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[19:07:39] <LS> :)
[19:39:53] <Dragst_> zomg
[19:40:13] <LS> huh
[19:40:17] <LS> people are actualy alive here?
[19:40:22] <wjp> sure :-)
[19:40:24] <Dragst_> naah
[19:40:25] <Dragst_> ;)
[19:40:33] <LS> tought u people was long gone dead :D
[19:40:36] <Dragst_> I'm just a ghost of a music guy who speaks 1 sentence in 6 months
[19:40:46] <LS> thats ur 4th
[19:40:54] <LS> :3
[19:41:17] <wjp> He'll just have to be silent for 2 years to restore the average ;-)
[19:41:34] <LS> :D
[19:42:03] <Dragst_> shit
[19:42:03] <Dragst_> :D
[19:42:08] <LS> well what are you people up to?
[19:42:31] <Dragst_> I'm finishing my our company's first game elsewhere
[19:42:48] <Dragst_> kind of waiting what's going to be with this uwadv so I can do rest of the arrangements :P
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[19:42:56] <LS> your thems companys first game?
[19:43:51] <Dragst_> thems?
[19:44:02] <wjp> "my our" -> "your their"
[19:44:10] <LS> yes yes me english bad see :P
[19:44:10] <Dragst_> haha
[19:44:31] <Dragst_> as wjp pointed out, you're certainly not alone ;)
[19:44:43] <wjp> vividos has been doing some code restructuring this month
[19:44:47] <LS> :S
[19:44:48] <Dragst_> http://www.draconus.com/games/triplane2/
[19:44:49] <Dragst_> this one
[19:45:09] <LS> what kind of game is dat
[19:45:26] <LS> screenshots makes little senceness
[19:45:53] <LS> doesnt seem to be any mig29s planes in it either
[19:45:59] <Dragst_> only because it's not any regular genre, as-in RTS or FPS
[19:46:05] <Dragst_> it's a "2d" game with 3d gfx
[19:46:09] <LS> :O
[19:46:13] <LS> 3d gfx!!
[19:46:30] <LS> so whats the game about?
[19:46:34] <LS> why would i want to play it
[19:47:00] <Dragst_> 'cause it rocks ass ;)
[19:47:05] <LS> hmh?
[19:47:22] <LS> does it have mig29s and stuff?
[19:48:00] <Dragst_> .... are you sure WW1 had migs? ;)
[19:48:08] <LS> hmm
[19:48:14] <LS> oh so its post modern game?
[19:48:16] <Dragst_> it's easier if you read the pages before asking questions ;)
[19:48:21] <Dragst_> no :D
[19:48:25] <Dragst_> it's World War 1
[19:48:26] <LS> huh
[19:48:42] <LS> but theres advanced age aircrafts too?
[19:48:52] <Dragst_> uhh... NO :D
[19:48:54] <LS> whit locking missiles heatseekers and active radar missiles
[19:49:01] <LS> why
[19:49:12] <LS> im pro pilot in newer aircraft simulators
[19:49:18] <Dragst_> you have to think that yourself :o
[19:49:19] <Dragst_> :D
[19:49:37] <LS> proof
[19:50:57] <Dragst_> I don't question your skillz, only your reasoning that you need to actually ask why a World War 1 (i.e. 1910-1920) game doesn't have any high-tech shit :D
[19:51:21] <LS> so how do you hit stuff?
[19:51:31] <wjp> aim? :-)
[19:51:37] <LS> huh
[19:51:40] <LS> lock on?
[19:51:49] <LS> aim-bot?
[19:52:00] <Dragst_> so I see your "proof" is flying up-side down :D
[19:52:25] <Dragst_> ok sorry but this is retarded :D
[19:52:26] <LS> huh
[19:52:30] <LS> my instruments were broken
[19:52:34] <LS> i landed whit broken engines there
[19:53:36] <Dragst_> which is hardly the issue
[19:53:37] <Dragst_> s
[19:53:39] <Dragst_> löaskdgflödakgopkd
[19:53:42] <Dragst_> issue, sorry
[19:53:43] <LS> anyhowwaynes
[19:53:50] <LS> when can i try that dos game
[19:53:50] <Dragst_> how old are you? do you know any history at all?
[19:53:54] <LS> 16 :)
[19:53:54] <Dragst_> any military history?
[19:54:00] <Dragst_> figures ;)
[19:54:02] <LS> no military
[19:54:03] <Dragst_> it's not a dos game
[19:54:08] <Dragst_> don't make rough guesses
[19:54:12] <LS> :S
[19:54:19] <LS> werent 3dfx dos?
[19:54:25] <Dragst_> ahem
[19:54:31] <Dragst_> 3d Gfx
[19:54:33] * LS is obviusly scratching her nose*
[19:54:39] <Dragst_> which is an abbreviation of 3d graphics
[19:54:47] <LS> oh i see
[19:54:49] <LS> open gl?
[19:54:54] <Dragst_> dx8 actually
[19:54:55] <LS> direct x?
[19:55:06] <LS> :) see iam good at guessing
[19:55:21] <Dragst_> no you ain't, you only had 2 possibilities and you guessed wrong ;)
[19:55:28] <LS> did not
[19:55:34] <LS> somhow direct x and open gl is connected
[19:56:17] <Dragst_> oh really? both are 3d APIs, and that's about it
[19:56:27] <LS> ha, so you admit iam right
[19:56:35] <Dragst_> a bit same as saying airplanes and cars are connected, yeah, they are both vechiles
[19:56:42] * wjp is going running for a bit; be back later
[19:56:44] <Dragst_> naah, you're just being delusional ;)
[19:56:49] <LS> so how does the game work?
