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[01:33:31] --> Servus has joined #uwadv
[02:45:06] <Eldron> hello again
[02:50:58] <Servus> hiya
[02:51:07] <Servus> no one EVER talks in these four chatrooms aanymore... not at ALL
[02:53:34] <Servus> how goes uwadv? seems like no one ever works on either low or uwadv:|
[02:56:53] <Eldron> they are busy with their real life..
[02:57:03] <Eldron> you'll get used to it once you've been here for some time..
[03:09:23] <Servus> it's damn annoying, you shouldnt be in a chat room if youre not willing to respond every now and then
[12:06:37] <-- Servus has left IRC ()
[14:30:27] --> yot has joined #uwadv
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[18:59:02] --> vividos has joined #uwadv
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[18:59:11] <wjp> hi
[18:59:40] <vividos> hi
[19:14:37] <Eldron> hello
[19:20:21] * vividos just wonders how to export the gazer, once it is done
[19:20:44] <Eldron> I wonder about the same thing, about all my future models for uwadv
[19:21:11] <vividos> found some exporters on http://www.elysiun.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=8095&highlight=export but don't know if they're suitable
[19:21:31] <Eldron> static objects might be easy, But when it comes to bones and animatios..
[19:21:38] <Eldron> *animations
[19:22:44] <vividos> hmm, what is that gameblender?
[19:24:13] <Eldron> built in system in blender.. for making games.. I've never touched that thing..
[19:25:29] <vividos> I still hope to use http://projects.blender.org/projects/blend2cs/ in a way, but first we should agree on a format for animated models
[19:26:14] <Eldron> yes, if there is an exporter for one :/
[19:26:25] * vividos wonders if Servus reads the logs when he says that no one works on uwadv
[19:26:43] <vividos> that probably means we must write the python export script, too ...
[19:26:47] <wjp> he just likes to complain about lack of IRC activity :-)
[19:27:01] <vividos> [02:53:34] <Servus> how goes uwadv? seems like no one ever works on either low or uwadv:|
[19:27:42] <Eldron> well.. hopefully he'll get over that :/
[19:27:43] <vividos> for my part, I'm currently fiddling with flex to parse .wrl files to get all his made static objects into uwadv ...
[19:36:23] <Eldron> ah.. darn, enough being lazy.. I'll finish that gazer tonight..
[19:36:35] <vividos> good to hear that :-)
[19:36:40] <Eldron> its been in a dusty corner of my harddrive for some time now..
[19:37:06] <Eldron> yes yes.. school takes time, But not THAT much time.. Im too lazy.. must diciplinize myself..
[19:38:28] <vividos> yeah, that's the right way!
[19:43:08] <vividos> :)
[20:05:42] <vividos> away a bit
[20:05:51] --- vividos is now known as vividos|away
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[21:47:56] --> vividos has joined #uwadv
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[22:35:34] <vividos> http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Dome/6423/RemakesGalore.htm
[22:36:35] <vividos> (for those who are bored on this channel :)
[22:39:03] <Eldron> reading.. X)
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[22:40:51] --> vividos has joined #uwadv
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[22:45:05] <wjp> how... weird :-)
[22:45:14] <wjp> (not to mention lengthy :-) )
[22:52:51] <vividos> too bad uwadv isn't mentioned :)
[23:05:11] --> Servus has joined #uwadv
[23:05:31] <Eldron> hey servus
[23:05:38] <Servus> hello eldron, how goes it
[23:05:50] <Servus> www.geocities.com/russell_figowitz/images/brainiac2.jpg lol
[23:06:39] <Eldron> heh
[23:07:18] <vividos> hi Servus
[23:11:36] <-- wjp has left IRC (gibson.freenode.net irc.freenode.net)
[23:11:39] <vividos> brainiac: cool thing :)
[23:14:36] --> wjp has joined #uwadv
[23:20:02] <vividos> brb
[23:20:04] <Servus> its from ultima underworld 2:P
[23:27:19] <vividos> I know
[23:28:03] <vividos> did you finish doing all static models for low?
[23:32:35] <Servus> yes
[23:32:38] <Servus> just about all i could find
[23:34:14] <Servus> and they're all things used in UW1
[23:34:26] <Servus> i even did a skull and a few bone fragments:)
[23:46:20] <vividos> cool :)
[23:47:35] <vividos> would you mind sending me the objects, exported to wrl?
[23:49:13] <vividos> (vrml 97, with extension .wrl)
[23:50:38] <Servus> ok
[23:50:46] <Servus> all together as one lump file
[23:52:24] <vividos> would be ok
[23:54:44] <Servus> send through IRC or post? which do you prefer?
[23:55:31] <vividos> mail would be ok, vividos@users.sourceforge.net
[23:55:44] <vividos> I guess the objects have their base points at 0,0,0
[23:56:07] <Servus> no because it is a lot of objects based in a single room-shaped area... though it's near 0,0
[23:56:07] <vividos> oh, another question: 3ds max only has triangles, no quads or something, right?
[23:56:14] <Servus> i can export to quads in vrml
[23:56:19] <Servus> but yes, just triangles or nurbs
[23:56:28] <vividos> tri's would be better
[23:57:24] <vividos> another one: do objects use only one texture at a time?
[23:57:41] <Servus> correct
[23:57:49] <Servus> and each texture is divisible by 16...
[23:58:04] <Servus> except for the bed, which i have conveniently (for me) separated into a "bed frame" and a "bed mattress"
[23:58:04] <vividos> very good
[23:58:23] <vividos> I'll look at the generated wrl then
[23:58:38] <Servus> unfortunately wrl doesnt save smooth groups, so the mattress looks like crap
[23:58:53] <vividos> I'm writing a very simple wrl parser that just reads the vertices and texel coordinates in
[23:59:32] <vividos> don't know exactly how to render smooth groups in opengl
[23:59:43] <Servus> its not too troublesome