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[11:36:44] <wjp> hi
[11:37:12] <yot> hi
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[15:44:15] <vividos> hi!
[15:47:56] * vividos begins his weekend commits :)
[15:51:01] <vividos> wjp?
[15:54:24] <yot|reversen> :]
[16:06:39] <wjp> hi
[16:08:56] <vividos> wjp, did you already something related to zziplib?
[16:10:20] <wjp> no, not yet
[16:11:31] <vividos> I'll update zziplib to the latest version then
[16:11:38] <vividos> I'll add the configure.ac, too
[16:12:03] * wjp nods
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[16:14:04] <vividos> it seems to contain some stuff that we don't seem to need
[16:14:07] <vividos> hi phlask
[16:14:12] <wjp> hi
[16:14:12] <phlask> hi
[16:14:38] <phlask> anything going on?
[16:14:48] <wjp> vividos: anything in particular?
[16:16:07] <vividos> wjp: mostly source docs generation
[16:16:20] <vividos> phlask: yes, I'm commiting my weekend changes
[16:16:49] <phlask> 'k
[16:17:00] <vividos> the screen resolution thingie is in :)
[16:17:08] <wjp> it's a bit of a trade-off, I guess. Just leaving everything in probably is easiest for us, while removing unused/useless files is probably 'cleanest'
[16:17:12] <phlask> nice job
[16:17:53] <vividos> wjp: don't think we update the library that often, though
[16:18:02] <wjp> true :-)
[16:18:06] <phlask> have you included the lua iolib yet?
[16:18:34] <wjp> phlask: it was already in the Makefile.am, strangely enough. I must've accidently included it
[16:18:46] <vividos> no. I wanted to ask you first for what task you need the iolib
[16:19:17] <vividos> iolib enables access to files on the system, right?
[16:19:25] <phlask> I need a seednumber for the random number generation... I want to use the time() function for that
[16:19:29] <phlask> which is in the iolib
[16:19:39] <wjp> can't you seed it from the C code?
[16:20:43] <phlask> I could... but I'd rather do it in the script
[16:20:47] <vividos> probably as parameter to the lua_init_script function
[16:21:24] <phlask> the C code contains currently no script-logic specific stuff whatsoever, and I want to keep it that way
[16:23:10] <vividos> iolib contains some functions like execute() and such that would enable third-party uwadv mods to write scripts that could harm people's systems
[16:23:57] <vividos> for that reason I didn't add the iolib library to the used ones
[16:24:51] <phlask> come on... do you really think that anyone will create a harmful mod for uwadv...
[16:26:04] <phlask> in that case it would be just as easy to create a new uwadv.exe that formats your harddisk
[16:26:14] <phlask> the project is open source remember
[16:27:48] <vividos> of course, but mods don't need to be open source, and they could distribute compiled lua scripts to hide scripts
[16:28:39] <vividos> I think the seed could be easily set from C code, just call the seed function with the time value on the stack
[16:28:45] <phlask> of course there are crazy people on this planet... but I really think that you are being a bit paranoid here
[16:29:28] <phlask> yes I could... and I will if you are really against including the iolib... but I still don't like it
[16:30:53] <vividos> I don't see a real benefit for including that library, apart from the time() function. I would really like it to not have it available
[16:32:36] <phlask> ok then
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[16:42:23] <_vividos> wjp, should I update the zzip-stdint.h file, too?
[16:42:38] <_vividos> you made changes to it to use the SDL data types
[16:45:22] <phlask> vividos: have you read the mail regarding player.hpp?
[16:45:43] <_vividos> yes; I'll write a reply soon
[16:45:52] <_vividos> or should we discuss it here?
[16:46:41] <phlask> that is up to you
[16:48:44] <wjp> vividos: yeah, update it with the current version
[16:48:51] <_vividos> for the attack and defense skills: I thought I took all skills from the scrollable list, but attack and defense is listed there, too
[16:49:01] <wjp> using the SDL types shouldn't be necessary anymore when using zziplib's configure
[16:49:04] <_vividos> so we should add the two to the skills list
[16:49:17] <_vividos> wjp: ok, I'll commit and you fix it :)
[16:49:32] <_vividos> for the linux part, that is :)
[16:49:37] <phlask> ok... not that is that big an issue :)
[16:50:05] <phlask> how about the fixed indexing of the values?