[19:56:56] <Dragst_> wjp: take care, I'm running fast and far soon too :D
[19:57:04] <Dragst_> it works fine ;)
[19:57:09] <Dragst_> it's just not done yet
[19:57:39] <LS> hmh
[19:57:49] <LS> but screenshots are suggesting its done
[19:58:04] <LS> the only thing missing is the gravity pull towards ground in game?
[19:58:18] <LS> gravity vs engine pull
[19:59:17] <Dragst_> you have no idea what you are talking about, just wait and try the game when it's released (as shareware)
[19:59:24] <Dragst_> I'm off to do something less-retarded :P
[19:59:30] <LS> like what?
[19:59:33] <LS> counter strike?
[20:00:31] * LS pokes Dragst_ *
[20:01:36] <LS> ^~,~^
[20:02:56] <LS> :(
[20:04:48] * LS is obviusly Dragst_ user info...
[20:05:40] <Dragst_> counter-strike :DDD
[20:05:46] <Dragst_> oh please, that is THE retardeness :)
[20:05:53] <Dragst_> out of curiosity, where are you from?
[20:05:56] <Dragst_> country-wise, that is
[20:05:59] <LS> norway
[20:06:13] <Dragst_> I'm from Finland, btw
[20:06:16] <LS> what games arnt the retardedness?
[20:06:50] <LS> sorry about that clicking around on msn
[20:06:52] <LS> er mirc that is
[20:08:00] <LS> is there any game you like?
[20:09:46] <Dragst_> sure, tons of but they aren't any main-stream shite like CS :)
[20:10:08] <LS> :O
[20:10:14] <LS> well i dont officaly play css
[20:10:17] <LS> or cs that is
[20:10:24] <LS> i play a half life mod called the spesialist modness
[20:10:34] <Dragst_> cool
[20:10:40] <LS> i know
[20:10:55] <LS> so any cool games you play?
[20:11:04] <Dragst_> yes, still, as I said about a minute ago
[20:11:13] <LS> well wat game that is?
[20:11:32] <LS> i didnt hear you mention any
[20:12:30] <Dragst_> ikaruga / DC, Vietiful Joe / GC, Guitar Hero / PS2, Civilization IV / PC, Space Rangers II / PC, Prince of Persia II / PS2, Motorama / PC, Naruto II & III / PS2, DDR / PC, Swat 4 / PC
[20:12:34] <LS> :O
[20:12:41] <LS> lets see most of them i havent played
[20:12:53] <Dragst_> and tons of older emulator games
[20:12:55] <LS> probebly most of them arnt multiplayer
[20:12:59] <Dragst_> I'm huge fan of jap-shooters
[20:13:02] <Dragst_> none
[20:13:05] <LS> jap shoters?
[20:13:14] <LS> you like shoting japanese people?
[20:13:14] <Dragst_> I don't play multiplayers more than randomly
[20:13:17] <Dragst_> japanese shooters
[20:13:22] <Dragst_> a.k.a. bullet-hell games
[20:13:28] <LS> :S
[20:13:30] <Dragst_> find yourself images of Ikaruga and you know
[20:13:32] <Dragst_> or maybe not
[20:13:34] <Dragst_> D:
[20:13:35] <Dragst_> :D
[20:13:36] <LS> hm
[20:13:52] * LS boots up altavista image search
[20:14:02] <Dragst_> ok but really I'm going away so if you have any lasts words it's time for them now
[20:14:02] * LS obviusly
[20:14:07] <LS> waait
[20:14:10] <LS> what are you gona play?
[20:14:17] <Dragst_> guitar hero
[20:14:23] <Dragst_> what's it to you? ;)
[20:14:33] <LS> was kinda hopeing for a multiplayer game that is
[20:14:41] <Dragst_> sih
[20:14:43] <Dragst_> sigh
[20:14:44] <LS> Ikaga game seem like a space shoter
[20:14:46] <Dragst_> I just told you I don't play 'em
[20:14:52] <LS> i noticed :(
[20:15:19] <Dragst_> it's not :(, it's :)
[20:15:34] <LS> hm
[20:15:39] <Dragst_> multiplayer games are only people who can't play anything else ;)
[20:15:50] <LS> well im probebly in wrong mirc channel, i was just ending up here cus of underworld :S
[20:15:58] <LS> random altavista search
[20:16:10] <LS> one thing lead to another ended up in bed whit laptop
[20:16:23] <Dragst_> ;)
[20:16:34] <Dragst_> I was only half-joking
[20:16:38] <Dragst_> of course
[20:16:39] <LS> huh
[20:16:42] <Dragst_> that should have been obvious ;)
[20:16:54] <LS> i cant play single player games
[20:16:56] <LS> more than one time
[20:17:08] <LS> replay value for most games i play drop to zero
[20:17:32] <LS> unless they are multiplayer
[20:17:35] <Dragst_> you're just playing wrong games then
[20:17:48] <LS> iv probebly played them all
[20:17:55] <Dragst_> RIGHT :D
[20:17:55] <LS> iv tried all them fancy mmorpgs
[20:18:02] <LS> but they are mostly just all level pk
[20:18:04] <LS> and thats it
[20:18:12] <Dragst_> pretty much from a guy who just said he hasn't played 9 of 10 games I told him that I play :)
[20:18:27] <LS> huh
[20:18:43] <LS> only mmorpg that was good was ultima online
[20:18:52] <Dragst_> it's still multiplayer
[20:18:54] <LS> reson i was looking all the way back in history of ultimagames
[20:19:00] <LS> ultima underworld
