me :)
[19:13:09] <-- sbx has left IRC ("brb")
[19:27:50] --> sbx has joined #pentagram
[19:30:02] <sbx> My video modes sort of work now.
[19:30:21] <sbx> with modelines copied from XF86config
[19:30:41] <sbx> and after I changed vertrefresh to 50-90 and maxed h at 48
[19:31:00] <sbx> Pentagram looks nice in 512x384 interlaced
[19:31:20] <sbx> fullscreen
[19:32:03] <sbx> I wonder why the default VESA modes don't work
[19:32:27] <sbx> After talking to the guy at the start the console made me think, how about let the number keys control conversations?
[19:32:49] <sbx> and also an option to stop NPC text from autoscrolling
[19:32:57] <Dominus> doesn't that already work?
[19:33:04] <wjp> it used to
[19:33:07] <Dominus> I mean number keys
[19:33:13] <wjp> me too :-)
[19:33:21] <Dominus> :)
[19:33:40] <wjp> stopping NPC text from autoscrolling won't be possible
[19:33:54] <wjp> there's no way to distinguish conversation from other text
[19:34:21] <sbx> :(
[19:34:38] <sbx> what other text is there?
[19:34:52] <wjp> descriptions
[19:35:37] <sbx> Aah, I tried to use quickmove and walked off the map, then fell off into the void.
[19:36:04] <-- Fl00der has left IRC ()
[19:37:43] <sbx> How do you close containers?
[19:38:09] <wjp> double click them
[19:39:31] <sbx> thanks
[19:39:36] <sbx> that's obnoxiously simple
[19:39:41] <sbx> or annoyingly
[19:45:37] <sbx> Hmm, I think I broke the execution scene by dropping Mordra into the water. :)
[19:45:50] <sbx> fun
[19:46:43] <wjp> what?! she can't walk on water! Impostor!
[19:47:55] <sbx> the lurker has her now
[19:48:43] <Dominus> *burp*
[19:50:17] <sbx> That guy at the start of the game can stand on water.
[19:51:13] <wjp> it's a trick fishermen pick up sometimes :-)
[19:52:28] <sbx> nifty
[19:55:51] <sbx> A Kith is a cuddly farm animal, yes?
[19:55:57] <sbx> I see one near some "tornox"? stables
[19:56:08] <sbx> .
[19:58:08] <wjp> torax
[19:58:33] <wjp> Kith are pretty hard to fight at the start of the game
[19:59:38] <sbx> it seemed nice enough
[20:00:22] <wjp> you are talking about those big red/blue spider-like things, right? :-)
[20:00:57] <sbx> yup
[20:03:48] <sbx> You know what one could do with Pentagram is "patch" U8 such that there are more unique NPCs, and every object is usable.
[20:04:35] <sbx> Does anyone have a big map of Pagan like the one Exult made for U7?
[20:05:14] <Dominus> sure, the one that came with the game :-)
[20:05:47] <Dominus> the problem is the many maps of u8
[20:06:07] <wjp> I tried a while back, but wasn't overly succesful
[20:06:17] <sbx> Hmm
[20:06:23] <sbx> They overlap
[20:07:10] * Dominus volunteers sbx to make a nice map out of this :-)
[20:07:37] <Dominus> with different levels viewable :-)
[20:07:49] <sbx> I'd have to play the game to even know what the areas are to begin with.
[20:15:27] <wjp> well, wrote a new FontManager class...
[20:15:37] <wjp> now let's see if it handles TTF overrides properly :-)
[20:26:03] <wjp> *sigh* compiling really takes too long
[20:26:57] <sbx> whats different TGYDS data that keeps it from working now?
[20:27:10] <wjp> no idea
[20:28:35] <sbx> do you know how to make a 2nd SDL window?
[20:28:45] <wjp> you can't
[20:29:15] <sbx> that's what I thought
[20:29:23] <wjp> well, you could spawn a new process to do it, but that's a bit of a hassle :-)
[20:30:30] <sbx> yes, considering the typical application for SDL
[20:31:16] <wjp> yay, multi-coloured TTF font-overrides are working :-)
[20:36:47] <wjp> committed
[20:36:53] <wjp> enjoy the near-full recompile from an updated GUIApp.h :-)
[20:37:45] <Dominus> cool
[20:38:07] <wjp> if it can find VeraBd.ttf now it'll use it for conversations/item descriptions
[20:38:22] <wjp> in the right colours this time, instead of boring white :-)
[20:38:39] <Dominus> back to that exult like cheat map, it would be nice enough to have a map-function that shows at least the current map and your position on it :-)
[20:39:19] <wjp> the teleport map could actually have two levels... a 'global' map in which you select a map and smaller maps in which you select the final position
[20:39:28] <wjp> will need "a bit" of work, though :-)
[20:41:25] <wjp> and some thought on how to layout the global map and how to handle the maps that change halfway through the game (lava river and carthax lake)
[20:45:59] <wjp> hm, I wonder how big this font will turn out to be if scaled 2x
[20:46:13] <wjp> we'll see when we get there I guess
[20:46:25] <wjp> for now it's a lot easier on the eyes than the old font
[20:47:43] <Dominus> old font is really bad. I wonder what the dev team thought back then
[20:48:05] * Dominus is compiling now...
[20:54:45] <Dominus> wjp, looks great
[20:59:10] <wjp> I'll add some config options for this later
[20:59:34] <wjp> the colours to use should probably go into u8.ini
[21:00:18] <wjp> anyway, time to go; good night
[21:00:34] <Dominus> night
[21:00:51] <Dominus> going too
[21:00:53] <sbx> bye
[21:00:54] <Dominus> bye
[21:01:00] <-- Dominus has left IRC ("Gitarren-Gott Selbstbewichser")
[21:01:07] <sbx> bye
[21:02:20] <sbx> yawn
[21:02:29] <sbx> I'm going to sleep
[21:02:29] <sbx> cya
[21:02:37] --- sbx is now known as sbx|afk
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