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[13:46:47] <Sorceror_Bob> hello?
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[14:07:17] <vividos> hi there!
[14:08:24] <Dark-Star> hi
[14:10:33] --> Dominus has joined #uwadv
[14:11:05] <Dominus> hi
[14:11:22] <vividos> hi Dark-Star
[14:11:29] <vividos> and Dominus :)
[14:13:04] <Sorceror_Bob> hello
[14:13:21] <Sorceror_Bob> i just sent an app in
[14:13:40] <Dominus> well, well, the channel seems to fill somewhat. Enough uwadv enthusiasts now :-)
[14:15:12] <vividos> Dominus: yeah :)
[14:15:22] <vividos> Sorceror_Bob: ok, let's talk about 3d modeling :)
[14:15:32] <Dominus> though it seems we have to work on the "talking" part
[14:16:03] <vividos> Dominus: we could announce the source code part of the day or so :)
[14:16:15] <Sorceror_Bob> ok no problem
[14:16:17] <Dominus> he he
[14:16:41] <Dominus> well, I can't talk much about 3d-modeling :-)
[14:16:52] <vividos> Sorceror_Bob: did you try to play uwadv yet?
[14:16:56] <Dominus> only that the stormtrooper must be in uwadv
[14:17:03] <Sorceror_Bob> not yet, haven't tried to d/l yet
[14:17:50] <Sorceror_Bob> getting it now
[14:17:50] <vividos> it would probably be good to look at what we've already done so far
[14:17:54] <Sorceror_Bob> ok no problem
[14:22:14] --- Dark-Star is now known as Dark-Star|afk
[14:23:03] <Sorceror_Bob> danged :-) might need a screenie or two for now.. gotta locate my underworld cd
[14:23:29] <Dominus> :-)
[14:23:43] <vividos> you can download the uw_demo to quickly test it
[14:23:50] <vividos> it'll do fine, too
[14:24:34] <vividos> or should I send screenshots?
[14:24:54] <Sorceror_Bob> screenies will probably do for now
[14:25:49] <vividos> ok. are you more interested in the unanimated objects that lie around in the underworld, or are you interested more in the animated NPC's and critters?
[14:26:21] <Dominus> Sorceror_Bob: are you doing 3d-models?
[14:26:26] <Sorceror_Bob> whatever is priority is fine.. I cant really say how long i'll take per model
[14:26:28] <Sorceror_Bob> yup
[14:26:43] <vividos> I think we should start with the objects
[14:26:51] <Sorceror_Bob> ok
[14:26:57] <vividos> btw, there are about 450 objects in the underworld :)
[14:26:58] * Dominus is happy someone takes on this task!!!
[14:27:05] <Sorceror_Bob> lol
[14:27:17] <Sorceror_Bob> thats quite a bit :)
[14:27:26] <Sorceror_Bob> what kind of a poly count are we looking at?
[14:27:34] <Dominus> not to mention the critters afterward :-)
[14:28:13] <Sorceror_Bob> yeah :-)
[14:28:17] <vividos> there are not that many critters :)
[14:28:49] <Sorceror_Bob> still quite a few though
[14:29:09] <Dominus> but I guess critters/NPCs are more difficult because of the movement stuff (but me not know anything)
[14:29:50] <Sorceror_Bob> they are, i know how to do it, but i'll need help with exporters etc
[14:30:41] <Sorceror_Bob> animating shouldn't be too hard i dont think.. npc's dont have all that many i dont think
[14:32:10] * Dominus mutters "as long as Marge, Legoman and Stormtroopers are in there"
[14:32:19] <Dominus> :-)
[14:32:22] <Sorceror_Bob> lol
[14:32:41] <Dominus> that is refering to the logs of two days ago
[14:32:44] <Dominus> ?logs
[14:32:44] <exultbot> Logs are available at http://www.math.leidenuniv.nl/~wpalenst/uwadvlog.php
[14:33:08] <Sorceror_Bob> what kind of polycount will characters/objects have?
