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[15:20:17] <vividos> hi :)
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[15:36:25] <vividos> hi Dark-Star
[15:38:44] <Dark-Star> hi
[15:38:54] <Dark-Star> just found out about your project :)
[15:41:42] * Dark-Star is searching for his UW1+2 CD ...
[15:44:30] <vividos> :)
[15:44:53] <Dark-Star> wohoo, found it !
[15:45:17] <vividos> good luck running uwadv :)
[15:45:47] <Dark-Star> I'll try to build from CVS first :-)
[15:46:17] <vividos> good luck with that one :)
[15:46:42] <vividos> btw, I'm just about to release a source snapshot
[15:47:14] <vividos> if you want to grab that one
[15:47:46] <Dark-Star> hmm... what does the "windres" program do? it says "Bad -c option"...
[15:48:06] <Dark-Star> Darkstar@FRODO /var/src/uwadv
[15:48:07] <Dark-Star> $ make -f Makefile.mingw
[15:48:07] <Dark-Star> c++ -O2 -DHAVE_CONSOLE -Ic:/programme/mingw/include/sdl/ -Ic:/programme/mingw/s
[15:48:07] <Dark-Star> tl/stlport/ -Isource/ -Isource/lua/include/ -Isource/resource/zziplib/ -c sour
[15:48:07] <Dark-Star> ce/win32/source/main.cpp -o source/win32/source/main.o
[15:48:07] <Dark-Star> c++ -O2 -DHAVE_CONSOLE -Ic:/programme/mingw/include/sdl/ -Ic:/programme/mingw/s
[15:48:09] <Dark-Star> tl/stlport/ -Isource/ -Isource/lua/include/ -Isource/resource/zziplib/ -c sour
[15:48:11] <Dark-Star> ce/win32/source/game_win32.cpp -o source/win32/source/game_win32.o
[15:48:13] <Dark-Star> cd source/win32/source && windres -i uwadv.rc -o uwadv_res.o
[15:48:15] <Dark-Star> Bad -c option
[15:48:17] <Dark-Star> windres: no re
[15:48:36] <vividos> do you use MSYS?
[15:49:09] <Dark-Star> msys?
[15:49:32] <vividos> windres should be part of mingw32 and builds the win32 resources (icons, etc.)
[15:49:56] <vividos> MSYS is a Linux-like shell for windows
[15:50:12] <Dark-Star> no, I use cygwin + mingw.
[15:50:16] <vividos> the command lines produced by Makefile.mingw could be too long for plain ms-dos
[15:50:26] <vividos> no idea about cygwin :)
[15:51:29] <Dark-Star> hmmm... seems like the "Bad -c option" error does not come from windres, because windres is not invoked with "-c" at all...
[15:51:58] <vividos> yes
[15:52:20] <vividos> maybe the && confuses cygwin
[15:52:34] <Dark-Star> seems so. I did this step manually and it worked.
[15:52:50] <vividos> the -c option could be from the command.com ms-dos program :)
[15:53:49] <Dark-Star> now I need SDL_mixer... I'll grab SDL_image too, while I'm at it :)
[15:58:06] * Dark-Star wonders why there are no precompiled sdl_mixer/sdl_image libraries for mingw...
[15:59:29] <vividos> there should be some ...
[15:59:48] <vividos> the msvc ones seemed to work for mingw32, too :)
[16:00:33] <Dark-Star> but don't I need to rename the SDL_image.lib to libsdl_image.a or something then?
[16:00:47] <yot> d'oh
[16:00:53] <vividos> no, seemed to work for me. SDL_image isn't needed by uwadv, btw
[16:00:55] <yot> I made a cvs update
[16:01:02] <yot> now uwadv doesn't work anymore :/
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[16:01:27] <Dark-Star> ok i'll try...
[16:01:30] <vividos> hi phlask!
[16:01:45] <phlask> hi
[16:02:05] <vividos> yot: hmm, then use the source released a few minutes ago :)
[16:02:05] <phlask> I just read your mail on the ml..
[16:02:16] <vividos> was that the functionality you need?
[16:02:17] <yot> "abnormal program termination"
[16:02:21] <yot> vividos: oh :]
[16:02:44] <vividos> yot: what system do you use? self-compiled?
[16:03:25] <yot> winxp. yes
[16:03:38] <vividos> mingw32 or msvc compiled?
[16:03:49] <yot> msvc
[16:03:59] <yot> wait, i'll check the new release
[16:05:26] <vividos> hmm, recent CVS works for me. maybe you didn't update uwadv.cfg? some settings-keys were changed
[16:06:30] <vividos> msvc uses (when no other debug folder was selected) the uwadv.cfg in source/win32/, which at least has a wrong uadata path
[16:07:06] <phlask> problems again eh :)
[16:08:02] <vividos> what problems?
[16:08:36] <phlask> you tell me.. I come in here and everyone is talking about trouble building/running the latest source
[16:08:48] <vividos> no, the uadata-path in source/win32/uwadv.cfg is "./uadata" which is the correct one for mingw32 and binary dist, but the wrong one for plain msvc runs
[16:08:53] <vividos> ah ok :)
[16:09:31] <phlask> just a quick one on a different subject vividos: vividos: what you wrote in your mail regarding dyn. tables in lua won't help
[16:10:04] <Dark-Star> mingw + cygwin seems to be a little difficult to combine...