[20:19:03] <Dragst_> ultima underworld is lovely
[20:19:10] <LS> i was amazed of it
[20:19:15] <LS> even female characters
[20:19:39] <LS> diffeculty game tought
[20:19:47] <LS> controlls are rather impossible
[20:19:57] <LS> and setting up dos is even more impossible
[20:20:07] <LS> probeblem whit that conventional memory
[20:22:24] <Dragst_> naah
[20:22:28] <Dragst_> it's relatively simple
[20:22:53] <Dragst_> ok time to go, bye
[20:22:56] <LS> if i add any drivers to get access to network, cd rom, mouse, sound ect i get below the nessessary ammount
[20:23:40] <LS> Type of Memory Total = Used + Free
[20:23:40] <LS> ---------------- ---------- ---------- ----------
[20:23:40] <LS> Conventional 655 360 128 544 526 816
[20:27:14] <LS> Name Total = Conventional + Upper Memory
[20:27:14] <LS> -------- ---------------- ---------------- ----------------
[20:27:14] <LS> COMMAND 2 928 (3K) 2 928 (3K) 0 (0K)
[20:27:14] <LS> PROTMAN 400 (0K) 400 (0K) 0 (0K)
[20:27:14] <LS> DC21X4 41 584 (41K) 41 584 (41K) 0 (0K)
[20:27:15] <LS> NDISHLP 1 440 (1K) 1 440 (1K) 0 (0K)
[20:27:17] <LS> SMARTDRV 29 024 (28K) 29 024 (28K) 0 (0K)
[20:27:19] <LS> KEYB 6 944 (7K) 6 944 (7K) 0 (0K)
[20:27:21] <LS> Free 526 816 (514K) 526 816 (514K) 0 (0K)
[20:27:26] <LS> :3
[20:27:45] <LS> brb
[20:43:25] * LS is obviusly running Win NEW TECHNOLOGY 3.1
[21:22:38] <wjp> the trick is to not load the drivers you don't strictly need to play the game
[21:22:49] <LS> exacly
[21:22:54] <wjp> (of course, this varied from game to game :-) )
[21:22:56] <LS> but thats not possible
[21:23:04] <LS> i need a ultimate super duper setup
[21:23:12] <LS> to have tons of conventional memory
[21:23:38] <LS> DC21X4 41 568 (41K) 41 568 (41K) 0 (0K)
[21:23:45] <LS> thats obviusly the one useing the most
[21:24:09] <wjp> hm, why do you need a network?
[21:24:28] <LS> hmm how else are i gona be on the internett
[21:24:55] <wjp> ah, that's actually the machine you're on now?
[21:25:18] <wjp> one good thing about 1993 in that respect was that there was no internet to be on:-)
[21:25:25] <LS> :P
[21:25:36] <LS> well you must build based on what shud be possible, no?
[21:25:41] <LS> 650k isnt enough
[21:25:46] <LS> especialy if one game takes all of it
[21:25:49] <wjp> 640
[21:25:54] <LS> and cd roms does exist back then?
[21:26:02] <LS> along whit sound drivers?
[21:26:04] <LS> and mouses?
[21:26:11] <LS> and all those cant run while running a game, no?
[21:26:18] <wjp> cdroms were a couple of years older
[21:26:18] <LS> 1+1=2
[21:26:23] <LS> anyhowwayness
[21:26:30] <LS> you see me point
[21:26:35] <wjp> s/older/later/
[21:26:38] <LS> and why is a: supported when i start up
[21:26:40] <LS> but not cd rom
[21:26:51] <LS> and why cant i just replace disk whit cd
[21:27:21] <LS> ok 1 sec
[21:27:52] <LS> lemme get this from start
[21:27:58] <wjp> what OS exactly are you running?
[21:28:00] <LS> booting from 6.22 disk
[21:28:03] <LS> right now
[21:28:05] <LS> setting up ms dos
[21:28:21] <LS> modefying contry and keyboard layout to norway
[21:28:22] <LS> wher iam
[21:28:41] <LS> disk 1 install disk 2 install disk 3 install there
[21:28:49] <LS> never used disk 4
[21:28:52] <LS> dunno wat its for
[21:29:19] <LS> ok so far so good
[21:29:53] <LS> Starting MS-DOS...
[21:29:53] <LS> HIMEM is testing extended memory...done.
[21:29:53] <LS> C:\>C:\DOS\SMARTDRV.EXE /X
[21:29:53] <LS> MODE prepare code page function completed
[21:29:53] <LS> MODE select code page function completed
[21:29:54] <LS> C:\>
[21:29:59] <wjp> I'm a bit confused about your computer setup; you have two in front of you right now?
[21:30:13] <LS> yes yes and yes
[21:30:31] <LS> Desktop, laptop, workstation, server, you name it anyway
[21:30:40] <LS> were worring about getting dos to use minimum conventional memory now
[21:30:47] <LS> we see a c:\>
[21:30:57] <LS> obviusly first thing to write is edit config.sys
[21:31:37] <LS> this is wats in it
[21:31:38] <LS> DOS=HIGH
[21:31:38] <LS> COUNTRY=047,,C:\DOS\COUNTRY.SYS
[21:31:40] <LS> FILES=30
[21:32:11] <LS> of corse the more lines the more bytes this file take makeing the dos one bigger bit by bit and byte by byte
[21:32:16] <LS> of corse not the biggest difference
[21:32:32] <LS> run a mem /c /p to view memory sheet
[21:32:53] <LS> SMARTDRV 29 024 (28K) 29 024 (28K) 0 (0K)
[21:33:01] <LS> obviusly useing most even more than msdos
[21:33:16] <LS> nothing is useing upper memory
[21:33:47] <LS> that is a problem
[21:33:56] <wjp> wasn't there something called loadhi?
