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[02:34:27] <Marzo> Hi
[02:34:29] * Marzo prepares to cast "In Mani Corp"
[02:34:47] <Marzo> I have made a commit to TFL today; just finished it in fact
[02:35:34] <SleepingDragon> ...
[02:36:41] <Marzo> "..."?
[02:36:51] <Marzo> That is it? That is your reaction?
[02:36:52] <Marzo> :-)
[02:36:55] <SleepingDragon> speechlessness
[02:36:56] <SleepingDragon> heh
[02:37:18] <Marzo> So I was preparing "In Mani Corp" for nothing?
[02:37:21] <Marzo> :-p
[02:40:59] <SleepingDragon> heh
[02:59:32] <Marzo> Well, I am off to bed
[02:59:34] <Marzo> Good night
[03:00:15] <SleepingDragon> sleep well
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[03:00:24] * SleepingDragon casts In Zu on Marzo
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[21:37:00] <Marzo> Hi
[21:37:10] <Crysta> hi
[21:37:27] <SleepingDragon> ih
[21:38:29] <SleepingDragon> I hereby declare the greeting phase of this conversation over :D
[21:38:44] <Marzo> I had a feeling you would do that, yeah
[21:38:57] <Marzo> It was funny at first, but not so much anymore
[21:38:59] <Marzo> :-p
[21:40:54] <Crysta> http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v128/crystaelf/5eyw35.gif yes i decided to do this completely at random
[21:41:08] <SleepingDragon> Random things are the best
[21:41:17] <Marzo> Cool
[21:41:19] <SleepingDragon> Marzo: At this point its more, "lets get on with it" :P
[21:41:24] <Crysta> the one that was in there was still bothering me
[21:41:25] <Crysta> lol
[21:41:28] <Marzo> Let me compare to the one I did
[21:41:39] <SleepingDragon> the face looks much better
[21:41:40] <Crysta> tried to make a redder hair version..but..
[21:41:53] <Crysta> i think it ends up looking more like Alyssand than Mariah
[21:41:54] <Marzo> I can probably try that too
[21:42:08] <SleepingDragon> It's hard to do redheads
[21:42:19] <SleepingDragon> Easy to go overboard with the u7 palette
[21:42:21] <Marzo> Yeah
[21:42:28] <Crysta> i also did a thinner face.. but it didnt look right with everyone else :p
[21:42:29] <SleepingDragon> trick is
[21:42:37] <SleepingDragon> to only use red pixels per se
[21:42:40] <SleepingDragon> for the highlughts
[21:42:42] <Marzo> What do you think of what I did for Laurianna?
[21:42:43] <SleepingDragon> *highlights
[21:42:50] <SleepingDragon> Marzo: The gump?
[21:42:56] <Crysta> its alright
[21:42:58] <Marzo> And the portraits
[21:43:03] <Marzo> And the toolbat face
[21:43:04] <SleepingDragon> Marzo: I wouldn't know, I use SI :D
[21:43:05] <Crysta> the red hair is interesting buta bit overpowering
[21:43:09] <SleepingDragon> toolbat?
[21:43:11] <Marzo> (which is also the paperdoll gump)
[21:43:13] <Crysta> feels like magical hair dye
[21:43:18] <SleepingDragon> whats a toolbat?
[21:43:27] <Marzo> You know what I meant
[21:43:31] <SleepingDragon> hmm
[21:43:33] <SleepingDragon> Hey Crysta
[21:43:34] <Marzo> *toolbar
[21:43:42] <Crysta> ?
[21:43:45] <SleepingDragon> Take the second, and try making the darker shades red
[21:43:48] <SleepingDragon> I think that would work
[21:43:59] <Crysta> er.. i did
[21:44:06] <SleepingDragon> lemme see then
[21:44:06] <Crysta> those ARE red.. lol..
[21:44:20] <Marzo> The fiery red hair was done in purpose -- I rationalized it as being an outward display of her inner magical power
[21:44:30] <SleepingDragon> Marzo: I suspect laziness
[21:44:31] <SleepingDragon> :D
[21:44:40] <Marzo> If only
[21:44:56] <Crysta> i think that hair with cycling palettes woven in would have worked a bit better
[21:44:58] <SleepingDragon> Marzo if you want I can take a hack
[21:45:08] <SleepingDragon> Ive been on an artistic bender lately
[21:45:15] <Marzo> :-)
[21:45:28] <SleepingDragon> hmm
[21:45:31] <Marzo> I like what you did with the Mariah gump, Crysta
[21:45:40] <SleepingDragon> Hmm
[21:45:41] <SleepingDragon> Crysta
[21:46:01] <SleepingDragon> Is there a reason for the difference on the teim?
[21:46:02] <SleepingDragon> *trim
[21:46:05] <Marzo> Also, the fact that after all that time of me bothering you to do it, you decided to do it ramdomly gives it an extra edge :-)
[21:46:07] <SleepingDragon> between the two?
[21:46:08] * Marzo ducks
[21:46:22] * SleepingDragon casts Armageddon
[21:46:37] <SleepingDragon> Crysta: I
[21:46:46] <SleepingDragon> *Ill play around with it a bit, if yhou dont mind that is
[21:47:20] <Crysta> on the trim of the dress? uh... i thought it looked better
[21:47:25] <Crysta> OH
[21:47:26] <Crysta> crap
[21:47:35] <SleepingDragon> ...
