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[12:08:32] <vividos> ?help
[12:08:43] <vividos> ?url
[12:08:43] <exultbot> The official Exult homepage is at: http://exult.sourceforge.net/
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[15:59:58] <wjp> hi
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[17:19:07] <Dominus> yo
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[18:15:46] <vividos> hi
[18:15:57] <Dominus> hi
[18:21:33] <vividos> if anyone is interested ... http://www.twistedlabs.com/
[18:21:43] <vividos> the screenshots are marvelous!
[18:22:50] <wjp> hi vividos
[18:23:46] <vividos> ah hi wjp
[18:24:40] <vividos> does the exult main menu have a config screen or something?
[18:25:04] <wjp> yeah, but it hasn't been thought through for quite a while now
[18:25:23] <wjp> (i.e., it's just a bunch of random options, currently)
[18:26:46] <vividos> I somehow think it's too much an effort to integrate one
[18:27:08] <vividos> you would have to more or less write a windowing system
[18:27:17] <vividos> I hope you get what I mean
[18:27:21] <wjp> yeah
[18:27:52] <wjp> the config screen in the main exult menu is rather simplistic, actually
[18:28:10] <wjp> just a couple of settings that change when you click on them
[18:28:22] * vividos didn't have a look at exult recently
[18:28:52] <wjp> for the in-game config screen we use the 'gump' system that is used for all of the in-game interface
[18:29:55] <vividos> uw1/uw2 doesn't have such a system
[18:30:10] <vividos> and in the start menu we even don't know which games are available
[18:30:40] <Dominus> I guess if you already have the configurator you don't need much of a setup screen, but other than that I still think along wjp's latest mail regarding that
[18:37:12] <vividos> but wjp might be jealous, not having a uaconfig program :)
[18:37:41] * wjp nods. *sniff*
[18:38:16] <wjp> ;-)
[18:39:01] <vividos> but I heard Linux people like text editors :)
[18:39:12] * wjp loves text editors :-)
[18:40:29] <Dominus> you normally don't have as many configurations problem with linux people as with Win32 users
[18:40:43] <vividos> yes, they somehow figure all out by themselves
[18:40:51] <Dominus> and linux people actually read faqs and readmes
[18:41:02] <vividos> hehe
[18:41:02] <Dominus> more often than win32 people
[18:41:39] <vividos> like the latest news post for uwadv on SA showed us
[18:41:48] <wjp> SA?
[18:41:51] <Dominus> ?
[18:41:56] <vividos> stygianabyss
[18:42:01] <wjp> url?
[18:42:08] <vividos> stygianabyss.com
[18:42:43] <vividos> they have a direct link on their left navigation panel for uwadv
[18:44:35] <Dominus> :-) nutella on toast
[18:44:51] * Dominus laughs about his own joke :-)
[18:45:36] * vividos smiles
[18:45:40] <Dominus> as longs as the package name really gets overwritten all is fine
[18:46:27] <Dominus> I'm trying to remember which software it was that put an icon on the desktop, the quicklaunch bar, a group in the startmenu and an icon in the higher level of the startmenu
[18:46:36] <Dominus> I was REALLY pissed at that
[18:47:26] <wjp> realplayer?
[18:47:36] <Dominus> hm...
[18:47:38] <Dominus> maybe
[18:48:27] <Dominus> if there were only a generic realplayer player so you could get rid of that "!"$@
[18:50:26] <exultbot> brb
[18:50:34] <vividos> there is a plugin for winamp that lets you play back real player files
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[18:51:30] <wjp> ?url
[18:51:30] <exultbot> The official Underworld Adventures homepage is at: http://uwadv.sourceforge.net/
[18:51:34] <wjp> yay :-)
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[18:52:33] <Dominus> ?version
[18:52:33] <exultbot> The latest official version of Underworld Adventures is: 0.4 (cheesecake)
[18:52:38] <wjp> there, that update was long overdue :-)
[18:52:38] <Dominus> damn
[18:52:51] <Dominus> ?faq
[18:52:51] <exultbot> You can find the official FAQ at: http://exult.sourceforge.net/faq.php
[18:52:55] <Dominus> he he
[18:53:08] <Dominus> I knew it :-)
[18:54:19] <wjp> huh?
