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[20:35:03] <wjp> hi again ;-)
[20:35:30] <Zxcvb> no one here
[20:35:38] <Zxcvb> going back to exult
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[20:46:59] <Coren_> Hey, Willem!
[20:47:04] <wjp> hi
[20:50:08] <Coren_> I'm amazed I still have free time to code on LoW despite finals. :)
[20:51:02] <wjp> heh, I find I usually spend more time on programming during exam periods :-)
[20:51:23] <Coren_> It's one way of cooling off, certainly.
[20:51:26] * Coren_ smiles.
[20:51:51] <Coren_> I have portraits working, now. And conversations almost comletely all work.
[20:52:04] <Coren_> Plus doors lock again, and many switches work.
[20:52:23] <Coren_> I should probably update some of the screenshots.
[20:52:41] <wjp> ooh, very nice
[20:53:14] * wjp is doing a little coding on pentagram (u8-engine-rewrite) atm
[20:53:26] <Coren_> Oooo. Coolnes.
[20:53:40] <Coren_> Unlike many Dragons, I actually *liked* U8. :)
[20:55:38] <Coren_> The thing that bugs me is that people seem to be allergic to filing proper bug reports on the bug trackers.
[20:55:54] <Coren_> I don't beleive LoW has a total of two bugs. :)
[20:56:06] <wjp> two known bugs ;-P
[20:56:12] <Coren_> Even then.
[20:57:04] <Coren_> And screenshot suggestions? I've just made one of the new, improved convesation gumps.
[20:58:10] <wjp> hm, it would be a bit hard to have a screenshot of a working switch, I guess :-)
[20:58:26] * Coren_ chuckles.
[20:59:08] <Coren_> Besides, I don't especially want to emphasise the fact that all of my switches, pullchains and levers look like horribly ugly levers. :-)
[21:00:41] <wjp> hehe :-)
[21:00:46] <wjp> yes, good point :-)
[21:01:25] * Coren_ ponders.
[21:02:17] <Coren_> Ah, yes, a waterfall.
[21:02:22] <Coren_> Show off my particles.
[21:02:25] * Coren_ smiles.
[21:02:33] <wjp> hm, yes, good idea
[21:02:38] * wjp liked those :-)
[21:03:06] <Coren_> Did you like the lantern illumination?
[21:03:20] <Coren_> My second departure from the original, albeit a more subtle one.
[21:04:27] <wjp> hm, don't remember
[21:04:43] <Coren_> F12 twice from the default
[21:04:54] <wjp> I should get LoW into a runnable state sometime :-)
[21:05:14] * wjp switched from RH8 to gentoo a while ago
[21:05:43] <wjp> rebuilding...
[21:05:46] <Coren_> Theorically, it should be no harder than 'cvs update&&autoconf&&./configure&&make'
[21:06:01] <wjp> yes, that should roughly be it :-)
[21:06:11] <Coren_> I stopped getting emails about 'hey, it doesn't build', which is a good sign. :)
[21:06:13] <wjp> I think I even installed the nvidia drivers
[21:06:32] <wjp> ok, now I need to remember where I put those data files :-)
[21:06:40] * Coren_ chuckles.
[21:07:01] <Coren_> At worse, you can simply not bother with the Media archive; no sound and music but the game copes well.
[21:07:35] <wjp> looks pretty nice
[21:07:38] <wjp> (lantern mode)
[21:08:32] <Coren_> I've decided I wanted to make it brighter, but restricted in angle. Looks more like that kind of lantern, and makes it useful if annoying.
[21:09:19] <Coren_> You can see why it can be annoying if you go to 'map 25'.
[21:10:26] <wjp> shouldn't mouse-look mode be disabled when there are containers on-screen?
[21:10:38] * wjp has some trouble manipulating the contents
[21:11:15] <Coren_> Ah, you can press CTRL to 'snap out' for manipulating objects.
[21:11:31] <wjp> ah, nice
[21:11:58] <wjp> is there also a way to make it un-capture the mouse so you can use other windows?