[21:47:35] <Crysta> i think i snagged the wrong ones.. lol
[21:47:40] <SleepingDragon> lol
[21:47:40] <Crysta> the one on the right is right
[21:47:43] <Marzo> I think I'll pick the head of the rightmost image and put on the body of the leftmost image
[21:47:53] <SleepingDragon> hmm
[21:47:57] <Crysta> whoops.. i went one too far left
[21:48:05] <Crysta> hold on :p
[21:48:07] <SleepingDragon> the only difference I percive between the two on body
[21:48:09] <SleepingDragon> is the trim
[21:48:22] <Crysta> theres a bit more
[21:48:33] <Crysta> the one that i put up is older.. didnt mean to do that
[21:48:33] <Crysta> lol
[21:48:46] <Crysta> the only difference at all should be the hair color
[21:49:05] <SleepingDragon> show me the good ones then lol
[21:49:06] <Marzo> SleepingDragon: there is a difference around the neck
[21:49:13] <Marzo> (slightly below it)
[21:49:20] <SleepingDragon> ahah contrast
[21:49:24] <Crysta> mm.. and the hair outline
[21:49:30] * SleepingDragon has problems with contrast :P
[21:49:39] <Crysta> see.. i wanted her to look a bit.... softer.. than the others
[21:49:46] <Marzo> It literally jumped at my eyes
[21:49:49] <Crysta> but i went too far and had to back up some :p
[21:50:07] <SleepingDragon> lol
[21:50:14] <Marzo> I can soften it a bit myself
[21:50:15] <SleepingDragon> I actually like the lefthand one
[21:50:20] <SleepingDragon> Just not the trim
[21:50:22] <SleepingDragon> heh
[21:50:31] <Marzo> [19:47] Marzo: I think I'll pick the head of the rightmost image and put on the body of the leftmost image
[21:50:31] <Crysta> bah.. i love the trim
[21:50:36] <Marzo> See what I meant now?
[21:50:50] <SleepingDragon> Crysta:
[21:51:00] <SleepingDragon> I prefer the righthand one to the lefthand one I mean, trim wise
[21:51:03] <Marzo> But I do have to admit that the trim of the right image looks better
[21:51:11] * SleepingDragon fiddles
[21:51:26] <Crysta> so the earlier version of the neck and such looks better to you, marzo?
[21:51:35] <SleepingDragon> It does to me.
[21:51:37] <Marzo> Out of sheer curiosity: did you remember to stick to the U7 palette, Crysta?
[21:51:44] <Crysta> of course
[21:51:45] <SleepingDragon> Marzo: Better duck
[21:51:50] <SleepingDragon> :D
[21:51:52] <Marzo> Maybe with slightly more contrast
[21:51:59] * Marzo blinks elsewhere
[21:52:09] <Crysta> hm
[21:52:13] * SleepingDragon reminds Marzo blink is nonfunctional
[21:52:31] <Marzo> I can usecode it back into functioning :-)
[21:52:36] <SleepingDragon> lol
[21:52:44] <Marzo> (in fact, I *did* in the Keyring mod :-p)
[21:52:53] * SleepingDragon strikes Marzo with a teleport storm bolt
[21:53:02] <SleepingDragon> Less predictable, but it works :D
[21:53:13] <Marzo> Luckly, I am nearby a lightning rod
[21:53:17] <Marzo> :-)
[21:53:31] <Marzo> Hm
[21:53:39] <SleepingDragon> Well hey, if it can take an entire mint, Im sure ti can take you and a pole :P
[21:53:48] <Marzo> Maybe I'll make the Blink spell work in SI like it is described in the manual
[21:53:52] <SleepingDragon> you know
[21:53:53] <Marzo> lol
[21:54:09] <SleepingDragon> why are there no lighthouses in U7?
[21:54:12] <Marzo> (although it didn't take the *entire* mint :-p)
[21:54:24] <Marzo> Not enough space, I take it
[21:54:33] <Marzo> Or maybe a lack of round buildings
[21:54:33] <SleepingDragon> what do ships do at night?
[21:54:39] <Crysta> that and the art team couldnt figure out how to make a good lighthouse top
[21:54:42] <Crysta> at least thats my guess
[21:54:44] <SleepingDragon> You can have a square lighthouse
[21:54:49] <Marzo> Bump into each other, given the small world size
[21:54:51] <Marzo> :-)
[21:54:51] <Crysta> i mean look at what was put in UO :p
[21:55:04] <SleepingDragon> just have a tower
[21:55:11] <SleepingDragon> with an unwalled top
[21:55:15] <SleepingDragon> and some big brazier thing
[21:55:17] <SleepingDragon> would work
[21:55:17] <SleepingDragon> :P
[21:55:18] <Crysta> http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v128/crystaelf/Imagedd22.png that good marzo?
[21:55:24] <Crysta> er.. around the neck i mean
[21:55:31] <Marzo> Yep
[21:55:44] <Crysta> ok then.. ill piece it together
[21:55:56] <Marzo> There seems to be a greenish line in there
[21:56:11] <SleepingDragon> hmm
[21:56:17] <SleepingDragon> Show me when you're done :P
[21:56:42] <Crysta> on my image?
[21:56:43] <Crysta> where?
[21:57:23] <Marzo> From the top, at around the same height as the third horizontal blue line in the left
[21:57:34] <Marzo> Around the middle of the body
[21:57:41] <SleepingDragon> I dont see anything
[21:57:47] <Marzo> It kinda of jumped at me
[21:57:56] <Crysta> i think it might be the grey combining badly with the fleshtone
[21:57:59] <SleepingDragon> Yeah
[21:58:01] <SleepingDragon> theres nothing
[21:58:04] <Crysta> ill fix it
[21:58:06] <SleepingDragon> I blew it up 5x
[21:58:07] <Marzo> Possibly
[21:58:13] <SleepingDragon> theres nothing there
[21:58:15] <SleepingDragon> :P
[21:58:26] <Marzo> There are a lot of pixels :-)
[21:58:36] <SleepingDragon> hmm
[21:58:42] * SleepingDragon fiddles
[21:59:07] <SleepingDragon> hey stupid question
[21:59:08] * Marzo thinks of giving wizardrydragon a fiddle so he can fiddle with it :-)
[21:59:12] <Marzo> (sorry)
[21:59:18] <Marzo> As always
[21:59:19] <Crysta> lol
[21:59:20] <SleepingDragon> .. that was horrible.