[14:33:50] <vividos> ok, taken some screenshots
[14:33:56] <Sorceror_Bob> ok cool :-)
[14:34:31] <vividos> I think the polycount should be as high as needed :)
[14:34:40] <vividos> I'm no expert for that
[14:34:57] <Sorceror_Bob> yeah :-) well high polycount = game not work or work really slowly
[14:36:04] <vividos> I think the uwadv renderer could get along with some more triangles, I guess :)
[14:36:14] <Sorceror_Bob> yeah :-)
[14:36:41] <vividos> the whole map of a level consists of about 1000-2000 triangles I guess. And with today's graphics cards, much more are possible
[14:37:04] <Sorceror_Bob> yeah.. well in the game i'm working on now, its 5k polies per level, including level objects though
[14:37:05] <vividos> so I really couldn't say something like 300 polys for one object
[14:37:23] <Sorceror_Bob> yeah.. well things like runes can be done piss easy
[14:37:29] <vividos> also don't know if 300 polys are high or low
[14:37:38] <vividos> yes
[14:37:40] <Sorceror_Bob> depends what for
[14:38:23] <vividos> http://www.asamnet.de/~finkm/uwadv/object-screenshots.zip
[14:38:25] <Sorceror_Bob> it shouldn't be too hard to keep things under 150 polyes
[14:38:29] <vividos> ok
[14:39:03] <vividos> if you want an image with all possible object graphics, I could do that too
[14:39:19] <vividos> in the moment there are only 2d sprites always facing the camera
[14:39:50] <Sorceror_Bob> hmm the file doesn't work
[14:39:51] --- Dark-Star|afk is now known as Dark-Star
[14:39:56] <Sorceror_Bob> says its not a valid archive
[14:40:21] <vividos> it should have 85719 bytes. could be that I still uploaded it :)
[14:44:01] <Sorceror_Bob> got it
[14:44:49] <vividos> ok
[14:44:57] <vividos> hope the shots help a bit
[14:45:14] <Sorceror_Bob> yeah brings back memories
[14:45:31] <Sorceror_Bob> will it be possible to do new textures for the walls
[14:47:00] <vividos> it would be possible, but I think they still look quite good
[14:47:43] <Sorceror_Bob> i think they're only 8 bit colour... can definately make them look a lot better :-)
[14:47:46] <vividos> what would be possible with self-made textures are games that don't depend on the uw1 game files anymore
[14:48:32] <Sorceror_Bob> yeah
[14:49:46] <Sorceror_Bob> just think it would be cool to redo them in a higher res
[14:50:26] <Sorceror_Bob> well what things would you like me to do first?
[14:50:36] <vividos> yes, but be aware that the original textures still have copyrights by origin on them
[14:50:45] <vividos> so re-releasing textures is a no-no
[14:50:49] <vividos> sorry.
[14:50:58] <Sorceror_Bob> ahh ok
[14:50:58] <vividos> re-releasing original textures is a no-no
[14:51:29] <vividos> before we start, we should discuss possible model formats
[14:51:37] <Sorceror_Bob> ok
[14:53:08] <vividos> so what formats would be suitable?
[14:53:29] <Sorceror_Bob> i have no idea :-)
[14:54:12] <Sorceror_Bob> its generally something the programmers work out.. i can generally export into that format pretty easily
[14:54:29] <vividos> ok, what formats can you export
[14:55:11] <Sorceror_Bob> 3ds and md3 are fairly standard i think
[14:55:19] <Sorceror_Bob> the others i've never really heard of
[14:55:52] <vividos> md3 is the quake3arena model format, right?
[14:56:11] <Sorceror_Bob> yup
[14:58:39] <vividos> btw, to show the animation sequence of a green goblin, I uploaded http://www.asamnet.de/~finkm/uwadv/gngob32.zip too
[14:59:20] <Sorceror_Bob> ok
[15:07:21] --> wjp has joined #uwadv
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[15:07:35] <wjp> hi
[15:07:37] <wjp> what a crowd :-)
[15:08:13] <vividos> hi wjp :)
[15:09:21] <vividos> also uploaded two images with all 2d object sprites: http://www.asamnet.de/~finkm/uwadv/object-sprites.zip
[15:09:39] <Sorceror_Bob> ok
[15:09:52] <vividos> some objects shown in these images are never seen in the underworld
[15:10:01] <vividos> e.g. traps and such
[15:10:42] <vividos> hope that is enough to get you started
[15:11:37] <Sorceror_Bob> any idea what the texture size is gonna be?
[15:12:06] <vividos> any size you like. maximum size is 256x256
[15:12:27] <vividos> are textures used in md3 files stored outside? I suppose so
[15:12:53] <Sorceror_Bob> really not sure :-(
[15:13:10] <Sorceror_Bob> i know heaps about making the model and texture, but very little about getting things exported
[15:14:00] <vividos> ok, this should be my job then :)
[15:14:29] <Sorceror_Bob> wheee! :-)
[15:19:58] <Sorceror_Bob> i'll see what i can do about getting some mates on baord
[15:19:59] <Sorceror_Bob> board
[15:20:28] <vividos> ok
[15:21:42] <vividos> there are some more people who replied to the polycount post. I'll see if they get back, too
[15:23:40] <Sorceror_Bob> yeah
[15:23:51] <Sorceror_Bob> any good ones? :-)
[15:24:29] <vividos> I don't know
[15:25:13] <vividos> wjp: did you try a bit more with wxwindows yesterday?
