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[00:08:43] <Marzo> Keyring page is working now
[00:10:08] <Marzo> Oh, and I discovered that the filesize function wasn't returning a wrong size; the sifixes.zip I had uploaded was indeed a 0KB test file
[00:10:20] <wizardrydragon> XD
[00:10:26] <wizardrydragon> I
[00:10:27] <wizardrydragon> hate
[00:10:28] <wizardrydragon> you
[00:10:29] <wizardrydragon> :P
[00:10:33] <Marzo> :-)
[00:11:27] <wizardrydragon> A thought
[00:11:39] <Marzo> Go ahead
[00:11:44] <wizardrydragon> The green of internal links and the blue of external links are very close in colour
[00:12:28] <Marzo> True
[00:12:33] <Marzo> Any suggestions?
[00:12:39] <wizardrydragon> Also it would be helpful to link instances of Exult to exult.sf.net
[00:12:58] <Marzo> That is what the 'links' page will be for
[00:13:06] <Marzo> Oh, got it
[00:13:08] <Marzo> NM
[00:13:11] <Marzo> Good idea
[00:16:18] <wizardrydragon> Wikipedia uses this doodad for external links: http://en.wikipedia.org/skins-1.5/monobook/external.png
[00:16:49] <Marzo> Not a bad idea, and something I had been thinking about
[00:16:50] <wizardrydragon> Something along that lines could be useful. You can also use that image itself since anything creasted for wikipedias templates is under Creative Commons.
[00:17:00] <Marzo> (not the exact Wikipedia one, of course)
[00:17:05] <wizardrydragon> :)
[00:17:13] <Marzo> :-)
[00:22:32] <Marzo> Can php functions return a result?
[00:24:13] <wizardrydragon> It wouldnt be a function if it didnt
[00:24:28] <Marzo> What is the syntax?
[00:26:02] <wizardrydragon> function [name] (variables) { [some code]; return (result); }
[00:26:18] <Marzo> Thanks
[00:26:32] <wizardrydragon> :)
[00:26:47] <wizardrydragon> BTW
[00:26:53] <wizardrydragon> http://seventowers.u7feudallands.com/%7BREADMEFILE%7D
[00:26:57] <wizardrydragon> kinda needs fixed :)
[00:27:06] <wizardrydragon> In BGK
[00:27:19] <Marzo> k
[00:27:29] <wizardrydragon> :)
[00:27:50] <wizardrydragon> Isn't it great to have someone here to point out eyour every mistake? :D
[00:27:53] * wizardrydragon ducks
[00:28:01] <Marzo> :-)
[00:28:41] <Marzo> Can strings be added in php?
[00:31:00] <wizardrydragon> Variables can be of any type unless youve specified the type explicitly
[00:31:16] <Marzo> I mean something like:
[00:31:27] <Marzo> "this" + "that"
[00:32:33] <wizardrydragon> Oh.
[00:32:43] <wizardrydragon> You mean string concentration?
[00:32:49] <Marzo> Yes
[00:32:51] <wizardrydragon> Use &
[00:32:59] <Marzo> But I found out how already
[00:33:48] <wizardrydragon> :)
[00:33:59] * wizardrydragon returns to compiling a new snapshot
[00:36:38] <wizardrydragon> O_o
[00:36:43] <wizardrydragon> Did you change map02?
[00:36:57] <Marzo> Not that I reccall; not recently, anyway
[00:37:04] <Marzo> Urgh, double c
[00:37:11] <wizardrydragon> Hmm
[00:37:32] <wizardrydragon> Better run it and make sure it works
[00:38:44] <wizardrydragon> regardng an icon for TFL: I had a thought of having it with the map as you have (the TFL map, mind you), and a crown as the foreground object (you could use the crwon from SI quite well there)
[00:39:00] <wizardrydragon> *crown
[00:39:08] <Marzo> That is an interesting idea, yes
[00:39:28] <wizardrydragon> It ties into things that Im not yet revealing :)
[00:39:35] <Marzo> :-)
[00:39:43] <Marzo> Not even to fellow teammates?
[00:39:49] <Marzo> Oh, nevermind
[00:39:53] <wizardrydragon> Lol
[00:39:56] <Marzo> I forgot: you don't trust Exultbot :-)
[00:40:07] <wizardrydragon> Indeed!
[00:40:18] * wizardrydragon compiles a new snapshot installer executable
[00:40:39] * wizardrydragon decides to make it shiny with some new art while he's at it
[00:44:02] <wizardrydragon> Oh god, not that kimminho fellow again
[00:44:20] <Marzo> :-)
[00:44:32] <wizardrydragon> Shoot me now :P
[00:44:42] <Marzo> *bang*
[00:45:36] <wizardrydragon> x_x
[00:46:04] <Marzo> Any ideas on how I might make a more automated replacement of 'Exult's into links?
[00:46:36] <wizardrydragon> $exult = "[link html]"
[00:46:36] <wizardrydragon> then just use $exult in the text blurb
[00:47:06] <Marzo> What if the text is in vars which are passed for formatting functions?
[00:47:26] <wizardrydragon> It should still render as the variable.
[00:47:32] <wizardrydragon> There are caveats to that, though.
[00:47:41] <Marzo> Such as?
[00:48:07] <wizardrydragon> Such as it can be tempermental with certain functions
[00:48:10] <wizardrydragon> :)
[00:48:16] <Marzo> :-)
[00:48:33] <Marzo> Does it work with single-quoted strings as well as double-quoted strings?