[21:59:20] <Marzo> Shoot
[21:59:22] <Marzo> :-)
[21:59:29] <Crysta> what stupid question
[21:59:36] * SleepingDragon blasts Marzo with his musket.
[21:59:41] * Marzo dodges
[21:59:44] <SleepingDragon> lol
[21:59:47] <SleepingDragon> anyways
[21:59:59] <SleepingDragon> is there a way to convert the pallete to a PS ACT colour table?
[22:00:19] <Marzo> What is a 'PS ACT' colour table?
[22:00:22] <Crysta> http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v128/crystaelf/Imagqwdfe23.gif
[22:00:29] <Crysta> that would be what you wanted?
[22:00:38] <Marzo> Yes
[22:00:45] <Marzo> But the line is still there
[22:00:50] <SleepingDragon> no
[22:00:52] <SleepingDragon> its not
[22:00:52] <Crysta> ...
[22:00:52] <SleepingDragon> :P
[22:00:55] <Crysta> please
[22:00:58] * SleepingDragon hands Marzo his glasses
[22:01:05] <Crysta> take a screenshot of the image youre looking at
[22:01:07] <Marzo> Crysta: just ignore him, it is best
[22:01:09] <Marzo> :-)
[22:01:10] <SleepingDragon> Marzo: I'll take that as a you don't know
[22:01:13] <Crysta> circle the line in that screenshot
[22:01:17] <Crysta> upload it and show me
[22:01:23] <SleepingDragon> a-ha
[22:01:32] <SleepingDragon> got it
[22:01:33] <Crysta> i just want to be sure its not something on your end
[22:01:46] <Crysta> prolly just me not doing well tho :p
[22:02:11] <Crysta> you fix it wiz i fyou think you can
[22:02:32] <SleepingDragon> hmm
[22:02:34] <Marzo> It is really a grey line interacting badly with the skin
[22:02:42] <Crysta> ah
[22:02:51] <Crysta> ok then
[22:02:54] <Crysta> wiz you take a try
[22:03:04] <Crysta> i didnt alter it too much cause i couldnt think of anything to do with it
[22:03:21] <SleepingDragon> have the top line be a highlight, not a shade
[22:03:28] <Crysta> that might work
[22:03:32] <Marzo> That might help
[22:03:35] <SleepingDragon> it needs contrast
[22:03:54] <SleepingDragon> remember there'd be shading around her chest as (hopefully) her clothes aren't skintight :P
[22:04:26] <SleepingDragon> hmm
[22:04:34] <SleepingDragon> yep been up for 36 hours now, yay me
[22:04:52] * Marzo hands an alarm clock to wizardrydragon
[22:05:05] <Crysta> no i cant get it to look right
[22:05:18] <Marzo> I will try something
[22:05:19] * SleepingDragon is fiddling with it
[22:05:22] <Crysta> the real problem is i pretty much left that part as it was from the original copy of julia
[22:05:35] <Crysta> just painted over the black line.. lol
[22:05:36] <Marzo> Hm
[22:05:36] <SleepingDragon> i have an idea
[22:05:51] <Marzo> I have another gump open that disagrees with you, Crysta
[22:06:01] <Crysta> or did i mess with it some
[22:06:17] <Crysta> sorry.. i was working on it at about 1am so i dont remember what i was doing all that well
[22:06:28] <SleepingDragon> there we go
[22:06:35] <Crysta> ahh.. i see what i did now
[22:06:46] * SleepingDragon uploads
[22:06:48] <Crysta> i made the line there because Julia's was TOO skintight in that area
[22:06:59] <Marzo> Yep
[22:07:58] <Marzo> But that "tightness" broke the line
[22:08:09] <Crysta> yeah
[22:08:31] <SleepingDragon> let me upload
[22:08:43] <Marzo> k
[22:09:24] <Crysta> i was also messing with the other character sprites for her but i didnt make any progress
[22:09:41] <Crysta> so nothing to show for that endeavour.. lol
[22:09:53] <Marzo> You mean the ones I made?
[22:10:15] <Crysta> something about how the skirt flows and how.. bright the outfit is jsut doesnt sit well with me
[22:10:32] <Crysta> i mean i know the skirt is because you edited the regal lady one which had two seperate sections
[22:10:33] <SleepingDragon> heh
[22:10:36] <SleepingDragon> the SI ones you mean
[22:10:42] <Marzo> Yeah
[22:11:10] <Crysta> the outfit just seems a bit to.. glowing for my tastes.. but that might just be my tastes
[22:11:11] <Crysta> lol
[22:11:24] <Marzo> No, I kinda agree
[22:11:24] <Crysta> *too
[22:11:28] <SleepingDragon> The Mariah one?
