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[17:36:24] <sol> :)
[17:41:07] <Sevalecan> sol: you ruined my life!!!!
[17:41:18] <Sevalecan> until you came by I had no idea uwadv was officially discontinued ;p
[17:41:47] <Sevalecan> oh well, he wasn't working on it, officially discontinued or not
[17:41:48] <Sevalecan> ;)
[17:45:13] <sol> hah
[17:45:16] <sol> sorry :(
[17:45:37] <sol> yea, I want to take up working on it some
[17:45:37] <Sevalecan> it's ok :(
[17:45:45] <Sevalecan> heh
[17:45:46] <sol> I miss UW, it was an awesome game
[17:45:50] <sol> and I'd like to fix it up a bit :)
[17:45:55] <sol> original was buggy!
[17:46:09] <sol> that savegame loading bug bothers me especially :)
[17:46:54] <Sevalecan> well, you could do that on your own... if you want to use uwadv's sf site, you'd have to ask a project admin... http://uwadv.sourceforge.net/index.php?page=aboutus
[17:47:13] <sol> well, I'd been hoping I'd find an ex-dev here or something
[17:47:22] <Sevalecan> well
[17:47:26] <sol> someone who could introduce me to the source instead of my having to do all the figuring out myself
[17:47:27] <sol> :)
[17:47:29] <Sevalecan> wjp is in #exult
[17:47:35] <Sevalecan> and he is a dev as listed on that page
[17:47:36] <sol> I /msged him
[17:47:42] <sol> no reply as of yet
[17:47:55] <sol> I also e-mailed Telemachos
[17:47:58] <sol> dunno what he's doing now
[17:48:10] <sol> (the guy behind UGCK, also on the list for uwadv admins)
[17:48:44] <Sevalecan> ah yes, the UGCK
[17:49:00] <Sevalecan> which reminds me, I got lazy and never finished my ultima underworld editor
[17:49:01] <Sevalecan> ;)
[17:49:01] <sol> he just up and disappeared one day
[17:49:09] <Sevalecan> heh
[17:49:41] <sol> work on uwadv with me instead :D
[17:49:50] <sol> itd be sweet to have a modern version
[17:51:16] <Sevalecan> heh
[17:51:21] <Sevalecan> 'twas my first ultima
[17:51:39] <Sevalecan> and probably one of the very few video games I ever completed without cheating :P
[17:51:55] <sol> yea
[17:52:02] <sol> I dunno how long I fought the slasher for
[17:52:17] <sol> "wtf why won't he die..."
[17:52:26] <Sevalecan> LOL
[17:52:38] <sol> when I finally figured it out
[17:52:43] <sol> I was sad :(
[17:52:48] <sol> I *liked* that equipment
[17:53:33] <Sevalecan> because it never wore out? ;)
[17:54:57] <sol> yea and it looked cool
[17:55:17] <sol> I also had a habit of going to sleep with my lamp/torch on
[17:56:04] <sol> but there were helmets to fix that
[17:57:41] <sol> arx fatalis was disappointing...dunno if you ever tried it
[18:32:03] <Sevalecan> no
[18:32:07] <Sevalecan> have you ever tried daggerfall?
[18:32:55] <Sevalecan> ;o
[18:50:58] <sol> i tried it for a few minutes
[18:51:05] <sol> i think it crashed or something and i never tried again
[18:51:08] <sol> its worth playin?
[18:51:35] <Sevalecan> well, obviously I can't speak for you
[18:51:39] <Sevalecan> I loved the game though
[18:51:44] <Sevalecan> although I'll admit
[18:51:49] <Sevalecan> alot more could be done with it
[18:52:23] <Sevalecan> some people think it's empty
[19:00:50] <Sevalecan> and it kind of is :P
[19:01:21] <Sevalecan> If I were to remake an old game though
[19:01:28] <Sevalecan> daggerfall would be my first choice, I'd love to expand on it ;)
[19:01:49] <sol> ill have to check it out again
[19:02:12] <sol> im not sure i like the idea of "empty" :)
[19:02:16] <sol> though
[19:02:29] <sol> one of my favorite things about UW was finding things lying around and identifying them
[19:02:33] <sol> "ooo magic armor!"
[19:02:33] <sol> hehe
[19:02:39] <Sevalecan> :D
[19:02:59] <Sevalecan> well, daggerfall has a large world and hundreds of thousands of NPCS
[19:03:06] <Sevalecan> but its kind of random :P
[19:03:09] <Sevalecan> and repetetive
[19:03:58] <sol> ahh :/
[19:04:04] <sol> I don't like Morrowind or Oblivion, btw
[19:04:10] <Sevalecan> heh
[19:04:15] <sol> very pretty graphics to Oblivion....
[19:04:18] <Sevalecan> I haven't tried oblivion
[19:04:19] <sol> some cool stuff to it
[19:04:21] <Sevalecan> but
[19:04:22] <sol> but really repetitive
[19:04:26] <Sevalecan> morrowind and daggerfall both lacked things
[19:04:32] <sol> and not nearly enough weaps/armor/magic items/etc
[19:04:33] <Sevalecan> but if they were put together
[19:04:38] <Sevalecan> it'd be purely awesome ;)
[19:04:48] <sol> oblivion is better than morrowind i think
[19:04:56] <sol> its just, you never really get stronger
[19:05:10] <sol> the game is always the same level of "easy"
[19:05:26] <Sevalecan> :(
[19:05:37] <sol> monsters seem to change difficulty with you
[19:05:38] <sol> its weird
[19:05:48] <Sevalecan> they do that
[19:05:50] <Sevalecan> even in daggerfall
[19:05:58] <sol> yuckkkk :/
[19:06:23] <sol> you ever play with that summon monster spell in uw?
[19:06:28] <sol> i used to fill up the bottom level with stuff
[19:06:31] <sol> 100s of monsters
[19:06:31] <sol> XD
[19:06:48] <Sevalecan> :D
[19:06:54] <Sevalecan> I'd use it to "train" my character ;)
[19:07:08] <Sevalecan> in whatshisname's vault
[19:07:11] <sol> i didnt like that the level stopped at 15 or 25 or whatever though
[19:07:14] <Sevalecan> goldthirst's
[19:07:18] <sol> ahhh what was that password again
[19:07:19] <sol> lol
[19:07:28] <Sevalecan> hmmm, i don't remember..... lol
[19:07:37] <sol> i remember folanae fanlo
[19:07:39] <sol> for the key
[19:07:54] <Sevalecan> when i first played underworld though
[19:07:59] <Sevalecan> i was probably like... 10
[19:08:07] <Sevalecan> the game scared the crap out of me ;)
[19:08:16] <sol> haha it was a bit spooky yea
[19:08:18] <sol> im 23 now
[19:08:28] <Sevalecan> I'm going to be 19 by the end of next month
[19:08:34] <sol> cool
[19:09:39] <sol> wjp sure doesnt like /topic
[19:09:47] <sol> whats exult?
[19:10:10] <Sevalecan> http://exult.sourceforge.net/
[19:10:14] <Sevalecan> another modern ultima engine project
[19:10:15] <Sevalecan> for ultima 7
[19:16:43] <sol> :
[19:16:45] <sol> :(
[19:16:58] <sol> i never really got into those top view ultimas
[19:17:04] <sol> what do you think of em
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