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[00:00:31] <Marzo> Well, the sooner the map is done, the sooner you can pester me with usecode questions :0(
[00:00:36] <petermdodge> Lol
[00:00:41] <Marzo> err: :0( ==> :-)
[00:01:05] <petermdodge> Ive mostly been doing mapping because it's mindless and I havent had much time to do anything which requires serious thought and or planning
[00:01:06] <petermdodge> heh
[00:01:09] <Marzo> (double tipo in a *smiley*... I am more tired than I care to admit to myself...)
[00:04:30] <petermdodge> lol
[00:05:07] * Marzo dies
[00:06:47] <Marzo> Ohhhh... there is now a todo list for TFL :-)
[00:07:02] <petermdodge> Lmao you JUST found that?
[00:07:19] <Marzo> I never saw it before
[00:07:25] <petermdodge> Heehee
[00:08:14] <Marzo> Wow, I never saw it in the SIX MONTHS it was there????
[00:08:38] <petermdodge> That's what I was getting at :-)
[00:09:01] <Marzo> Well, in any case I'll fix a typo in it (Zauriel's name is spelled wrong)
[00:10:04] <Marzo> [X] Draw bar cleaning animation for female barkeeps.
[00:10:18] <petermdodge> lol
[00:10:21] <Marzo> You do know that it stands no chance of ever being useful, don't you?
[00:10:33] <petermdodge> It will ... eventually
[00:10:54] <petermdodge> Lets see, if it took Marzo six months to see the todo list, I estimate in about five centuries we can implement that
[00:11:00] <Marzo> :-)
[00:11:56] <Marzo> Considering that it would require the addition of some sort of mask for the sprite to get around z-ordering of objects, I think 5 centuries is too generous :-p
[00:12:08] <petermdodge> Lol
[00:12:34] <Marzo> A thought
[00:13:37] <Marzo> Considering that multiracial avatars are now properly implemented and working (and are not a major hack anymore), it would be interesting to add, well, multiple avatars (similar to the way U6 does it)
[00:13:46] <petermdodge> Aye
[00:14:28] <Marzo> There is the down side of having to draw gumps for the new avatars, but we might just use recolors
[00:15:20] <Marzo> On second thought, TFL would probably have to require SI for legal purposes... so the gumps might be unneccessary baggage
[00:15:27] <petermdodge> Yes.
[00:15:38] <petermdodge> I have wanted that for a while, it's just a matter of how to implement it.
[00:15:51] <Marzo> How to implement what?
[00:15:59] <Marzo> Oh, the SI requirement?
[00:16:10] <petermdodge> Yes.
[00:16:34] <Marzo> Maybe the installer could be made to abort the installation unless it detects BG and SI
[00:16:58] <petermdodge> Perhaps you can make mods that require both, and fail to run if you don't have one
[00:17:06] <Marzo> Perhaps
[00:17:12] <Marzo> Yes, it is an idea
[00:17:20] <Marzo> Hm.
[00:17:28] <petermdodge> Me? Idea?
[00:17:36] <petermdodge> Well it had to happen eventually
[00:17:38] <Marzo> <requirements>
[00:17:49] <Marzo> <bg>
[00:17:52] <Marzo> yes
[00:17:55] <Marzo> </bg>
[00:17:59] <Marzo> <si>
[00:18:05] <Marzo> yes
[00:18:08] <Marzo> </si>
[00:18:13] <Marzo> </requirements>
[00:18:46] <Marzo> <bg>...</bg> can be ommited for BG mods, <si>...</si> can be ommited for SI mods
[00:19:07] <petermdodge> Aye
[00:19:07] <Marzo> But they can both be independently specified for new games
[00:20:16] <Marzo> Thoughts on the todo-list:
[00:20:22] <Marzo> [_] Script refusing money to beggars to lose sacrifice
[00:20:47] <Marzo> That probably should be compassion, no?
[00:21:03] <petermdodge> Aye
[00:21:07] <Marzo> (although there is also an item for compassion)
[00:21:50] <Marzo> But maybe make the system slightly more intelligent: if you give your last few gold coins to a beggar, you *could* gain sacrifice
[00:21:58] <petermdodge> Aye
[00:22:01] <Marzo> (*as well as* compassion)
[00:22:34] <petermdodge> Well, you have you commit of the month, go have fun with it :-)
[00:22:54] <Marzo> Although the system would have to be smart enough to prevent players from dropping their gold in the ground to gain the boost
[00:23:13] <petermdodge> That's starting to stretch it, heh
[00:23:32] <Marzo> (perhaps even going so far as to give them a hit in honesty/honor }:-D)
[00:23:55] <petermdodge> Bwahaha
[00:25:26] <Marzo> [_] Script leaving party members behind in combat to lose sacrifice
[00:25:26] <Marzo> [_] Script winning battles to gain valour
[00:25:26] <Marzo> [_] Script fleeing battles to lose valour
[00:25:37] <Marzo> Those three are going to be murder to implement...
