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[00:01:36] <Fingolfin> and of course, there is the hash.. in fac they even cover that one in the contest FAQ <g>
[00:02:08] <vividos> heh
[00:02:08] <QQtis> you mean you can't code stoned?
[00:02:21] <QQtis> can you compile stoned?
[00:02:47] <QQtis> it shouldn't influence it in any way....
[00:02:48] <QQtis> :)
[00:02:57] <Fingolfin> you can do a lot of things stoned or drunk, but it can have some negative side effects
[00:03:35] <QQtis> true
[00:04:00] <QQtis> I guess I think more in music terms
[00:04:53] <QQtis> where stoned just means a more laid back jam session
[00:05:05] <QQtis> but a good one nevertheless
[00:21:33] <vividos> QQtis, for the next release, could you write a small Readme file with your comments to the music tracks? I'll add the technical stuff then and package all into a zip file)
[00:25:30] <Fingolfin> vividos: OK I managed to get a workaround for my CVS troubles, trying again now
[00:26:22] <vividos> good
[00:28:40] <QQtis> ok, but vividos
[00:28:58] <QQtis> then we must create a playlist that would use them by default
[00:29:16] <QQtis> and they would have to be extracted into the appropriate dir and etc..
[00:29:42] <QQtis> So far we're only using 2 of them, right?
[00:29:47] <vividos> yes
[00:30:06] <QQtis> ok, so it will be enough for now
[00:30:06] <vividos> the playlist also goes into the zip file, together with the ogg's
[00:30:06] <QQtis> cool
[00:30:35] <QQtis> but I thought the playlist was compressed into some data archive when you compile?
[00:30:49] <QQtis> no?
[00:31:12] <vividos> that is the default playlist, but the custom playlist is checked/loaded first
[00:31:45] <vividos> uwadv first checks for a real file, and when it finds none, it takes the one from the resource file (the default one)
[00:33:36] <QQtis> ok, where doe sthe custom playlist have to be placed?
[00:33:38] <QQtis> what dir?
[00:34:26] <vividos> the zip file should be extracted to the uadata folder, and in that folder it should reside in "uw1/audio/music.m3u".
[00:34:39] <vividos> but don't worry about the playlist
[00:36:01] <QQtis> alright alright
[00:36:15] <QQtis> so it's just 2 of the files
[00:36:34] <QQtis> ok, should I then compress 22khz versions of them?
[00:37:01] <QQtis> because it seems that uwadv only plays them at that freq anyways
[00:37:08] <vividos> no, use the full range
[00:37:13] <QQtis> might save space...?
[00:37:20] <vividos> SF has plenty of :)
[00:37:27] <QQtis> oh, alright
[00:37:51] <vividos> and when encoding to ogg, could you use a "quality setting" instead of a fixed bitrate?
[00:38:02] <QQtis> ok, will do
[00:38:22] <QQtis> and I think I'll go by the standart uw file naming convention
[00:38:27] <vividos> don't know which software you use, but a quality factor of 4.0 should be good
[00:38:34] <QQtis> uw01.ogg
[00:38:42] <QQtis> uw03.ogg
[00:38:46] <vividos> hmm, better title them after the track's name
[00:38:53] <QQtis> really?
[00:38:55] <vividos> less confusing :)
[00:38:58] <QQtis> well, either way
[00:38:59] <QQtis> alright
[00:39:07] <vividos> and the user knows which track he plays
[00:39:20] <vividos> (when listening e.g. in Winamp)
[00:39:31] <QQtis> yeah
[00:39:37] <QQtis> cool
[00:39:49] <QQtis> alright - I got an exam tomorrow morning
[00:39:55] <vividos> btw, a 44100 Hz samplerate is possible, but the introduction speech sounds a little distorted then
[00:40:03] <QQtis> so I think I better get as far away from this computer as possible
[00:40:11] <QQtis> :)
[00:40:16] <vividos> we have plenty of time 'till release :)
[00:40:24] <vividos> good luck tomorrow!
[00:40:26] <QQtis> cool
[00:40:27] <QQtis> later
[00:42:15] <Fingolfin> vividos: regarding OS X release, the difficulty of a package all depends on how good one wants to do it
[00:42:37] <vividos> hmm
[00:43:00] <Fingolfin> a good mac application (that includes games) is self contained, i.e. you install it by drag and drop of the application to your HD, done. of couse for uwadv we will have to let them edit the config file in any case...
[00:43:17] <vividos> yes
[00:43:23] <Fingolfin> so, do you want to target Unix oriented users only (commandline freaks), or all users?
[00:43:41] <vividos> all users would be better, of course
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[00:44:58] <vividos> we could target the commandline freaks first, for this release
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[13:08:25] <vividos> hi Fingolfin
[13:10:07] <Fingolfin> hi
[13:10:33] <Fingolfin> vividos: not really important, but I would suggest not using symbols starting with two underscores, as they are by the standard reserved for the compiler and the OS
[13:11:33] <vividos> where does that appear?
[13:11:33] <Fingolfin> right now trying to figure out this link error
[13:11:39] <Fingolfin> in some header file
[13:12:11] <vividos> do you mean the include guard?
[13:12:20] <Fingolfin> it seems like a bug in the Std C++ lib here (again, sigh) which I also encountered in exult in the past; essentially, it seems the inliner is not working correctly for std::string's assign method... uh oh
[13:12:23] <Fingolfin> yes
[13:12:47] <vividos> that bug appeared for me, too
[13:13:13] <vividos> reordering some functions usually helped
[13:14:46] <vividos> is the "starting with two underscores"-symbol issue critical for you? when not I change it in 2003, when the big header-patching happens
[13:15:15] <vividos> and using STLport usually helped for me (with the std::string::assign() bug)
[13:17:22] <Fingolfin> two underscores is not a big issue, it's more a theoretical / beauty issue =)
[13:17:43] <vividos> ok
[13:17:52] <Fingolfin> and I really don't want to port STLPort, unless they made some major changes by now; last time it was a major pain in the ass to get it working on OS X and it only worked incompletly anywa
[13:17:55] <Fingolfin> y
[13:18:08] <vividos> oh, it doesn't work? that's bad then
[13:18:33] <Fingolfin> last I tried was 4.5.3 or so i think
[13:18:45] <Fingolfin> however...
[13:19:02] <Fingolfin> if I could get it to work, that'd also solve my Exult nightmare
[13:19:13] <vividos> heh
[13:19:31] <vividos> there is a newer snapshot, a 5.0 beta, but don't know what is change
[13:19:33] <vividos> d
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[14:41:25] <vividos> yeah! my linux box works again! (sorta)
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[14:42:58] <CharlieG> why isn't it finished yet!
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[14:44:26] <vividos> baah
[14:45:35] <Fingolfin> is that the same idiot who insulsted us (Exult team) for taking 4 years to get out 1.0 of exult, claiming he could have written U9 and UW3 in that time?
[14:45:59] <vividos> heh
[14:46:07] <vividos> don't know
[14:46:45] <vividos> tools work now, btw
[14:46:58] <Fingolfin> am still compiling STLPort
[14:47:10] <vividos> does it work better now?
[14:52:35] <Fingolfin> well, I got one good hint, and that we now have gcc 3.x helps, too
[14:52:51] <Fingolfin> the question is mostly: will it link in the end (STLport I mean), and will it work
[14:54:48] <vividos> heh :)
[14:54:55] <vividos> good luck!
[14:55:36] <vividos> gtg again. 'till then
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[21:30:34] * Coren_ waves.
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