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[00:08:06] <NotADragon> Workworkwork
[00:08:15] <NotADragon> Adding the virtue message functions to the karma class
[00:08:22] <Marzo> :-)
[00:21:48] <NotADragon> Im going to do that, commit to CVS, and then go get some dinner
[00:21:58] <Marzo> k
[00:22:41] <NotADragon> And you'll have plenty of time to fix how badly Ive probably mangled things, as usual :)
[00:31:40] <NotADragon> Alright, doing my update routine, CVS and updating the site copy of the docs.
[00:42:21] <NotADragon> (Incidentally that program you linked me to yesterday lists the HDD health as "excellent" so its probably just Windows having itself a fit as far as that index stuff went)
[00:44:05] <NotADragon> Im off to get dinner, Ill be back in an hour or so.
[00:44:14] <Marzo> Bon appetit
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[01:52:42] <Marzo> In case you return in the mean time: brb
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[01:59:19] <wiz_away> And back
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[01:59:46] <Marzo> He, I managed to return before you did
[02:00:00] <WizardryDragon> That hit the spot
[02:00:07] <Marzo> And you are back at "WizerdryDragon"!
[02:00:17] <WizardryDragon> So I am
[02:00:26] * Marzo presses 'F' and targets WizardryDragon
[02:00:56] <WizardryDragon> (I could be "CodingDragon" if you prefer, but that would imply I was being productive)
[02:01:09] <Marzo> lol
[02:01:52] <WizardryDragon> Have a chance to look at the Karma changes?
[02:02:08] <Marzo> Still working on the gypsy stuff
[02:02:34] <WizardryDragon> Ah fun fun
[02:02:45] <WizardryDragon> Im watching my defragmenter go
[02:03:04] <WizardryDragon> Id run it recently, but after chkdsk fixed the disk up, everything was in piece again
[02:03:08] <WizardryDragon> (Literally)
[02:03:14] <WizardryDragon> *pieces
[02:03:39] <WizardryDragon> about 75% fragmentation :S
[02:05:10] <Marzo> Map changes are mostly done, including a couple eggs and roofs for the caves
[02:06:18] <WizardryDragon> Eggs for?
[02:06:26] <WizardryDragon> (I can take some guesses, but still :P)
[02:06:42] <Marzo> 1 for starting the game and 1 for making the gypsy deal the cards
[02:06:48] <WizardryDragon> Ah
[02:06:55] <WizardryDragon> Yes I guessed the former, not the latter though
[02:07:02] <Marzo> (randomly, on the table, unrelated to the virtue test)
[02:07:25] <WizardryDragon> Ohgod that had to hurt.
[02:07:30] <Marzo> The second one is just so the gypsy isn't completely motionless, like Zauriel
[02:07:40] <Marzo> ?
[02:08:33] <WizardryDragon> Watching this video show on tvs about these stunt drivers and bicyclists and such ... this one motocyclist went to jump a buncha cars ... and he missed the end ramp and must have been rolling in a way that the human body is not supposed to roll for ... Id say about 40 feet
[02:08:49] <Marzo> Oh
[02:09:14] <WizardryDragon> Wonder how long the guy musta been in the hospital
[02:11:57] <WizardryDragon> In any event
[02:12:04] <WizardryDragon> Working some more on the Karma bit
[02:19:40] <WizardryDragon> (Btw, the changes make the karma_header and karma_functions file depreciated.)
