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[16:59:41] <Coren_> Hullo, Willem!
[17:00:03] <wjp> hi
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[19:34:51] <Dominus> hey ho
[19:35:00] <Dominus> long time no be in this channel :-)
[19:35:18] <Dominus> I wanted to talk to Coren_ for a long time now
[19:36:11] <Dominus> as the first time I tried Low it crashed always for me
[19:36:26] <Dominus> but before I'll bother you I'll have to try again
[19:36:57] <wjp> in my case it was caused by data files being misplaced
[19:37:06] <Eldron> in my case.. wrong binaries..
[19:37:13] <Dominus> he he
[19:37:24] <wjp> and also some compile options which caused exceptins to break, so that I couldn't see that it was missing the data files :-)
[19:37:27] <Dominus> seems it is hard to get it working first time through
[19:37:43] <Dominus> :-)
[19:46:33] * Dominus should have looked at low.ini that it needs the path to the original...
[19:47:17] <Dominus> hmm
[19:47:25] <Dominus> still crashed right away
[19:47:34] <Dominus> Coren_: you there?
[19:50:29] <Dominus> now it worked
[19:50:37] <Dominus> looks nice
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[20:23:29] <Dominus> ?logs
[20:23:29] <exultbot> Logs are available at http://www.math.leidenuniv.nl/~wpalenst/uwadvlog.php
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[20:26:03] * Coren_ is here.
[20:26:08] <Coren_> Hello, Dominus.
[20:26:12] <Dominus> hi
[20:26:21] <Dominus> finally got low to work
[20:26:27] <Dominus> official release
[20:26:33] <Dominus> looks nice
[20:27:28] <yot> hi guys
[20:27:39] <yot> we're exchanging pics of us in scummvm atm
[20:27:47] <yot> do you have any pics of you online? :>
[20:27:54] <Dominus> me?
[20:28:05] <yot> you
[20:28:05] <yot> :>
[20:28:11] <Dominus> thousands
[20:28:14] <yot> show
[20:28:14] <yot> :>
[20:28:54] * Coren_ chuckles.
[20:29:18] <Coren_> Dominus: Like, then? What was the porblem with your initial failure?
[20:29:38] <Dominus> http://www.unet.univie.ac.at/~a9848357/htms/myself.htm
[20:29:51] <Dominus> http://www.unet.univie.ac.at/~a9848357/htms/mypics1.htm
[20:30:09] <Dark-Star> Dominus: Oh, so you're a Taurus, too :-)
[20:30:15] <Dominus> Coren_: is a P3 a 686?
[20:30:39] <yot> Dominus ???
[20:30:46] <Dominus> because I thought it is but it will only work with the 586 release
[20:30:51] <Coren_> Hrm.
[20:31:05] <yot> it's fake is it?
[20:31:22] <Coren_> Well, technically, a P3 is, yes.
[20:31:25] <Dominus> yot: what is fake?
[20:31:37] <Dominus> Coren_: so it should work?
[20:31:37] <yot> http://www.unet.univie.ac.at/~a9848357/htms/photos/haar.jpg <- this is you? :>
[20:31:44] <Coren_> And I would have expected hte -i686- binaries to work on any Intel P3.
[20:32:07] <Dominus> well always crashes
[20:32:15] <Coren_> Hrm.
[20:32:18] <Dominus> yot: yes this is me 10 years ago
[20:32:25] <yot> hehe cool
[20:32:27] * Coren_ checks the flags.
[20:32:56] <Dominus> Coren_: this is on Windows XP Pro with a Voodoo 5
[20:33:32] <Eldron> funky hair :)
[20:33:53] <Coren_> Dominus: Oddness. Looks like a code generation bug, this really really should be working.
[20:34:02] <Dominus> my nickname then was "Schaf" (german for sheep)
[20:34:17] <yot> sheep0r
[20:34:31] <Coren_> Dominus: Well, the only problem you get with the -i586- binaries is just a bit less performance.
[20:35:28] <Dominus> just tried again and it really won'T work with the i686 binary
[20:36:08] <Coren_> Dominus: That is very odd, especially since I just tried on /my/ P3 and it works fine.