[22:11:36] <Crysta> i tried darkening it but that messed up the shadows
[22:11:42] <SleepingDragon> It's fine
[22:11:54] <Crysta> so then i tried starting over with the base female peasant orange dress one
[22:12:02] <SleepingDragon> A mage's outfit is supposed to be a little flamboyant. THey follow Honesty, not Humility :D
[22:12:09] <Crysta> but.. eh.. lost my enthusiasm on that approach
[22:12:18] <SleepingDragon> hmm
[22:12:26] <SleepingDragon> theres a thought for something extra
[22:12:28] <SleepingDragon> BUT
[22:12:28] <SleepingDragon> http://img456.imageshack.us/img456/9594/mariahpy3.png
[22:12:37] <SleepingDragon> simple fix really :P
[22:13:03] <Marzo> I think an unscaled upload is best
[22:13:19] <SleepingDragon> Then shrink it yourself, lazy bum :P
[22:13:22] <Marzo> (how can I add it to the Keyring mod otherwise? :-p)
[22:13:26] <SleepingDragon> Thats what I edit with
[22:13:27] <Crysta> i think the black stands out a bit too much there
[22:13:30] <Marzo> It might lose quality
[22:13:30] <SleepingDragon> else I strain my eyes
[22:13:42] <SleepingDragon> Marzo: Not if you use a straight compress.
[22:13:50] <SleepingDragon> Marzo: if you use bilinear I'll kill you
[22:13:58] <Crysta> i can do it anyway :p
[22:13:59] <SleepingDragon> Cryata: Black where?
[22:14:07] <Crysta> oh
[22:14:08] <SleepingDragon> Crysta: Only difference is the trim bits.
[22:14:09] <Crysta> its brown
[22:14:10] <Crysta> lol
[22:14:21] <Crysta> those dark colors on the ends i mean
[22:14:29] <SleepingDragon> crysta: I thought the point was NOT to have it blend in? :P
[22:14:36] <SleepingDragon> You can soften the shading easy though
[22:14:41] <SleepingDragon> thats a massive 4-6 pixels
[22:14:42] <Crysta> but that stands out too much compared to the rest
[22:14:42] <SleepingDragon> :P
[22:15:15] <Marzo> Well, they stick out too much now
[22:15:30] <Marzo> I'll fix it
[22:15:43] <SleepingDragon> As I said, softening the shading aint hard :P
[22:15:56] <Crysta> actually i think ive fixed it :p
[22:16:05] <Marzo> Oh, k
[22:16:10] <SleepingDragon> hmm
[22:16:11] <SleepingDragon> hey
[22:16:15] <Crysta> well.. hmm..
[22:16:15] <SleepingDragon> you think shed either have
[22:16:19] <Crysta> i think i can do better
[22:16:21] <SleepingDragon> [A] a belt buckle
[22:16:22] <SleepingDragon> or
[22:16:29] <SleepingDragon> [b] somewhere where a cord is tied
[22:16:30] <SleepingDragon> :P
[22:16:44] <Crysta> youd think that wouldnt you
[22:16:45] <Crysta> lol
[22:16:59] <Crysta> julia doesnt
[22:17:04] <Crysta> just say "its in back"
[22:17:24] <SleepingDragon> or Ill just fix it
[22:18:02] <Crysta> =_=
[22:18:16] * Marzo shoots SleepingDragon
[22:18:19] <Crysta> fine go ahead :p
[22:18:55] <SleepingDragon> Jezus
[22:19:01] <SleepingDragon> Im actually doing something for once
[22:19:04] <SleepingDragon> and youre all upset
[22:19:05] <SleepingDragon> Foine
[22:19:09] <Crysta> so am i
[22:19:11] <SleepingDragon> Ill go back to doing diddlushit
[22:19:11] <Marzo> O>O
[22:19:12] <SleepingDragon> :P
[22:19:13] <Marzo> Indeed
[22:19:15] <Crysta> im being annoying for no reason :P
[22:19:32] <Crysta> i was just joking wiz :|
[22:19:50] <Crysta> http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v128/crystaelf/Imagqwdfe23a.gif
[22:19:53] <Marzo> BTW: You misspelled 'fine'
[22:19:56] * Marzo ducks
[22:20:08] <Marzo> Much better
[22:20:40] <Marzo> There is still something ... odd ... but it takes some staring to see
[22:20:55] <Crysta> lol
[22:21:02] <Marzo> But I guess I am being too much of a perfectionist
[22:21:05] <Crysta> what is it
[22:21:20] <Crysta> because i know if i ever seeit by chance it will bother me endlessly
[22:21:43] <Marzo> I think that -- even with the changes and the fix -- that part of the dress still looks odd
[22:21:46] <Crysta> kinda like how i loved the petra paperdoll art until i realized it didnt fit together properly
[22:22:01] <Marzo> I guess the shirt underneath is too similar to her skin tone
[22:22:10] <SleepingDragon> Crysta: I noticed petra right away
[22:22:18] <Crysta> i didnt.. lol
[22:22:22] <SleepingDragon> Marzo: its highlights beside highlights
[22:22:28] <SleepingDragon> Lacks contract
[22:22:33] <SleepingDragon> *contrast
[22:22:41] <Crysta> yeah.. adding shadows there makes it too obvious though from how light it all is
[22:22:42] * Marzo was thinking of doing a paperdoll gump for a stone golem
[22:22:56] <SleepingDragon> Not much you can do other than a colour break
[22:23:14] <Marzo> Maybe darken the dress there
[22:23:16] <Crysta> i could just put the skintight cloth from the julia paperdoll back
[22:23:24] <Marzo> Use slightly more darker shades of gray
[22:23:32] <Marzo> Yeah, try that
[22:23:38] <Marzo> Let's see if it looks better
[22:24:04] <SleepingDragon> http://img485.imageshack.us/img485/6065/mariahnp5.png
[22:24:06] <SleepingDragon> howsat
[22:24:27] <Marzo> It is really hard to say at that scale
[22:24:36] <SleepingDragon> =_=
[22:24:50] * SleepingDragon hands marzo his glasses
[22:24:51] <Marzo> Why don't you edit at 2x scale and upload at the normal size? :-/
[22:25:14] <Crysta> you could always resize it marzo :P
[22:25:15] <Marzo> The sheer size of the pixels eliminate the whole purpose of doing all the pixel art
[22:25:32] <Crysta> exactly why i dont like most of the filters
[22:25:32] <SleepingDragon> oh stop whining >_>
[22:25:33] <Crysta> lol
[22:25:49] <Crysta> http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v128/crystaelf/Imagqwdfe23aa.gif?t=1165098336
[22:26:26] <Marzo> It looks better
[22:26:55] <Marzo> I can now see that it is not a line drawn on her body, but the edge of the dress
[22:26:58] <Crysta> i guess it stays skintight then.. lol
[22:27:23] <Crysta> so wiz.. how do you think the "belt" would be tied
[22:27:28] <Marzo> OK, I'll just convert it to the U7 palette now
[22:27:36] <Crysta> it already is
[22:27:37] <SleepingDragon> did you look at what I posted?