[18:54:46] <wjp> oh... right... it falls back on the default answers when it doesn't know about something
[18:54:56] <vividos> nice :)
[18:55:27] <Dominus> didn't know that I'm writing the FAQ for uwadv as well :-)
[18:56:18] <wjp> from #exult: ;-)
[18:56:20] <wjp> <wjp> well, it only had one set of 'answers'
[18:56:20] <wjp> <wjp> so it was pointing everyone at the exult homepage :-)
[18:56:20] <wjp> <Colourless> and that is a problem?
[18:57:11] <vividos> there isn't a faq yet, because no faq's were asked yet
[18:58:02] <Dominus> well that either means that the documentation is soooooooo good or that uwadv is not far enough in development to warrant faqs
[18:58:03] <wjp> or rather 'no qs were a f yet' :-)
[18:58:04] <Dominus> :-)
[18:58:20] * vividos just discovers that he has a 848 x 480 screen mode
[18:58:53] <vividos> :)
[18:59:09] <wjp> 848x480?
[18:59:46] <vividos> yes :) and 1360 x 768 (to list the 'never seen yet' ones)
[19:00:44] <Dominus> vividos: what do I have to set for not building with console?
[19:01:23] <Dominus> oops
[19:01:27] <Dominus> forget it
[19:01:46] <vividos> did you find it?
[19:01:52] <Dominus> yeah
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[19:02:10] <Telemacho> hi
[19:02:16] <Dominus> hey ho
[19:02:42] <wjp> hi
[19:03:05] <vividos> hi Telemachos!
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[19:03:46] <wjp> ?url
[19:03:46] <exultbot> The official Underworld Adventures homepage is at: http://uwadv.sourceforge.net/
[19:03:48] <wjp> ?faq
[19:03:58] <Dominus> ?help
[19:04:03] <Telemacho> heh.. found the readme file ;) DOH - should have looked there before trying to find all libs myself =
[19:04:05] <wjp> help isn't done yet :-)
[19:04:22] <Dominus> ?snapshot
[19:04:39] <Dominus> ?ultima
[19:04:39] <exultbot> Ultima is an epic RPG game series created by Origin.
[19:04:59] <Dominus> ?seen phlask
[19:04:59] <exultbot> phlask left #uwadv around Mon Aug 19 09:18:25 2002 (GMT)
[19:05:02] <vividos> Telemachos: do you use mingw32 now for building?
[19:05:26] <Telemacho> but for some reason my stlport package doesnt compile for mingw32.. works fine for VC7 (I use it in U1 already).... could you just send the .a file ?
[19:05:58] <Telemacho> yeah there were to many problems in converting the VC6 workspace.. figured a good old Makefile would be easier to keep up to date
[19:07:02] * Dominus never was able to compile stlport for mingw32
[19:07:41] <Telemacho> good ;) Im not alone then ..
[19:10:06] <vividos> what was the general error message?
[19:10:49] <Telemacho> for stlport ?
[19:11:09] <vividos> yes
[19:11:29] * vividos had no problems with it
[19:11:59] <-- Dominus has left IRC (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
[19:12:58] --> Dominus has joined #uwadv
[19:13:17] <Telemacho> not even compile errors... goes something like: The syntax of the command is incorrect. make [platform] Error 1 (ignored)
[19:13:45] <Telemacho> I also notices that make clean doesnt work in the uwadv makefile under my mingw... works if I use cygwin..
[19:13:58] --> phlask has joined #uwadv
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[19:14:08] <Telemacho> have you installed a special package to get rm under windows or something ?
