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[00:10:26] <ESpynx> http://ecere.com/tmp/uw08.jpg :)
[08:13:57] <SugarCube> Neat, peoples.
[08:21:56] <ESpynx> hey SugarCube ;)
[08:24:01] <SugarCube> Hi. Another UW engine, eh? :-)
[08:24:07] <ESpynx> why not!
[08:24:19] <SugarCube> Sounds like fun.
[08:24:48] <ESpynx> I'm actually contemplating making it playable and pitching it to the OtherSide guys.
[08:28:04] <ESpynx> SugarCube: http://ecere.com/tmp/uw09.jpg
[08:28:17] <ESpynx> SugarCube: Did you work on a UW engine yourself?
[08:31:20] <SugarCube> I played around a bit with the two other UW engines here--UWAdv and LoW. I also created my own in the mid-90's, but it's long gone.
[08:31:53] <ESpynx> ah nice
[09:35:26] <ESpynx> how to get door frames to line up :P
[09:37:26] <SugarCube> Can't help with that! Also, way past my bedtime. Night :-)
[09:42:56] <ESpynx> think I sort of got them :P
[09:43:15] <ESpynx> way past mine too :S 5:42 AM... UW cloning is obsessively addictive.
[09:43:19] <ESpynx> good ngiht :)
[12:29:52] <ESpynx> I'm so addicted already :| http://ecere.com/tmp/uw10.jpg
[20:08:12] <ESpynx> http://ecere.com/tmp/uw11.jpg :) so much fun.
[20:09:48] <ESpynx> there's no object for the door itself is there? have to make it up?
[21:58:48] <ESpynx> hmm, where's the portcullis texture at? :P
[22:02:46] <ESpynx> is there one :P