[22:27:40] <Marzo> He did that already
[22:27:48] <Marzo> (I think Crysta missed it)
[22:27:49] <Crysta> oop... i was looking at the rest of the image
[22:27:49] <SleepingDragon> obviously not -_-;;
[22:27:49] <Crysta> lol
[22:28:03] <Crysta> that works perfectly
[22:28:18] <Marzo> Now I'll just paste it into Crysta's work
[22:29:08] <Crysta> sorry bout that wiz.. when i looked at that image i thought you were messing with the line across the chest more again :x
[22:29:15] <Crysta> completely missed the tie
[22:29:35] <SleepingDragon> http://img75.imageshack.us/img75/7857/ellie3va1.jpg random nonTFL related doodle of doodleness.
[22:29:45] <Crysta> i should mention now that if i seem slower than usual its because i am
[22:29:51] <Crysta> i only got 3 hours of sleep last night
[22:29:56] <SleepingDragon> more than me!
[22:29:56] <SleepingDragon> :D
[22:30:05] <Crysta> im used to 9-10
[22:30:30] <Marzo> I too am used to 9-10, but have slep an average of 3-4 for the past week or so
[22:30:34] <Crysta> ooo.. pretty elf girl
[22:30:40] <Crysta> i think its an elf
[22:30:42] <Marzo> Looks nice indeed
[22:30:50] <SleepingDragon> Ive been up 36h30m now
[22:30:50] <Marzo> Who did it?
[22:30:53] * Marzo ducks
[22:30:53] <Crysta> i blame the pointy ears if im wrong
[22:30:55] <Marzo> :-p
[22:30:56] <SleepingDragon> Me.
[22:31:00] <SleepingDragon> :P
[22:31:25] * Marzo hands SleepingDragon a large jug of coffee
[22:31:30] <SleepingDragon> its not really supposed to be anything in particular
[22:31:37] <SleepingDragon> hence "random doodle"
[22:31:43] <Crysta> everything i draw ends up cartoonish so i jsut said "heck with it, ill just do anime style stuff"
[22:31:48] <SleepingDragon> lol
[22:32:08] <Crysta> it was the closest bridge between cartooning and more serious art :\
[22:32:14] <SleepingDragon> it ended up more or less resembling my better half (guess she was on my mind lol) so I named it after her :P
[22:32:22] <Crysta> aw :)
[22:36:16] <SleepingDragon> hehe
[22:36:17] <SleepingDragon> :P
[22:37:04] * SleepingDragon steals the mariah paperdoll for a TFL npc
[22:37:21] <Crysta> lol
[22:37:30] <Marzo> lol
[22:37:49] <Marzo> It will be farily easy to notice that as Mariah will also be joinable in TFL :-)
[22:37:57] <SleepingDragon> yes and no.
[22:38:07] <SleepingDragon> im only using it as a base, marzo :P
[22:38:34] <Crysta> i still want to see empage
[22:38:34] <SleepingDragon> I was going to say something
[22:38:39] <SleepingDragon> and now I cant remember what
[22:40:42] <SleepingDragon> 04[02/12/2006 17:39 EST-5] petermdodge: 01oh I remember
[22:40:42] <SleepingDragon> 04[02/12/2006 17:40 EST-5] petermdodge: 01we should have SI (and BG too mind ya) paperdoll dresses for the dresses noblewomen have
[22:40:42] <SleepingDragon> 04[02/12/2006 17:40 EST-5] petermdodge: 01and the LB cloak would be muchos great too.
[22:40:52] <SleepingDragon> put in wrong window >_< but anyways
[22:41:06] <Crysta> ah
[22:41:10] <Marzo> lol
[22:41:14] <SleepingDragon> i mean
[22:41:18] <Marzo> I agree
[22:41:20] <SleepingDragon> all of britannia has two dresses
[22:41:24] <Crysta> well there is always the dress art to put in still that i made
[22:41:26] <SleepingDragon> and neither of them quite match any NPC shape
[22:41:28] <SleepingDragon> :\
[22:41:33] <Crysta> which is a step in the right direction
[22:41:36] <Crysta> but i do see what you mean
[22:42:21] * SleepingDragon pokes Crysta until the dress art comes out
[22:42:33] <Crysta> LB's cloak... uh.. would be the leaopard cloak with the orange back changed to purple, wouldnt it?
[22:42:36] <Marzo> I think Crysta won't be all to happy about making the male versions of the dress paperdolls, though
[22:42:40] * Marzo dodges
[22:42:55] <Crysta> i made those already... for new ones no i wont like it
[22:42:56] <SleepingDragon> Lol
[22:42:57] <Crysta> but ill deal with it
[22:42:58] <Marzo> Yeah, it might look alright
[22:43:08] <SleepingDragon> Crossdressing Shamino again?