[21:34:05] <LS> devicehigh
[21:34:10] <LS> or lh in autoexec.bat
[21:34:32] <LS> but we got a problem we cant just start off whit loading high
[21:34:33] <wjp> it's been ages since I last worked with dos
[21:34:35] <LS> Type of Memory Total = Used + Free
[21:34:35] <LS> ---------------- ---------- ---------- ----------
[21:34:35] <LS> Conventional 654 336 63 152 591 184
[21:34:35] <LS> Upper 0 0 0
[21:34:35] <LS> Reserved 0 0 0
[21:34:36] <LS> Extended (XMS) 40 894 464 2 162 688 38 731 776
[21:34:38] <LS> ---------------- ---------- ---------- ----------
[21:34:40] <LS> Total memory 41 548 800 2 225 840 39 322 960
[21:34:42] <LS> cus there IS NO HIGH or upper memory
[21:35:10] <wjp> nowadays I typically use dosbox (dosbox.sf.net) for running DOS programs
[21:35:21] <LS> piff, dosbox is for pussys
[21:35:35] <LS> beside it wont emulate sound quality and all that
[21:36:16] <LS> anyway goal is to get most conventional now
[21:36:28] <LS> and then figure out how one can get the 9mb game over to the c:\
[21:36:49] <wjp> hm, was emm386 required for devicehigh/lh?
[21:36:55] <LS> yes you are correct
[21:37:32] <LS> EMM386 EXE 120 926 31.05.94 6:22
[21:37:32] <LS> 1 file(s) 120 926 bytes
[21:37:42] <LS> currently in c:\dos
[21:38:03] <LS> iam useing dos 6.22 so i dunno if theres a newer version
[21:38:10] <LS> but anyway lets add it for now
[21:38:27] <LS> it must run after himen.sys right?
[21:38:32] <wjp> yeah
[21:39:19] <LS> i got a server so i can probebly share you a VNC client to controll a dos mashine for just you :P
[21:39:29] <LS> but that can wait
[21:40:21] <LS> hmm actualy that might be a good idea if u got vnc then u can see what i see :P, but that take time setup
[21:40:51] <LS> aneways
[21:40:52] <LS> DEVICE=C:\DOS\EMM386.EXE
[21:40:52] <LS> DOS=HIGH
[21:40:52] <LS> COUNTRY=047,,C:\DOS\COUNTRY.SYS
[21:40:56] <LS> FILES=30
[21:40:59] <LS> i put emm386 in config.sys file
[21:41:10] <LS> under himen.sys
[21:41:22] <wjp> yeah, that should be right
[21:41:31] <LS> dunno if setver is nessessary at all
[21:41:38] <wjp> depending on the game you might need a 'noems' switch to emm386
[21:41:50] <wjp> some of them didn't like EMS
[21:41:57] <LS> uh hu
[21:42:05] <wjp> hm, not sure what setver does
[21:42:07] <LS> well wat game do you suggest we try
[21:42:24] <LS> Displays the version table and sets the version of DOS that is reported to programs.
[21:42:31] <LS> thats what it says in help file
[21:42:48] <LS> dunno if thats realy important
[21:43:01] <wjp> "Setver is used to imitate the version of DOS in case an application was unable to run because of a newer version of MS-DOS.", apparently
[21:43:51] <LS> well i cant say if 3.11 is unable to run due that if were gona install that and setup network and stuff maybe place all 3.11 mashines under a 3.1 nt :P
[21:44:00] <LS> but i dont think i can install a 3.1 nt
[21:44:15] <LS> remember i got one of them unsupported prossessor last time i tried
[21:44:26] <wjp> what kind of hardware are you running this on?
[21:44:28] <LS> 4.0 worked but that looks too mutch like win 95 and i get fast confused
[21:44:48] <LS> well that copy of dos is running under prossessor 4 on my server
[21:44:57] <LS> 2ghz
[21:45:07] <LS> shared it 40 mb ram since thats what dos can take
[21:45:14] <wjp> under processor 40? some kind of virtualization setup?
[21:45:16] <wjp> s/40/4/
[21:45:17] <LS> got 200mb disk connected to it at 10.000 rpm
[21:45:33] <LS> no under prossessor 4
[21:45:39] <LS> 8 prossessor mothercard
[21:45:58] <LS> runs uninterupted by other
[21:46:24] <wjp> heh, you have some serious hardware :-)
[21:46:36] <LS> iam deaf, therefor handicapped i require special care ^,6
[21:47:04] * wjp looks at his poor single athlon 1800
[21:47:12] <LS> athlons are pretty good
[21:47:28] <wjp> it gets the job done for now :-)
[21:47:30] <LS> but from what i know its not a good idea to buy any hardware for any pcs
[21:47:41] <LS> first of all everyone soon gota replace all hardware and stuff
[21:47:50] <LS> when optical prossessors and cards incide computer comes
[21:48:00] <LS> no heat emission, faster ect
[21:48:12] <LS> more space for cpu no space for fans :P
[21:48:28] <LS> exept for power fan but its nessessary to run all the laser diods
[21:49:01] <LS> ne ways
[21:49:23] <LS> SETVER 480 (0K) 480 (0K) 0 (0K)
[21:49:41] <LS> setver isnt a problem its not useing even a 1k of the 650 :)
[21:50:16] <wjp> 640, but, yeah, setver is not too large it seems :-)
[21:50:37] <LS> 480 bytes :P
[21:51:10] <LS> smart drv is useing 29.024bytes
[21:51:12] <LS> aka 29kb
[21:51:12] <wjp> probably just hooking into a dos version interrupt handler or something
[21:51:20] <LS> yes
[21:51:33] <wjp> highmem available now?