[19:14:14] <Dominus> msys
[19:14:28] <phlask> well, well... activity in here after all :)
[19:14:31] <wjp> hi phlask
[19:14:34] <phlask> hi guys
[19:14:55] <Telemacho> hey
[19:15:08] <Dominus> Telemacho: I think msys the "weapon" of choice here :-)
[19:15:38] <Telemacho> heh.. ack :) more new stuff :=
[19:15:53] <Dominus> yep
[19:16:20] <Dominus> hi phlask, btw :-)
[19:16:33] <phlask> Hi Dominus...
[19:16:42] <phlask> What is the deal tonight guys?
[19:16:47] <vividos> ah ok, that could be, msys
[19:16:48] <vividos> hi phlask!
[19:18:16] <Telemacho> I now maintain a setup for VC7, Watcom, mingw, Cygwin plus a Red Hat Linux installation ;) heh... painful..
[19:18:33] <wjp> :-)
[19:18:36] <vividos> :)
[19:19:14] <phlask> well... when is the playstation setup due then
[19:19:40] <Dominus> yeah, are you not making u1 for psx as well? :-)
[19:20:15] <Telemacho> heh... there was talk of a gamecube version of the u1 engine ;)
[19:20:35] <Telemacho> but for a commercial project - so obviously not an Ultima
[19:21:08] <phlask> well.. the gamecube is sort of a PC anyhow isn't it?
[19:21:10] <Dominus> too bad :-)
[19:22:19] <Telemacho> hmm.. the processor is more like a powerpc actually... and it only has 32mb of memory so there would have to be some reconsiderations about memory layout in our engine ;)
[19:22:50] <vividos> Telemachos, if you use the mingw32 makefile, be sure to add -DHAVE_DEBUG to the DEFINES variable
[19:23:22] <phlask> gtg
[19:23:24] <-- phlask has left IRC ()
[19:24:54] <Dominus> wjp: I think Telemacho needs to be ops :-)
[19:25:06] <wjp> yeah, I agree :-)
[19:25:16] <Dominus> so exultbot and me can share the lonely "just a user and a bot" place
[19:25:18] <Telemacho> hmm.. isnt there a CVS with Msys ?
[19:25:37] <wjp> neither telemacho nor telemachos are registered with nickserv, though.. *hint* ;-)
[19:26:03] <vividos> Telemachos: don't think so. I use TortoiseCVS btw :)
[19:26:08] --- ChanServ gives channel operator status to exultbot
[19:26:19] <Dominus> hrmpf
[19:26:32] <exultbot> muahaha! ;-)
[19:26:59] * Dominus thinks that exultbot needs a good beating ...
[19:27:22] --- wjp removes channel operator status from exultbot
[19:27:40] * Dominus slaps exultbot around with a large botcookie
[19:28:07] <Telemacho> aha.. stlport seems to like msys ;)
[19:28:33] <Dominus> might be that I didn't try it with msys
[19:30:18] <vividos> dos commandline is evil :)
[19:30:40] <Telemacho> wjp what was you talking about before?? :) Im kind of a irc newbie ..
[19:31:10] <wjp> the uwadv team members automatically get 'channel operator' status in here
[19:31:18] <Dominus> if you register your nick with nickserv you can get op and no one can steel your nick
[19:31:32] <Telemacho> oh... how :)
[19:32:04] <wjp> "/msg nickserv help register"
[19:32:17] <wjp> you might want to change your nick to Telemachos first, though ;-)
[19:32:22] <wjp> (/nick Telemachos)
[19:32:29] <Dominus> Telemacho: also which irc client are you using?
[19:32:43] <Telemacho> yeah, this name was from an earlier version of MIRC.. could have longer names than this..
[19:32:44] <wjp> mirc v5.9
[19:32:47] --- Telemacho is now known as Telemachos
[19:34:26] <Telemachos> if I type /msg nickserv help register it just replies: -> *nickserv* help register
[19:35:01] <wjp> maybe in another window?
[19:35:21] <Dominus> it should be in the openprojects window
[19:36:02] <Dominus> somewhere hidden in mirc (long time that I used mirc)
[19:36:34] <Telemachos> yeah it had thrown output in the other window
[19:37:30] <Telemachos> and to register: /msg nickserver register <password> ?