[22:43:26] <Marzo> No, I just remembered that thread
[22:43:56] <SleepingDragon> lol
[22:44:10] <SleepingDragon> well there was a thread back in 04 about crossdressing Shamino...
[22:44:17] <SleepingDragon> thats what I was remembering lol
[22:44:27] <Marzo> Random question: do any of you have the Gimp installed?
[22:44:36] <SleepingDragon> not on this partition
[22:44:45] <Crysta> nope.. never liked it
[22:44:48] <Marzo> I mean the Windows versino
[22:44:52] <Marzo> *version
[22:45:11] <SleepingDragon> I have it on the Linux partition
[22:45:14] <Crysta> i still just use PSP
[22:45:16] <SleepingDragon> but thats not the partition im on
[22:45:19] <Marzo> I ask because I updated to the development version, and now I don't have the file associations anymore
[22:45:27] <SleepingDragon> I have
[22:45:31] <SleepingDragon> PS CS
[22:45:34] <SleepingDragon> Illustrator
[22:45:38] <SleepingDragon> Fractal painter
[22:45:47] <SleepingDragon> OpenCanvas
[22:45:53] <SleepingDragon> and a few other things I can recall
[22:45:56] <SleepingDragon> *cant
[22:46:00] <Marzo> The developmental version looks and feels much better than the previous version
[22:46:09] <Crysta> i have open canvas too after a friend suggesting it
[22:46:24] <SleepingDragon> hehe
[22:46:33] <Marzo> OpenCanvas?
[22:46:38] * Marzo googles it
[22:46:41] <SleepingDragon> another paint program
[22:46:52] --> Kirben has joined #tfl
[22:46:52] --- ChanServ gives voice to Kirben
[22:47:00] <Crysta> designed for multiple people really
[22:47:00] <SleepingDragon> more an artsy paint program than a design one like PS
[22:47:17] <SleepingDragon> crysta: I never use the multiple thing, its kinda stupid imo
[22:47:21] <Crysta> lol
[22:47:29] <Marzo> "openCanvas, popularly abbreviated as oC, is an art program for Microsoft Windows popular among Japanese digital artists."
[22:47:34] <Marzo> That one?
[22:47:41] <SleepingDragon> Porbably
[22:47:43] <Crysta> that would be it
[22:47:46] <SleepingDragon> let me guess, wikipedia?
[22:47:47] <SleepingDragon> :-)
[22:47:50] <Marzo> Yep
[22:47:54] <SleepingDragon> :D
[22:48:06] * Marzo thinks he should have said '/me wikipedias it'
[22:48:18] <Marzo> :-)
[22:48:21] <Crysta> i only downloaded it cause some friends of mine use it to do sketches together and i figured i might want to try it.. and yet..
[22:48:27] <Crysta> i havent tried it yet and dont want to
[22:48:29] <Crysta> lol
[22:48:37] <SleepingDragon> I prefer fractal painter
[22:48:50] <SleepingDragon> but OC is neat for doodles
[22:49:03] <SleepingDragon> http://img75.imageshack.us/img75/7857/ellie3va1.jpg was done in OC :P
[22:51:46] <Crysta> ah
[22:52:10] <SleepingDragon> itll get shinied in Fractal some time
[22:52:13] <SleepingDragon> some time :P
[22:52:33] <SleepingDragon> fractal has some really nice digital replication of oil painting and other things like that
[22:53:19] <Crysta> the kind of things i have no use for :P
[22:53:43] <SleepingDragon> hehe
[22:53:48] <SleepingDragon> I like artsy stuffs :P
[22:54:14] <Marzo> My brother would likely like Fractal more than me
[22:54:26] <Marzo> And OC too
[22:55:12] <SleepingDragon> lol
[22:56:52] <Crysta> so now what
[22:57:03] <SleepingDragon> umm
[22:57:12] <Marzo> You can follow Wizardry's suggestion :-)
[22:57:14] * Marzo ducks
[22:57:23] <SleepingDragon> So is anyone going to make those dresses?
[22:57:37] <Marzo> [20:57] Marzo: You can follow Wizardry's suggestion :-)
[22:57:39] <Crysta> the new ones you mean? maybe sometime
[22:57:45] <Marzo> I guess that was what I meant :-)
[22:57:57] <Crysta> well i already redid the old ones
[22:58:05] <Crysta> just still waiting for them to be put in
[22:58:10] <SleepingDragon> I would tent to agree withh that clarification of that approximate ambigous statement.
[22:58:20] <Marzo> You still have them floating around?
[22:58:37] <Marzo> I don't want to dig up an old thread
[22:58:58] <Crysta> dont think the image links would work still even if you did
[22:59:00] <Crysta> give me a minute
[22:59:25] <Crysta> well a few of them
[23:00:06] <Marzo> Ah, you cleverly preempted my smart-ass remark :-(
[23:00:54] <SleepingDragon> Lol
[23:00:57] <SleepingDragon> pwn't
[23:00:57] <Crysta> i ahve such a bad feeling im going to find them and hate them now
[23:01:03] <Marzo> lol
[23:01:05] <SleepingDragon> Oh I do that all the time
[23:01:13] <Marzo> You can always redo them in that case :-p
[23:01:15] * Marzo ducks
[23:01:29] <SleepingDragon> my old art I always do that with
[23:01:35] <SleepingDragon> Ill find old art pieces and be like
[23:01:41] <SleepingDragon> "damn I sucked then"
[23:01:43] <Crysta> i still need to redo the male pants
[23:02:05] <Marzo> SleepingDragon: Only then? :-p
[23:02:09] * Marzo ducks again
[23:02:30] <SleepingDragon> Crysta: .... ....