[16:10:29] <vividos> phlask: you need some sort of std::vector array, or more something like std::map (or some different thing?)
[16:10:44] <vividos> Dark-Star: that may be :)
[16:10:53] <phlask> no... just a plain array (or table in lua in this case)
[16:11:06] <phlask> creating a new table at runtime with intial values does work... but changing/adding values afterwards doesn't
[16:11:20] <Dark-Star> vividos: mingw-programs like ar, rm, make, ... won't work with cygwin. if you move them away, everything seems to work :)
[16:11:48] * Dark-Star waits for sdl-1.2.4 to complete compilation
[16:12:01] <yot> vividos
[16:12:12] <yot> where to get the newest uwadv.cfg?
[16:12:17] <vividos> Dark-Star: the mingw32 package has it's own utils, I think
[16:12:48] <vividos> change the one in the source/win32/ folder to let the uadata path point to the correct uadata folder ("../../uadata/")
[16:13:03] <yot> oki
[16:13:26] <vividos> phlask: hmm, changing values doesn't work? strange, I though that should work
[16:13:48] <phlask> I tried creating a table like this: "skills = {}", which works fine... but statements like skills[1] = "something" doesn't have the desired effect
[16:14:04] <Dark-Star> vividos: yes, they supply their own versions of the programs, but they won't work with a "./configure; make" step on cygwin because their programs don't support filenames starting with a dot for example
[16:14:07] <vividos> maybe adding doesn't work then ...
[16:14:34] <yot> nope
[16:14:37] <yot> still crashes
[16:14:45] <vividos> Dark-Star: do you use ./configure with Makefile.mingw?
[16:15:01] <vividos> yot: hmm, at what point?
[16:15:08] <phlask> hmm... wait up, I -may- have made a mistake
[16:15:20] <phlask> damn me
[16:15:37] <yot> seems to be something in sdl_mixer
[16:16:15] <vividos> what uwadv function was the last one called?
[16:16:30] <vividos> in the call stack
[16:16:58] <yot> msvc says
[16:17:06] <yot> NEL32! 77e4d756()
[16:17:06] <yot> MSVCRTD! _CxxThrowException@8 + 57 bytes
[16:17:06] <yot> ua_underworld_script_bindings::init(ua_underworld * 0x0012fdc8) line 58
[16:17:15] <yot> these are the 3 very top lines
[16:17:31] * phlask hits himself on the head with his keyboard
[16:17:42] <vividos> phlask: what was wrong?
[16:18:11] <phlask> I tried to do skills[1].name = "something" instead of skills[1] = {name = "something"}
[16:18:43] <vividos> yot: do you have a uadata/uw1/scripts/uwinit.txt file?
[16:18:57] <vividos> phlask: does it work now?
[16:18:59] <yot> yes ... but in the wrong directory :]
[16:19:13] <yot> but still the progam shouldn't crash :/
[16:19:13] <phlask> I'm glad that is cleared up... I'll post this on the ml just for the record
[16:19:27] <vividos> phlask: ok
[16:20:46] <vividos> yot: what path do you have in the uwadv.cfg for the uadata folder?
[16:21:12] <yot> ./uadata/
[16:21:25] <vividos> and the file is in source/win32/ ?
[16:21:59] <yot> yes
[16:22:03] <vividos> then ./uadata/ is the wrong one :) ../../uadata/ is the right one
[16:22:26] <yot> ah
[16:22:39] <yot> i thought it would be relative to uw1-path
[16:23:18] <vividos> ah ok
[16:23:47] <yot> but still
[16:24:01] <phlask> vididos: is there a text doc that describes all steps discussed here
[16:24:07] <yot> i think then programm shouldn't crash =) let's see what exactly causes the crash
[16:24:16] <vividos> for setting up the uwadv.cfg?
[16:24:34] <phlask> yeah and getting it up & running from the source
[16:24:55] <vividos> all infos should be in the README.*.txt files in the docs folder
[16:25:36] <vividos> ah, README.uwadv.txt is missing desc. for the uadata path
[16:25:38] <yot> hu?
[16:25:41] <yot> where is the intro :]
[16:25:49] <phlask> something which we can refer people to in the future... so we don't have to describe the process over and over again (no offence yot & Dark-star you are the first one)
[16:26:19] <vividos> that's why I wrote them :)
[16:26:29] <phlask> 'k
[16:26:30] <yot> vividos
[16:26:30] <vividos> yot: not there?
[16:26:32] <yot> where is the intro?
[16:26:34] <yot> well
[16:26:35] <yot> the one
[16:26:44] <phlask> no intro huh
[16:26:47] <phlask> cool :)
[16:27:00] <vividos> intro = introduction cutscene?
[16:27:28] <yot> no
[16:27:32] <yot> origin presents
[16:27:39] <yot> a blue sky production
[16:27:43] <yot> that's missing =)
[16:28:01] <vividos> that only appears when no savegames are available. currently it thinks there are one :)
[16:29:38] <yot> ok =)