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[03:36:13] <wizardrydragon> @voice ExultBot
[03:36:20] --- wizardrydragon gives voice to exultbot
[03:39:31] --> Marzo has joined #tfl
[03:39:34] --- ChanServ gives channel operator status to Marzo
[03:39:43] <Marzo> Hi
[03:39:52] <wizardrydragon> Hello.
[03:40:07] <Marzo> Hm... exultbot appears with an yellow op-like icon here
[03:40:16] <Marzo> How was surgery, BTW?
[03:40:49] --- Marzo removes voice from Marzo
[03:40:49] <wizardrydragon> It's voiced.
[03:40:54] --- Marzo gives voice to Marzo
[03:41:04] <Marzo> Oh
[03:41:11] <Marzo> Doesn't that cause problems?
[03:41:29] <Marzo> (ISTR that having op status does)
[03:41:52] <wizardrydragon> Not really. It doesn't have any permissions, it just doesn't get automatically kicked or banned if something goes awry.
[03:42:10] <Marzo> Hm
[03:42:39] <wizardrydragon> I can give it permissions but WJP might not like it if I crash his bot with my experimentation :)
[03:42:46] <Marzo> :-)
[03:43:17] <wizardrydragon> Surgery went well in that I'm still alive with all my limbs intact.
[03:43:27] <wizardrydragon> Other than that I'm undecided since it still hurts.
[03:43:37] <Marzo> hehe
[03:43:59] <wizardrydragon> (Re:Voice) I'm basically using Voice to differentiate non-op team members and Exult team members from normal users in this channel
[03:44:27] <Marzo> So any Exult members have a voice here?
[03:44:45] --- Marzo removes channel operator status from Marzo
[03:45:20] --- ChanServ gives channel operator status to Marzo
[03:45:41] <wizardrydragon> Not automatically, I have to fiddle with ChanServ to figure out how to do that.
[03:45:50] <wizardrydragon> And are you fighting with ChanServ or something? :)
[03:46:08] <Marzo> No, I was checking to see if I had a voice icon
[03:46:38] <wizardrydragon> Ah
[03:46:43] <Marzo> But I now realize that it wasn't really neccessary as I hadd given me a voice earlier
[03:46:49] <Marzo> *hadd->had
[03:46:50] <wizardrydragon> You won't, you're higher permissions than that :)
[03:47:05] <Marzo> Hence me de-oping myself :-)
[03:47:41] <Marzo> What does having a voice mean exactly?
[03:47:50] <Marzo> (in IRC, of course)
[03:48:18] <wizardrydragon> Think of it this way
[03:48:25] <wizardrydragon> If the OP is the Administrator
[03:48:33] <wizardrydragon> The Voiced users are the Moderators
[03:48:39] <wizardrydragon> That was the original intent
[03:48:47] <Marzo> Oh, got it
[03:49:00] <wizardrydragon> Not what it's used for mostly these day, but it works nonetheless.
[03:49:49] <wizardrydragon> Mostly these days it's for arbitrary categorization like this channel wsithj the Dev team and the Exult Team.
[03:50:14] <Marzo> "wsithj"?
[03:50:27] <wizardrydragon> Leave me alone, I'm sedated :P
[03:50:37] <Marzo> :-)
[03:53:04] <wizardrydragon> Okay, all of the Exult devs should have voice, except WJP that has OP (to fix exultbot if it breaks)
[03:54:41] <Marzo> You discovered how to make chanserv automagically give op status when someone joins?
[03:54:54] <wizardrydragon> Yes and no.
[03:55:06] <wizardrydragon> Well mostly yes, because the no is because of a setting I set.
[03:55:17] <wizardrydragon> You have to identify with nickserv.
[03:55:31] <wizardrydragon> Then you will be given chanop or voice appropriately.
[03:55:47] <wizardrydragon> This is because +secure is on to prevent tampering, and I want it that way.
[03:56:31] <Marzo> Let me test to see if it works
[03:57:04] <wizardrydragon> ?seen Vistaer
[03:57:04] <exultbot> vistaer left IRC around Fri Sep 15 11:51:58 2006 (GMT) ()
[03:57:13] <-- Marzo has left IRC ("Marzo vanishes suddenly.")
[03:57:48] --> Marzo has joined #tfl
[03:58:34] <Marzo> Nope, doesn't seem to work
[03:58:36] --- ChanServ gives channel operator status to Marzo
[03:58:49] <wizardrydragon> :D
[03:58:54] <Marzo> :-)
[03:59:35] --- Marzo removes channel operator status from Marzo
[04:00:07] <wizardrydragon> Deoping yourself? :P
[04:00:36] --- ChanServ gives channel operator status to Marzo
[04:01:17] <Marzo> Checking to see if manually identifying to nickserv had any effects
[04:01:21] <Marzo> The answer: no
[04:01:22] <wizardrydragon> Ah
[04:01:24] <Marzo> :-)
[04:02:03] * Marzo is a compulsive tester
[04:02:20] <Marzo> Well, I am off to bed now
[04:02:35] <wizardrydragon> Sleep well.
[04:02:42] <Marzo> Daylight savings time will commence this weekend and I have to get used to it
[04:02:51] <wizardrydragon> Lol
[04:03:09] * Marzo is apt at oversleeping
[04:03:30] <Marzo> Good night
[04:03:35] <Marzo> And get well!
[04:03:43] <Marzo> (meaning the leg, of course)
[04:03:44] * wizardrydragon hands Marzo the magical bedrool that comfortably fits 8.
[04:03:49] <wizardrydragon> *roll
[04:04:00] <Marzo> Ah, so *that* is where it was!
[04:04:05] <Marzo> :-)
[04:04:36] <Marzo> (Now, were are the party members to ask how may hours I'll sleep?)
[04:04:59] <Marzo> Take care
[04:05:03] <-- Marzo has left IRC ("Marzo vanishes suddenly.")
[04:05:54] --> Kirben has joined #TFL
[04:16:09] <wizardrydragon> Hello Kirben
[04:16:32] --- ChanServ gives voice to Kirben
[04:27:25] <-- wizardrydragon has left IRC ("wizardrydragon rides off into the sunset.")
[14:33:22] <-- Kirben has left IRC (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[15:10:02] --> wizardrydragon has joined #tfl
[15:10:08] --- ChanServ gives channel operator status to wizardrydragon
[16:22:15] <wizardrydragon> ?log
[16:22:15] <exultbot> Logs are available at http://www.math.leidenuniv.nl/~wpalenst/tfllog.php
[18:41:38] <-- wizardrydragon has left IRC (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
[23:12:05] --> Kirben has joined #TFL