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[00:00:25] --- Marzo_away is now known as Marzo
[00:00:31] <Marzo> Hi again
[00:00:47] <Marzo> (still there?)
[00:07:35] <WizardryDragon> Yeah
[00:07:54] <Marzo> Check CVS, the gypsy sequence is already there
[00:08:09] <Marzo> (although post-gypsy cutscenes are not done yet)
[00:08:17] <WizardryDragon> I injured my knee at work last night, the medication my doctor gave me earlier (why I disappeared) is making me really zone-y though
[00:08:44] <Marzo> Also, starting a new game should work, so I recommend starting Exult with --edit
[00:08:57] <Marzo> Ouch
[00:11:04] <WizardryDragon> Checking out now, when pagent decides to cooperate
[00:11:24] <Marzo> In any case, I have been looking into names for the city of magic in TFL
[00:11:38] <Marzo> You know, considering that it was named "Helen" in U1
[00:11:47] <Marzo> I have a few ideas
[00:12:22] <WizardryDragon> Oh? Do go on
[00:12:23] <Marzo> Which in the end, boil down to the fact that cities of magic in Ultima tend to be named after the moon
[00:13:49] <WizardryDragon> Merging some files that didnt diff cleanly
[00:13:53] <Marzo> First: according to Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Helen): "Helen" is the English form of the Greek "Helene", which is possibly related to "Selene" (which means "moon")
[00:14:38] <Marzo> But having another city named "Moon" or "Moon*" would be too much, so we may want to keep the root of the word
[00:15:15] <Marzo> In this vein, we could use "-dor", a suffix usually used in Celtic/Welsh for place names
[00:15:33] <Marzo> So Helendor, Selendor or even Elendor
[00:15:46] <WizardryDragon> Selandor comes to mind
[00:15:48] <Marzo> (or maybe Helenor, Selenor or Elenor)
[00:15:52] <Marzo> That too
[00:16:24] <Marzo> There is also the idea of using moon names in other languages; or maybe goddesses
[00:16:48] <WizardryDragon> The problem with naming things in Ultima is there is very little congruity in names across the canon
[00:16:51] <Marzo> In Celtic mythology, Arianrhod was the goddes of the moon
[00:17:19] <Marzo> We could use a part or variant of her name for the city name (maybe using -dor)
[00:17:48] <Marzo> Well, most of the continents in U1 vanished after U1, so we can't really comment on their continuity
[00:18:02] <Marzo> And for SI, a whole bunch of different people founded the towns
[00:18:14] <Marzo> (and you can find the ruins of the other towns)
[00:18:39] <Marzo> But yes, name continuity is bad in Britannia, particularly in the first games
[00:18:42] <WizardryDragon> I don't mean U1 specifically though, I mean in a more general sense.
[00:19:40] <Marzo> Back to Arianrhod: it literally means "silver wheel", referring to the moon -- we might want to incorporate that in the town if we go that way
[00:20:45] <Marzo> Possible names would be Arianrhod, Arianrhoddor, Arianrdor, or some variant
[00:21:06] <Marzo> We can also use Arduinna, the gaulish goddes of the moon
[00:21:42] <WizardryDragon> Interesting
[00:21:57] <WizardryDragon> Going to try the intro :-)
[00:22:01] <Marzo> :-)
[00:23:09] <Marzo> Which brings me to a note: I fixed Iolo's usecode to properly forward the usecode of the initial cutscene
[00:23:28] <Marzo> (I really don't know why they used Iolo's usecode that way...)
[00:23:54] <WizardryDragon> Its usecode, it's not supposed to make sense.
[00:24:02] <Marzo> :-)
[00:24:15] <WizardryDragon> This is the entire crux of every engineering problem jsf had with the original usecode engine and tools
[00:24:24] <WizardryDragon> (and many after him, Im sure)
[00:24:53] <Marzo> Quite possible
[00:27:23] <WizardryDragon> Well not _every_ one but a staggering majority of them :-P
[00:27:33] <WizardryDragon> Poor Colourless, trying to figure out SI.
