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[03:00:54] --> Crysta has joined #TFL
[03:01:04] <Crysta> hi
[03:11:08] --- Marzo_away is now known as Marzo
[03:11:14] <Marzo> Hi
[03:11:40] <Crysta> whats up :)
[03:11:46] <Marzo> Things have been very busy here, as usual
[03:11:54] <Marzo> (which means not at all :-p)
[03:12:04] <Crysta> lol
[03:12:27] <Crysta> and things have been normal here and i dont feel like embellishing on it to make it sound like things WERENT normal
[03:12:28] <Crysta> lol
[03:12:46] <Marzo> lol
[03:15:00] <Crysta> and im already getting tired
[03:15:06] <Crysta> i wish i had gotten on IRC sooner
[03:15:06] <Crysta> lol
[03:15:10] <Crysta> im off for the night
[03:15:12] <Marzo> lol
[03:15:15] <Marzo> Good night
[03:15:17] <Crysta> see y'all later
[03:15:23] <-- Crysta has left IRC ("Trillian (http://www.ceruleanstudios.com")
[03:16:35] * Marzo pokes wizardrydragon with the magebane
[03:53:12] <-- Marzo has left IRC ("Marzo vanishes suddenly.")
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[17:24:17] --> wizardrydragon has joined #tfl
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[18:45:48] <wizardrydragon> Marzo, when you read this: are you making any changes to the spells code now with the classes changes implemented, or is it safe to jimmy with them?
[19:01:32] --> Marzo has joined #tfl
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[19:02:10] <Marzo> Hi
[19:02:26] <wizardrydragon> Hi
[19:02:31] * wizardrydragon points at the log
[19:02:38] <Marzo> ?log
[19:02:38] <exultbot> Logs are available at http://www.math.leidenuniv.nl/~wpalenst/tfllog.php
[19:02:45] <Marzo> No, exultbot does :-)
[19:03:15] <Marzo> I am not changing anything right now
[19:03:22] <Marzo> But I might
[19:03:26] <Marzo> :-)
[19:03:53] <Marzo> I am thinking of making it use classes, which is why I assume you asked
[19:04:54] <wizardrydragon> Well in essence I was asking, are you going to do something with it, because if you dont, I will :)
[19:05:59] <Marzo> Go ahead, knock yourself out :-)
[19:06:23] <wizardrydragon> Id rather not :P
[19:06:23] <Marzo> I will help (as always:-p) when you need
[19:06:48] <Marzo> (note that I said 'when' not 'if' :-p)
[19:06:58] <wizardrydragon> Lol
[19:07:28] <Marzo> What I know for sure is that the AI system will use classes
[19:07:42] <Marzo> More specifically, the as-yet unoperational scripted schedules
[19:08:21] <Marzo> *un->non
[19:14:04] <Marzo> One thing I am thinking about making:
[19:14:39] <Marzo> I am thinking of ditching the *.dat files in patch dir in favor of a text-based storage for item data
[19:15:16] <Marzo> More specifically, I am thinking of moving all the data from the *.dat files ES saves be saved instead in the 'shape_info.txt' file
[19:15:44] <wizardrydragon> Would make sense, but could bloat the file
[19:15:48] <Marzo> And, of course, have ES save only the changed info
[19:16:20] <Marzo> The file would likely be read only once at game startup in any case
[19:16:32] <Marzo> So bloating it would have little real effect
[19:17:23] <Marzo> And it would make it easier to add support for weapons using usecode function names instead of you being forced to supply function numbers
[19:18:29] <Marzo> (BTW, the latest -- or perhaps next -- snapshot of Exult & Studio allow NPCs to have functions specified by name -- although only for those that allowed a function to be specified in any case)
[19:19:39] <wizardrydragon> Except making the TFL install size bigger :)
[19:19:55] <Marzo> Text files tend to compress very well
[19:19:57] <wizardrydragon> So NPCs in NPC.DAT can have named functions and not egg NPCs, I presume?
[19:20:25] <Marzo> Yes; AFAIK, egg NPCs don't yet have support for function names
[19:20:30] <Marzo> (they seem to, in ES)
[19:21:02] <wizardrydragon> Can usecode eggs call named functions?
[19:21:14] <Marzo> Yes
[19:21:18] <wizardrydragon> K
[19:21:25] <wizardrydragon> That makes myh life easier
[19:22:13] <Marzo> Just confirmed: while ES has a box to specify the usecode of a monster egg, the value is never read, saved or sent to Exult
[19:22:19] <wizardrydragon> Lol
[19:22:30] <wizardrydragon> Useless functions are the best
[19:22:35] <wizardrydragon> Just ask Microsoft :)
[19:22:45] <Marzo> :-)
[19:23:12] * Marzo thinks of WISPTIS process for no apparent reason
[19:23:47] <wizardrydragon> I think of scandisk, since it never fixes anything properly
[19:24:25] <Marzo> :-)
[19:26:25] <Marzo> Hey, I just found out that it will apparently be ridiculously easy to get usecode of egg-created monsters working
[19:26:46] <wizardrydragon> Then, to quote a companyh slogan: "Just do it!"
[19:26:47] <wizardrydragon> :)
[19:27:29] <Marzo> It will! Monster actors are derived from the actor class, as are NPC actors
[19:27:44] <Marzo> And it is the actor class is the one which does all the reading and writing
[19:28:09] <Marzo> So all I have to do is add code to send the data to Exult
[19:30:10] <Marzo> OK, I am forgetting the egg side
[19:30:23] <wizardrydragon> :)
[19:41:09] <Marzo> OK, seems it won't be too difficult
[19:41:22] <Marzo> I will, however, be away for a while before I can do it
[19:41:27] <Marzo> brb
[19:41:33] --- Marzo is now known as Marzo_away
[20:24:08] --- Marzo_away is now known as Marzo
[20:45:12] <Marzo> Back
[20:45:32] <Marzo> Things have been busy, I see :-)
[21:05:24] --- Marzo is now known as Marzo_away
[21:30:06] <wizardrydragon> As usual