[21:51:37] <LS> but lets restart and see if anything changed after emm386
[21:52:06] <LS> EMM386 9 392 (9K) 9 392 (9K) 0 (0K)
[21:52:14] <LS> well now its running, but i dont see any upper memory
[21:52:28] <LS> but theres 33mb of ems
[21:53:00] <LS> at the DOS=high line in config.sys
[21:53:07] <LS> we can probebly add something there to set it to upper
[21:53:46] <LS> DOS=HIGH,UMB me thinks
[21:54:15] <wjp> I'd also try the NOEMS parameter to EMM386
[21:54:32] <LS> hmm, isnt there a way to set max ems on emm386
[21:54:37] <LS> in stead of turning it off completely
[21:54:55] <LS> theres like 33mb in ems, if one reduces it by 23mb it be ok
[21:55:01] <wjp> it might be that it needs to use high memory to map EMS into the first 1024K without NOEMS
[21:55:14] <LS> oh
[21:55:39] <LS> so place dos high + umb before emm386?
[21:56:13] <LS> swapping plases now
[21:56:37] <LS> didt seem to add any upper memory
[21:56:43] <LS> Memory Summary:
[21:56:43] <LS>
[21:56:43] <LS> Type of Memory Total = Used + Free
[21:56:43] <LS> ---------------- ---------- ---------- ----------
[21:56:43] <LS> Conventional 655 360 72 544 582 816
[21:56:44] <LS> Upper 0 0 0
[21:56:46] <LS> Reserved 393 216 393 216 0
[21:56:48] <LS> Extended (XMS)* 40 894 464 2 654 208 38 240 256
[21:56:50] <LS> ---------------- ---------- ---------- ----------
[21:56:53] <LS> Total Expanded (EMS) 33 947 648
[21:56:54] <LS> Free Expanded (EMS)* 33 554 432
[21:56:57] <wjp> what are the top lines in your config.sys now?
[21:57:12] <LS> DOS=HIGH,UMB
[21:57:12] <LS> DEVICE=C:\DOS\EMM386.EXE
[21:57:12] <LS> COUNTRY=047,,C:\DOS\COUNTRY.SYS
[21:57:15] <LS> FILES=30
[21:57:26] <wjp> ok, so try adding the NOEMS
[21:57:30] <LS> ok
[21:57:49] <wjp> I'm fairly sure EMM reserves the upper memory area for EMS access otherwise
[21:58:05] <LS> Memory Summary:
[21:58:05] <LS>
[21:58:05] <LS> Type of Memory Total = Used + Free
[21:58:05] <LS> ---------------- ---------- ---------- ----------
[21:58:05] <LS> Conventional 655 360 38 288 617 072
[21:58:06] <LS> Upper 84 784 29 024 55 760
[21:58:08] <LS> Reserved 393 216 393 216 0
[21:58:10] <LS> Extended (XMS) 40 809 680 2 385 104 38 424 576
[21:58:12] <LS> ---------------- ---------- ---------- ----------
[21:58:14] <LS> well now we got some upper
[21:58:25] <LS> but no ems
[21:58:33] <wjp> (The annoying thing about EMS is that it couldn't be accessed directly. It had to be mapped into the first 1024Kb with small blocks at a time)
[21:58:39] <LS> woah
[21:58:40] <LS> check
[21:58:58] <LS> now we got lol 617kb free of conventional
[21:59:11] <wjp> yeah, pretty good :-)
[21:59:14] <LS> while 550 is what id say nessessary to run most if not all dos games
[21:59:25] <LS> but we got no ems that wont run some games
[21:59:43] <LS> must be a way to split ems
[22:00:10] <wjp> wouldn't the games that use EMS require less conventional memory to make up for the lack of upper memory?
[22:00:40] <LS> well for ultima underworld, the game doesnt work if it has less than 500 conventional
[22:00:54] <LS> dunno how mutch ems is required cus i had 30mb at that time
[22:01:01] <wjp> that's plenty
[22:01:08] <LS> but we dont have ems now :P
[22:01:27] <LS> we need both upper and ems
[22:01:28] <wjp> but you had far over 500Kb when you had EMS
[22:01:32] <LS> upper takes lots of load off conventional
[22:01:40] <LS> while ems is just extra storage for games
[22:01:46] <wjp> you don't strictly need smartdrv
[22:01:53] <LS> hm
[22:02:44] <LS> http://www.angelfire.com/ca7/the386experience/
[22:02:50] <LS> heres what i found about that smartdrv.exe
[22:03:18] <wjp> smartdrv is a disk cache
[22:03:29] <LS> heres autoexec.bat
[22:03:29] <LS> C:\DOS\SMARTDRV.EXE /X
[22:03:29] <LS> @ECHO OFF
[22:03:29] <LS> PROMPT $p$g
[22:03:29] <LS> PATH C:\DOS
[22:03:30] <LS> SET TEMP=C:\DOS
[22:04:05] <wjp> could you load smartdrv into high memory, by the way?
