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[17:03:06] <vividos> hi phlask
[17:03:11] <phlask> hi
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[17:03:28] <wjp> hi
[17:03:47] <vividos> hi wjp
[17:04:02] <phlask> I will try to monitor progress on the project as closely possible though and will hopefull I'll be able to join in again somewhere in the future
[17:04:57] <wjp> hm? :-(
[17:05:01] * wjp reads logs
[17:05:55] <vividos> ok, you're always welcome!
[17:06:18] <phlask> sorry wjp... I was telling vividos on ICQ that I won't be able to do any work for the uwadv for now or the near future
[17:06:31] <wjp> ah, sorry to hear that
[17:06:38] <wjp> other projects and/or RL keeping you busy?
[17:06:50] <phlask> both actually
[17:07:11] <phlask> I'm not actually *leaving* the project though
[17:08:08] <phlask> As soon as I find some spare time I'll jump right back in
[17:11:57] <phlask> well... gtg bye now!
[17:12:18] <wjp> bye
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[17:15:44] <vividos> hmm, should I place os-specific code in the win32 subfolder, or should I put #ifdef WIN32's around it?
[17:16:07] <wjp> depends on the amount of code, I guess
[17:16:49] <vividos> hmm, should be better placed in win32, perhaps. it's not much, but I don't know how to unify the code with Linux.
[17:17:06] <vividos> how do you load/call functions in a shared lib?
[17:17:08] <wjp> what does it do?
[17:17:10] <wjp> oh...
[17:17:35] <wjp> get a function pointer with dlsym, I think
[17:17:47] <wjp> (after opening the library with dlopen)
[17:19:42] <vividos> seems to be almost the same thing, in win32 I have to open the lib with LoadLibrary, and get a pointer with GetProcAddress
[17:20:14] <vividos> should we do a whole class for that?
[17:20:49] <wjp> why exactly do you want to dynamically load things?
[17:21:26] <wjp> oh wait...
[17:21:30] <wjp> we talked about this earlier, didn't we? :-)
[17:21:35] <vividos> to get rid of the wxWindows dependency :)
[17:21:38] <vividos> don't know
[17:21:47] <vividos> at least for the main app
[17:23:30] <wjp> yeah, it should probably go into a class or namespace
[17:24:05] <vividos> hmm
[17:24:25] <vividos> you're right, the ifdef code is pretty ugly
[17:26:11] <vividos> ok then
[17:28:25] <wjp> bbl, dinner
[17:54:16] <wjp> b
[17:55:33] <vividos> wb
[17:55:49] <wjp> thx
[17:56:09] <vividos> it's bad that #lua and #wxwindows are rather uncrowded
[17:59:53] <vividos> i'm away a bit
[17:59:58] --- vividos is now known as vividos|away
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[19:24:43] <vividos> re
[19:41:22] <wjp> wb
[19:51:18] <vividos> thread programming is a tricky thing :)
[19:53:09] <wjp> yes :-)
[19:56:39] <vividos> even when you're stuck at creating a thread :)
[20:04:17] <vividos> darn! I can only create a wxThread when wxApp::Initialize() was called. but I wanted to start a wxApp from the running thread ...
[20:04:47] <wjp> how about using SDL's threads?
[20:05:25] <vividos> hmm, that would be a possibility, but I didn't found anything in the docs. maybe I have to go through the sources ... again :)
[20:07:52] <vividos> unfortunately, I cannot check if a SDL_Thread still runs; don't know if I can handle that with a mutex
[20:18:23] <wjp> you can just use a global for that, I think
[20:23:18] <vividos> I used a semaphore now, but don't know if that works
[20:24:39] <vividos> a global (or a member of my class) could do, too
[20:25:57] <vividos> it works :)
[20:26:56] <vividos> on to the happy UI building :)
[20:45:14] <vividos> did you try out the source to the showcase?
[20:47:05] <wjp> hm, no, didn't rebuild wxwindows with fl support yet
[20:49:11] * wjp is trying to find the 'proper' way to build stuff in contrib
[20:59:19] <wjp> I wonder if I just run make in the fl subdir if the top level make will pick it up
[21:12:24] <vividos> hmm :)
[21:13:35] * vividos has to fetch the linux distro, too, just to look how the entry code is
[21:14:14] <vividos> do you use the GTK+ one?
[21:14:17] <wjp> yeah
[21:14:33] <wjp> hm, is that FL library linked into your main wx library, or is it a separate one?
[21:14:44] <vividos> no, it is separate
[21:15:21] <vividos> are there no makefiles?
[21:15:27] <wjp> yeah
[21:15:47] <wjp> I was kind of expecting it to be linked into the main library :-)
[21:16:30] <wjp> but I think I have it built & installed properly now
[21:16:44] <vividos> no, there also are some more libs that are built on msw (win32), like png or tiff libs
[21:18:19] <wjp> ok, it seems to be working now
[21:18:26] <wjp> (it = wxtest2)
[21:18:38] <vividos> really? nice :)
[21:22:27] <vividos> I'll check in what I have tomorrow, then you can figure out the dlopen and wxwindows stuff, if you like :)
[21:22:48] <wjp> sounds like I'll have something to do this weekend :-)
[21:23:57] <wjp> hm, I should get some sleep :-)
[21:23:59] <wjp> g'night
[21:24:09] <-- wjp has left IRC ("Zzzz...")
[21:24:16] <vividos> 'night :)
[21:24:18] <-- vividos has left IRC ("Leaving")