[00:48:44] <wizardrydragon> I'm not so sure there. Try it and see :)
[00:49:12] * wizardrydragon decides to just compile the damn snapshot now and work on the art later. XD
[00:49:49] <wizardrydragon> Especially since I have to recode the installer to work with the /mods/ file structure
[01:11:29] <wizardrydragon> Hmm.
[01:11:38] <wizardrydragon> The old installer didn't include the source properly :P
[01:12:15] <wizardrydragon> I assumed File /r "C:\ultima\u7\mods\tfl\patch\src\*.*" would be sufficient, but it doesn't grab directories more than two deep, apparently
[01:18:09] * wizardrydragon uploads a new snapshot.
[01:19:14] <wizardrydragon> You need to change the Exult reference on your homepage, btw
[01:19:19] <wizardrydragon> It works on BGK though :)
[01:19:25] <Marzo> I know
[01:19:33] <Marzo> I am working on a better way to get it working
[01:19:39] <wizardrydragon> Ah
[01:24:05] <wizardrydragon> And a new snapshot is available :)
[01:24:29] <Marzo> Yay!
[01:24:41] <wizardrydragon> Hopefully it works.
[01:25:06] <wizardrydragon> The code does work, but I had to recode significant portions of the installer so who knows if it will :)
[01:27:07] <wizardrydragon> I really need to hack the site code into pure php.
[01:27:15] <wizardrydragon> u7feudallands.com that is
[01:27:28] <wizardrydragon> Right now its a horrible mishmash of PHP HTML and DHTML
[01:27:29] <wizardrydragon> :)
[01:27:39] <Marzo> lol
[01:29:36] <wizardrydragon> Hahaha!
[01:29:44] <wizardrydragon> Wow did I break the date code or what
[01:29:48] <wizardrydragon> http://www.u7feudallands.com/downloads.php
[01:29:53] <wizardrydragon> Download the latest snapshot from u7feudallands.com. This file was posted on 1969-12-31.
[01:30:16] <Marzo> Cool, we have a time traveller in our hands :-)
[01:30:42] <wizardrydragon> Take that, FTLT skeptics :)
[01:30:51] <Marzo> lol
[01:31:11] <wizardrydragon> Hmm.
[01:31:32] <wizardrydragon> I guess I cant just use a pure date() function, it seems to have some Y2K rollover issue type thing going
[01:32:20] <Marzo> Try using this: date("H:i",filemtime("files/$file.zip")), date("Y-m-d",filemtime("files/$file.zip")
[01:32:52] <wizardrydragon> I was just about to try something like that, but thanks, copying and pasting is easier :)
[01:34:37] <wizardrydragon> That breaks the page :)
[01:35:05] <Marzo> (look at the commas; that isn't a ready made snippet :-p)
[01:38:49] <wizardrydragon> I know that.
[01:38:53] <wizardrydragon> :P
[01:39:06] <wizardrydragon> I got it to work, though
[01:39:10] <wizardrydragon> http://www.u7feudallands.com/downloads.php
[01:39:17] <wizardrydragon> Download the latest snapshot from u7feudallands.com. This file was posted on 19:20 2006-10-29.
[01:40:25] <wizardrydragon> Or even better
[01:40:26] <wizardrydragon> s
[01:40:27] <wizardrydragon> Download the latest snapshot from u7feudallands.com. This file was posted on 19:20 -0600 CST 2006-10-29.
[01:43:06] <wizardrydragon> Download the latest snapshot from u7feudallands.com. This file was posted on Sunday, October 29, 2006 at 19:20 -0600 CST
[01:43:18] <wizardrydragon> Date() formatting for the win :)
[01:43:24] <Marzo> :-)
[01:43:41] <wizardrydragon> http://ca3.php.net/manual/en/function.date.php may be of some interest if you want to reformat your timestamp
[01:49:49] <wizardrydragon> Hmm
[01:49:56] <Marzo> What?
[01:50:03] <wizardrydragon> I need to change the notice about /mods/ as the installer now comphensates for this
[01:50:13] <wizardrydragon> (It simply needs pointed to the U7:BG dir)
[01:50:50] <wizardrydragon> There we go.
[01:51:11] <wizardrydragon> Let me know if the installer works, blows up, overheats, or whenever it reaches 100,000 miles :)
[01:51:25] <Marzo> As soon as I fix up index.php
[01:51:32] <wizardrydragon> :)
[02:14:21] <wizardrydragon> Stupid question: the new data for the mod should be in [MOD]/patch, correct?
[02:14:22] <Marzo> indes.php fixed, downloading TFL...
[02:14:34] <Marzo> Yes
[02:14:44] <wizardrydragon> Okay then I did do that right :P
[02:14:47] <Marzo> (unless, of course, you override it in the mod's cfg file)
[02:14:54] <wizardrydragon> Which I didn't
[02:15:06] <wizardrydragon> Nor would I know how to if I did.
[02:15:48] <wizardrydragon> The installer prompt is misleading on the path - you need to install it to the BG directory, not patch (that's a text renemant left over from the old non-modmanager installer that I just noticed now)
[02:15:50] <Marzo> Found a bug in the installer already
[02:15:58] <Marzo> Yes, that is the bug I found :-)
[02:16:03] <wizardrydragon> :)
[02:16:50] <Marzo> Does TFL have an uninstaller?
