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[16:42:04] <vividos> hi
[17:05:07] <yot> hi
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[19:05:52] <vividos> re
[19:06:29] <wjp> hi
[19:06:47] <vividos> started with wxWindows today. first exe was 2MB big :)
[19:07:00] <wjp> stripped?
[19:07:08] <vividos> no :)
[19:07:14] <vividos> with debugging stuff and all symbols
[19:07:21] <wjp> very small, in that case
[19:07:32] <wjp> (exult is 19Mb unstripped :-) )
[19:07:35] <vividos> hehe
[19:07:48] <vividos> the release build was around 400 kb
[19:08:48] <vividos> the bad thing: the linker doesn't throw out many things. e.g. winsock supprt, ole stuff (which is really not needed for that)
[19:09:20] * wjp wonders how big linux binaries will be
[19:09:22] <vividos> and #wxwindows is really quiet
[19:09:45] <vividos> do you want some short example to try out?
[19:10:15] <wjp> sure
[19:11:50] <vividos> just a moment, have to get it to work again :)
[19:13:15] <vividos> hope dcc works
[19:14:39] <wjp> hm, I should pay attention to my dcc dialogs :-)
[19:15:29] <wjp> either I was too late or it isn't working
[19:15:49] <vividos> could be because of the router here. I send it per mail
[19:18:21] <vividos> mail sent
[19:18:43] <vividos> hope you have the compiled wx libs
[19:18:54] <wjp> yeah
[19:19:05] <wjp> built them some time ago for audacity
[19:19:31] <vividos> was a bit hairy to build them. the dll's refused to build at all
[19:20:11] <vividos> hmm, mail bounced. I used wjp@users.sourceforge.net
[19:20:30] <wjp> wjpalenstijn
[19:20:36] <vividos> d'oh! :)
[19:20:41] <wjp> wjp was in use :/
[19:20:48] <wjp> (although apparently it's free again?)
[19:29:10] <vividos> mail should be out now
[19:29:27] <wjp> yup, just got it
[19:30:53] <wjp> menu doesn't seem to be working
[19:32:10] <wjp> 24Kb :-)
[19:32:22] <wjp> (dynamically linked, though, of course :-) )
[19:37:46] <vividos> I didn't add the event handling yet
[19:41:19] <wjp> ah, it's working then :-)
[19:42:29] <vividos> the tutorial I found is pretty good
[19:42:45] <vividos> http://www.braem17.yucom.be/download/wxWindows/wxTutorial.pdf
[19:48:55] <vividos> 24kb? is it linked against the shared lib?
[19:49:12] <wjp> yeah
[20:01:10] <vividos> no more time to try around, but it seems wx is a nice lib
[20:12:21] <vividos> ok have to go. bye!
[20:12:48] <wjp> bye
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