[20:36:20] <Dominus> very odd
[20:36:31] <Coren_> That might be some evil interactions between some of the compile flags, a P3, and Windows.
[20:36:48] * Coren_ doesn't have windows to try.
[20:36:50] <Dominus> not too farfetched...
[20:37:02] <Dominus> I could try later on Windows ME
[20:37:42] <Coren_> Dominus: At any rate, 0.3 has gotten fairly rotten since, and still contains a number of bugs which have been fixed in CVS.
[20:38:01] <Dominus> does CVS easily compile with mingw/msys ?
[20:38:01] <Coren_> Dominus: I.e. don't spent to much effort until 0.4a
[20:38:20] <Coren_> Dominus: It compiles trivialy with cygwin; never tried with mingw.
[20:38:38] <Coren_> With luck, autoconf will cope with mingw without trouble.
[20:39:01] <Dominus> will try sometime
[20:39:25] <Dominus> also atm the server where the media files are stored seems to be down
[20:40:01] <Coren_> CVS has much goodies, too: portraits in conversations, many conversations fixed, doors lock again, buttons work, etc.
[20:40:17] * Dominus will have to try
[20:40:51] <Coren_> Because off finals, I'm probably not going to be able to to a full release before next year.
[20:41:00] * Dominus was a fan and tester of uwadv from very early one, just hasn't been since around the time you showed up here :-)
[20:42:02] <Coren_> Hrm. Yes, the box where the media files live seem to be down.
[20:42:25] <Dominus> I noticed because the zip I have seems to be corrupt a bit
[20:42:35] <Coren_> "corrupt"?
[20:42:50] <Dominus> yeah, three files don't make it out :-)
[20:43:14] <Coren_> Is your system, like, cursed or something? :)
[20:43:19] <Coren_> Which files?
[20:43:30] <Dominus> yes, cursed might be the right word
[20:44:21] <Dominus> icecaves.mp3, killornkeep.mp3, page.wav, water_flow.wav
[20:44:33] <Coren_> I wish I could put the media files on sf.
[20:44:35] <Dark-Star> Anyone know where I can get autoconf for MSYS??
[20:44:42] <Dark-Star> ...and automake?
[20:45:01] <Dominus> Coren_: yeah this would be best
[20:45:18] <Dominus> Dark-Star: I wondered that myself minutes ago
[20:45:22] <Coren_> If it's for LoW, automake is not needed, just autoconf
[20:45:49] <Dark-Star> Dominus: What's that "MSYS-DTK" that I'm currently downloading? any ideas? ;-)
[20:45:54] <Dominus> Coren_: but I can extract the files by telling winrar to keep broken files
[20:46:28] <Coren_> Dominus: I probably cannot put that on sf; there are copyright issues involved.
[20:46:49] <Dominus> Coren_: that's what I thought
[20:47:20] <Dominus> Dark-Star: Currently contains binaries wget-1.8.1
[20:47:20] <Dominus> bison-1.35
[20:47:20] <Dominus> flex-2.5.4a
[20:47:29] <Coren_> Dominus: While EA has been polite, to date, and seems to have ignored us doing rewrites, they have proven to me in the past that they are erratic and insane so I just don't trust them. :)
[20:48:01] <Dominus> Coren_: it is best not dare too much, you are right there
[20:48:05] <Coren_> What's MSYS. ?
[20:48:23] <Dominus> it's a shell frontend for mingw
[20:48:30] <Dominus> a lot like cygwin
[20:48:34] <Coren_> Aha.
[20:49:01] <Coren_> Hrm.
[20:49:19] <Coren_> Wait a minute, the media files contain nothing of dubious copyrightness.
[20:49:22] <Dark-Star> well then, I'll try to build autoconf and automake for msys myself :-/
[20:50:25] <Coren_> The 3d files do; because of the models I've "borrowed" from UO:3D, but not the media files anymore.
[20:50:28] <Dominus> Coren_: what about the mp3s
[20:51:17] <Coren_> Dominus: Those wouldn't be a problem under Canadian law.
[20:51:40] <Dark-Star> aaaaargh, msys doesn't even have perl . . .