[02:17:07] <wizardrydragon> It should create one in /mods/
[02:17:20] <wizardrydragon> Wait
[02:17:25] <wizardrydragon> :)
[02:17:31] <Marzo> It was in the mods/tfl dir
[02:17:35] <wizardrydragon> mods/tfl
[02:17:36] <wizardrydragon> yep
[02:17:53] <Marzo> And it didn't delete the tfl.cfg file
[02:18:07] <wizardrydragon> It shouldn't, should it?
[02:18:12] <wizardrydragon> Oh the uninstaller, you mean?
[02:18:19] <Marzo> Yes, the uninstaller
[02:19:43] <wizardrydragon> That's curious
[02:19:43] <Marzo> It also doesn't copy the tfl.cfg file if one is already present
[02:19:54] <wizardrydragon> The file should be the same anyways
[02:20:02] <Marzo> In this case, it wasn't
[02:20:02] <wizardrydragon> I haven't changed it since the original version I made :)
[02:20:13] <Marzo> I have one pointing to my CVS TFL dir
[02:20:24] <Marzo> It isn't the one you made :-)
[02:20:32] <wizardrydragon> Ahhh
[02:20:40] <wizardrydragon> Hmm
[02:20:57] <wizardrydragon> Is there anything that I could have done to break keybindings in a mod? O_o
[02:21:12] <Marzo> I don't think so
[02:21:18] <Marzo> Not yet, anyway
[02:21:33] <wizardrydragon> [29/10/2006 21:17 EST-5] Crysta: all i can do is open the cheat screen
[02:21:33] <wizardrydragon> [29/10/2006 21:18 EST-5] Crysta: not the teleport map
[02:21:33] <wizardrydragon> [29/10/2006 21:18 EST-5] Crysta: the cheat screen
[02:21:33] <wizardrydragon> [29/10/2006 21:18 EST-5] Crysta: and the save menu
[02:22:31] <Marzo> Works fine for me
[02:22:40] <wizardrydragon> Me too.
[02:22:45] <Marzo> I have to manually clear the DONT_MOVE flag, but that is all
[02:23:00] <wizardrydragon> Where?
[02:23:11] <Marzo> Flag 16
[02:23:14] <Marzo> In Cheat menu
[02:23:29] <wizardrydragon> Hmm, why would that trip? Its not enabled in my version.
[02:24:03] <Marzo> Exult auto-sets it in the beginning of any BG game
[02:24:42] <wizardrydragon> Okay.
[02:24:49] <wizardrydragon> That's annoying.
[02:25:32] <wizardrydragon> Do you know what version iteration the clean initgame.dat is, or have one handy? (That still runs the BG intro?)
[02:25:47] <Marzo> If you have the 'skip first scene' option on, or if a certain flag is set (can't say what exactly it is) it is cleared automatically
[02:26:03] <Marzo> The problem is Iolo's usecode
[02:26:27] <Marzo> The egg which triggers the starting scene calls Iolo's usecode
[02:26:37] <Marzo> But the version in TFL doesn't have that code
[02:26:44] <wizardrydragon> Oh.
[02:26:49] <wizardrydragon> It did. At a point.
[02:26:51] <Marzo> So even if the egg is re-created, it won't run
[02:27:01] <wizardrydragon> Or it ran it, I should say.
[02:27:02] --> Crysta has joined #TFL
[02:27:10] <Crysta> T_T
[02:27:14] <wizardrydragon> Hi
[02:27:34] <Marzo> Hi
[02:27:34] <Crysta> http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v128/crystaelf/Imaasge3.gif
[02:27:42] <wizardrydragon> Maybe you can help Crysta Marzo, shes having trouble getting it to run and I suck at explaining things
[02:27:42] <Marzo> How does this look: http://seventowers.u7feudallands.com/index.php
[02:28:03] <wizardrydragon> It looks great :)
[02:28:14] <Marzo> Crysta: go to the cheat menu and edit the avatar
[02:28:20] <Crysta> and it jsut crashed when i tried using the npc tool to teleport
[02:28:23] <Marzo> Clear flag 16 (dont_move)
[02:28:40] <Crysta> ah... wiz told me global flag
[02:28:41] <Crysta> lol
[02:28:55] <wizardrydragon> I just told you to go to flags.
[02:29:02] <wizardrydragon> I said I sucked at explaining things :P
[02:29:25] <Crysta> ok.. its at the center island of TFL
[02:29:27] <Crysta> :p
[02:29:30] <-- Crysta has left #TFL ()
[02:29:36] --> Crysta has joined #TFL
[02:29:42] <Crysta> sorry.. exc on wrong window
[02:29:42] <Crysta> lol
[02:29:43] <wizardrydragon> By the way Crysta
[02:29:44] <Crysta> *esc
[02:30:10] <Crysta> er
[02:30:14] <Crysta> still have a problem
[02:30:19] <wizardrydragon> I was poking around in IRC commands the other day, and found the command you need to use to kill nicknames left over from disconnects
[02:30:21] <Crysta> it says Iolo is in my party
[02:30:24] <Crysta> but.. he's not here
[02:30:33] <wizardrydragon> hhe's probably on map 00 :)
[02:30:37] <Marzo> Blame wizardrydragon :-)
[02:31:00] <Crysta> yeah.. he is.. waiting for the into sequence
[02:31:01] <wizardrydragon> The initgame isn't clean on the snapshot, I'll readily admit. Just be happy you have a snapshot :P
[02:31:51] <wizardrydragon> (IRC commands) here's the command you need if you get disconnected but a nick stays logged in:
[02:31:51] <wizardrydragon> [29/10/2006 21:31 EST-5] *** -NickServ- Syntax: GHOST <nickname> [password]
[02:31:51] <wizardrydragon> [29/10/2006 21:31 EST-5] *** -NickServ-
[02:31:51] <wizardrydragon> [29/10/2006 21:31 EST-5] *** -NickServ- If you suddenly get disconnected from your isp or
[02:31:52] <wizardrydragon> [29/10/2006 21:31 EST-5] *** -NickServ- the irc server, sometimes a ghosted client will
[02:31:54] <wizardrydragon> [29/10/2006 21:31 EST-5] *** -NickServ- be left behind. This command can be used to
[02:31:56] <wizardrydragon> [29/10/2006 21:31 EST-5] *** -NickServ- kill the ghosted client so you can get your
[02:31:58] <wizardrydragon> [29/10/2006 21:31 EST-5] *** -NickServ- nickname back. If <nickname> has SET SECURE
[02:32:00] <wizardrydragon> [29/10/2006 21:31 EST-5] *** -NickServ- OFF, and you match a hostmask on <nickname>'s
[02:32:02] <wizardrydragon> [29/10/2006 21:31 EST-5] *** -NickServ- ACCESS LIST, or if you are identified to a linked
[02:32:04] <wizardrydragon> [29/10/2006 21:31 EST-5] *** -NickServ- nickname, you do not need to supply a password.
