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[19:43:19] <Marzo> Seems that wjp had not noticed that exultbot was awol
[19:46:12] <woundeddragon> Indeed
[19:47:07] <Marzo> All I had to do was ask him about it and presto -- 19 minutes later, wjp replied and put exultbot back in 1 minute
[19:48:55] <woundeddragon> :)
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[20:08:35] <Crysta> hi
[20:08:42] <Marzo> Hi
[20:09:03] <Marzo> I fixed (but haven't yet uploaded) the spiked shield and lightning whip paperdolls
[20:09:19] <Crysta> k
[20:09:33] <Marzo> I sadly found out that the love arrows cannot be 'fixed' without editing Exult
[20:09:44] <Crysta> why not?
[20:10:00] <Marzo> They are being drawn as translucent
[20:10:11] <Marzo> Instead of cycling the palette
[20:10:12] <Crysta> then i used the wrong colors somehow
[20:10:28] <Crysta> they were supposed to be the cycling pinks
[20:10:35] <Marzo> That is what I mean
[20:10:41] <Crysta> ...
[20:10:43] <Marzo> They are the cycling colors
[20:10:54] <Crysta> then why are colors that are supposed to cycle being made invisible
[20:10:56] <Marzo> But they do double work for certain shapes as translucent colors
[20:11:15] <Marzo> In shapes from shapes.vga, you can set a flag for that -- translucency
[20:11:30] <Marzo> All shapes from sprites.vga have translucency on by default
[20:11:47] <Marzo> But paperdoll shapes have a location-based translucency which is hard-coded
[20:12:39] <Marzo> The blue cycling pixels (used in magic arms and armor) are always cycling pixels, but the others are not
[20:12:58] <Crysta> ah
[20:13:03] <Crysta> ...
[20:13:09] <Crysta> what are some that do cycle
[20:13:19] <woundeddragon> Ew
[20:13:25] <woundeddragon> Hard coding
[20:13:41] <Marzo> I am already thinking of ways to de-hard-code it
[20:13:46] <Marzo> Don't worry
[20:14:13] <Crysta> can you make teh arrow shaft shades of solid pink till things change?
[20:14:37] <Marzo> O have to see if there are available pink colors
[20:15:51] <Marzo> brb
[20:15:55] <Crysta> k
[20:16:31] <Marzo> back
[20:17:49] <Crysta> wb
[20:20:07] <Marzo> Here it is: the last 11 colors in the palette table (244 to 254 in a zero-based count) are the only ones painted translucently
[20:20:16] <Crysta> k
[20:20:37] <Marzo> Thus, the blue, 'fire' and 'poison' cycles remain cycling
[20:21:23] <Crysta> ah
[20:21:55] <Marzo> But like I said, not all locations in the paperdoll gump paint translucently
[20:22:07] <Marzo> For example, weapons do not
[20:22:19] <Marzo> So you cannot make a translucent glass sword
[20:22:59] <woundeddragon> hmm
[20:23:31] <Marzo> I will add a way to set the translucent flag for paperdoll objects and add the appropriate data for the BG/SI paperdolls
[20:24:19] <Crysta> will we get transluscent glass swords? :p
[20:24:33] <Marzo> :-p
[20:24:54] <Marzo> If someone does the sprites -- it was just the first idea that poped in my mind
[20:25:47] <Marzo> (the in-game sprite is already)
[20:25:55] <Crysta> it already is?
[20:26:00] <Crysta> i thought you just said they couldnt
[20:26:01] <Marzo> Yep
[20:26:08] <Marzo> The *paperdoll* can't
[20:26:10] <Crysta> then how are they
[20:26:12] <Crysta> oh
[20:26:16] <Crysta> i see
[20:26:17] <Crysta> lol
[20:26:20] <Crysta> i meant paperdoll :p
[20:26:44] <Marzo> That is why I had said 'the in-game sprite'
[20:27:05] <Marzo> If I had meant the paperdoll, I would have said so :-p
[20:28:38] <Marzo> Were there any more errors in the paperdolld that I made but which I am not remembering?
[20:29:30] <Crysta> let me check
[20:29:53] <Crysta> magic boomerang still needs in :p
[20:30:00] <Crysta> but thats not an error with whats in there
[20:30:00] <Marzo> k
[20:30:01] <Crysta> lol
[20:30:03] <Crysta> ok.. errors..
[20:30:37] <Crysta> looks like the only other error would be henry's locket
[20:30:45] <Crysta> the blues are supposed to cycle
[20:31:21] <Crysta> as to not in yet, all that i can think of being left woul dbe the rings
[20:31:51] <Crysta> currently the engagement, silver, and gold rings all use the same sprite.. lol
[20:32:43] <Marzo> I don't have the boomerang
[20:33:15] <Crysta> thought i sent it
[20:33:15] <woundeddragon> Moo
[20:33:23] <Marzo> ooM
[20:33:50] <Marzo> Whether you sent it or not, the fact remains that I don't have it :-)
[20:34:10] <Crysta> lol
[20:34:59] <Crysta> looks like i forgot to upload that one
[20:35:00] <Crysta> lol
[20:42:17] <Marzo> Locket fixed
[20:43:16] <Crysta> http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v128/crystaelf/Ultima%20sprites/boomerangage.gif
[20:48:32] <Crysta> if you need help matching up what sprites go to what rings just say so
[20:48:53] <Crysta> but you might want to forget about them for now
[20:49:03] <Crysta> theyd be additions and would screw up the keyring mod again
[20:49:14] <Marzo> No, they woudn't
[20:49:18] <Marzo> *wouldn't
[20:49:38] <Marzo> I switched all paperdolls in the keyring about 200 places up to prevent further problems
[20:49:50] <Crysta> ooo
[20:54:08] <woundeddragon> o_o
[20:54:14] <Crysta> ?