[20:51:40] <Dominus> Dark-Star: sorry the msys-dtk does indeed have the auto* files
[20:52:02] <Dark-Star> Dominus: well, good that I didn't cancel the download then :-)
[20:52:26] <Dominus> Dark-Star: little hint in files lists on sf click on the version number to see release details :-)
[20:52:44] <Dark-Star> oh... ok :)
[20:53:15] <Dominus> my problem was that I clicked on the mingw-dtk :-)
[20:53:48] <Dominus> Coren_: I'm not sure if you should dare that, as when you put it on sf the files are located on US-servers
[20:54:16] <Dominus> so even though it might keep you from being attacked by EA it might get the project pulled from sf
[20:54:42] <Coren_> Dominus: That's moot; that might mean SF has to pull the file-- They have, to date, never pulled a project.
[20:55:11] <Dominus> well, then go for it
[20:55:33] <Dominus> 'I' won't argue too much against it :-)
[20:55:33] <Coren_> Dominus: I'll ask my lawyer first anyways. :-)
[20:56:25] <Dominus> Dark-Star: isn't it annoying that the msys stuff all needs to run an installer?
[20:56:49] <Dark-Star> Dominus: yes, I actually thought the same thing one minute ago :)
[20:57:08] <Dark-Star> automake won't run :-(
[20:57:08] <Dark-Star> $ automake
[20:57:09] <Dark-Star> Can't locate Automake/Struct.pm in @INC (@INC contains: /usr/share/automake-1.7
[20:57:13] <Dark-Star> ...
[20:58:10] * Coren_ quotes:
[20:58:14] --- yot is now known as test
[20:58:21] <Coren_> " If it's for LoW, automake is not needed, just autoconf "
[20:58:50] * Dark-Star doesn't want to compile LoW *g*
[20:59:03] <Coren_> Ah.
[20:59:07] * Coren_ grins.
[20:59:47] <Dark-Star> actually I'm trying to compile exult :-)
[21:00:11] <Coren_> Exult is cool too. You are therefore forgiven. :)
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[21:00:18] <Dominus> with automake ?
[21:00:29] <Dark-Star> Dominus: yep
[21:00:30] <Dominus> why not just with make?
[21:00:35] <Dark-Star> hmmm...
[21:00:52] <Dark-Star> well, I *could* try that ...
[21:00:53] * Dominus points to readme.win32
[21:01:02] <Dark-Star> but why doesn't automake work in MSys??
[21:01:28] * Dark-Star is so very used to "sh ./autogen.sh; ./configure; make"
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[21:02:17] --- test is now known as yot
[21:04:29] <Dark-Star> Can I safely insert "-march=athlon" into the Makefile? Or is that known not to work?
[21:07:45] * Dominus doesn't know
[21:08:03] * Dark-Star will try it out
[21:12:20] <Dominus> Coren_: how does one use autoconf normally (as it won't work in msys)
[21:12:41] <Coren_> 'autoconf'
[21:12:43] * Dominus is not accoustomed to this at all
[21:12:48] <Dominus> he he
[21:13:26] <Dominus> doesn't work but that is more likely a problem with msys :-)
[21:13:46] <Coren_> Dominus: just run autoconf while in the directory where configure.ac is.
[21:13:51] <Coren_> Dominus: how does it fail?
[21:14:06] <Dark-Star> Dominus: It's certainly a problem with MSys, because automake won't work, too :-((
[21:14:19] <Dominus> Can't locate Autom4te/General.pm in @INC (and so on...)
[21:14:37] <Dark-Star> hehe that's almost the same problem as with Automake . . .
[21:14:48] <Dark-Star> seems there are some critical files missing . . .
[21:15:03] <Coren_> Hmmm. Well, you guys seem to be missing all of the support files for both tools.
[21:15:55] <Dominus> I'm going to look at the usenet server news.gmane.org to see if there is a solution in one of the mingw groups
[21:15:59] <Dark-Star> Coren_: the problem is clearly not on our side ;-)
[21:16:13] <Dominus> Coren_: more than likely they are there, just nothing points to them :-)
[21:16:31] <Dominus> or Dark-Star is right and it is all your fault :-)
[21:16:50] <Dark-Star> Dominus: Well, actually I was referring to the MSys folks . . .