[22:04:10] <LS> hmm lets try
[22:04:11] <LS> LH
[22:04:36] <LS> woa
[22:04:37] <LS> it worked
[22:04:56] <LS> Name Total = Conventional + Upper Memory
[22:04:56] <LS> -------- ---------------- ---------------- ----------------
[22:04:56] <LS> MSDOS 14 317 (14K) 14 317 (14K) 0 (0K)
[22:04:56] <LS> SETVER 480 (0K) 480 (0K) 0 (0K)
[22:04:56] <LS> HIMEM 1 120 (1K) 1 120 (1K) 0 (0K)
[22:04:57] <LS> EMM386 4 144 (4K) 4 144 (4K) 0 (0K)
[22:04:59] <LS> DISPLAY 8 304 (8K) 8 304 (8K) 0 (0K)
[22:05:01] <LS> COMMAND 2 928 (3K) 2 928 (3K) 0 (0K)
[22:05:03] <LS> KEYB 6 944 (7K) 6 944 (7K) 0 (0K)
[22:05:05] <LS> SMARTDRV 29 024 (28K) 0 (0K) 29 024 (28K)
[22:05:07] <LS> Free 672 832 (657K) 617 072 (603K) 55 760 (54K)
[22:05:19] <LS> theres everything running in conventional and upper
[22:05:34] <LS> Smartdrv moved completely out of conventional now
[22:06:19] <LS> up in 617k conventional memory :D
[22:07:11] <LS> kinda need a mouse driver now
[22:07:23] <wjp> there are some really tiny mouse drivers around
[22:07:32] <LS> hmm
[22:07:50] <wjp> cutemouse or something?
[22:07:57] <LS> i found some interesting
[22:08:08] <LS> emm386 replaced whit umbpci
[22:08:19] <LS> reduces lots of space and runs faster
[22:08:36] <LS> UMBPCI.SYS takes ONLY 160 Bytes of conventional RAM (144 Bytes code + 16 Bytes environment), while providing up to 629 KiloBytes (KB) of FREE conventional ("low") memory, IF loading ALL devices/drivers/TSRs "high"!
[22:08:50] <LS> http://www.mdgx.com/umb.htm
[22:09:01] <LS> around center page
[22:09:22] <wjp> I found http://www.uwe-sieber.de/umbpci_e.html
[22:09:43] <LS> yes thinks thats same
[22:10:06] <LS> lets make it to disk and move it over to dosness
[22:13:16] <LS> there
[22:13:51] <LS> just got afigure out how to load it
[22:15:10] <LS> A:\HIG>copy a:\hig\umbpci.sys c:\dos
[22:15:10] <LS> 1 file(s) copied
[22:17:14] <LS> 620k conventional memory free :)
[22:17:32] <wjp> is display devicehigh-able?
[22:17:41] <LS> hm
[22:18:28] <LS> Modules using memory below 1 MB:
[22:18:28] <LS>
[22:18:28] <LS> Name Total = Conventional + Upper Memory
[22:18:28] <LS> -------- ---------------- ---------------- ----------------
[22:18:28] <LS> MSDOS 14 301 (14K) 14 301 (14K) 0 (0K)
[22:18:28] <LS> SETVER 480 (0K) 480 (0K) 0 (0K)
[22:18:30] <LS> HIMEM 1 120 (1K) 1 120 (1K) 0 (0K)
[22:18:32] <LS> UMBPCI 176 (0K) 176 (0K) 0 (0K)
[22:18:34] <LS> COMMAND 2 928 (3K) 2 928 (3K) 0 (0K)
[22:18:36] <LS> KEYB 6 944 (7K) 6 944 (7K) 0 (0K)
[22:18:38] <LS> DISPLAY 8 336 (8K) 0 (0K) 8 336 (8K)
[22:18:40] <LS> SMARTDRV 29 024 (28K) 0 (0K) 29 024 (28K)
[22:18:42] <LS> Free 672 896 (657K) 628 320 (614K) 44 576 (44K)
[22:18:44] <LS> yep
[22:18:49] <wjp> yay :-)
[22:18:52] <LS> :D
[22:19:11] <LS> but we still havent figured out how to make it split ems whit upper
[22:19:44] <LS> umbpci probebly can do the same as emm386 but i dont know command to set ammout of ems and upper
[22:19:58] <wjp> umbpci doesn't mention EMS
[22:20:15] <LS> hmm
[22:21:06] <LS> dunno if umbpci is a good replace
[22:21:28] <wjp> it probably depends on what exactly you want to run
[22:22:14] <LS> well the goal is to have over 550k of conventional memory
[22:22:26] <LS> but be able to run mouse, probebly network too
[22:22:37] <LS> since we probebly want win3.11 to run
[22:22:50] <LS> unless you know how to install win3.1NT
[22:22:53] <wjp> hm, windows is another story
[22:23:01] <LS> true true
[22:23:54] <LS> well we dont have to install windows
[22:24:28] <LS> i could just setup a ton of dos servers, or actualy setup some web clients running for some purpose
[22:24:41] <LS> maybee store data, make other file systems :S if thats possible
[22:24:55] <wjp> in DOS? :-)
[22:25:01] <LS> i dunno :P
[22:26:12] <LS> any ideas what we can do
[22:26:31] <LS> i have a few more emtie 1gb disks :P
[22:27:19] <wjp> personally I think I'll go to bed :-)
[22:27:30] <LS> me too the time is near midnite
[22:27:48] <LS> and school >.< for no purpose whatsoever than to see a teacher wave hands trying to comunicate :P
[22:28:10] <LS> he shud try a different protocol :P like writeing sending me a sms
[22:28:17] <wjp> heh :-)
[22:28:35] <wjp> any idea on what you want to do after school?
