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[00:41:43] <sbx> hi watt
[00:42:51] <sbx> hi Kirben
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[03:16:05] <watt> I was reading thought the Quake 2 keybinding code (during Geography class incedentally) and I'm not sure if I love it or hate it
[03:16:25] <watt> I'm leaning towards "hate it".
[03:17:31] <watt> The neat thing about it was that the keybindings are entirely console commands, but that's exactly what they're stored as in the bindings array (command strings)
[03:18:19] <watt> when an event occurs, the command is added to the console and executed.
[03:18:57] <watt> the plus is - everything is scriptable (note: this is also in a few ways a minus)
[03:22:17] <watt> the ugly parts are that the array of "keybindings" are char buffers of copied commands from the "bind" console command... and the console commands is a list instead of a tree (especially since they Q_strcmp the commands to find the right ones)
[03:22:38] <watt> s/Q_strcmp/Q_strcasecmp/
[03:24:07] <watt> Although.. I think it might be a nice idea to make the HIDBindings in Pentagram become console commands instead (just avoid the whole need of the console to execute them)
[03:25:31] <watt> not sure how to represent that properly yet considering all HIDBindings take the SDL Event (which is also kinda bad... tying it to SDL.. meh, oh well)
[03:41:54] <watt> YIKES.. only a little over a week off my mail and 212 messages (mostly spam).
[03:42:06] <watt> well, I guess that's not actually that much
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[08:37:01] <wjp> watt: welcome back :-)
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[15:26:43] <edbgon> hi, quick question, how might i make pentagram use an alternate sound device?
[15:29:36] <sbx> hmm
[15:29:39] <sbx> hi
[15:30:14] <edbgon> hi
[15:30:34] <sbx> course I'm not on the team so I don't rightly know how (with the config)
[15:30:40] <sbx> but isnt there an environment variable for SDL apps?
[15:30:44] <sbx> SDL_AUDIODEVICE?
[15:30:48] <sbx> don't know if it works here
[15:30:49] <edbgon> hmm perhaps so i will check
[15:31:04] <sbx> try =esd
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[15:31:38] <sbx> SDL_AUDIODRIVER
[15:31:57] <sbx> it doesn't change the specific hw device
[15:32:49] <edbgon> alright, thanks :)
[15:32:55] <edbgon> i can hear :-D
[15:32:58] <sbx> so it will depend on what the driver uses
[15:33:00] <sbx> really?
[15:33:01] <sbx> cool
[15:33:19] <sbx> does pentagram have sound effects or just music?
[15:34:04] <edbgon> i dont think sound is done
[15:34:58] <Colourless> just music
[15:35:24] <edbgon> i can see the `unhandled intrinsic' stuff though, looks like its on the way :)
[15:37:02] <Colourless> yes, eventually we will have SFX
[15:37:09] <edbgon> cant wait for that :)
[15:46:25] <wjp> scaling, sfx, combat... lots of 'fun' things left to do ;-)
[15:47:06] <wjp> combat might actually be doable within a day... u8's combat is not _that_ complex
[15:47:23] <wjp> look for enemy, walk to enemy, hit enemy; repeat :-)
[15:47:38] <edbgon> :) ive been playing with the cvs, i can kill em and they cant fight back :)
[15:47:46] <Colourless> helps when there is only 1 enemy
[15:47:58] <wjp> that isn't always true
[15:48:23] <Colourless> does U8 actually do factional based combat? I can't remember
[15:48:49] <wjp> I don't know if it actually has it, but there are definitely intrinsics for it
[15:48:57] <wjp> (for alignment, enemyalignment)
[15:49:26] <wjp> alignment and enemyalignment are both bitmasks. I think if the 'and' of the two is non-zero then you're enemies
[15:49:43] <edbgon> ah nice ide
[15:49:43] <edbgon> a
[15:49:56] <Colourless> I never recall 'seeing' it actually do anything
[15:49:57] <wjp> (target->alignment & this->enemyalignment)
[15:50:07] <wjp> I can't quite remember it either, no :-)
[15:50:11] <Colourless> in regards to NPC vs NPC combat
[15:50:34] <Colourless> now, as far as we know the game was originally suppsoed to have an undead invasion into Tenebrae
[15:50:43] <Colourless> so it was probably intended for things like that
[15:51:04] <wjp> ah, but you can also summon monsters yourself
[15:51:20] <wjp> so those will definitely be enemies for other monsters
[15:52:10] <Colourless> hmm.. yes
[15:52:26] <Colourless> do we support those?
[15:52:37] <wjp> you mean if they're working already? no idea
[15:52:42] <wjp> oh, wait; golem works
[15:53:57] <edbgon> cool the guards fell down when i summoned the golem
[15:54:09] <wjp> I wonder if there are indeed setalignment/setenemyalignment calls when summoning monsters
[16:02:05] <wjp> why do we have a misc/exceptions.h ?
[16:02:22] <wjp> and why is it included in FileSystem.cpp?
[16:07:54] <Colourless> ye olde exult hangover code
[16:08:08] <wjp> I thought we left that in old/ :-)
[16:08:53] <Colourless> might have come over in the very initial implementation of filesystem
[16:08:55] <wjp> can you remove it? I can't test now if everything still compiles when I remove it
[16:09:14] <wjp> (or I can do it later tonight when I get home if I don't forget :-) )
[16:09:23] <Colourless> i'll have a look
[16:09:42] <wjp> it's only included in FileSystem.cpp, though, so I doubt it'll be a problem
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[16:15:56] <dex> hello!
[16:16:02] <edbgon> hi
[16:16:04] <sbx> hi
[16:16:13] <dex> any news about exult 3d or pentagram for pocket pcs? =)
[16:16:33] <Colourless> no
[16:16:38] <sbx> :)
[16:17:23] <dex> ok thanks ;)
[16:17:54] <dex> and take your time, of course, better a good program than an early one
[16:18:10] <edbgon> hah
[16:18:12] <edbgon> :)
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[16:34:10] <Colourless> wjp, no compiling problems removing the file
[16:34:37] <Colourless> pentagram runs fine too
[16:34:44] <Colourless> want me to remove it from cvs?
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[19:28:36] <WattAtWork> Howdy, thought it might be a good idea to start idling at work too.
[19:28:39] <WattAtWork> :-)
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[21:23:32] <wjp> Colourless: yes, but I see you already did that :-)
[21:23:46] <wjp> WattAtWork: definitely ;-)
[21:27:16] <wjp> Colourless: things still compile here as well; thanks for getting rid of it
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[23:58:55] <sbx> hello again