[16:50:10] <_vividos> for the fixed numbers: the enums shouldn't change anymore, I think
[16:50:29] <phlask> well... just to be sure we should number them explicitly I think
[16:51:19] <_vividos> ok. you find a lua constant list in uadata/uw1/scripts/uwinterface.lua. that should be adjusted when moving "attack" and "defense", too
[16:51:45] <phlask> right... I'll make the changes soon
[16:54:26] <_vividos> ok, fine!
[16:56:33] <phlask> when I was playing UW1 yesterday I noticed that there are probably a few other player attributes that you need to keep track of
[16:57:29] <_vividos> which one?
[16:58:21] <phlask> ever noticed how your vision blurs for some time when you have had too much alcohol or mushrooms (in the game that is... hmm, well, I recon in real-life too)?
[16:59:40] <_vividos> *g* yes, that could go as a hidden attribute
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[17:00:09] <phlask> there are a couple of different vision-changing states I know of
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[17:00:31] <phlask> IIRC the alcohol-induced one is different from the mushroom one
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[17:00:46] <yot|reversen> :]
[17:01:04] <phlask> there is also a magic potion / spell for nightvision that makes your vision grayscale
[17:01:32] <vividos> does incense also give a view change? IIRC it occasionally shows a vision of a goblet
[17:02:00] <vividos> grayscale: ah, I always wondered why uw1 has a grayscale palette mapping (mono.dat)
[17:02:08] <phlask> yes... it does, only after certain events in the stroyline though :)
[17:02:40] <vividos> somehow I think the storyline will be the hardest thing to find out :)
[17:02:59] <phlask> well... lucky for us there is a nice walkthrough :)
[17:03:10] <phlask> although I noticed that it is far from complete
[17:03:30] <wjp> hm, how exactly is the plot handled?
[17:03:47] <wjp> is there a bytecode language or anything that handles events like in U7/U8?
[17:04:06] <vividos> there are the conversation flags that are used to persist some conversation states. maybe the main game plot is controlled by them, too
[17:04:20] <phlask> I guess it is
[17:04:41] <wjp> dinner's ready; I'll bbl
[17:05:11] <phlask> well... we don't need to worry about it too much yet at this stage, at least not until the critters and conversation engine is fully functional
[17:05:17] <phlask> I recon
[17:05:30] <vividos> yes :)
[17:06:17] * vividos has to cool down his computer from recompiling uwadv
[17:06:37] <phlask> it is kinda hot, isn't it :)
[17:07:16] <vividos> it's ok for now, but I guess I have a bad cpu cooler/fan
[17:08:08] <phlask> that isn't cool :)
[17:09:43] <phlask> I've got to go... see you later
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[17:12:07] <vividos> bye phlask
[17:12:40] <vividos> uwadv update complete. it compiles using msvc and mingw32 for now
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[17:25:44] <wjp> back
[17:26:26] <vividos> did you read the mail about the header file checks for Linux?
[17:27:55] <wjp> yeah
[17:28:20] <vividos> we have one more: <set> is also included now :)
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[17:29:40] <wjp> I guess I should add checks for them right away, before I forget :-)
[17:29:42] <wjp> wb
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[17:58:58] <vividos> wjp, what do you think about the uwadv menu?
[17:59:32] <wjp> not sure
[18:00:14] <vividos> did exult have one right from the start?
[18:00:24] <vividos> or as u7:si was supported?
[18:00:25] <wjp> yeah, pretty much
[18:00:48] <vividos> the last one?
[18:02:10] <wjp> hm, not entirely sure
[18:17:27] <vividos> I think as long as we don't have two games to support, we don't need a visible screen
[18:18:39] <wjp> yeah
[18:19:48] <vividos> I read of the math course you were in the last week. how old were the attendants?
[18:19:57] <wjp> 12-17
[18:20:11] <wjp> not really a course, btw
[18:23:47] <vividos> ah ok :)
[18:24:46] <vividos> ok have to go eating pizza :) 'till later!
