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[00:33:16] <SugarCube> Hm, I could imagine the door being hardcoded. I don't remember if we ever found one.
[00:33:24] <SugarCube> Make sure to find a hidden Lotus Esprit model.
[01:51:44] <ESpynx> SugarCube: turns this particular EXE I'm working with is missing the Lotus Esprit!
[01:51:51] <ESpynx> I was quite dissapointed.
[01:56:15] <ESpynx> is the portcullis an object or texture you think? :|
[03:45:35] <ESpynx> most likely a texture, but can't find it anywhere :P
[04:19:17] <SugarCube> Hmm, I'd just play the original to see about that one. I feel like it's an object.
[04:21:02] <ESpynx> SugarCube: I did take a look in the original
[04:21:12] <ESpynx> Sort of looked like a texture to me, but hard to tell :P
[04:21:17] <ESpynx> ended up taking a snapshot to display it hehe
[04:21:39] <ESpynx> though I'll have to depth sort it with the billboards to get the transparency working properly :)
[04:21:41] <ESpynx> got the doors working nicely
[04:23:01] <ESpynx> mind you, making it an object would solve that issue hehe
[04:23:06] <ESpynx> what other transparency is there in UW?
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[10:43:01] <ESpynx> http://ecere.com/tmp/uw12.jpg :P
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