[23:02:41] <SleepingDragon> What's wrong with them?
[23:02:41] <Marzo> (sorry to be sniping like this, the lack of sleep is making me think all sorts of things are funny)
[23:02:51] <Crysta> i mean from whats already in exult now
[23:03:05] * SleepingDragon throws a grenade into the sniper nest
[23:03:06] <Marzo> You can take the oportunity now :-)
[23:03:15] <Crysta> remember about.. a year or two ago i said i still had to do that
[23:03:15] * Marzo blinks elsewhere
[23:03:18] <Crysta> i still havent
[23:03:23] <Crysta> and i still dont feel like it :\
[23:03:37] <Marzo> Well, now is the time
[23:03:56] <SleepingDragon> the time?
[23:04:11] <Marzo> Hey, that came out bold
[23:04:23] <SleepingDragon> woah
[23:04:25] <SleepingDragon> mindblowing
[23:04:28] <SleepingDragon> bold text!
[23:04:42] <Marzo> You can use that in dragonBot, that is for sure
[23:04:54] <Marzo> Now you just need to figure out the colors bit
[23:04:56] <SleepingDragon> zomg!!!!!11!!!!!!!!111!111!!!11oneoneone1oneleventyone
[23:05:07] <SleepingDragon> bold text
[23:05:26] * Marzo hands SleepingDragon his missing medication
[23:05:43] <SleepingDragon> mmm jellybeans
[23:05:47] <Marzo> lol
[23:06:59] * SleepingDragon starts counting the beans
[23:07:17] * Marzo casts fireball at the beans
[23:08:07] <Crysta> :|
[23:08:14] <Marzo> What?
[23:08:25] <Crysta> just kinda ..
[23:08:28] <Crysta> uh.. dunno
[23:08:42] <Crysta> just photobucket is so annoying to have to sort through
[23:08:43] <Crysta> lol
[23:08:56] <Marzo> lol
[23:09:06] <Crysta> the pages keep stalling
[23:09:47] <SleepingDragon> oh
[23:09:54] <SleepingDragon> photobucket is being a slowass again
[23:09:56] <SleepingDragon> it happens :D
[23:10:09] <Crysta> yeah.. its been worse than normal since their last "upgrade" tho
[23:10:13] <SleepingDragon> well
[23:10:31] <Crysta> finally.. back to the right area
[23:10:36] <SleepingDragon> The bandwidth demands on them just grow exponentially
[23:10:40] <Crysta> theres the male shirt
[23:10:42] <SleepingDragon> plus the upload cap got increased
[23:11:18] <Crysta> hoods, dresses, avatar costumes, shield backs
[23:12:06] <Crysta> shoes cleaver female pants and shirt
[23:12:41] <Crysta> should i start giving links to this stuff? lol
[23:12:54] <Marzo> It would be good
[23:12:58] <Marzo> But hold on a bit
[23:13:19] <Crysta> k
[23:13:20] <Marzo> I will be going out in a while and will be back in 30min or so
[23:13:25] <Crysta> ah
[23:13:37] <Marzo> So... brb
[23:13:43] --- Marzo is now known as Marzo_away
[23:14:03] <SleepingDragon> right back
[23:14:06] <SleepingDragon> 30 mins
[23:14:08] <SleepingDragon> ...
[23:14:13] <Crysta> lol
[23:14:15] <SleepingDragon> riiight :)
[23:14:23] <Crysta> lets see.. amulets.. trellek...
[23:14:57] <Crysta> love arrows, those recolored versions of the shrunken SI portraits that i did cause the ones they had for BG looked bad
[23:16:15] <SleepingDragon> lol
[23:16:19] <SleepingDragon> mmm pizza...
[23:16:45] <SleepingDragon> I havent eaten all day :s
[23:16:53] <SleepingDragon> till now
[23:20:26] <Crysta> o.o
[23:24:18] <SleepingDragon> i just hope i keep it dowm :s
[23:24:26] <Crysta> o.o;
[23:24:35] <SleepingDragon> mmhmm
[23:25:42] <Crysta> gonna be ok?
[23:26:10] <SleepingDragon> oh im fine, or as fine as I can be
[23:26:15] <Crysta> :\
[23:26:16] <SleepingDragon> I'm not "sick" per se
[23:26:26] <SleepingDragon> I have an eating disorder :s
[23:30:01] <SleepingDragon> hmm channel kill
[23:30:22] <Crysta> no.. im just arranging the stuff i have so i can set up the final versions of each
[23:30:27] <Crysta> too many revisions sitting around
[23:30:32] <SleepingDragon> heh
[23:30:41] <Crysta> how did you end up wtih an eating disorder
[23:31:49] <SleepingDragon> its not a new thing
[23:31:57] <SleepingDragon> just something I dont mention often :P
[23:31:59] <Crysta> :\
[23:33:20] <SleepingDragon> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clinical_Depression#Symptoms
[23:33:20] <SleepingDragon> heh
[23:33:37] <SleepingDragon> is it bad I can say yes to most if not all of it? :P
[23:33:50] <Crysta> only if its bad for me to do the same
[23:35:15] <SleepingDragon> w
[23:35:19] * SleepingDragon hugs
[23:35:27] <SleepingDragon> *aw
[23:36:17] <Crysta> the years of it are slowly wearing me down.. lol
[23:37:28] <SleepingDragon> what the hugs? :P
[23:37:37] <Crysta> no the depression.. lol
[23:37:44] <Crysta> the hugs are jsut a nasty side-effect
[23:37:44] <SleepingDragon> zomg hug erosion
[23:37:45] <Crysta> lol
[23:37:48] <SleepingDragon> lol
[23:37:52] <SleepingDragon> bah
[23:38:17] <Crysta> that was a joke.. lol
[23:38:25] --- Marzo_away is now known as Marzo
[23:38:28] <Marzo> Back
[23:38:35] <Crysta> that was a fast half hour
[23:38:36] <Crysta> lol
[23:38:38] <Crysta> or
[23:38:41] <Marzo> Depression?