[02:20:38] <WizardryDragon> As they're all neatly getting stuffed into the class
[02:24:07] <WizardryDragon> And for the record as you're doing the Gypsy intro/game startup: the "neutral" values for the Karma/virtues is 50
[02:24:19] <Marzo> k
[02:24:35] <Marzo> But I will be worrying about getting the gypsy to work before I get to karma
[02:24:55] <WizardryDragon> :)
[02:25:29] <WizardryDragon> Question:
[02:25:47] <Marzo> Shoot
[02:26:08] <WizardryDragon> Did the assert thingy get added, or should I just continue using my little debug hack for karma? :P
[02:26:26] <Marzo> Your little debug hack
[02:26:28] <Marzo> :-p
[02:27:16] <WizardryDragon> Okies
[02:27:31] <WizardryDragon> The avatar gets to continue to prattle nonsense, for now :-)
[02:27:55] <Marzo> You can, however, try UI_printf too
[02:28:33] <Marzo> Works like this: UI_printf(["Blah Blah %s alah %s", var1, var2]);
[02:28:46] <Marzo> s/alah/blah
[02:28:52] <WizardryDragon> Hehe
[02:29:14] <WizardryDragon> // !DEBUG:
[02:29:16] <WizardryDragon> AVATAR.say("!! Debug: Modified subtraction: " + modifiedSubtraction + "; Attribute: " + attribute + "; " + attribute + " minus " + modifiedSubtraction + " equals " + (attribute - modifiedSubtraction) + ".");
[02:29:17] <WizardryDragon> AVATAR.hide();
[02:29:19] <WizardryDragon> Is what I have
[02:29:39] <Marzo> I recommend using a comma instead of a plus
[02:29:51] <Marzo> (less chance of problems)
[02:30:43] <WizardryDragon> UCC really _didnt_ like it when I used commas (swhy I have pluses)
[02:30:47] <Marzo> So, you should use this: AVATAR.say("!! Debug: Modified subtraction: ", modifiedSubtraction, "; Attribute: ", attribute, "; ", attribute, " minus ", modifiedSubtraction, " equals ", (attribute - modifiedSubtraction), ".");
[02:31:02] <Marzo> It should work nowadays
[02:31:32] <Marzo> If it doesn't, I can quickly fix it as it should
[02:31:47] <WizardryDragon> Used to complain about combining integers and strings.
[02:32:05] <WizardryDragon> (Which I remember because Id think to myself "Does UCC even really DO typecasting?"
[02:32:14] <WizardryDragon> :P
[02:32:30] <Marzo> It does some, but I never saw the error you mention
[02:33:54] <WizardryDragon> That was back when DrCode was the one mostly working on that, so yeah. A while ago.
[02:34:08] <WizardryDragon> Either way it's just for debugging output purposes, so Im not too fussed about it.
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[02:47:34] <WizardryDragon> Woo, and the karma addition thingy is in the class now
[02:47:38] <WizardryDragon> now for subtraction
[03:00:01] <WizardryDragon> question, can I do an inline set, or do they have to be seperate?
[03:00:32] <WizardryDragon> ie can I do var ret = setKarma(npc, scaledAddition); or does it have to be var ret; then ret = setKarma(npc, scaledAddition)?
[03:00:49] --- Marzo_away is now known as Marzo
[03:00:52] <Marzo> Either works
[03:00:58] <WizardryDragon> Alright! Thanks
[03:10:18] <WizardryDragon> If I want to use a class' member function from another member function, I can just call it by the function name, right?
[03:10:33] <WizardryDragon> exampleof what I'm looking at:
[03:10:36] <WizardryDragon> var increaseHonesty (var npc, var addition)
[03:10:37] <WizardryDragon> {
[03:10:39] <WizardryDragon> var karmaHonesty = karma_getHonesty(npc);
[03:10:41] <WizardryDragon> var scaledAddition = scaleAddition(karmaHonesty, addition);
[03:10:42] <WizardryDragon> //karmaHonesty = karmaHonesty + scaledAddition;
[03:10:44] <WizardryDragon> var ret = setHonesty(scaledAddition);
[03:10:45] <WizardryDragon> return ret;
[03:10:47] <WizardryDragon> }
[03:10:55] <WizardryDragon> (within the Karma class)
[03:11:19] <Marzo> Yes
[03:11:46] <WizardryDragon> Alright, awesome
[03:11:54] <Marzo> If you want to be pedantic, you can also use 'this.functionname()' or 'this->functionname()'
[03:11:57] <WizardryDragon> (Same for variables in the class, aye?)
[03:12:01] <Marzo> Aye
[03:12:11] <WizardryDragon> I might go this just for the scope clarity
[03:12:34] <Marzo> this.varname and this->varname will not work, however
[03:12:55] <WizardryDragon> Just functions, aye, that's what I thought.
[03:13:00] <WizardryDragon> (Hence all the getters and setters)
[03:13:06] <WizardryDragon> =)
[03:14:30] <WizardryDragon> Just to be certain, so long as I am in the class scope, I can just call the variables by name,right?
[03:15:02] <Marzo> Yes
[03:15:15] <Marzo> It is the only way to get/set them, actually
[03:17:35] <WizardryDragon> Alright figured as much
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[03:39:29] <WizardryDragon> Hrm Im probably going to have to reprogram the increase/decrease functions slightly, but Ill have to playtest to see
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[03:51:42] <Marzo> I am off to bed
[03:51:47] <Marzo> Good night
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