[00:26:11] <Marzo> [_] Script telling the truth about identity to gain Honesty.
[00:26:48] <Marzo> This one is not trick, but requires care... for example, identifying yourself by your proper name should not lose you honesty
[00:27:08] <Marzo> (true, you didn't say you were the avatar, but you did say the truth anyway)
[00:27:29] <Marzo> [_] Script healers to accept blood as a donation
[00:28:02] <Marzo> And I am sorry if it is in U4, but I *still* think this one is dumb (and it was back then, too)
[00:28:43] <Marzo> We should come up with better ways to measure virtuous behavior
[00:28:45] <Marzo> brb
[00:29:52] <Marzo> back
[00:30:23] <Marzo> Anyway, just a suggestion, IMHO and all
[00:31:28] <petermdodge> Aye
[00:31:41] <petermdodge> The identity bit has more to do when you lie specifically
[00:31:50] <Marzo> Ah
[00:31:52] <petermdodge> like remember in SI where you can lie about your affiliation with British
[00:32:10] <Marzo> Indeed
[00:32:50] <Marzo> There should be options to keep your virtue without wrecking the plot then
[00:34:04] <Marzo> [/] Rebuild Virtue's Hold
[00:34:20] <petermdodge> Yeah still havent fixed the chunk the map corruption ate
[00:34:26] <Marzo> You barely finished it and already planning to rebuild it? :-)
[00:34:33] <Marzo> Oh
[00:35:39] <petermdodge> You'll notice if you get the new commit that a lot of the map is a lot more defined, though
[00:37:37] <Marzo> Indeed
[00:37:48] <Marzo> Even the forests seems more U7-ish now
[00:38:15] <Marzo> (although perhaps there shouldn't be silverleaf trees in TFL)
[00:38:29] * Marzo dodges
[00:39:36] <Marzo> BTW, were you aware of this site? http://www.grandgent.com/tom/ultima/
[00:39:52] <Marzo> MP3s of Ultima music
[00:40:06] <Marzo> And with a much better sound and volume than those in Exult
[00:40:16] <petermdodge> lol
[00:40:35] * petermdodge pirates mp3s
[00:40:43] <Marzo> :-)
[00:41:15] <Marzo> I was thinking of getting permission from that guy and converting the songs to ogg to make a replacement pack
[00:41:43] <petermdodge> Hee
[00:52:08] <petermdodge> We need a way to easily add new music with mods.
[00:52:23] <Marzo> Yes, I was thinking about that just now
[00:52:37] <petermdodge> I so want to steal the UW tracs and use them for the underworld
[00:52:49] <Marzo> What is more: the music added should come in both formats too (midi and ogg)
[00:53:17] <petermdodge> Aye
[00:53:26] <Marzo> After all, any given player will be using midi music or digital music, and we can't force them to use one or the other
[00:53:47] <Marzo> Another item for my to-do list
[00:53:55] <Marzo> (the first one in or out in months :-p)
[00:54:16] <petermdodge> Actually if that could be made a priority I would much appreciate it
[00:55:13] <Marzo> It is in the to-do list
[00:55:28] <Marzo> Will see about making it a priority :-)
[00:55:56] <petermdodge> Lol
[02:59:15] <Marzo> Well, I am off to bed
[02:59:18] <Marzo> Good night
[02:59:54] <petermdodge> Sleep well Avatar
[03:00:04] <-- Marzo has left IRC ("Marzo vanishes suddenly.")
[03:21:50] <servus> How's the map coming?
[03:22:03] <servus> EVer finish the U7MAP? On to IFIX now, maybe? :)
[03:28:49] <petermdodge> Heh heh
[03:29:13] <petermdodge> Mostly frustrated with the fact that Exult Studio keeps corrupting u7chunks for no good reason
[03:31:47] <servus> Did you ever get the automapper to work for you/
[03:39:28] <petermdodge> More or less
[03:39:38] <petermdodge> the swamps still don't look the greatest, heh heh
[03:49:49] <servus> Can't be blamed!
[03:50:05] <servus> I can't remember what yours looks like. What I'm thinking of, I think I drew myself.
[03:54:12] <petermdodge> Heehee
[04:20:45] <servus> This is a Very Special Episode of Xena, Warrior Princess.
[04:31:42] <petermdodge> I see.
[04:32:18] <petermdodge> What, does she lose her armor or something? :p
[04:33:38] <servus> Err, not special like that. Starving, homeless people... they shouldn't try to pull my heartstrings with this sort of show - I just want to see ridiculous things!
[04:33:51] <petermdodge> Lol
[04:35:52] <petermdodge> Sure
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