[23:38:42] <Crysta> ive had little going on
[23:39:00] * servus shakes his ring of many rideable polar bears at Crysta.
[23:39:07] <Crysta> lol
[23:39:10] <Marzo> lol
[23:39:21] * Marzo snatches said ring for a closer inspection
[23:39:39] <Marzo> OK, Crysta, link me up
[23:39:51] <Crysta> not ready yet
[23:39:56] <Crysta> still sorting all of the pieces
[23:40:08] <Marzo> Oh, ok
[23:40:13] <Marzo> I will wait then
[23:40:21] <SleepingDragon> I have more than a little depression going until I mean certain signficant others :D
[23:40:24] * Marzo hums
[23:40:27] <SleepingDragon> *have had
[23:40:36] <Crysta> sorry... i have to do this.. have needed to go through all of the revisions and get te solid finals together
[23:41:00] <Marzo> np Crysta
[23:41:06] <Marzo> It is better that way
[23:41:19] <Crysta> lik ei said to wiz, far too many revisions :p
[23:41:25] <Marzo> :-)
[23:41:37] <Marzo> I tend to be on the other end of the spectrum
[23:41:41] <SleepingDragon> CVS for the win
[23:41:59] <Marzo> (I have the terrible tendency of only keeping *the* last revision)
[23:42:05] <Crysta> well i didnt overwrite old versions i just leave them sitting around
[23:42:07] <Crysta> ..
[23:42:09] <Crysta> im the opposite
[23:42:21] <Crysta> i have 33 different exult installers on my pc
[23:42:27] <SleepingDragon> I have
[23:42:33] <Crysta> various versions from the past 3 years
[23:42:33] <SleepingDragon> every snapshot since 1.0
[23:42:37] * servus strikes the perfect balance by keeping only one revision but storing a repository of daily changes in an svn or cvs tree.
[23:43:07] <SleepingDragon> some own builds too
[23:43:13] <SleepingDragon> some Marzo built
[23:43:16] <Marzo> I guess it is because I was already using computers for a while at the time when a 20MB hard drive was biggest in an entire city
[23:43:29] <SleepingDragon> lol
[23:43:39] <SleepingDragon> 20megs
[23:43:39] <Crysta> lol
[23:43:44] <SleepingDragon> I remember when a game fit into that
[23:43:52] <Crysta> i had one of those for a while
[23:44:00] <Crysta> almost couldnt fit BG onto it
[23:44:01] <Crysta> lol
[23:44:05] <SleepingDragon> do me a favour crysta?
[23:44:08] <Marzo> I remember when you could comfortably fit 20 games in a single 1.44MB floppy disk
[23:44:21] <SleepingDragon> link me to the last mariah picture you posted?
[23:44:28] <SleepingDragon> I accidentally cleared the channel >_<
[23:44:35] <Marzo> I can upload it to CVS if you want
[23:44:43] <Crysta> that would be good
[23:44:50] <Marzo> With the added belt-thingy you added
[23:44:53] <Crysta> marzo did the final version with the tie added in
[23:45:52] * Marzo pokes SleepingDragon repeatedly with the Death Scythe in an attempt to get a reply
[23:45:55] <SleepingDragon> well wherever you put it link me when you're done
[23:45:56] <SleepingDragon> heh
[23:46:29] <Marzo> k, I'll upload it to the website space
[23:47:07] <Marzo> http://seventowers.u7feudallands.com/images/Mariah_gump_00.png
[23:48:12] <SleepingDragon> I might fiddle with the dress folds sometime
[23:48:16] <SleepingDragon> but thats a pain :s
[23:48:26] <Marzo> :-)
[23:48:37] <Marzo> I will be doing the toolbar portraits
[23:48:54] <SleepingDragon> hmm?
[23:49:01] <SleepingDragon> oh the mugs?
[23:49:07] <Marzo> Yeah
[23:49:14] <Marzo> Which are also the paperdoll heads
[23:49:39] <Crysta> speaking of those the better ones by berty still havent been added either
[23:49:46] <Crysta> for julia and spark i mean
[23:50:09] <Marzo> Do you know where I might find them?
[23:50:21] <Crysta> ill check my PC in a bit
[23:50:42] <Crysta> i also edited tseramed and sentri a bit from bertys as well.. just a bit of consistancy fixes
[23:55:43] <Marzo> Send me everything you've got and I'll decide what to do with it
[23:55:52] <Marzo> Just finished the heads, BTW
[23:56:03] <SleepingDragon> add it :P
[23:56:34] <Marzo> To what?
[23:57:18] <Crysta> ill send it in a few minutes.. jsut gotta find those heads like i said i would first
[23:57:33] <Marzo> I am waiting
[23:57:39] * Marzo hums more
[23:57:41] <Crysta> sorry its taking so long
[23:57:46] <Marzo> np
[23:59:17] <Marzo> Wow
[23:59:27] <Crysta> ?
[23:59:28] <Marzo> Statistics of my website on the past month:
[23:59:34] <Marzo> 228 unique visitors
[23:59:40] <SleepingDragon> :D
[23:59:43] <Crysta> :d
[23:59:45] <Crysta> *:D
[23:59:50] <Marzo> Total bandwidth: 138.35MB