[19:38:35] <wjp> nickserv, but yes
[19:38:38] <vividos> Dominus: what IRC client do you use now?
[19:38:44] <Dominus> trillian
[19:38:51] <vividos> ah ok
[19:39:15] <vividos> I'm still searching for a small nice one
[19:39:20] <Dominus> free and offers all other chat mediums in one program
[19:39:34] <Telemachos> ok.. should be registered... brb ;)
[19:39:39] <-- Telemachos has left IRC ()
[19:40:50] --> Telemachos has joined #uwadv
[19:40:51] --- ChanServ gives channel operator status to Telemachos
[19:41:47] <wjp> seems to work :-)
[19:41:56] <wjp> now you can do fun stuff like kicking exultbot out of the channel :-)
[19:42:09] <Telemachos> heh.. all I ever wanted..
[19:42:53] <Dominus> or you can kick people like vividos and wjp :-)
[19:43:09] <wjp> *cough* or Dominus, of course ;-)
[19:43:20] <wjp> or yourself, should you feel like it :-)
[19:43:20] <Dominus> or ban exultbot from the channel :-)
[19:43:27] <Telemachos> I would rather know how to slap someone with a fish ;)
[19:43:52] * exultbot slaps Telemachos around a bit with a large trout
[19:43:53] * Dominus slaps Telemachos around with a large, fuck off, fish
[19:44:02] <Telemachos> nooo :=)
[19:48:09] <Telemachos> hmm.. the uwadv target compiles fine... the tools target complains about undefined reference to WinMain@16 .. I seems to remember this from Cygwin with SDL.. but forgot what to do about it
[19:48:19] <Telemachos> isnt it because it finds a windows define somewhere ?
[19:50:18] * vividos looks into that
[19:55:42] <Telemachos> its the mapdisp tool btw...
[19:56:07] <Telemachos> the data target seems to compile all the LUA scripts... but fails at a zip command (probably another util I need)
[20:07:06] <vividos> yes, just get it from gnuwin32.sf.net
[20:09:45] <Telemachos> hmm.. which package.. Gzip or Bzip2
[20:10:10] <vividos> umm ...
[20:11:26] <Telemachos> heh.. you guys uses too many 3rd party libs ;)
[20:11:47] <vividos> sorry, wrong place. I think you should get it from the info-zip page: http://www.info-zip.org/pub/infozip/
[20:12:10] <vividos> too lazy to do all by ourselves :)
[20:22:40] <vividos> did you find the zip tool?
[20:31:20] <Telemachos> sure
[20:33:54] <Telemachos> gotta go ;) gf is home... well, now it compiles and runs... hopefully I'll fix the CD soon --
[20:33:56] <Telemachos> take care
[20:33:59] <-- Telemachos has left IRC ()
[20:40:22] <-- vividos has left IRC (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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[20:49:28] <vividos> re
[20:49:38] <wjp> wb
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[21:16:20] <vividos> color test :)
[21:16:53] <-- Dominus has left IRC (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
[21:17:03] <wjp> ouch that is bright :-)
[21:17:06] <vividos> now everyone sees my nick in the log :)
[21:20:39] --> exultbot has joined #uwadv
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[21:20:46] <vividos> now let's try this
[21:21:07] <wjp> I should really implement a 'reload' signal for exultbot
[21:21:16] <wjp> having to kill and restart it every time is annoying :-)
[21:21:41] <vividos> not that someone wants to change his log color every day
[21:22:05] <wjp> shhh; don't give people strange ideas ;-)
[21:22:20] <vividos> uh oh :)
[21:22:35] <vividos> back to more serious things ... uwadv
[21:23:20] <vividos> I have access to a FreeBSD box with recently updated auto* tools
[21:24:33] <vividos> running ./autogen.sh produced, among some other errors, the following:
[21:24:34] <vividos> configure.ac:22: required file `source/config.h.in' not found
[21:25:14] <wjp> hm, weird
[21:25:18] <vividos> the first error is:
[21:25:18] <vividos> glob failed (child exited with status 127) at /usr/local/share/autoconf/Autom4te/General.pm line 105.
