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[07:09:18] <ESphynx> hmm, move traps are tricky?
[07:10:57] <SugarCube> Looking good! And those are usecode, IIRC.
[07:14:29] <ESphynx> usecode?
[07:15:09] <ESphynx> can't seem to figure out the lvel :P
[07:15:37] <SugarCube> UW's built-in scripting language
[07:17:24] <ESphynx> hmm are they?
[07:18:35] <ESphynx> the xPos and yPos fields seem to be right for the cell
[07:18:43] <ESphynx> just the 'level' I seem to be missing
[07:21:06] <SugarCube> I'm afraid I don't really remember at all... Might want to take a look at the LoW or uwadv source code for "usecode" or "frog puzzle".
[07:21:29] <ESphynx> Which one is LoW
[07:21:32] <ESphynx> I'm not sure I saw that one :P
[07:22:00] <ESphynx> but I meant those 'move' objects for the stairs to go up and down levels?
[07:23:51] <ESphynx> ah this one :) http://sourceforge.net/projects/low/files/
[07:23:52] <SugarCube> http://low.sourceforge.net/
[07:23:58] <ESphynx> thanks
[07:24:07] <SugarCube> In some ways, it's further along than UWAdv.
[07:24:11] <SugarCube> Both are quite abandoned.
[07:24:21] <ESphynx> Yeah all seem quite abandoned right?
[07:24:33] <ESphynx> SugarCube: I poked OSE this morning.
[07:24:36] <SugarCube> http://tsshp.sourceforge.net/about.html Also this
[07:24:42] <ESphynx> well yesterday really
[07:24:48] <ESphynx> TSSHP seems quite advanced.
[07:24:49] <SugarCube> (System Shock is more or less the same engine as UW)
[07:24:53] <ESphynx> and Abysmal as well :)
[07:25:35] <SugarCube> Well, it's fun to start engines I suppose.
[07:25:54] <ESphynx> Hehe yeah
[07:26:07] <ESphynx> I'd love to make it fully playable though.
[07:27:27] <SugarCube> http://low.sourceforge.net/news.html 2003... Seems like yesterday.
[07:30:01] <SugarCube> http://uwadv.sourceforge.net/index.php?page=image&image=shots/shotd.jpg&text=real%203d%20objects%20in%20the%20underworld I believe I modeled and painted that muffin... :-)
[07:32:23] <ESphynx> hehe
[07:32:46] <ESphynx> SugarCube: were you the main dev or UWAdv ?
[07:34:05] <SugarCube> Nah, just a bystander for the most part.
[07:39:11] <ESphynx> hehe
[08:18:53] <ESphynx> Hmm I see, the move is the trigger which is somehow connected to the teleport trap which is behind the stairs :)
[08:19:18] <ESphynx> I just haven't figured out how it's connected to it though
[08:26:16] <ESphynx> ah got it
[08:26:48] <ESphynx> I may have been confusing quantity and quality in my watch expressions :P
[08:42:29] <ESphynx> got that workign hehe