[00:27:46] <Marzo> Indeed
[00:29:00] <Marzo> One thing I just thought is that maybe we could play a song or two during the gypsy intro
[00:29:07] <WizardryDragon> okay so.
[00:29:11] <WizardryDragon> it starts
[00:29:13] <WizardryDragon> and uh
[00:29:19] <Marzo> You know, start a song with each triggered egg and maybe another during the virtue test
[00:29:24] <WizardryDragon> just kinda sits at the last spot I edited at
[00:29:33] <Marzo> Did you start a new game?
[00:29:34] <WizardryDragon> now at first I thought, okay maybe it didnt update the initgame
[00:29:39] <WizardryDragon> so I nuked it
[00:29:43] <WizardryDragon> and the gamedat
[00:29:47] <WizardryDragon> and started anew
[00:29:49] <WizardryDragon> annnd
[00:29:51] <WizardryDragon> still there
[00:29:53] <WizardryDragon> o-o
[00:30:01] <Marzo> ?
[00:30:15] <Marzo> Let me check
[00:30:31] <WizardryDragon> Let me trying getting the second-to-last CVS version.
[00:30:39] <WizardryDragon> I mighta accidentally overridden it
[00:32:52] <WizardryDragon> (Also, do you get the same issues with smooth scrolling? I get occasional times where some parts of the map get momentarily "stuck" and don't scroll)
[00:33:03] <Marzo> I have it turned off
[00:33:37] <Marzo> It works here
[00:33:40] <WizardryDragon> Im probably going to do so as well, I find it incredibly irritating.
[00:34:03] <WizardryDragon> Another note: we should probably have the intro script play stones. It would only be fitting :P
[00:34:13] <Marzo> :-)
[00:34:36] <WizardryDragon> (Or maybe some sort of character creation music. But for now, stones would work)
[00:34:37] <Marzo> Well, the latest initgame.dat in CVS is mine
[00:35:23] <WizardryDragon> It could be Exult "catching" on something.
[00:35:31] <Marzo> It should be 224668 bytes long
[00:35:34] <WizardryDragon> Im going to checkout a clean version of the Repo and try that
[00:38:03] <WizardryDragon> Okay, that seems to work.
[00:38:55] <Marzo> After taking the test, stand around and watch the gypsy for a while
[00:39:22] <Marzo> You can talk to her again afterwards to teleport to Trinsic
[00:40:54] <WizardryDragon> If it's possible to show the text without the avatar's face, that would probably be preferable.
[00:41:13] <Marzo> It is possible, yes
[00:41:30] <Marzo> Although such things usually display the avatar's face in BG and SI
[00:41:45] <WizardryDragon> True.
[00:43:09] <WizardryDragon> It was just always one of my pet peeves. Ideally, we could start it with one of them graphic overlay thingys, but that'd mean I'd have to grab out photoshop
[00:43:49] <Marzo> What graphic overlay thingys?
[00:44:07] <Marzo> Oh, you mean the intro start with a graphic image
[00:44:33] <WizardryDragon> One thing I can see possibly be a problem is that the option actions aren't visible one the answer stack gets pushed
[00:45:07] <Marzo> ?
[00:45:58] <Marzo> Oh, the test
[00:46:17] <WizardryDragon> Aye, sorry if im not making the most sense tonight, foggy from medication.
[00:46:32] <Marzo> Unfortunatelly, the bottom face cannot appear at the same time as the choices
[00:46:47] <Marzo> I chose to keep the question
[00:47:13] <Marzo> But it is reasonably easy to keep one of the options, or maybe another message
[00:49:21] <WizardryDragon> Perhaps a small summary of the two actions could be put up in the Gypsy's spot
[00:49:39] <Marzo> That is possible, yes
[00:51:06] <Marzo> I also added a wrapper function around the KarmaManager class (renamed from Karma) which initializes (if needed) and returns a static instance of the class
[00:51:08] <WizardryDragon> Probably the most straightforward way
[00:51:18] <Marzo> And propagated the changes to make usecode compile again
[00:51:42] <WizardryDragon> Fair enough.