[21:25:18] <vividos> autom4te: cannot remove /tmp/t4QDgObs: Directory not empty
[21:25:38] <wjp> autoheader should've generated that file
[21:26:12] <vividos> yes, I checked all versions of the used tools and they are either 2.53 (for the autoconf tools) or 1.6.3 for automake
[21:26:22] <vividos> maybe the system is broken somehow
[21:26:47] <wjp> what happens when you run autoheader?
[21:27:29] <vividos> complete error list?
[21:27:50] <vividos> bash-2.05$ autoheader
[21:27:50] <vividos> glob failed (child exited with status 127) at /usr/local/share/autoconf/Autom4te/General.pm line 105.
[21:27:50] <vividos> autom4te: cannot remove /tmp/t4DSp4EP: Directory not empty
[21:27:50] <vividos> at /usr/local/bin/autom4te line 0
[21:27:50] <vividos> autoheader: autom4te failed with exit status: 1
[21:27:51] <vividos> at /usr/local/bin/autoheader line 163
[21:27:53] <vividos> glob failed (child exited with status 127) at /usr/local/share/autoconf/Autom4te/General.pm line 105.
[21:27:55] <vividos> autoheader: cannot remove /tmp/ah8cSzn7: Directory not empty
[21:27:57] <vividos> at /usr/local/bin/autoheader line 0
[21:28:42] <vividos> I updated autoconf, automake and libtool
[21:29:06] <wjp> that sounds bad
[21:29:08] <vividos> do I need to have them installed in an order?
[21:37:41] <vividos> now that is an interesting sort of game remake: http://www.flipcode.com/cgi-bin/msg.cgi?showThread=08-19-2002&forum=iotd&id=-1
[21:40:34] <wjp> TA! yay!
[21:40:55] <vividos> you already know it?
[21:41:00] <wjp> well, the game, yes
[21:43:07] <wjp> hm, by the description it doesn't really sound like a full remake, though
[21:43:46] <wjp> although the link does point to something that looks like it
[21:44:01] <wjp> (TA was my favourite RTS, btw)
[21:44:59] <wjp> hm, no.... that's just a balance patch
[21:45:04] <wjp> *sigh*.. ah well :-)
[21:51:00] <vividos> it sounded more like a remake with 3d rendering
[21:52:57] --> Dominus has joined #uwadv
[21:54:23] <vividos> wjp, did you look more into uw1 conv code yet?
[21:54:59] <wjp> no, not yet
[21:57:24] <vividos> some news from exult?
[21:59:48] <wjp> hm, not really
[22:05:18] <vividos> today's a rather slow news day
[22:05:46] <wjp> too hot to do anything sensible
[22:06:00] <Dominus> with a sickening sense of deja-vu...
[22:06:06] <vividos> hehe :)
[22:06:36] <vividos> it wasn't that hot at my location, though
[22:07:25] <vividos> at least I didn't have to open my pc case :)
[22:08:34] <Dominus> my pc was running rather hot the other weeks until I installed a vent that sucked the hot air out of it...
[22:09:29] <vividos> that would be a possibility. I found a tool that cools down my cpu
[22:09:44] <Dominus> never worked much for me
[22:09:54] <Dominus> (tool that cools pc)
[22:10:04] <vividos> but not one of the usual ones, it was one for the via chipsets, together with athlon or duron cpus
[22:10:41] <vividos> http://vcool.occludo.net/
[22:12:14] --- vividos is now known as vividos|away
[22:37:01] --- vividos|away is now known as vividos
[22:39:19] <vividos> still awake everyone?
[22:39:25] <wjp> yeah
[22:39:48] <vividos> ok :) what feature do you expect to work next in uwadv?
[22:39:58] <wjp> explosions!