[21:17:11] <Dominus> (I waited for you to say something like that)
[21:17:31] * Coren_ chuckles
[21:18:25] * Dominus is reading the docs of msys-dtk fno to see if there is something obvious (like reading the manual :-)
[21:29:56] <Dark-Star> -march=athlon seems to work... the binary is even a bit smaller than the one from the snapshot :)
[21:30:23] <Dark-Star> the only problem is that it stops all other audio output while running (i.e. winamp)
[21:31:49] <Dominus> works for me
[21:32:13] <Dark-Star> Dominus: which winamp output plugin do you use?
[21:32:49] <Dominus> crossfading direct sound
[21:33:10] <Dominus> I'd expect the wave_out to stop working with exult
[21:33:46] <Dominus> no, that worked as well
[21:34:45] <Dominus> if you have /config/audio/force_waveout in your exult.cfg delete that section
[21:35:00] <Dominus> not longer needed with latest sdl
[21:35:16] * Dominus should remember to scratch that from the FAQ
[21:37:01] <Dominus> Dark-Star: in gmame.comp.gnu.mingw.msys there is discussion about automate that might be about our problem but I don't understand what they are talking about
[21:40:03] <Dark-Star> Dominus: I don't have force_waveout... and I'm also using the Direct Sound plugin (v2.1.5 SSRC)
[21:40:19] <Dominus> hmm...
[21:59:36] --- Dark-Star is now known as Dark-Star|afk
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[22:15:51] <vividos> hi
[22:16:13] <Dominus> hi
[22:27:28] * vividos is playing uwadv a bit
[22:28:57] <Coren_> Eating your own dogfood, huh? :)
[22:29:01] <Eldron> heh
[22:29:07] <Coren_> Rotworm stew, as it were. :)
[22:30:14] <vividos> yeah, conversations are rather nice, seeing what flags are set when you answer some rude questions :)
[22:30:27] * Coren_ chuckles.
[22:30:43] <Coren_> I got portraits in CVS now.
[22:31:00] * Coren_ updates to the latest uwadv
[22:31:14] <vividos> npc_gtarg = 1
[22:31:14] <vividos> npc_goal = 0005
[22:31:22] <vividos> npc is getting angry :)
[22:31:47] <Coren_> Urp? What does it mean when CVS update reports 'P' on a file?
[22:31:55] <Coren_> P source/conv/codevm.cpp
[22:32:07] <vividos> P is replaced file with newer one, I guess
[22:32:20] <Coren_> That should be 'U'
[22:32:43] <vividos> don't know exactly
[22:33:04] <Coren_> Aiiie!
[22:33:21] <Coren_> What happened? Whole directories moved?
[22:33:28] <vividos> yes :)
[22:34:01] <Coren_> Oh, god. You *really* should have done that repository-side.
[22:34:15] <vividos> imagine that support request
[22:34:42] <Coren_> cvs has lots and lots and lots of bugs and caveats with fucking with diretories.
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[22:34:52] --> Dominus has joined #uwadv
[22:35:05] <vividos> how do you mean that?
[22:35:51] <Coren_> Well, frankly, I don't know which bug(s) are left. But renaming/moving directories tickles every cvs bug that exist.
[22:36:14] <Coren_> IIRC; the one this that is sure: never, ever reuse the name for anything else.
[22:36:16] <vividos> yeah, could possibly be. you also would have to edit stuff in the CVS folder files
[22:37:21] <Coren_> Hm. autoreconf is very noisy.
[22:37:40] <Coren_> source/resource/zziplib/Makefile.am:1: `CFLAGS' is a user variable, you should not override it;
[22:37:40] <Coren_> source/resource/zziplib/Makefile.am:1: use `AM_CFLAGS' instead.
[22:37:43] <Coren_> etc
[22:37:53] <Coren_> autoreconf: automake failed with exit status: 1
[22:38:19] <Coren_> Oh, well. Can't see the version in cvs. :(
[22:39:21] <Dominus> vividos: make: *** No rule to make target `source/font.o', needed by `uwadv.exe'. Stop.
[22:39:23] --- Dark-Star|afk is now known as Dark-Star
[22:39:45] <vividos> huh?