[02:32:06] <wizardrydragon> [29/10/2006 21:31 EST-5] *** -NickServ- Otherwise, you have to supply the correct
[02:32:08] <wizardrydragon> [29/10/2006 21:31 EST-5] *** -NickServ- password.
[02:32:08] <Crysta> ah
[02:32:31] <wizardrydragon> I have too much time on my hands, to be digging in IRC commands :)
[02:32:55] <Crysta> well.. i see the keep is fixed
[02:33:04] <wizardrydragon> Not entirely, but somewhat.
[02:33:08] <Crysta> close
[02:33:13] <Crysta> the other buildings tho
[02:33:15] <Crysta> ;P
[02:33:33] <wizardrydragon> Right. Now, tell me something I don't already know.
[02:33:37] <wizardrydragon> :)
[02:33:49] <wizardrydragon> Feel free to fix them :)
[02:33:53] <Crysta> my family has a cat o.o
[02:34:03] <Crysta> bet you didnt already know that :p
[02:34:16] <wizardrydragon> You'll never know.
[02:34:40] * wizardrydragon quickly hides the peering gems.
[02:35:16] <Crysta> lol
[02:35:30] <wizardrydragon> Hmm
[02:36:04] <wizardrydragon> The non-shiny-ness of the installer bugs me.
[02:36:09] <wizardrydragon> It's so generic :P
[02:36:12] <Crysta> lol
[02:38:07] * wizardrydragon sets about fixxing that
[02:38:38] <wizardrydragon> Tehehe
[02:38:43] <wizardrydragon> # Win32 NISW Install Script for Ultima VII: The Feudal Lands
[02:38:43] <wizardrydragon> # Graphics and script (c) 2006 Peter M Dodge
[02:38:43] <wizardrydragon> # You can use, abuse, fold, spindle, and mutilate this install script freely
[02:42:44] <wizardrydragon> Well shit.
[02:42:49] <Crysta> ?
[02:42:54] <Marzo> ?
[02:43:03] <wizardrydragon> I should do something about that
[02:43:29] <wizardrydragon> Section "Uninstall"
[02:43:29] <wizardrydragon> RMDir /r "$INSTDIR"
[02:43:29] <wizardrydragon> SectionEnd
[02:43:40] <wizardrydragon> And whats the install dir, again? :P
[02:44:07] <Marzo> Hm. It didn't delete anything but the mods/tfl dir when I uninstalled
[02:44:27] <wizardrydragon> You probably have the old uninstaller then :)
[02:44:41] <Crysta> yeah
[02:44:49] <Crysta> when i uninstalled
[02:44:53] <wizardrydragon> Or it didn't updte the regkey
[02:44:55] <Crysta> it removed the entire mods folder
[02:44:56] <wizardrydragon> *update
[02:44:56] <Crysta> lol
[02:47:07] <Marzo> This is just wrong
[02:47:27] <wizardrydragon> Hmm?
[02:47:56] <Marzo> For some insane reason, the sifixes page is re-using the keyring file date and size, even though it should not
[02:48:28] <wizardrydragon> You're not using the same download include, are you?
[02:49:39] <Marzo> There is an 'add_download_link' function in 'download.inc' which is called by 'content/keyring.dat' and 'content/sifixes.dat' with parameters telling which file it should use the stats for
[02:50:07] <wizardrydragon> Methinks its using the BGKs file
[02:50:20] <wizardrydragon> Make sure you're passing it the correct data
[02:50:27] <Marzo> But for some reason, it is listing the Keyring mod for download at the sifixes page
[02:50:32] <Marzo> I am
[02:50:55] <wizardrydragon> Give me a moment, I'll examine your code
[02:51:50] <wizardrydragon> Where is the download defined?