[22:39:58] <wjp> ;-)
[22:40:07] <Dominus> he he
[22:40:14] <vividos> ok :) the animations are available
[22:40:15] <Dominus> mouse movement
[22:40:30] * wjp nods
[22:40:35] <wjp> mouse movement would be nice
[22:40:47] <wjp> after that maybe picking up items?
[22:41:01] <wjp> (or dropping them)
[22:41:19] <vividos> yeah, I already dug out old code for OpenGL selection/picking
[22:42:05] <vividos> dropping would be harder, that would require the physics model to be improved much :)
[22:42:17] <Dominus> npcs
[22:42:33] <vividos> what about a working message scroll? :)
[22:42:43] <wjp> does the compass already work?
[22:42:47] <Dominus> automap :-)
[22:43:12] <wjp> is there a concept of time yet?
[22:43:14] <vividos> yes, the compass works. although the original compass has some delay, just like a real compass
[22:43:53] <vividos> time: a lua function is called every game tick. a time value in seconds since starting the underworld is passed
[22:44:22] <vividos> hmm, how much real time should be a day in the underworld?
[22:44:42] <wjp> I really can't remember
[22:45:05] * vividos probably has to play the original to find it out
[22:46:12] <Dominus> yeah, no idea
[22:48:14] <vividos> wjp: do you think it is possible to unify linux and mingw32 makefiles using a Makefile.common? that's another idea I had recently
[22:49:14] <wjp> a large part of Makefile.am and Makefile.mingw is probably the same, yes
[22:50:18] <vividos> the uwadv_SOURCES list could be split into two lists, the headers and the cpp's, and Makefile.mingw could use them with an .o extension
[22:50:43] <wjp> I'm not sure if automake will like that
[22:51:00] <wjp> besides, in plain make you can use all sorts of string manipulation commands to handle that
[22:51:30] <vividos> does it work to filter out .hpp and .h files from the list?
[22:51:57] <vividos> found the line; should look like that: luaOBJECTS = $(luaSCRIPTS:.lua=.lob)
[22:52:08] <wjp> $newvar=$(patsubst %.hpp,,$oldvar)
[22:52:35] <vividos> it would be worth a try, or what do you think?
[22:52:46] <wjp> or in that syntax $newvar = $(oldvar:%.hpp=)
[22:52:52] * wjp nods
[22:52:58] <wjp> sounds like a good idea
[22:53:33] <vividos> any volunteers? :-) I'm not that fit in make syntax and that
[22:53:45] * wjp looks around
[22:54:22] <vividos> :)
[22:54:31] <vividos> what exactly does "$newvar = $(oldvar:%.hpp=)" do?
[22:55:20] <wjp> $newvar = $(oldvar:pattern=replacement)
[22:55:30] <vividos> ah ok
[22:55:46] <wjp> it interprets the oldvar as a space-separated list
[22:55:56] <wjp> and replaces each of the items that matches
[22:56:16] <wjp> we'll need to use that to add source/ to the filenames too
[22:56:43] <vividos> for the mingw32 case
[22:56:55] <wjp> yeah, can't use fancy tricks like this in automake :-(
[22:57:11] <wjp> (since they're processed only in the make stage)
[22:57:38] <vividos> ok, then just create a Makefile.common that works with Makefile.am, and I try to do the same for Makefile.mingw
[22:57:53] <wjp> the first part is easy :-)
[22:58:08] <wjp> I just moved the uwadv_SOURCES to Makefile.common, and added an include :-)
[22:58:15] <vividos> :)
[22:58:37] <vividos> don't forget about the tools, the lua and zziplib library :)
[22:58:57] <wjp> grmbl :-)
[22:59:07] <wjp> I'll do the main object files tonight
[22:59:30] <wjp> after that I should probably go to bed
[22:59:44] <vividos> no need to be in a hurry :)
[22:59:54] <wjp> this is too much fun not to do right away :)
[23:00:00] <vividos> hehe
[23:00:23] <wjp> one small detail: the win32/... objects
[23:00:35] <wjp> so I'll just add those manually
[23:01:17] <vividos> hmm, they could stay in Makefile.mingw
[23:01:35] <vividos> no, move them to the .common, too
[23:01:52] <wjp> hm, that'll probably give warnings in the Makefile.am
[23:02:05] <wjp> or maybe not
[23:02:10] * wjp tries :-)
[23:02:12] <vividos> :)
[23:04:50] <wjp> k, Makefile.am seems to work
[23:04:55] <wjp> could you try if Makefile.mingw works?