[22:28:48] <LS> notrealy :P
[22:29:01] <wjp> I can recommend mathematics ;-)
[22:29:08] <LS> >.< wat
[22:29:21] <LS> we got pcs to do math you know :P
[22:29:51] <wjp> that's just the math that's been invented and worked out already :-)
[22:30:00] <LS> huh
[22:30:10] <wjp> there's lots and lots more out there than what PCs can handle
[22:30:25] <LS> hmm, youre a math genious arnt you
[22:30:33] <LS> else you wouldnt have suggested this, no?
[22:30:44] <wjp> I'm a math PhD student currently
[22:31:03] <LS> well then mr.math genious what do you suggest we do? :D
[22:32:30] <wjp> hm, well...
[22:33:00] <LS> does it have anything to do whit computers that is?
[22:33:00] <wjp> play some old Ultima games if it's still too early to sleep? :-)
[22:33:37] <LS> hmm, i dont actualy feel like playing games now :P
[22:33:50] <LS> beside cant run ultima online whiout ems :D
[22:34:13] <wjp> I'm not really into online gaming
[22:34:30] <LS> i see :P
[22:34:32] <wjp> they tend to take up too much time
[22:34:38] <LS> wich one you try?
[22:34:57] <wjp> I got one free month of UO with Ultima9
[22:35:11] <LS> >.<
[22:35:23] <wjp> played that quite a bit during a month in the summer holidays
[22:35:23] <LS> well then youre a bit lucky :D
[22:35:36] <LS> im experienced in seting up servers, for games :P
[22:35:53] <LS> private "servers" :P, like host me own ultima online server to play on
[22:35:56] <LS> or ragnarok
[22:35:58] <LS> world of warcraft
[22:35:59] <LS> lineage 2
[22:36:04] <LS> meh :D
[22:36:38] <wjp> looks like I'm a bit out of date on how far along server rewrites for those games are :-)
[22:36:59] <LS> well ultima online, theres whole recreated worlds, along whit osi clones
[22:37:05] <LS> find most of them at uogateway
[22:37:13] <LS> only need a ultima online latest client fully updated
[22:37:23] <LS> then u can just basicly click server u want and connect whiout paying :D
[22:37:25] <wjp> which operating systems are you running currently?
[22:37:31] <LS> me myself i on this pc
[22:37:34] <LS> is windows xp
[22:38:28] <LS> 2.1 ghz amd prossessor along whit 1gb ram radon sapphire 9800 pro ect probebly mostly same as you on workstation level
[22:39:17] <wjp> I'm a bit behind on RAM... I'd have to look up which video card I have :-)
[22:39:42] <wjp> ever did anything with linux and/or other unix variants?
[22:39:49] <LS> well
[22:39:58] <LS> i did try linux fedora a while ago last year
[22:40:10] <LS> was core 3 that had the reinstall of windows xp problem
[22:40:28] <wjp> oh, right, that MBR issue
[22:40:35] <LS> yep i figured it out whitout help
[22:40:47] <LS> by installing a different linux then xp
[22:40:53] <LS> :D
[22:40:55] <LS> a work around
[22:40:57] <wjp> :-)
[22:41:09] <LS> so me experiences whit linux was kinda bad
[22:41:14] <LS> couldnt even run mp3's
[22:41:40] <wjp> yeah, Fedora left all mp3 software out because of patent concerns
[22:41:49] <LS> linux is good, if one either just starts useing pc or have been useing linux :P
[22:42:02] <LS> me as a windows user big problem :D
[22:42:25] <wjp> it does take some getting used to :-)
[22:42:26] <LS> i need tech support for every step i go
[22:42:37] <LS> beside the installing and run everything that follows
[22:42:44] <wjp> I switched from win98 about 5 or 6 years ago
[22:42:50] <LS> but kernels and stuff like that is something i dont know how to work around
[22:43:01] <LS> id like to become a linux user
[22:43:04] <LS> but no idea where to start
[22:43:14] <LS> i realy hate microsoft even tought them old windowses are fun
[22:43:32] <LS> 3.11 before it became a stealing, resource hogging, virus catching
[22:43:36] <LS> and all that system
[22:44:17] <LS> there arnt any credit to them that made the games for windows or notepad and all them different programs
[22:44:25] <LS> they all just now say owned by microsoft
[22:45:06] <LS> not to mention everytime i plugg in a new hard drive or add memory or so
[22:45:10] <LS> i gota reactivate windows
[22:45:19] <LS> and every 3 times i gota call inn just to get a new key
[22:45:27] <LS> seriusly whats up whit that :S
[22:45:34] <wjp> hm, never had any experience with activation
[22:45:40] <LS> be glad
[22:45:44] <wjp> you actually have to reactive when adding memory or a HD? wow
[22:45:52] <LS> indeed
[22:45:53] <wjp> s/reactive/reactivate/
[22:45:57] <wjp> ugh
[22:45:57] <LS> it checks hardware
[22:46:01] <LS> everytime i restart
[22:46:10] <LS> if i make changes after 3 times it needs reactivation
[22:46:15] <LS> this is like me 5th time
[22:47:17] <LS> even tought even if i was running a illegal copy if i were one cant windows updater ect, and be left outdated
[22:47:47] <LS> i dunno why they even have the activater isnt there enough just to check what key one is useing up to a internett database ect
[22:47:54] <LS> if key in use, like steam and cs
[22:48:08] <LS> ugh
[22:48:10] <LS> i hate WINDOWS!
