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[00:01:20] <wizardrydragon> :)
[01:12:26] --- Vistaer-BF2 is now known as Vistaer
[01:12:53] <wizardrydragon> moo
[01:13:44] <Vistaer> baa
[01:13:52] <wizardrydragon> lol
[01:15:28] <Crysta> :|
[01:20:22] <Crysta> guess ill be talking more here
[01:20:30] <Crysta> i cant finish the game i was playing
[01:20:46] <wizardrydragon> lol
[01:20:59] <Vistaer> I need to go to bed :/
[01:21:45] <Vistaer> Freakin job hours/commute suck, but pay makes it all worth it, heh
[01:21:57] <Marzo> Good night
[01:21:59] --- Vistaer is now known as Vistaer-Sleep
[01:36:30] <Crysta> i always miss saying goodnight to people T.T
[01:38:20] <Crysta> i guess ill play underworld instead since i cant finish my other game
[01:38:28] <Crysta> damn emulators not supporting the right controller
[01:38:41] <wizardrydragon> heh
[01:38:47] <Crysta> Snatcher
[01:38:53] <Crysta> for sega CD
[01:39:06] <Crysta> it apparently only recognizes the konami light gun
[01:39:11] <Crysta> not the sega-made one
[01:39:22] <Crysta> and no emulator has the konami one
[01:39:37] <Crysta> and i dont own one either
[01:39:45] <Crysta> and my sega cd fried years ago
[01:39:57] <wizardrydragon> fun stuff
[01:40:19] <Crysta> and i really mean fried too
[01:40:37] <Crysta> burned out the power source completely
[01:40:42] <Crysta> was smoking at one point
[01:46:14] <Crysta> sorry.. just trying random conversation :P
[01:46:38] * servus played his SegaCD last Friday : o)
[01:46:48] <Crysta> >.>
[01:47:01] <Crysta> lucky
[01:49:12] <servus> They've got the SegaCD and NES behind an -ooh- glass case at the local thrift shop.
[01:49:21] <Crysta> ack
[01:49:24] <Crysta> wish i lived there
[01:49:34] <servus> Heh, I dunno if it WORKS!
[01:49:34] <Crysta> fro the CD
[01:49:39] <Crysta> not the nes
[01:49:43] <Crysta> i have several of those :p
[01:50:01] <servus> I've heard plenty of horrible things about how hard it was to develop for the SegaCD
[01:50:11] <Crysta> same goes for saturn
[01:50:15] <servus> http://cgi.ebay.com/SEGA-GENESIS-SEGA-CD-WITH-GAMES-AND-CONTROLLERS_W0QQitemZ180023787801QQihZ008QQcategoryZ62054QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem $31
[01:50:18] <Crysta> sega uses ODD programming styles
[01:50:46] <Crysta> im broke at the moment so ill check for one later :p
[01:50:55] <servus> Well I think I heard that the Sega CD drive was like .2 speed and had to be POLLED for new data : o)
[01:51:03] <Crysta> lol
[01:51:07] <wizardrydragon> it cant be that bad
[01:51:12] <servus> (No hardware interrupt)
[01:51:13] <Crysta> had some good games tho
[01:51:22] <wizardrydragon> after sall I didnt design it :)
[01:51:24] <Crysta> both Lunars, Snatcher, several others
[01:51:27] <wizardrydragon> *all
[01:52:21] <servus> Back to my Java/JavaScript/PHP/PL/SQL/DHTML mess I go...
[01:52:59] <servus> Hm, 2 hours, maybe I should buy this SegaCD myself :)
[01:54:12] <Crysta> PC Engine owns all other systems in my eyes tho
[01:54:21] <servus> "PC Engine"?
[01:54:31] <Crysta> Turbo Grafix 16 :P
[01:54:43] <wizardrydragon> Commodore 64 all the way!
[01:54:46] <wizardrydragon> :)
[01:55:51] <Crysta> bah
[01:56:03] <Crysta> Bonk beats your pathetic system soundly
[01:56:14] <wizardrydragon> Does Bonk have Ultima? :)
[01:56:36] * wizardrydragon has fond memories of playing the first four Ultima games on C64
[01:56:36] <Crysta> actually im not totally sure.. ill check later
[01:56:38] <Crysta> prolly not
[01:56:39] <Crysta> but
[01:56:46] <Crysta> sega master system has 4
[01:56:53] <Crysta> tht doesnt make it good
[01:57:03] <Crysta> Wonderboy makes it good, but not U4 :p
[01:57:29] <servus> Turbo Grafix is coming in the Wii
[01:57:31] * wizardrydragon thinks 5 was released for Commodore 64, but has the IBM-Compatible version instead
[01:57:39] <Crysta> i think youre right
[01:57:41] <servus> Bonk? Bonk is my engine's name... : o)
[01:57:50] <Crysta> :D
[01:58:00] <Crysta> yay for big-headed cavemen
[01:58:06] <wizardrydragon> lol
[01:58:40] <servus> http://sammatthews.com/images/The%20Abyss/Abyss18.jpg Bonk! : o)
[01:59:09] <Crysta> see now that would rock for an underworld remake
[01:59:29] <servus> That is UW1's entrance you see there :p
[01:59:35] <wizardrydragon> Underworld remake? :P
[01:59:39] <servus> I remade 1/3rd of UW1 level 1
[02:00:02] * wizardrydragon thinks of #uwadv for no particular reason :)
[02:00:38] <servus> I changed the level design a bit to accomodate the level actually seen in UW1's box art.
[02:00:44] <Crysta> ?