[15:25:29] <wjp> hm, no
[15:26:06] <Sorceror_Bob> if any sent renders of stuff you can forward them to me, I might be able to help work out who'll be helpful in which areas
[15:27:59] <vividos> I hope that all could get together in this channel, to discuss things more in-depth
[15:29:20] <Sorceror_Bob> yeah.. the timezone problem might kick in there though :-(
[15:29:37] <Dominus> Sorceror_Bob: where are you from?
[15:29:42] <Sorceror_Bob> Australia
[15:29:54] <Dominus> ahh
[15:29:59] <Dominus> good morning then
[15:30:33] <Sorceror_Bob> only just :-)
[15:30:35] <Sorceror_Bob> 130
[15:30:45] <vividos> what is your GMT offset, btw?
[15:31:21] <Sorceror_Bob> i have no idea :-/
[15:31:23] <Dominus> well, then you just have to set a specific date and GMT time to meet
[15:31:32] <Dominus> vividos: I'd say +11
[15:31:33] <Sorceror_Bob> +1000
[15:31:42] <Sorceror_Bob> according to my pc clock anyways
[15:32:07] <Dominus> yes, 10 :-)
[15:32:22] <Dominus> 9+1 is 10 and not 11
[15:32:35] * Dominus slaps Dominus around with a large clock
[15:32:48] <Sorceror_Bob> lol
[15:33:45] <vividos> hmm, that means it is 01:31 for you? or is it the other way round? 05:31?
[15:33:56] <Dominus> vividos: and when you set this date, make sure I'm not here to pester everyone about the stormtrooper
[15:34:21] <Dominus> :-)
[15:34:23] <vividos> hehe :)
[15:35:01] <Dominus> "unqualified ramblings from the back benches" might not be helpful :-)
[15:35:04] <Sorceror_Bob> 0131 is right
[15:35:20] <Sorceror_Bob> lol sounds like the australian government
[15:44:32] <-- Dark-Star has left IRC ()
[15:56:08] --> bobaroz has joined #uwadv
[15:58:19] <vividos> hi bobaroz!
[15:58:26] * bobaroz slaps Sorceror_Bob around a bit with a large trout
[15:58:27] * bobaroz slaps Sorceror_Bob around a bit with a large trout
[15:58:28] * bobaroz slaps Sorceror_Bob around a bit with a large trout
[15:58:33] <bobaroz> stupid disconnect :-/
[16:00:21] <Dominus> bobaroz: with nickserv you can register your name (so no one can take it from you) and then you can get it back after such a disconnect with the ghost command
[16:00:31] <bobaroz> ahh ok
[16:01:25] <Dominus> registering your name with nickserv will also give you ops here (as part of the team)
[16:02:02] <bobaroz> yeah
[16:02:05] <bobaroz> how do i do it?
[16:02:17] <bobaroz> man hes taken his sweet time to drop
[16:02:46] <Dominus> first get your nick back (one of the ops could mabe kick him)
[16:02:54] <Dominus> then type /msg NickServ HELP
[16:03:27] <-- Sorceror_Bob was kicked from #uwadv by vividos (vividos)
[16:04:02] <bobaroz> just gotta wait a tic - Sorceror_Bob Nickname is already in use.
[16:04:10] <bobaroz> ok thanks
[16:07:49] <bobaroz> gawd dang
[16:09:43] <vividos> too bad, the wxTutorial.pdf has some sections missing ...
[16:10:16] --- bobaroz is now known as Sorceorr_Bob
[16:10:23] <Sorceorr_Bob> blah
[16:10:52] <Dominus> tada
[16:11:23] <Dominus> I hope you are not registering Sorceorr_Bob as nickname
[16:11:27] <Dominus> :-)
[16:12:02] <Sorceorr_Bob> nope
[16:12:10] <Sorceorr_Bob> still in use
[16:17:19] --- Sorceorr_Bob is now known as Sorceror_Bob
[16:17:22] <Sorceror_Bob> omg!!
[16:18:53] <Sorceror_Bob> done
[16:19:51] <Dominus> now get wjp or vividos to give you auto-op
[16:20:00] <Dominus> :-)
[16:20:48] <vividos> from wxWindows documentation: MDI remains popular despite dire warnings from Microsoft itself that MDI is an obsolete user interface style.
[16:20:58] <vividos> MDI means multiple document interface
[16:21:12] <vividos> (like in word and such)
[16:21:24] * Sorceror_Bob slaps vividos around a bit with a large trout
[16:21:32] <Sorceror_Bob> superoppowerplease!!