[22:48:17] <LS> but i cant use linux cus windows simplifyed me
[22:48:34] <wjp> if you can handle DOS things like this I'm sure you'll manage :-)
[22:49:05] <LS> i dont know, i still would need help
[22:49:16] <LS> like what linux to chose >.<
[22:49:57] <LS> i like to have EVERYTHING :P like allmost what fedora had in its megapack :P it had most but i couldnt figure out how to run them windows games
[22:50:02] <LS> i know theres some program to do it
[22:50:20] <LS> wine? cedega or something like that
[22:50:27] <wjp> yeah, those two
[22:50:45] <wjp> wine is free, cedega has some kind of subscription model I think
[22:50:57] <LS> anyway i dont think there are any games made for linux yet
[22:51:03] <LS> not that i know of at least
[22:51:04] <wjp> (but cedega is supposed to support games better; no experience with it, though)
[22:51:13] <wjp> Neverwinter Nights had a linux version
[22:51:17] <LS> huh
[22:51:21] <LS> "had"?
[22:51:30] <wjp> ok, has :-)
[22:51:45] <LS> well i was thinking of getting neverwinter nights
[22:52:02] <LS> can afford it that is
[22:52:18] <wjp> I played it quite a lot
[22:52:27] <LS> but thne quit cus of a glitch
[22:52:47] <LS> 1 sec run downstairs brush teeth, important
[22:54:57] <LS> ^~.~^
[22:55:12] <LS> there :)
[22:55:20] <LS> so what do you play on linux?
[22:55:43] <wjp> don't play many games anymore the last years
[22:56:04] <LS> oh why nots+
[22:56:14] <wjp> too many other things to do :-)
[22:56:18] <LS> like?
[22:57:28] <wjp> job, mainly; I do quite a bit of programming as well
[22:57:33] <LS> play around in open office? :D
[22:57:38] <LS> programming?
[22:57:51] <wjp> hm, I don't use office programs much
[22:57:57] <LS> it was a joke
[22:58:01] <wjp> k :-)
[22:58:16] <LS> what you program
[22:58:34] <wjp> mainly game-engine rewrite projects at the moment :-)
[22:58:42] <LS> cool cool
[22:58:48] <LS> like underworld adventures?
[22:59:01] <wjp> for example, although I can't see I'm actively involved in it currently
[22:59:10] <LS> hm
[22:59:17] <LS> yes Dragst_ wants the program all for himself
[22:59:23] <LS> his presious
[22:59:29] <wjp> vividos is the main developer on uwadv
[22:59:37] <wjp> he's not here on IRC often, though
[22:59:50] <LS> when one is a main developer one is alot buissy
[23:00:03] <LS> he has to figure out what to do for the next 10 years then he talks here to setup a work scedual
[23:00:07] <LS> err
[23:00:13] <LS> yes dunno about that last word
[23:00:22] <wjp> schedule
[23:00:27] <LS> yes
[23:01:03] <wjp> I'm personally spending most time on Pentagram (for Ultima 8) and gemrb (for games likes Baldur's Gate and Planescape Torment) the last months
[23:01:07] <LS> its important to know game progress 10 years ahead
[23:01:16] <LS> balders gate is pretty fun
[23:01:17] <wjp> heh :-)
[23:01:34] <LS> but because its story based makes replay value pretty low :s i dont like doing stuff twise
[23:01:48] <wjp> luckily there's Baldur's Gate 2 and Throne of Bhaal as well :-)
[23:02:03] <LS> isnt there like 3 expension packs for bg2
[23:02:33] <LS> i didnt like the throne of bhaal story tought, kinda ruins me image of beeing a nice priest
[23:02:38] <LS> when i can become that beast thingy
[23:03:03] <LS> neverwinter nights was nicer that way, and iv seen some online where people make big islands and role play
[23:03:07] <LS> and have no story :P
[23:03:17] <wjp> ever play Planescape Torment?
[23:03:23] <wjp> That really has an awesome world and story
[23:03:23] <LS> planescape?
[23:03:41] <wjp> it uses the same engine as Baldur's Gate
[23:03:46] <LS> i havent heard of it
[23:03:57] <LS> where does one get that game
[23:04:37] <wjp> hm, it's not one of the newest games, so maybe ebay
[23:04:57] <wjp> other good RPGs would include Fallout 1 and 2
[23:04:59] <LS> is it boxed buyable i mean
[23:05:12] <LS> iv played fallout 1 - 2 - tactics and tactics online
[23:05:19] <LS> but everyone is like them skiers on ol
[23:05:20] <wjp> I'm not sure if it has been re-released recently
[23:05:21] <LS> they use drugs
[23:05:31] <wjp> I only played 1 and 2
[23:06:10] <LS> well tactics online you will just see buncha players arund level 30 since its usualy servers max level, and they all use drugs as they spawn to get high physical immunity and all them other boosts
[23:06:39] <wjp> sounds like it isn't exactly balanced properly :/
[23:06:53] <LS> well in tactic game itself one doesnt have access to them drugs
[23:07:09] <LS> but online one gets to chose equipment before start
[23:07:26] <LS> also single player one wouldnt want to use most drugs cus it would delay one later :P
[23:07:57] <LS> negative effects usualy wont happend online cus when round is over all gets reset :P and they start over whit drugs :P
[23:08:18] <LS> of corse theres a big weakness if one manages to sneak up and put another dose in and over dose them :D
[23:08:52] <wjp> heh :-)
[23:09:15] <wjp> anyway, I should be going
[23:09:20] <LS> yes me to
[23:09:24] <wjp> seeing old DOS things again was fun :-)
[23:09:28] <LS> mi-d-ni-gh-t
[23:09:31] <LS> :D
[23:09:35] <wjp> good night
[23:09:40] <LS> vnc i think one can connect and u can view dos :P