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[04:24:39] <WizardryDragon> Greetings
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[04:36:28] <Marzo> Hi
[04:36:29] <Marzo> Log has some stuff from yesterday
[04:36:41] <Marzo> (from after you left)
[04:37:33] <WizardryDragon> My internet has been less than agreeable lately, sorry
[04:37:35] <Marzo> Question: in the battle scene, would you loke to have archers and flying gargoyles?
[04:37:41] <Marzo> s/loke/like
[04:38:11] <Marzo> Or just plain old melee between gargs and fighters?
[04:38:16] <WizardryDragon> Yes and no. Definetely would be neat, but its one of those things that if it presented difficulty, I just wouldn't worry about it.
[04:38:32] <WizardryDragon> But, that said, I don't *think* that it would be
[04:39:01] <Marzo> Well, in any case, I have already some code that should make the battle scene work
[04:39:12] <Marzo> But I haven't tested it yet
[04:39:46] <Marzo> And to be honest, I am far too tired right now to do almost anything but colapse sleeping...
[04:40:09] <Marzo> (you caught me just as I was about to turn off the computer, but I thought I'd step by and say hello)
[04:41:57] <Marzo> (in the log, start at 04:38:08; when things start to loop, you reached the end of it)
[04:42:29] <Marzo> (hm. I am not sure how -- and if -- this should be translated to another time zone for you)
[04:43:01] <Marzo> (so instead of time, look for "battle cries")
[04:43:26] <Marzo> Leave the answers in the log and I'll read them in the morning
[04:43:48] <Marzo> Sleep well
[04:44:34] <WizardryDragon> You too
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[04:58:27] <WizardryDragon> ?log
[04:58:27] <exultbot> Logs are available at http://log.usecode.org/tfllog.php
[04:59:46] <WizardryDragon> Regarding shapes: there is a specific shape for the VH warriors, it is the one used by the NPC Xantar, and should be the pikeman-ish sprite near the bottom of shapes VGA.
[05:00:01] <WizardryDragon> For the "demons" you can just use the wingless gargoyles.
[05:00:49] <WizardryDragon> A thought: perhaps as part of the cutscene you can have a gargish battlecry and a random party member saying, "Avatar, isn't that the gargish speech?" or something to that effect.
[05:01:26] <WizardryDragon> It would be a nice little touch alluding to the not-so-demonic nature of the gargoyles
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