[16:24:43] * vividos grins
[16:25:19] <vividos> you're not part of the dev team yet, so we wait a bit with that :)
[16:25:38] <Sorceror_Bob> yeah thats fair :-)
[16:25:48] <Sorceror_Bob> wait till you like the stuff i produce first :-)
[16:26:32] <vividos> yes :)
[16:27:52] <Sorceror_Bob> bleh sleepy time
[16:27:58] <Sorceror_Bob> been going at it for 6 hours now :-/
[16:30:17] <Sorceror_Bob> cyas later
[16:30:19] <-- Sorceror_Bob has left IRC ("Leaving")
[16:34:51] <ryan> heh
[16:37:04] <ryan> i got an upgrade for my comp
[16:37:25] <ryan> and with that upgrade came an SiS graphics accelerator (its on the motherboard)
[16:37:49] <ryan> in the mobo manual it states that it can handle 2048x2048 sized textures
[16:38:00] <ryan> so ideally taht probably i had before _should_ be gone heh
[16:39:48] <ryan> the next release should be called "taco"
[16:39:48] <ryan> hehe
[16:41:28] <vividos> nice :) hope it works on the SiS then
[16:41:38] <ryan> as do i
[16:41:55] <ryan> the card sucks horribly actually but i'm hoping i'll still get some gameplay out of it heh
[16:41:55] <Dominus> how is the OpenGL support for it?
[16:42:01] <ryan> terrible
[16:42:18] <Dominus> then I'd say, have fun with uwadv :-)
[16:42:30] <ryan> glxgears runs at ~250fps
[16:42:35] <ryan> but its probably more because of my cpu now heh
[16:42:55] <ryan> and i can't even put my voodoo3 on this mobo...it just barfs when i try to use a graphics mode
[16:43:14] <Dominus> strange
[16:43:17] <Dominus> what OS?
[16:43:25] <ryan> its not the os
[16:43:27] <ryan> its the hardware
[16:43:48] <Dominus> so did you disable the onboard graphics in the bios?
[16:43:59] <ryan> i found a page that even said "the voodoo2/3/4/5 agp cards are known to _not_ work at all"
[16:44:10] <ryan> of course
[16:44:18] <Dominus> that is strange
[16:44:22] <ryan> actually it automatically gets disabled
[16:44:32] <Dominus> but 3dfx made some strange agp stuff
[16:44:44] <ryan> i can boot with the voodoo3, textmode is fine but any real graphical thing is just fubar
[16:44:57] <ryan> such as X
[16:44:57] <ryan> heh
[16:45:14] <ryan> er
[16:45:15] <ryan> mapdisp.cpp: In function `void draw_screen()':
[16:45:16] <ryan> mapdisp.cpp:212: no matching function for call to `ua_level::render (ua_texture_manager &)'
[16:45:28] <ryan> what was teh configure flag i am supposed to use to get around that again..
[16:46:02] * Dominus knows that if he ever goes for a faster cpu he can't go intel as intel specs board don't support the V5 agp card :-(
[16:46:23] <Dominus> that means P4 boards don'T
[16:46:27] <ryan> heh
[16:46:40] <vividos> ryan: please configure with --disable-tools
[16:46:45] <ryan> thx
[16:46:51] <vividos> (hope that's the right option)
[16:47:02] <ryan> another stupid thing is that i can't get video modes lower than 640x480 with this onboard card
[16:47:04] <vividos> some tools currently don't work
[16:47:22] <ryan> luckly a 1.2ghz cpu is enough to run everything that i need in softwaremode at a decent framerate
[16:47:25] <ryan> heh
[16:47:26] <Dominus> that is outright stupid, but shouldn't that be a driver thing
[16:47:33] * ryan hugs zsnes
[16:47:35] <ryan> heh
[16:48:01] <ryan> i dunno i have the modes setup in my xf86config-4 to allow those doublescan modes
[16:48:38] <ryan> but when it tries to switch the screen goes black in which i change to vconsole2 and then back to X and the screen is at at least 640x480 with a tiny square in the middle
[16:48:41] <ryan> heh
[16:49:31] <Dominus> :-(
[16:49:33] <vividos> gtg. 'till later!
[16:49:35] <-- vividos has left IRC ("Leaving")
[16:49:46] <Dominus> and I'm getting something to eat
[16:49:50] --- Dominus is now known as Dominus|away
[16:53:17] <ryan> meh
[16:53:21] <ryan> its my destiny to not run uwadv
[16:53:38] <ryan> i still get that damn segfault
[17:02:25] --- Dominus|away is now known as Dominus
[20:50:54] <-- Dominus has left IRC ("enough for now")
[21:50:15] --> Dark-Star has joined #uwadv
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