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[00:04:20] <vividos> map3ds is a program to convert uw1 levels to 3ds
[00:50:46] <Dark-Star> cool, where can I get it?
[00:51:39] * Dark-Star wonders what a delayed conversation this is...
[01:09:56] <vividos> :)
[01:10:07] <vividos> it's in the released tools package
[01:10:36] <vividos> I'm currently digging deep in the uw1 data files
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[08:31:43] <Servus> hi
[08:32:23] <Eldron> hey
[08:37:01] <Servus> how goes it?
[08:37:14] <Servus> your gazer? i havent been modelling much... i made most of a Lurker though:)
[08:37:30] <Eldron> its where I left it some month ago :)
[08:37:34] <Eldron> Im soo tied up now :/
[08:37:42] <Servus> yeah me too, think ~100 pages of report due this week:|
[08:37:51] <Eldron> I do art in school, and two other projects, and I do art on my freetime..
[08:39:02] <Servus> with all the time you spent on this gazer, im gonna see a gazer in every room of the Gone Gold version of uwadv:P
[08:39:24] <Eldron> lol
[08:39:49] <Eldron> I haven't spent time on it :).. barely nothing, I've just not spent time on it
[08:41:29] <Servus> lurkers are really hard to make, ya know... hehe... i saw so little of 'em
[08:41:42] <Eldron> oh, the water-creatures?
[08:41:54] <Eldron> well, they do stick their head up with the mouth and all..
[08:42:56] <Servus> im not gonna just make a head!
[08:43:12] <Servus> im thinking of something like a turtle without a shell
[08:43:17] <Servus> with tentacles
[08:43:47] <Eldron> I think of it as a water-gazer :)
[08:43:53] <Eldron> with two eyes and a big mouth instead
[08:45:28] <Servus> yes
[08:45:32] <Servus> but thats just the part you see
[08:45:46] <Servus> i remember the uw2 bestiary in the manual said "no one knows what the rest of it looks like, as it always sinks upon death"
[08:46:10] <Eldron> didn't it just dead-float as a fish? :)
[08:47:37] <Servus> sunk
[08:47:42] <Eldron> well.. must go now..
[08:47:44] <Servus> bye
[08:47:45] <Eldron> see you later..
[08:47:54] <Servus> tata
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[10:43:39] <Servus> welcome back
[10:45:53] <Eldron-> ye, Im in school now
[10:49:36] <Eldron-> doing humanoid modelling without reference..
[10:50:01] <Eldron-> becomes more stylistic than natural..
[10:50:06] <Eldron-> lots of muscles that does not exist etc :)
[10:52:10] <Eldron-> and hell
[10:52:11] <Eldron-> now it crahsed
[10:52:48] <Eldron-> and did I save? :/
[10:53:41] <Eldron-> retarded computer..
[11:08:37] <Servus> hehehe
[11:08:43] <Servus> hope it saved :-)
[11:08:48] <Servus> i use a biped model to do humans
[11:08:57] <Servus> gives me a rough outline
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[19:34:38] <Dark-Star> ?logs
[19:34:38] <exultbot> Logs are available at http://www.math.leidenuniv.nl/~wpalenst/uwadvlog.php
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