[02:52:18] <Marzo> Look at the files I mentioned, plus 'templates/download_link.tpl'
[02:52:43] <wizardrydragon> I assume i's in download.inc, I just don't know where
[02:52:52] <Marzo> ./
[02:53:46] <wizardrydragon> Hmm
[02:54:02] <wizardrydragon> With the currfile construct, I dont see hosw you can include more than one download
[02:54:06] <wizardrydragon> I'm probbly missing something
[02:54:07] <Marzo> Just found a bug
[02:54:16] <wizardrydragon> In the site, or in TFL? :P
[02:54:47] <Marzo> There was a comma missing in download.inc
[02:54:59] <wizardrydragon> Ah
[02:55:04] <Marzo> Now look into sifixes.php and keyring.php
[02:55:15] <wizardrydragon> I am :)
[02:55:21] <Marzo> But the file info is still wrong, as is the link
[02:55:23] <wizardrydragon> Keyring should be inconsequential though.
[02:55:27] <wizardrydragon> It works properly.
[02:55:52] <Marzo> Urgh, I found out what is wrong
[02:56:01] <wizardrydragon> ?
[02:56:13] <Marzo> line 19 of download.inc
[02:56:30] <wizardrydragon> $MOD_DATE = date("Y-m-d",filemtime("content/$DATAFILE"));
[02:56:30] <wizardrydragon> ?
[02:57:02] <wizardrydragon> Could be, if $DATAFILE is not set properly
[02:57:19] <Marzo> In here, it reads 'include("content/$DATAFILE");'
[02:57:29] <Marzo> Err... 'include("content/keyring.dat");'
[02:57:39] <wizardrydragon> Oh. You broke it then :)
[02:58:07] <Marzo> It works now!
[02:58:27] <wizardrydragon> Yay!
[02:58:38] <Marzo> And for reference, I don't intend to have more than one download per page
[02:58:41] <wizardrydragon> *And the peasants rejoice!*
[02:58:45] <Marzo> lol
[02:58:59] <wizardrydragon> Yes, but Exult obviously did, Im curious how they did so :)
[02:59:15] <Marzo> It isn't very hard
[02:59:27] <wizardrydragon> Not at all
[02:59:44] <wizardrydragon> include (file1, file2, ... ad infinituim)
[02:59:48] <Marzo> It is easy to modify it so I can have multiple downloads
[03:00:37] <wizardrydragon> But it shouldn't need modified, which is what makes me curious.
[03:00:46] <Marzo> I will probably do something like that for the links page
[03:00:47] <wizardrydragon> See Exult's download page, it's the same code :)
[03:01:00] <Marzo> The templates make the difference
[03:01:30] <wizardrydragon> Indeed. Let me figure it out myself :P
[03:01:48] <Marzo> :-p
[03:02:10] <wizardrydragon> Or rather, let me forget about it completely and listen to the music Justin Durban's made for us :P
[03:02:32] <Marzo> Hey, if you really want so I won't say another word and let you bang your head against any nearby walls in an attempt to understand it -- like I did :-p
[03:02:53] <wizardrydragon> Now you appreciate how I feel with UCC :)
[03:02:59] <Marzo> lol
[03:05:01] <wizardrydragon> Hmm.
[03:05:07] <Marzo> What?
[03:05:22] * wizardrydragon wonders how painful it would be to try to sync a usecode scene script with music
[03:05:54] <Marzo> Very
[03:06:26] <Marzo> Especially since the player may very well be running at a different framerate
[03:06:57] <wizardrydragon> Might not be as much so with clever music cutting and adding crossfades to the Exult music engine
[03:07:18] <Marzo> Huh?
[03:08:30] <wizardrydragon> You could cheat by cutting the music into segments that could loop through as the corresponding usecode scripting occurs, and then crossfading these sections when the game reaches a transition point
[03:17:21] <wizardrydragon> I know I'm brilliant but you don't have to be speechless :)
[03:17:29] <Marzo> lol
[03:18:33] <wizardrydragon> :)
[03:19:00] <Marzo> Thou hast lost an eighthth :-)
[03:19:11] <wizardrydragon> "Eighthth?"
[03:19:23] <Marzo> Chalk it up to lack of sleep
[03:19:32] <wizardrydragon> "Sleep"?
[03:19:48] <Marzo> We have been through that already
[03:19:59] <Marzo> Exultbot can remind you if you don't remember yourself
[03:20:36] <wizardrydragon> You should hve Exultbot remind you of my trust level with Exultbot :)
[03:21:47] <Crysta> lol
[03:23:22] <wizardrydragon> :)
[03:24:44] <wizardrydragon> What I don't get is what virtue a firebreathing, spellslinging, adventurer eating dragon has to lose
[03:26:48] <Marzo> I have set up the news page already
[03:27:20] <wizardrydragon> DUNDUNDUN!
[03:27:20] <Marzo> It is a little empty right now, of course :-)
[03:27:31] <wizardrydragon> No news is good news
[03:27:38] <Marzo> lol
[03:27:59] <wizardrydragon> :)
[03:28:02] <Marzo> I must say that I am liking php
[03:28:06] <wizardrydragon> :)
[03:28:29] <wizardrydragon> I remember putting PHP as my second language in paperwork somewheres once :)
[03:28:55] <Marzo> One completelly dynamic navigation bar to the left, generated from the same code in all pages is very good for maintainability :-)
[03:31:06] <wizardrydragon> :)
[03:31:28] <wizardrydragon> I need to PHPize the news of u7fl , right now it's just included html
[03:34:14] <Marzo> Well, I am off to bed
[03:34:22] <wizardrydragon> Hve fun :)
[03:34:23] <Marzo> Will do the links page tomorrow
[03:34:24] <wizardrydragon> *Have
[03:34:30] <Marzo> Good night to you both
[03:35:14] <wizardrydragon> Sleep well
[03:35:18] <Crysta> night marzo1
[03:35:19] <Crysta> *!