[20:59:57] <Marzo> Hm
[21:00:05] <Marzo> I know this will sound overkill, but...
[21:00:25] <Marzo> What about making translucent recolors of the base paperdolls for use with ghost NPCs?
[21:00:40] <Crysta> well... its also unneeded
[21:00:56] <Marzo> There Rowena in BG
[21:00:58] <Crysta> we cant actually get ghosts in our party
[21:01:01] <Crysta> she isnt a party member
[21:01:04] <Crysta> just a follower
[21:01:17] <Marzo> She joins the party
[21:01:43] <Crysta> but she isnt a party member
[21:01:48] <Marzo> (for a while, at least)
[21:01:50] <Crysta> if she was she'd have a head
[21:01:52] <Crysta> and a paperdoll
[21:01:58] <Crysta> she cant attack
[21:02:02] <Crysta> cant hold items
[21:02:03] <Marzo> Which is why I begun by stating that it was probably overkill :-)
[21:02:06] <Crysta> just follows and talks
[21:02:14] <Crysta> not overkill.. unneeded
[21:02:20] <Crysta> cant open a paperdoll for her
[21:02:22] <Marzo> In Exult, she can do all of that can't she?
[21:02:30] <Marzo> *can't you
[21:02:33] <Crysta> dont think so
[21:02:38] <Marzo> Hm
[21:02:42] <Marzo> have to check
[21:02:55] <Marzo> But after I am done implementing the translucency flag
[21:03:21] <Crysta> k
[21:03:22] <Crysta> lol
[21:03:46] <Crysta> oh.. theres one thing that needs to be implemented on the cheat menu that hasnt that i can think of, btw.. being able to change races
[21:03:59] <Crysta> i noticed it when i was trying to test them
[21:04:01] <Marzo> There is a shortcut key
[21:04:07] <Crysta> when you brought up the not fitting thing
[21:04:10] <Crysta> there is?
[21:04:15] <Marzo> Let me check
[21:04:31] <Marzo> Alt+S
[21:04:39] <Crysta> never knew that
[21:06:45] <Marzo> I discovered it when I was testing to see if the shirt fit all colors
[21:06:47] <woundeddragon> mmm food
[21:06:56] <Marzo> Just being paranoid about things that could go wrong
[21:06:58] <Crysta> ill try to remember it
[21:07:01] <Crysta> lol
[21:07:14] <Crysta> after last night you mean?
[21:07:23] <Marzo> No
[21:07:30] <Marzo> When I was first testing the shirt
[21:07:41] <Marzo> Before I knew that there was a difference between races
[21:07:55] <Crysta> ah
[21:08:00] <Marzo> I was testing the faces
[21:08:26] <Marzo> I just remembered -- it was the faces, not the shirt which I was testing
[21:08:37] <Crysta> ah
[21:08:41] <Marzo> There were some cycling pixels that got in by accident in the faces
[21:08:52] <Marzo> So I tested them all and fixed the ones that did
[21:09:07] <Marzo> I then left on the black female avatar and went on to fit the shirt
[21:15:43] <Crysta> ah
[22:09:54] * woundeddragon prods the channel
[22:10:43] --> Kirben has joined #tfl
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[22:22:28] <Marzo> OK, the new paperdoll translucency option is now working
[22:22:39] <Marzo> The love arrows are being correctly displayed even now
[22:23:10] <Marzo> I think I'll bump the version of Exult as the new paperdoll data is not compatible with the old one
[22:23:41] <Marzo> And make new versions of the Keyring and TFL paperdoll_info.txt
[22:35:05] <woundeddragon> Sounds planishh
[22:55:10] <Marzo> And just one thing: I involuntarily lost an eighth
[22:55:26] <Marzo> Right now, you *can* make a translucent glass sword
[22:55:47] <Marzo> (or rather, when I said that you couldn't it was false)
[23:02:39] <woundeddragon> :)
[23:16:13] <Marzo> I added the magic boomerang paperdoll too
[23:16:30] <Marzo> I will, however, hold the new rings as hostage until the male pants are done :-)
[23:18:48] <Marzo> Everything is now done
[23:28:18] <woundeddragon> :D
[23:34:38] <-- Crysta has left IRC (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[23:36:57] <Marzo> brb
[23:37:01] --- Marzo is now known as Marzo_away
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[23:53:35] <Crysta> so.. how would we make the glass sword transparent then