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[19:03:43] <wjp> english question: what's a good name for a function 'get the gravityprocess of this item, creating it if necessary'? I'm going with 'ensureGravityProcess()' now
[19:10:37] <wjp> oh, and for the record:
[19:10:40] <wjp> ?logs
[19:10:40] <exultbot> Logs are available at http://log.usecode.org/pentagramlog.php
[19:10:45] <wjp> (new URL)
[19:43:09] <watt> love the new url.
[19:45:38] <watt> ummmm... function name..... can't simply add creation to getGravityProcess?
[19:45:59] <watt> guessing it's checked somewhere for existence already.
[19:47:00] <watt> ProcId getGravityProcess() / boolean haveGravityProcess() ?
[19:47:12] <watt> s/have/has/
[19:48:29] <watt> well, guess that changed in the last commit.
[19:51:02] <watt> exultbot is getting quite a bit of use nowadays.
[19:55:54] <wjp> hm, yes, get...() and have...() might be good
[20:02:43] <wjp> although it is somewhat inconsistent with other get...()'s... argh :-)
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[20:06:13] <watt> To be honest... as long as it's documented.... I'm ok.
[20:07:15] <wjp> I'm working on clinging to ledges, by the way
[20:07:39] <wjp> giving the avatar an AvatarGravityProcess to handle that
[20:09:22] <wjp> [ usecode.org: I thought it would be appropriate ;-) ]
[20:14:32] <watt> Sound like the right idea.
[20:19:42] <wjp> I guess I should simply try if it can execute a climb animation
[20:26:15] <watt> hmmmm..... so, a jump animation starts, the gravity process is instantly added but does not start affecting avatar until the jump completes, right? (having trouble remembering)
[20:27:28] <wjp> jumping shouldn't create a gravityprocess
[20:28:19] <wjp> the gravityprocess is only created if the jump fails halfway
[20:28:29] <watt> ah.
[20:29:36] <wjp> oh, I shouldn't forget to convert 'jump' to 'climb' when the last animation is 'hang'
[20:30:33] <watt> So, what should happen if you can climb? Fall straight down or Fall backwards animation with gravity still on?
[20:30:51] <watt> s/can/can't/
[20:31:57] <wjp> hm
[20:32:02] <wjp> straight down, I think
[20:33:01] <watt> I recall falling backwards, but I think it was only if I was running at the wall while jumping
[20:34:28] * wjp thinks
[20:34:56] <wjp> I can't remember that
[20:39:36] <wjp> now, where can I test this...
[20:46:07] <wjp> quite hard to test with targetted jumping :-)
[20:46:58] <watt> yeah, you might want to throw in a console command or ini setting for disabling it.
[20:47:59] * wjp nods
[20:48:05] <wjp> #if 0'd it for now
[20:48:21] <wjp> ok, hanging is working, climbing fails because it is too busy with hanging to climb (ANIMLOCK)
[20:48:38] <wjp> I guess I shouldn't repeat the hang animation when it's already hanging
[20:50:45] <watt> rats. can't get my original u8 to launch.... but I do get a neat message "Halting in file DEXT286/CPROTMEM.C, line 1418" hehe
[20:51:38] <wjp> in dosbox?
[20:51:56] <watt> qemu with dos 6.22
[20:52:16] <watt> I just noticed dosbox release a version a little while back...
[20:52:53] <watt> need to try it - official intel mac support was holding me back
[20:54:15] <wjp> are you on a core 2 duo (64 bit) mac?
[20:54:38] <wjp> if so: http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=1713574&group_id=52551&atid=467234
[20:54:54] <wjp> (patch to fix regular hangs)
[20:55:01] <watt> nope.. the regular core duo
[20:55:27] <watt> :-)
[20:55:32] <watt> nice.
[21:10:22] <watt> hmmm.. never noticed that several programs are using ~/Library/Preferences directory ..... scummvm, dosbox
[21:11:32] <watt> suppose we should follow suit.
[21:12:20] <watt> Right now, pentagram uses pentagram.ini in ~/Library/Application Support/Pentagram/
[21:21:07] <wjp> humm... the end of a jump is a bit strange
[21:21:42] <wjp> when it ends in mid-air, the 'landing' part of the animation is played normally (including footstep sound), and then the avatar falls
[21:22:14] <watt> oh. yeah.
[21:22:53] <wjp> puzzling... the 'on ground' flag is already set one frame before the sfx
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[21:26:23] <watt> So.. I'm guessing that would mean that if the on ground flag is on then we need to fall until its true before finishing the animation.
[21:26:24] <wjp> oh, it's unstoppable
[21:27:28] <wjp> so that might not apply to falling
[21:27:34] <watt> hmm.
[21:27:39] <wjp> maybe :-)
[21:28:03] <wjp> well, not related to hanging, in any case
[21:28:45] <wjp> so I'll clean this up and commit it now
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[21:45:34] <wjp> ok, that should be the end of the mail flood for now :-)
[21:51:57] <watt> dosbox is running quite nice on my machine... happy!
[21:57:25] <watt> ah cool stuff. I like the changes
[21:58:48] <watt> hmmm.. and people appear to be playing the game.... new bug.
[22:00:23] <wjp> yeah :-)
[22:01:36] <wjp> hm, most of the limitations mentioned in the status on our webpage are now outdated; woohoo :-)
[22:03:06] <wjp> I'll try to write a news post tomorrow, I guess
[22:03:44] <watt> well, tried running into a wall and it didn't fall back, so nevermind about that.
[22:04:11] <watt> guess it must've been falling from a height
[22:04:23] <wjp> do you have an u8 with targeted jumping or without?
[22:04:47] <wjp> if without, could you also try the 'landing in mid-air' thing?
[22:06:07] <watt> with
[22:06:46] <wjp> ok; I'll install my original cd version sometime
[22:08:11] <watt> from a running jump, avatar goes the complete distance, falls straight down, then lands
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[22:10:32] <wjp> running jump doesn't have the unstoppable flag set, unfortunately
[22:10:48] <watt> wait... nevermid... I had hit a tree
[22:13:07] <watt> I'll have to slow it down to see exactly
[22:13:15] <watt> what it was doing.
[22:14:26] <watt> but I guess the unstoppable bit is really what you wanted to know... sigh.
[22:25:15] <wjp> we can worry about it some other time :-)
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