[03:35:23] <-- Marzo has left IRC ("Marzo vanishes suddenly.")
[03:35:26] <Crysta> YAY
[03:35:29] <Crysta> made it that time
[03:36:50] <wizardrydragon> Lol
[03:43:28] --> servus has joined #tfl
[03:43:32] <servus> Meh.
[03:43:36] <servus> Hi Crysta!
[03:43:48] <Crysta> hi servus
[03:44:09] <servus> Beat UWPSX yet? : o)
[03:44:46] <Crysta> nope
[03:44:46] <Crysta> lol
[03:45:02] <Crysta> it got to be too annoying to play with the keyboard :|
[03:45:14] <Crysta> which i sbad considering the game originally was MEANT to use one
[03:45:15] <Crysta> lol
[03:46:57] <Crysta> so how are you doing :)
[03:50:23] <servus> I got it to work fine with my gamepad. I'm good - busy busy busy with a terrible commute to a new job, two sidejobs I don't really have time for, my social life picking back up with a boyfriend and other friends. As if I wasn't busy enough already, someone rear ended me and that's just more lost time I didn't have in the first place!
[03:50:55] <Crysta> ah :|
[03:50:56] <servus> Still doing active development for the mod? Any new members to the "team"?
[03:51:10] <servus> Sorry if you weren't expecting a real answer to your question *giggles*
[03:51:10] <wizardrydragon> Another snapshot was released today
[03:51:27] <Crysta> no new members really.. marzo and wiz are still working on things.. temporary break more or less due to random.. uh.. complications
[03:51:40] <Crysta> and i dont have a gamepad :P
[03:51:55] <Crysta> anyway.. i dont mind real answers :p
[03:53:50] <servus> Not particularly surprised about there being no new members, and my gamepad is AWESOME! I've tried a lot and it's my favourite gamepad ever (compared against any console gamepad as well). Only $30 at Walmart now too (not that I condone shopping at Walmart)
[03:54:02] <Crysta> lol
[03:54:23] <servus> It's the Saitek P2500 Cyborg Rumble Force. It feels dreamy in one's paws.
[03:54:42] <Crysta> ill have to check it out sometime o.o
[03:54:55] <Crysta> well actually i do have a gamepad
[03:55:00] <Crysta> but.. well...
[03:55:11] <Crysta> "outdated" would be an understatement
[03:55:11] <Crysta> lol
[03:55:22] <Crysta> its a classic Gravis Gamepad XD
[03:55:42] <wizardrydragon> Ooh. They have one of those in the Science & Technology museum here.
[03:55:51] <servus> Sweet! I got one of those as an add-in INSIDE my Megaman X box
[03:56:21] <Crysta> i didnt.. i got a generic.. "super pad 6" or such
[03:56:22] <Crysta> lol
[03:56:37] <Crysta> by the way.. PC megman X was almost perfect
[03:56:46] <Crysta> but th stuff taken out was rather.. unforgivable
[03:56:48] <servus> Well I could simply not have beaten Simpsons Road Rage without my Saitek
[03:56:59] <servus> Stuff taken out? I haven't had a console since the Sega Genesis.
[03:57:27] <Crysta> lol
[03:57:34] <Crysta> well.. lot of graphic effects
[03:57:37] <Crysta> and the ride armor!
[03:57:47] <Crysta> being able to ride in those big robot suits is fun!
[03:58:04] <servus> I don't recall. It's been a long time!
[03:58:12] <Crysta> well its not in the PC version :p
[03:58:42] <servus> I was so upset that they took cooperative play out of Halo PC
[03:58:43] <Crysta> well... it is.. barely
[03:58:53] <Crysta> Vile is riding in one of them in the game
[03:58:56] <Crysta> thats it tho
[03:59:07] <servus> Need... more... coop... games. What was the last real coop non-RTS game? DOOM 1?
[03:59:14] <Crysta> hmm
[03:59:31] <Crysta> i know there wa a sidescroller or two..
[03:59:35] <Crysta> cant remember which tho
[03:59:37] <servus> Sidescrollers, meh.
[03:59:43] <Crysta> oh come on
[03:59:44] <servus> Speaking of which! Wanna play DOOM co-op with me? : o)
[03:59:45] <Crysta> some of them rock
[03:59:51] <Crysta> like, for example... MEGAMAN X
[03:59:52] <servus> Sure, but coop?!
[04:00:02] <Crysta> it can work
[04:00:05] <servus> To be fair, I played SNES with a friend last week
[04:00:06] <Crysta> ah
[04:00:10] <Crysta> Zelda: Four Swords
[04:00:13] <servus> Lucasarts Metal Warriors and some other games like CONTRA
[04:00:20] <Crysta> that was co-op
[04:00:29] <servus> Metal Warriors we just did deathmatch.
[04:00:29] <Crysta> and thats an action game
[04:00:32] <servus> Still fun
[04:00:53] <Crysta> heh
[04:01:02] <servus> Yeah... but I guess I want something like DOOM. Playing that over the modem with my brother (two lines in the same house... *giggles*) was just FUN! And something I've never recaptured
[04:01:14] <Crysta> lol
[04:01:26] <servus> Especially since if he telefragged me I could just run over to his room and shout
[04:01:30] <Crysta> XD
[04:02:19] <servus> Hm! Wanna play that sometime co-op? *grin*
[04:02:30] <Crysta> maybe.. who knows :P
[04:02:38] <servus> DOSBox lets you emulate modems over TCP/IP.