[00:52:18] <Marzo> (I had to test the gypsy sequence, after all, and synchronizing her tarot dealings was tough enough...)
[00:52:38] <WizardryDragon> That is a brilliant little display though
[00:54:47] <WizardryDragon> (It's strangely mesmerising)
[00:54:57] <Marzo> :-)
[00:55:10] <Marzo> That means I succeeded at my goal :-p
[00:56:07] <WizardryDragon> Oh, speaking of strange things
[00:56:14] <Marzo> Shoot
[00:58:32] <WizardryDragon> A friend of mine in the UDIC and I were talking earlier today, and she was telling me of a place where she lives that sells a bunch of different alcoholic drinks based on different themes and shows. One for example was "Monty Python's Holy Grail Ale" ... but the one that caught her attention was "Fawnish Ale". I thought that was amusing (and also kinda curious)
[00:58:50] <Marzo> Hehe
[01:00:28] <WizardryDragon> "I wonder what that really tastes like ... and if I really want to try it after all those times of watching Dupre nearly die of alcohol poisoning"
[01:00:42] <Marzo> lol
[01:06:37] <WizardryDragon> The exotic food and drink was one of those nicer touches to SI that kinda made it pretty apparent that the storywriters had some fun with it.
[01:06:46] <Marzo> Indeed
[01:06:48] <WizardryDragon> Also makes it all the more pity to see all the cut plot.
[01:06:54] <Marzo> ("daemon roast" comes to mind)
[01:07:03] <WizardryDragon> Poor gargoyle :(
[01:07:13] <Marzo> Indeed
[01:09:17] <Marzo> I don't know if you noticed, but I also added mountain tops to the area, changed a few chunks and added borders to the dreamland
[01:09:30] <WizardryDragon> Aye
[01:10:00] <WizardryDragon> Itll need some finessing but it works
[01:19:52] <WizardryDragon> (The map I mean)
[01:20:00] <Marzo> I thought so
[01:20:20] <Marzo> I am working on the virtue test giving a reprise of the answers
[01:21:06] <WizardryDragon> Alright :-)
[01:23:26] <Marzo> And, it is done
[01:24:52] <WizardryDragon> :-)
[01:24:52] <Marzo> AND it is in CVS
[01:25:55] <Marzo> One thing I thought of (but which would be FAR to much work for something which you are only ever going to see at the very beginning of the game) is to have the gypsy deal out "real" readings instead of ramdomly saying things
[01:26:49] <Marzo> (that is, have a way of converting dealt cards into messages instead of ramdomly dealing cards and randomly selecting a message)
[01:26:57] <WizardryDragon> That would be very cool kind of thing to do perhaps as something when we are near the end and polishing the game, somewhat
[01:27:05] <WizardryDragon> But not really neccesary now, yeah
[01:29:28] <Marzo> Asking a more unbiased opinion: how clearly to you are the symbols in the cards?
[01:29:56] <Marzo> Also, I am open to suggestions regarding the exact descriptions and text
[01:30:27] <Marzo> (but I'd say, without too much false modesty, that this is a very good first version of the gypsy sequence)
[01:32:15] <WizardryDragon> The back of the cards, as we discussed, is a bit vague. Perhaps it would be best to just have a generic background of some sort (a tan/brown dither pattern maybe)
[01:32:29] <Marzo> Aye
[01:33:46] <WizardryDragon> Its a good idea, having the codex symbol, but I dont think it can really be done at that size, to be honest.
[01:34:03] <Marzo> Indeed
[01:38:09] <WizardryDragon> As to the dialogue/script so far, I don't have any complaints or concerns, other than the concern about question options I noted above.
[01:38:42] <Marzo> Which is fixed now on CVS :-)
[01:39:35] <Marzo> Well, I think I am going to bed early today
[01:39:46] <Marzo> (for a change)
[01:40:10] <WizardryDragon> "Rest well, Avatar."
[01:40:17] <Marzo> Good night
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