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[10:18:47] <Servus_> http://www.geocities.com/russell_figowitz/images/Talorid.avi this is a _very_ rough cut of a Talorid from Underworld 2... i expect it to look tons better when I'm done... And here is a low-res copy of its texture map :) http://www.geocities.com/russell_figowitz/images/Talorid.jpg
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[23:17:59] <Coren_> OOoo! An Eldron. :-)
[23:19:02] <Eldron> hey!
[23:19:38] <Coren_> I had the first class single most boring course ever yesterday. I'm still nauseated. :-)
[23:20:41] <Coren_> (loosely translated) "Imact of Information Technology on structure of organizations."
[23:20:48] <Coren_> s/Imact/Impact/
[23:21:14] <Coren_> The whole class is crawling with little MBA-wannabes. Eeech.
[23:22:03] <Eldron> bah, I found out yesterday that I got the most boring class instead of the 3d course..
[23:22:15] <Eldron> so I'll have 5 hours of local network classes each week..
[23:22:19] <Eldron> kill me already :)
[23:22:34] <Coren_> network is fun fun fun compared to mine! I'll trade ya anytime. :-)
[23:22:59] <Eldron> I wanted to do 3d 5 hours a week in school :/
[23:23:18] <Coren_> What happened? Canceled or overbooked?
[23:23:22] <Eldron> overbooked
[23:23:38] <Eldron> seniors get in first..
[23:23:47] <Eldron> I'll have to wait until after summer
[23:26:16] <Eldron> but, I got over that little misfortune..
[23:26:41] <Eldron> I still have some freetime left to spend on such things :)
[23:28:00] * Coren_ groans.
[23:28:12] <Coren_> That Severus_ guy sure has a lot of enthusiasm.
[23:29:14] <Coren_> His models are very nice, actually, and I'll use 'em if he ever gets around to sending them to me; but I wish he could understand that I have classes, a thesis *and* a job-- which leaves me not that much free time to work on LoW.
[23:29:30] <Eldron> hehe, yea
[23:30:15] <Eldron> I just think its nice that things are moving slower here atm :) fits my schedules..
[23:35:52] <Coren_> Hey, his talorid is cool.
[23:36:15] * Coren_ isn't entirely certain how well/fast it'll render, but it sure looks purdy. :-)
[23:36:59] <Eldron> taloroid?
[23:37:02] <Eldron> talorid even
[23:37:28] <Coren_> The, erm, "people" of Talorus, one of the worlds that can be reached in UW2.
[23:37:36] <Eldron> oh :)
[23:37:42] <Eldron> I haven't seen it
[23:38:03] <Coren_> They're basically big sentient cells in a collective organism; kinda like borgs with nice attitudes.
[23:38:19] <Eldron> heh
[23:38:25] <Coren_> http://www.geocities.com/russell_figowitz/images/Talorid.jpg
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[23:39:01] <Coren_> Hey Dark-Star.
[23:39:54] <Eldron> well
[23:40:06] <Eldron> that thing looks like just a flat photoshop drawing..
[23:40:22] <Eldron> so just a particle, would render fast :)
[23:41:35] <Dark-Star> hi
[23:41:51] <Coren_> He's doing something odd with it, though, check the same url but with .avi at the end.
[23:42:02] <Eldron> yea, I did
[23:42:03] <Coren_> BEsides, I'm more interrested in his models for objects.
[23:43:07] <Coren_> I wish he could be a little less stressed out, though. He manages to be so hyper as to give me a headache over email. :-)
[23:43:51] <Eldron> lol.. he is being too intensive with the modelling
[23:46:03] <Coren_> I don't mind his intensity at modeling; he /does/ manage to model at a remarkable speed/quality ratio-- but his constant whining about how 'there is no progress' on the games is grating on my nerves. And I rather resent his remark about his 'probably having to take over programming of low'. :-/
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[23:48:03] <Eldron> thats what I ment.. he has another perspective at time, it passes with insane speeds for him..
[23:49:30] <Coren_> Hey, with the 'net we can no longer be sure of anything-- for all we know we might be moving at relativistic speeds from his frame of reference; that would explain the time difference.
[23:49:55] * Coren_ chuckles.
[23:50:00] <Eldron> makes my head hurt to think of it..
[23:50:02] * Coren_ ponders.
[23:50:13] <Coren_> That, or he's from Britain. :-)
[23:50:29] <Eldron> heh
[23:52:51] <Coren_> At any rate, I'd love to see how much time he'd still have for modeling with my work load. :-)