[04:02:54] <Crysta> could use one of the fan-made game engines
[04:03:07] <Crysta> true 3D is such an interesting experience for doom
[04:03:15] <Crysta> but.. nto as classic
[04:03:19] <Crysta> *not
[04:03:29] <servus> Meh. I can't imagine how that'd be anything other than disappointing. I tried to play the fan remake of Master of Magic Multiplayer the other night and it was horrid.
[04:03:40] <Crysta> ....
[04:03:46] <Crysta> what remake of master of magic? o.o;
[04:04:08] <Crysta> please tell me they didnt mess with the old art
[04:04:15] <servus> http://www.roughseas.ca/momime/ It's completely closed-source
[04:04:29] <wizardrydragon> The Doom collection comes with a Win95 executable for Doom :P
[04:04:48] <servus> Uses the old art but the map is really zoomed out and looks horrid. Plus it's really hard to play (the controls... need a lot of help)
[04:05:08] <servus> And it crashes and has lots of general bugs (neither my friend nor I had any spells to research)
[04:05:26] <Crysta> well.. it probably sucks.. but its forgivable
[04:05:38] <Crysta> now i want to play the original
[04:05:41] <Crysta> gotta find my CD
[04:05:43] <Crysta> lol
[04:05:48] <wizardrydragon> Master of Magic?
[04:05:50] <Crysta> mm
[04:05:59] <wizardrydragon> I have that kicking around somewhere.
[04:06:04] <Crysta> so do i
[04:06:09] <servus> I bought mine on diskette
[04:06:18] <Crysta> the manual and spellbook rock
[04:06:21] <wizardrydragon> I'm busy playing Master of Orion :)
[04:06:26] <servus> My parents threw the box out :(
[04:06:33] <servus> And it recently eBayed for $50!
[04:06:58] <Crysta> now i wanna look at that spellbook again
[04:07:55] <servus> I'm working on making a Civilization IV-style game engine for someone, on contractual basis. Might be able to open up the base engine for similar games once it's done : o)
[04:09:01] <wizardrydragon> Im still getting over the fact that Toys for Bob released the Star Control 2 sourcecodes freely
[04:09:02] <Crysta> damn
[04:09:08] <Crysta> cant find the spellbook
[04:09:11] <Crysta> just the manuak
[04:09:14] <Crysta> *manual
[04:09:43] <servus> Weren't there 3 boxes?
[04:09:45] <servus> 3 manuals*
[04:10:03] <Crysta> instruction, installation, and the spellbook, yes?
[04:10:13] <wizardrydragon> Manual, Spellbook, and the Installation Guide I believe
[04:10:25] <Crysta> yeah.. i found my manual :P
[04:11:04] <Crysta> need the spellbook to be effective tho
[04:12:09] <Crysta> aha
[04:12:12] <Crysta> found it
[04:12:35] <wizardrydragon> Well that or an encyclopedic memory :)
[04:12:48] <Crysta> yeah like i have that
[04:12:49] <Crysta> lol
[04:13:13] <servus> Err
[04:13:30] <servus> You can right-click on pretty much anything in-game and get a pop-up description that mirrors the manual y'know : o)
[04:13:33] <Crysta> found the other guide too
[04:13:36] <Crysta> oh i know
[04:13:43] <Crysta> but having to look it up works better for me
[04:13:52] <Crysta> i like having it all at any time i need it
[04:14:03] <wizardrydragon> But Im far too lazy to move my sfinger over to the other mouse button
[04:14:09] <Crysta> lets me plan my strategies in advance
[04:15:15] <servus> I've beaten the game tons of times - enough to develop an MO. I go full-on with one spell class, and become an artificer. Then I use my (usually sorcery or life) skills to make great artifacts, summon a spell-slinging champion, make him immortal, and take over the worlds! Mooahahaha!
[04:15:46] <Crysta> lol
[04:16:23] <wizardrydragon> I just use the spell that nukes all the other mages
[04:16:37] <wizardrydragon> :)
[04:17:43] <wizardrydragon> Unoriginal, I know, but it works.
[04:17:44] <Crysta> dammit
[04:17:55] <Crysta> i keep finding other games i want to play
[04:18:13] <wizardrydragon> I guess you can call me a hippie but I always play the nature mage.
[04:22:30] <Crysta> lol
[04:22:34] <Crysta> i always use elves :D
[04:22:49] <wizardrydragon> I wonder why...
[04:23:11] <Crysta> :D
[04:23:40] <Crysta> ooo.. my EA Top Ten Pak CD
[04:24:08] <Crysta> OOOOO... Holiday Lemmings '94
[04:24:31] <Crysta> ah.. there it is
[04:25:13] <Crysta> ooooo... descent
[04:25:30] <servus> (Gnolls are cuter than elves...)
[04:25:34] <Crysta> =_=
[04:25:42] <Crysta> anyway
[04:25:52] <servus> http://dungeond.com/d/20060427.html !
[04:25:52] * wizardrydragon offers Crysta his glasses.
[04:25:55] <Crysta> everything but the one CD i wish i could find
[04:26:28] <Crysta> The Incredible Machine 2... i loved that game
[04:26:44] <Crysta> i can play it without the CD music.. but.. it just isnt the same :|
[04:27:21] <wizardrydragon> TIM for the win
[04:28:02] <Crysta> just not the same without the CD music
[04:28:11] <servus> MoM had CD music? Am I missing out?