[21:11:59] <Coren_> But I guess making mouselook snap out automatically when gumps are onscreen would a good as an option nonetheless.
[21:12:51] <Coren_> Err, no. Didn't think of that.
[21:12:53] * Coren_ grins.
[21:13:19] <Coren_> I keep mouselook off myself. :)
[21:14:54] <wjp> got a segfault while attempting to quit
[21:15:14] <Coren_> I'm hesitating between intro/charater creation and using objects next.
[21:15:19] <Coren_> Oh?
[21:15:31] <Coren_> Did you build with --enable-debug?
[21:15:55] <wjp> no, but I also can't reproduce it
[21:16:09] <wjp> oh, or maybe I can
[21:16:45] * Coren_ groans.
[21:16:59] <wjp> 3 bugs? :-)
[21:17:01] <Coren_> I still have a rogue pointer, somewhere, but I never quite manage to track it down.
[21:17:35] <Coren_> I make too many allocations to run with ElectricFence; and the nVidia driver makes purify croak.
[21:18:26] <wjp> valgrind doesn't like the nvidia drivers either
[21:19:25] <wjp> can't seem to reproduce it in gdb
[21:19:36] <wjp> or with --enable-debug, one of the two :-)
[21:19:53] <Coren_> Yep. That looks like that same rogue pointer that's been plaguing me since before 0.1
[21:20:06] <Coren_> It's an annoying heinsenbug; turning on debugging usualy makes it go away.
[21:20:26] <wjp> it seemed to happen when quitting while the character portrait was shown and a box was open
[21:20:58] <Coren_> You mean the paperdoll? It shouldn't be possible to quit while protraits are shown (in the middle of a conversation)
[21:21:07] <wjp> um, paperdoll yes
[21:22:38] <Coren_> I probably need to take a look in uwadv's source; with a bit of luck I'll be able to use the cutscene code from there and not have to reinvent the wheel.
[21:23:23] <Coren_> I need intro and character creation first, actually because most of the last few bugs in conversations are caused by the player not having 'logical' stats.
[21:25:48] <Coren_> Heh. I received an email telling me how much of an horrible monster I am for being so evil as to use MP3s in LoW.
[21:26:34] <wjp> :-)
[21:26:46] <Coren_> What /is/ the deal with all this political animus against mp3 anyways?
[21:26:49] <wjp> subtly phrased :-)
[21:27:09] <wjp> oh, it happens with a lot of things
[21:27:14] <wjp> gifs, MS, mp3, ...
[21:27:55] <Coren_> gifs and MS are understandable; given that they all have better alternatives and their owners are evil.
[21:28:08] <Coren_> But I never heard of problems related to MPEG-2 patents.
[21:28:15] <Coren_> Or have I just been under a rock?
[21:28:24] <wjp> I seem to remember something patent-related about it
[21:29:17] <Coren_> Besides, the only alternatives to mpeg2 layer 3 audio are ac3 encoding (needs too much bandwidth) and ogg (good compression, rendering is too expensive) so mp3 remains the best compromise.
[21:31:35] <wjp> Redhat dropped mp3 support from RH8 because of licensing/patent issues, btw
[21:31:53] <Coren_> I know RH made a big fuss about MP3; thus crippling their latest distros and pissing off lots of people in the process. Probably the few people that were left not already po'ed at them for the whole KDE/Gnome mess.
[21:32:56] <Coren_> Well, licensing/patent issues is dubious; why else would every other distro be able to continue including mp3 support?
[21:32:59] <wjp> http://newsforge.com/article.pl?sid=02/08/29/1633205&mode=nested&tid=17
[21:39:15] <Coren_> Just as I tought. This smaks of Stallmanism.
[21:40:12] <Coren_> A.k.a.: GNU/Communism.
[21:40:15] * Coren_ chuckles.
[21:44:08] <wjp> :-)
[21:45:01] <Coren_> One of my few "political" stance, actually. I'm one of those that systematically reply "What's that? A new distro?" whenever someone talk about GNU/Linux. :)
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