[22:40:15] <vividos> Dominus: do you have the font.cpp file in the source folder?
[22:40:24] <Dominus> $ make -e -f makefile.mingw update
[22:40:25] <Dominus> make: *** No rule to make target `source/font.o', needed by `uwadv.exe'. Stop.
[22:40:41] <Dominus> yep, have it there
[22:40:45] <vividos> hmm
[22:43:01] <vividos> why do you specify -e ?
[22:43:35] <vividos> -e: Environment variables override makefiles.
[22:44:09] <Dominus> so that my overrides for stuff like uwadv path get taken so I don't have to edit the makefile everytime
[22:44:50] <vividos> ah ok; but could set some other vars as CFLAGS, too, maybe
[22:45:21] <Dominus> only if I have something else in my env it gets overriden
[22:48:59] <vividos> hmm strange
[22:49:25] <vividos> did you use the mentioned dtk version of msys?
[22:49:35] <Dominus> yes
[22:50:16] <vividos> I couldn't reproduce with latest CVS and msys 1.7 (guess)
[22:50:48] <Dominus> there is a final 1.08 msys version now
[22:51:57] <Dominus> uninstalled msysdtk and it still hangs
[22:51:57] <-- vividos has left IRC (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
[22:52:20] <Dominus> Dark-Star: does it work for you?
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[22:53:44] <vividos> just sent my os to silicon nirvana by killing some process "totally unrelated to uwadv debugging" :)
[22:54:01] <Dominus> he he
[22:55:32] <Dominus> anyway, I wrote that there is a final 1.08 version of Msys I'm running and that I uninstalled msysdtk
[22:55:56] <vividos> ah then I meant 1.07
[22:56:45] <vividos> really strange; the error normally appears when the file is not there
[22:57:29] <Dominus> I could try installing msys 1.07 and see if it is related to that
[22:57:31] <vividos> Coren_: about that autoreconf problem: sorry, don't know much about that, maybe wjp knows more
[22:57:36] <vividos> I don't think
[22:58:42] <vividos> maybe getting a clean cvs helps, but I don't know anything more to do
[23:03:01] <Dominus> checking out the whole cvs again
[23:04:37] <Dominus> ok, that helped
[23:08:29] <Dominus> vividos: I found someone who wanted to sell me the Playstation port of UW
[23:08:46] <Dominus> only he wanted US-$ 130.00 for it
[23:10:40] <Dominus> a little bit too much
[23:12:51] <vividos> yes
[23:13:36] <vividos> try to haggle him down by mentioning the uwadv project :)
[23:14:21] <Dominus> won't work
[23:14:29] <Dominus> he is a bit uptight
[23:14:44] <vividos> that's bad
[23:15:05] <Dominus> he had it up for auction on ebay but with a reserve and as it was not met he got to keep it
[23:15:18] <Dominus> I then contected him and he said I should make an offer
[23:15:58] <Dominus> I wrote I would take it for 70.00 and he replied then he would rather keep it
[23:16:09] <vividos> hmm, he probably shouldn't have put the auction up in the first place
[23:16:34] <Dominus> I think he wanted to test how much people woul pay for it
[23:17:26] <vividos> I think people who just cancel an auction for some reasons should be marked or something
[23:17:44] <Dominus> the problem is he didn't cancel it
[23:18:01] <Dominus> he put in a reserve and if that is not met he gets to keep it
[23:18:47] <Dominus> so if you want to test how much something would go for you can set a reserve of 500.00 and if it gets met the better :-)
[23:20:23] <vividos> that feature must be new to ebay
[23:20:35] <vividos> at least I didn't saw that yet
[23:20:45] <Dominus> saw a lot recently
[23:20:50] <vividos> s/saw/see
[23:21:02] <Dominus> you can make the reserve hidden or so people can see it
[23:21:26] <Dominus> the fee ebay gets is higher when you have reserve
[23:23:05] <vividos> ah, should check that some time
[23:23:08] <vividos> gtg, bye!
[23:23:29] <-- vividos has left IRC ("Leaving")
[23:31:19] <Dominus> damn, wanted to ask him how to initialize conversations...