[02:00:54] <Crysta> i dont know where my copy of the box is
[02:01:23] * wizardrydragon didn't notice a difference between the two
[02:02:27] <Crysta> http://bonk.classicgaming.gamespy.com/images/art/pcg-art-1.jpg the one TRUE Bonk
[02:04:35] <servus> http://sammatthews.com/images/The%20Abyss/UW1-box.jpg nah-uh!!
[02:04:45] <servus> Technically, the name is "Bonk!" with punctuation.
[02:05:11] <Crysta> lol
[02:24:04] * wizardrydragon destroys Britannia with a fork
[02:27:08] <-- Marzo has left IRC (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
[02:27:33] <Crysta> what is it
[02:27:48] <Crysta> the "Fork of Vanquishing"
[02:29:01] <wizardrydragon> Well people wondered why LB was so touchy about his cutlery
[02:40:06] <servus> Hubert's Hair-Raising Hoe of Hair Removal
[02:40:13] <Crysta> lol
[02:41:08] <wizardrydragon> Lol
[03:05:47] * wizardrydragon contemplates the fact that he has to get up at 6 tomorrow, then decides it's a depressing thought and stops.
[03:06:58] --> Marzo has joined #tfl
[03:07:22] <wizardrydragon> hello again Marzo
[03:07:39] <Marzo> I seemingly lost my connection due to inactivity
[03:07:44] <Marzo> I just noticed it...
[03:08:07] <wizardrydragon> lol
[03:08:24] <Marzo> Just when I was going to reply to your destroying Britannia
[03:08:35] <wizardrydragon> lol
[03:08:45] * Marzo recreates Britannia with a spoon
[03:08:52] <Marzo> :-)
[03:08:58] <wizardrydragon> you missed a good line by servus
[03:09:09] <wizardrydragon> [22:27] Crysta: what is it
[03:09:09] <wizardrydragon> [22:27] Crysta: the "Fork of Vanquishing"
[03:09:09] <wizardrydragon> [22:28] wizardrydragon: Well people wondered why LB was so touchy about his cutlery
[03:09:09] <wizardrydragon> [22:40] servus: Hubert's Hair-Raising Hoe of Hair Removal
[03:09:10] <Marzo> I read it in the log
[03:09:17] <wizardrydragon> :)
[03:09:27] <Marzo> :-)
[03:09:56] <Marzo> The good news is that I have an idea of how to implement inheritance in UCC
[03:10:48] <wizardrydragon> Ideas are good and all, but we have enough of those. We -need- implementations :)
[03:10:54] * wizardrydragon tells himself that often.
[03:11:14] <Marzo> I don't think that multiple inheritance will be needed, so I won't be doing it for now
[03:11:24] <wizardrydragon> that'd defintely be overkill
[03:11:42] <Marzo> I am planning on doing it today (tomorrow in your timezone)
[03:11:56] <wizardrydragon> Sweet
[03:12:41] <wizardrydragon> So by the time I get back from my 12-hour shift tomorrow I can be excited for that for the duration of the moments that I'm still conscious
[03:12:46] <Marzo> Of course, since UCC classes still don't work, it won't matter much if I do it today or in a couple weeks :-)
[03:12:59] <wizardrydragon> lol
[03:20:45] * wizardrydragon stabs things with knives in guild wars
[03:54:14] <-- Crysta has left IRC ("Trillian (http://www.ceruleanstudios.com")
[03:54:24] <Marzo> I am going to sleep now
[03:54:30] <wizardrydragon> Have fun :D
[03:54:34] <Marzo> lol
[03:54:42] <Marzo> good night
[03:54:50] <-- Marzo has left IRC ("Marzo vanishes suddenly.")
[03:54:52] <wizardrydragon> Remember: to return to the waking world walk into the pillar of fire
[05:16:30] <-- wizardrydragon has left IRC (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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[22:31:32] <wizardrydragon> hi
[22:32:01] <wizardrydragon> ?log
[22:32:01] <exultbot> Logs are available at http://www.math.leidenuniv.nl/~wpalenst/tfllog.php
[22:37:40] --- Marzo is now known as Marzo_away
[22:37:54] --- Marzo_away is now known as Marzo
[22:38:08] <Marzo> Hi
[22:38:26] <wizardrydragon> i see it was active as usual in my absence
[22:39:32] <Marzo> cp --help
[22:39:39] <Marzo> Oops, wrong prompt
[22:40:23] <wizardrydragon> lol!
[22:49:36] <wizardrydragon> Having problems with the copy command? o_O
[22:50:17] <Marzo> No, I even wanted to type --version instead -- which means I even typed the command wrong
[22:50:36] <Marzo> (updating tools here)
[22:50:40] <wizardrydragon> hehe
[22:50:54] <wizardrydragon> please tell me ucc has pseudo inheritance
[22:51:05] <wizardrydragon> itd mean that SOMETHING today went right :P
[22:51:13] <Marzo> Hm... can't do that, sorry :-(
[22:51:20] <wizardrydragon> Bah
[22:56:25] <Vistaer-Sleep> Nice.
[22:56:29] --- Vistaer-Sleep is now known as Vistaer
[22:57:06] <Vistaer> Past 2 days of work have been -dead-. Just sitting at a computer, browsing the net and helping a couple people with computer problems over the phone/via remote.
[22:57:44] * wizardrydragon is quite dead after his work, and has to go in at 5 in the morning tomorrow
[22:58:12] <Vistaer> ouch
[22:59:23] <wizardrydragon> indeed
[23:17:02] --> Crysta has joined #TFL
[23:20:47] <Marzo> Hi
[23:20:52] <Crysta> hi
[23:21:22] <wizardrydragon> hi
[23:48:09] * servus presses R2-X-select-Y