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[21:11:17] <wjp> wb
[21:11:32] <vividos> hi
[21:11:48] <wjp> I was just playing with inventory a bit, and the paperdoll seems to be really messed up
[21:12:04] <vividos> messed up?
[21:12:13] <wjp> and on zziplib: it is currently building again, but not automatically (yet)
[21:12:21] <wjp> you can wear everything everywhere it seems
[21:12:33] <wjp> (e.g., chainmail leggings on your feet)
[21:13:12] <vividos> did you do an update today?
[21:14:11] <wjp> yeah
[21:14:21] <vividos> whoops, I thought I fixed that :)
[21:14:49] <wjp> I'll build again just in case, then
[21:15:05] <vividos> no, that clearly is a bug somewhere
[21:15:15] <wjp> hm, according to gcc's -Wall ua_object should have a virtual destructor
[21:15:38] * vividos looks
[21:16:27] <vividos> it currently has none, so that's not a bug, but you could add one if you like
[21:19:32] <vividos> the paperdoll thing is not a bug, I simply oversaw a case to check for :)
[21:19:56] <wjp> sounds suspiciously like a bug ;-)
[21:20:49] <vividos> I only checked when an already existing object was replaced by another one, but the check wasn't done when dropping to an empty position
[21:21:17] * wjp nods
[21:25:41] <vividos> additionally found a bug in the lua_inventory_categorize_item function :)
[21:28:58] <vividos> ok, should be fixed in CVS
[21:30:41] <wjp> yup, seems ok now
[21:35:20] * wjp is browsing through uw-formats.txt
[21:35:25] <vividos> on to the tedious task to add all keys to the keymap that is in uw1
[21:35:45] <wjp> funny how we both say something at the exact same time after a long silence :-)
[21:35:53] * vividos smiles
[21:36:10] <wjp> that cnv.ark sounds like a almost-general-purpose bytecode language, I guess
[21:36:30] <wjp> any idea about what exactly the 'traps' do?
[21:36:54] <wjp> things like a 'check variable trap' or a 'combination trap', specifically?
[21:36:55] <vividos> the traps trigger when you walk over them
[21:37:05] <vividos> some are unknown yet
[21:37:36] <wjp> I guess the names where collected from a disassembly or something?
[21:37:40] <wjp> s/where/were/
[21:37:54] <vividos> the game strings are stored in a separate file
[21:38:04] <vividos> with all item names
[21:38:16] <wjp> sorry, I meant the names of the traps and opcodes
[21:38:29] <vividos> the trap names also are in the gamestrings :)
[21:38:47] <wjp> ah... I see... they're just semi-normal items
[21:38:49] <vividos> the opcodes were collected by a quick "strings uw.exe" by jim
[21:39:11] <vividos> or objects, since NPC's are objects, too
[21:40:28] <wjp> hm, there's another long list of functions in uw.exe
[21:40:55] <vividos> these probably are the imported functions, for conversations
[21:41:00] <wjp> yeah
[21:41:08] <wjp> 'intrinsics' as they're called in U7/U8
[21:41:14] <vividos> yes :)
[21:41:47] <vividos> guess how many different keys are in uw1
[21:41:49] <wjp> ah, called by the 'calli' opcode
[21:41:58] <wjp> hm, 104? ;-)
[21:42:04] <wjp> (or was it 114?)
[21:43:15] <vividos> 60
[21:43:42] <wjp> hm, not nearly all of these functions are listed in uw-format.txt, although that file does claim it lists all of them
[21:43:43] <vividos> if you are interested in this stuff, there are some nice tools, even a disassembler for conv.code
[21:44:01] <wjp> yeah, I'm kind of interested :-)
[21:44:05] <vividos> I added those where I know all the parameters
[21:44:09] * wjp decoded most of U8's usecode :-)
[21:47:09] * vividos decides to quickly complete the uaconfig tool first
[21:51:05] <vividos> a vm for the conv.code already exists, in the conv folder
[22:02:02] <wjp> hm, midnight; I should be going
[22:02:04] <wjp> g'night
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[22:03:19] <vividos> night!
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