[23:05:01] <wjp> ack, oops
[23:05:04] <wjp> hold on :-)
[23:05:37] <wjp> k, now :-)
[23:05:39] <vividos> that would require some work with the make pattern replacement
[23:05:54] <wjp> ?
[23:06:16] <wjp> I already did that, I hope :-)
[23:06:49] <vividos> in Makefile.mingw?
[23:06:59] * wjp nods
[23:07:10] <vividos> ah, have to update that, too
[23:08:03] <vividos> the clean target works :)
[23:08:34] <vividos> it seems to compile
[23:10:38] <wjp> it should be possible to do lua (roughly) the same way
[23:10:50] <wjp> not sure about how exactly I want to do zziplib yet
[23:12:36] <vividos> make: *** No rule to make target `audio/midi_driver/uni_fmod.h', needed by `uwadv.exe'. Stop.
[23:13:08] <wjp> ah, there's a .h there too?
[23:13:11] <vividos> .h files are not deleted, yet
[23:13:14] <wjp> missed that :-)
[23:13:24] <vividos> yes, and the lua lib also has some, I think
[23:13:35] <wjp> yeah, lua is all C
[23:14:43] <wjp> how about $(uwadv_SOURCES:%.h%=)
[23:14:44] <wjp> ?
[23:15:23] * vividos tries
[23:15:27] <wjp> not entirely sure if you can use multiple %'s
[23:15:36] <vividos> make: *** No rule to make target `audio.hpp', needed by `uwadv.exe'. Stop.
[23:15:56] <wjp> bah
[23:16:34] <wjp> uwadv_CPPs = $(patsubst %.hpp,,$(patsubst %.h,,$uwadv_SOURCES))
[23:16:38] <wjp> how about that one?
[23:16:51] <wjp> it's getting increasingly ugly :/
[23:16:55] <vividos> uwadv_CPPs = $($(uwadv_SOURCES:%.h=):%.hpp=) does work, but I try the other one, too
[23:17:18] <wjp> hm, that's allowed?
[23:17:24] <vividos> apparently :)
[23:17:54] <wjp> the infopage only lists the case $(VAR:PATTERN=REPLACEMENT)
[23:17:55] <wjp> ah well
[23:18:13] <vividos> strange
[23:18:33] <vividos> your line gives the error:
[23:18:40] <vividos> make: *** No rule to make target `wadv_SOURCES', needed by `uwadv.exe'. Stop.
[23:18:53] <wjp> oh $(uwadv_SOURCES), I guess
[23:19:37] <vividos> uwadv_CPPs = $(patsubst %.hpp,,$(patsubst %.h,,$(uwadv_SOURCES))
[23:19:49] <wjp> missed a )
[23:19:57] <vividos> yes
[23:20:05] * vividos recompiles
[23:20:13] <wjp> anyway, yours is shorter :-)
[23:20:46] <vividos> should I commit that line?
[23:20:53] <wjp> yeah
[23:21:32] <wjp> I hope the .h files weren't accidently deleted by make clean? :-)
[23:21:32] * vividos waits, just in case
[23:22:39] <vividos> doesn't seem so
[23:23:04] <wjp> oh, right, the source/ wasn't added to them
[23:24:00] <vividos> btw, all files in the hacking folder have strange line endings
[23:24:11] <wjp> strange?
