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[00:12:05] <watt> shakeHead seems too fast... oh well
[00:15:46] <watt> hmm.. every once in a great while I fall though the floor or seg fault while jumping around.... well... more gdb time
[00:19:50] <watt> looks like the fall though occurs when I try to jump and get block while still on ground level
[00:43:15] <watt> and I found that seg fault, but I have no idea why it ever happen.... horray!
[00:45:44] <watt> s/it ever/it would ever/
[00:46:20] <watt> sheesh my typing is getting lazier by the day... I just tend skip over words now.
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[07:38:07] <wjp> watt: still around?
[07:38:57] <wjp> segfault is probably because your loop that determines total distance starts at 'currentframe', which is uninitialized at that point, I think
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[11:42:27] <watt> oh
[11:43:59] <wjp> how does it determine when to do a targeted jump, btw?
[11:44:14] <wjp> it seems to be fairly arbitrary
[11:44:45] <wjp> (haven't looked at the code for that yet; just played pentagram a bit)
[11:47:24] <watt> right now, just checks if you were going to jumpUp or jump from stand still and overrides... shakeHead if target isn't land
[11:47:57] <wjp> hm, but I usually do a normal jump if I try to jump
[11:48:06] <wjp> (normal = not targeted)
[11:48:31] <watt> start walking. then right click
[11:49:21] <watt> it really should be only overriding jump and not jumpUp IIRC.
[11:49:47] <wjp> yeah... I think we should modify the area in which jumpUp is done, though
[11:49:55] <watt> yup
[11:50:07] <watt> that's why I went with both
[11:50:41] <wjp> oh, I see... there's another 'jump' case further down in handleNormalMode that isn't transformed into a targeted jump
[11:50:42] <watt> although... mouse length is still from screen center right?
[11:51:06] <wjp> hm, mouse length should be from the center of the bottom face of the avatar's bounding box
[11:51:15] <wjp> or maybe I didn't get around to that
[11:51:38] <wjp> can't remember :-)
[12:33:55] <watt> I've been thinking of doing a transparent walls mode like in crusader.... not all walls become transparent, just the ones blocking the line of sight to the Silencer... turns off when nothing blocks your line of sight...
[12:35:01] <watt> thought it's a nifty feature of that game... and it could also be useful in grabing those hidden items on the map....
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[14:31:52] <Sheng_Gradilla> :)
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[21:06:11] <wjp> I'm rather annoyed at this... from time to time people seem to fall through the floor while pathfinding
[21:06:28] <wjp> I wonder if I'm not checking for fastarea somewhere
[21:19:56] <wjp> gah, I broke weapon overlays _again_
[21:20:54] <wjp> and the teleporter to the plateau from the cave is broken too... *sigh*
[21:22:25] * Sheng_Gradilla is back (gone 00:35:12)
[21:24:04] <wjp> fixed weapon overlays...
[21:24:10] <wjp> (again :-) )
[21:27:21] <Fl00der> \o/
[21:34:47] <wjp> ah... interesting
[21:35:04] <wjp> figured out what broke the teleporters
[21:40:47] <Fl00der> \o/
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[23:08:29] <watt> wjp: it looks like the gaurd falls through as he either enters of leaves the fastarea (you run away from him and back too him as he's pathfinding.)
[23:09:07] <watt> we probably want to make sure the animation finishes in the fastarea with a little room to spare before even executing it.
[23:10:32] <watt> s/of/or/
[23:10:52] <Sheng_Gradilla> he went to sleep 1 hour and 30 minutes ago
[23:11:20] <watt> yeah.. probably... but I tend to leave messages to him.
[23:12:09] <watt> considering I'm either asleep or at work 90% of the time he's awake...
[23:12:27] * watt curses timezones and their stupid times!
[23:12:59] <Sheng_Gradilla> the problem is the world's shape more than the time zones
[23:14:19] * watt curses the world's shape and it's stupid roundness!
[23:14:27] <Sheng_Gradilla> even if everyone used GMT instead of the hour corresponding to their zones, you would be asleep or at work 90$ of the time wjp is awake
[23:15:57] * watt curses the relative position of the sun to the earth and our stupid rotation!
[23:16:19] <watt> hehe... I could go on all day... :-)
[23:28:07] <watt> hmmm.. a quick check in ActorAnimProcess during run() seems to solve it.....
[23:29:38] <watt> if the animation is playing and the actor is suddenly no longer in the fast area, I simply made it return.... wondering if it should just pause like that, kill the animation, or continue the animation without letting the actor fall...
[23:36:18] <watt> heh.. the comments attached take more than the fix... oh well.