[04:28:20] <Crysta> oh.. no
[04:28:22] <Crysta> lol
[04:28:26] <Crysta> im talking about TIM2 :p
[04:28:32] <Crysta> master of magic didnt i dont think
[04:28:40] <Crysta> unless it did and i dont remember
[04:28:44] <Crysta> it has been a few years
[04:28:52] <Crysta> guess i should check the CD
[04:29:40] <servus> Did you check my link? It has elves and gnolls! *Giggles*
[04:29:49] <Crysta> yes.. i did XD
[04:29:54] <Crysta> and no.. no musi c:(
[04:33:13] <servus> Hm. For the work I'm doing, converting it to a MoM-style game would be fairly trivial...
[04:33:27] <Crysta> hm? o.o
[04:33:30] <servus> nothing
[04:33:33] <wizardrydragon> Famous last words.
[04:33:39] <Crysta> >.>;
[04:34:03] <wizardrydragon> Thats what Marzo said about the Keyring mod and look how badly that snowballed :)
[04:34:11] <Crysta> lol
[04:35:10] <servus> I'm a professional developer and I finish projects that I'm paid to work on. I keep both eyes on scope creep as often as I can spare them, and I know how to make maintainable projects that can be completed in a timely manner. So, uh, there! *nodnoddles*
[04:35:42] <Crysta> ooo o.o
[04:35:50] <wizardrydragon> You asume Marzo doesn't know what he's doing :P
[04:36:05] <Crysta> i know what im doing
[04:36:08] <Crysta> BEING LAZY
[04:36:10] <Crysta> WOO!
[04:36:31] <wizardrydragon> I know what I'm doing. Getting some effing advil, that's what I'm doing.
[04:36:33] <wizardrydragon> Brb
[04:41:55] <servus> I am intimitely familiar with the inner workings of Exult - I know what a mess it is, and you are likely to find much contradiction from any of the Exult team : o)
[04:42:06] <Crysta> lol
[04:42:16] <servus> "not likely"*
[04:42:25] <Crysta> i bet its nowhere near as bad as UO is by now :p
[04:43:48] <servus> That'd be interesting to see :)
[04:43:57] <servus> The player-shard servers seem pretty stable now.
[04:44:10] <Crysta> yeah.. theyve come a long way
[04:44:42] <wizardrydragon> If you said "arent" youd be right Servus.
[04:44:55] <Crysta> they arent?
[04:45:09] <wizardrydragon> No, here: [29/10/2006 23:41 EST-5] servus: I am intimitely familiar with the inner workings of Exult - I know what a mess it is, and you are likely to find much contradiction from any of the Exult team : o)
[04:45:14] <Crysta> oh :p
[04:45:29] <wizardrydragon> In fact, in the Exult quotes, DrCode refers to his method of coding as "stumbling" :)
[04:52:28] <servus> I just said that I meant to say "are not likely" instead of the "are likely" that I actually posted.
[04:52:43] <wizardrydragon> Ah, I missed that.
[05:02:38] <Crysta> well.. im off
[05:02:39] <Crysta> night
[05:02:58] <servus> Night Crystagnoll
[05:03:05] <Crysta> =__=
[05:03:12] <wizardrydragon> Sleep well, Crysta.
[05:03:17] <servus> Gnolls are cuuuuuuuuute! Don't you wanna be cuuuuuuuuuuuuute and not some nasty ol' elf!? *giggles*
[05:03:48] <-- Crysta has left #TFL ()
[08:01:13] <-- wizardrydragon has left IRC (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[14:27:50] --> Marzo has joined #tfl
[14:27:51] --- ChanServ gives channel operator status to Marzo
[14:30:01] <Marzo> Wow, someone other than wizardry, crysta or me!
[14:31:28] <-- Marzo has left IRC (Client Quit)
[14:35:23] <servus> Yeah, TFL "members" only allowed here, but I can crash the party now and again.
[19:16:51] --> wizardrydragon has joined #tfl
[19:16:52] --- ChanServ gives channel operator status to wizardrydragon
[22:50:06] --> Marzo has joined #tfl
[22:50:06] --- ChanServ gives channel operator status to Marzo
[22:50:18] <Marzo> Hi
[22:54:01] * Marzo pokes wizardrydragon repeatedly with the Death Scythe in an attempt to get a reply
[22:54:45] * wizardrydragon is writing a long reply to yet another Wikipedia content dispute. Call back in five minutes :P
[23:09:04] <wizardrydragon> Mmkay :P
[23:09:26] <wizardrydragon> Aren't people wonderful? :P
[23:09:28] <Marzo> Which one is the latest article in dispute?
[23:09:55] <wizardrydragon> Oh it's getting there's too many to count, and being one of the unfortunate people who moderates RfC (
[23:10:12] <wizardrydragon> (request for comment) I get the duty of going through said articles often
[23:11:19] <wizardrydragon> More often than not you get a RfC when two people disagree over content (which i suppose is better than an edit war, at least) and again more often than not, it's one user trying to game the system to get their version included however they can
[23:14:38] <Marzo> BTW: ask and ye shall receive: http://seventowers.u7feudallands.com/images/tfl.png
[23:14:41] <Marzo> http://seventowers.u7feudallands.com/images/tfl.ico
[23:19:08] <wizardrydragon> Me? Jaded? Never :)
[23:19:12] <wizardrydragon> And those are cool :)
[23:19:21] <Marzo> :-)
[23:20:50] <Marzo> Now I just need an idea for an SI Fixes icon...
[23:21:01] <Marzo> (as opposed to using my generic SI icon)
[23:25:25] <wizardrydragon> :)