[23:24:24] <vividos> they have 0d 0d 0a
[23:24:53] <wjp> ah, yes, I see
[23:25:10] <wjp> hm, I wonder why 'file' didn't report them as CRLF files
[23:26:58] <wjp> guess I'll have to use a somewhat more intelligent way of detecting CRLF's then :/
[23:28:24] <vividos> it's just the few files in the hacking subfolders
[23:29:05] <vividos> btw, there are some files missing for the win32 build in Makefile.mingw
[23:30:00] <wjp> hm, which ones?
[23:30:06] <vividos> it's win_midiout.cpp and win_midiout.h. I could put a #ifdef WIN32 around the .cpp file, so that it's empty for linux builds
[23:30:32] <wjp> or put them in uwadv_win32objects
[23:30:36] <vividos> ah ok
[23:30:44] <wjp> although I'd probably add the #ifdef WIN32 anyway
[23:31:31] <vividos> ok, works
[23:31:49] <wjp> ok, another redundancy removed :-)
[23:32:00] <vividos> for the tools, should there be a separate Makefile.common in the "tools" folder?
[23:32:44] <Dominus> vividos: may i voice another request for the midiout? it displays the used midi-device. Can it be altered to show all availlable devices? (like exult does, so you don't have to guess the device number)
[23:32:44] <wjp> yeah, because of automake's limitations :/
[23:34:30] <vividos> wjp, do you want to do that, too? I can do the Makefile.mingw part
[23:34:45] <vividos> Dominus: yes, I can put that in (it's only commented out)
[23:35:01] <wjp> not tonight, though :-)
[23:35:06] * wjp should have been in bed an hour ago :-)
[23:35:21] <vividos> ok. just that I know what to do and what not to do
[23:35:36] <wjp> you can do it too if you want :-)
[23:35:54] <vividos> but I can't verify if it works for automake
[23:36:50] <wjp> hm, true; I don't really mind, though :-)
[23:37:06] <wjp> besides, breaking CVS is a time-honoured tradition ;-)
[23:37:14] <vividos> hehe
[23:38:58] <Dominus> yeah, can't have a project in its alpha stage without weekly cvs breakage
[23:39:50] <vividos> hmm, did I break it recently?
[23:40:10] <Dominus> no, that'S why it needs to be scheduled now
[23:40:33] <vividos> ok then. on to writing code *g*
[23:41:08] <vividos> darn, even make update works :)
[23:45:52] <vividos> btw, I wrote a little Lua script that counts the path lengths in the underworld. some promo article for uw1 claimed all paths in uw1 are 25 miles long
[23:46:15] <wjp> and? :-)
[23:47:11] <vividos> assuming that one tile gives 1 meter of path, a diagonal one gives 0.5 meter and a slope gives about 1.2 meter, it only were 16 km for all 8 levels of the underworld
[23:47:22] <vividos> meter = metres (?)
[23:47:30] <wjp> well well well :-)
[23:48:14] <vividos> btw, the maximum speed for a player is 2.4 tiles (or meter) per second
[23:48:22] <wjp> I guess they didn't quite catch the virtue of honesty yet :-)
[23:48:47] <wjp> hm, running?
[23:49:11] <vividos> yes. the avatar would need about 111 minutes to run through all corridors
[23:49:17] <wjp> 8.6km/h
[23:49:36] <wjp> not too fast, although I guess it's reasonably for full armour :-)
[23:49:37] <vividos> assuming that he/she never walks one corridor twice
[23:49:40] <wjp> s/ly/le/
[23:50:48] <vividos> 8.6km/s is rather fast I think, but the original avatar almost has the same speed
[23:51:07] <vividos> or the assumption that one tile is 1 m long is wrong
[23:51:22] <vividos> which probably is the case :)
[23:55:59] <wjp> ok, now it's really time for me to go :-)
[23:56:01] <wjp> g'night
[23:56:11] <Dominus> bye
[23:56:13] <-- wjp has left IRC ("Zzzz...")
[23:57:00] <vividos> bye
[23:57:09] * vividos always is too late
[23:57:23] <Dominus> he