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[12:41:13] <amOKchen> ahh awful an ircchan with ppl playing this game ;>
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[15:44:20] <amOKchen> yo
[15:44:22] <amOKchen> anyone here D:?
[15:44:28] * amOKchen slaps zarkyb around a bit with a large trout
[15:44:30] * amOKchen slaps exultbot around a bit with a large trout
[15:44:32] * amOKchen slaps Dragst_ around a bit with a large trout
[15:44:33] * amOKchen slaps Dragst around a bit with a large trout
[15:44:35] * amOKchen slaps wjp around a bit with a large trout
[15:44:36] * zarkyb touches amOKchen inappropriately
[15:44:39] <amOKchen> :D?
[15:44:41] <zarkyb> :D!
[15:44:45] <amOKchen> nice
[15:44:54] <zarkyb> heh
[15:45:15] <amOKchen> im getting nostalgic and want to play Ultima Underworld - The Stygian Abyss
[15:45:20] <zarkyb> yes
[15:45:31] <amOKchen> and i downloaded something to make it run in win2k
[15:45:47] <amOKchen> uwadv-0.9-mojito-win32
[15:45:54] <amOKchen> but monsters dont move
[15:45:56] <zarkyb> yeah it isn't complete yet
[15:45:59] <amOKchen> and evrything is frozen
[15:46:00] <amOKchen> :<
[15:46:01] <amOKchen> ohh
[15:46:18] <amOKchen> and when i go into save games i cant get out ;)
[15:46:27] <amOKchen> but is there anyway i can play it in win2k then?
[15:46:44] <zarkyb> to be honest.... not really
[15:46:52] <amOKchen> damn
[15:47:07] <amOKchen> it runs in win98?
[15:47:31] <zarkyb> yeah... depends on hardware though
[15:47:45] <amOKchen> slower hardware = good ^^?
[15:48:07] <zarkyb> older hardware = more compatible
[15:48:21] <zarkyb> i have a p120 laptop... runs nice on that
[15:48:23] <amOKchen> this is an xp1800 with 512ddr ram and radeon9800
[15:48:23] <amOKchen> :<
[15:48:36] <zarkyb> heh
[15:48:44] <zarkyb> to be honest it's mainly sound
[15:48:45] <amOKchen> got an older computer with amd600 geforce1 and 256sdr
[15:48:49] <amOKchen> ohh
[15:48:52] <amOKchen> :D
[15:49:25] <amOKchen> hmm need a new harddisk, dont want to reformat this or play with partitions.
[15:49:26] <zarkyb> it's good if it has a sb compatible soundcard
[15:49:28] <amOKchen> gonna order one
[15:49:28] <amOKchen> :D
[15:49:35] <amOKchen> evrything for uw
[15:49:41] <amOKchen> hmm
[15:49:45] <amOKchen> mine is onboard
[15:49:55] <zarkyb> probably not then
[15:50:15] <amOKchen> ok
[15:50:55] <amOKchen> how far are you with a compatible playable winnt version :>?
[15:51:00] <amOKchen> and 3d objects
[15:51:02] <zarkyb> heh
[15:51:07] <zarkyb> oh hey i don't work on the project :)
[15:51:12] <amOKchen> ohh
[15:51:14] <amOKchen> :D
[15:51:16] <amOKchen> ok
[15:51:25] <amOKchen> you are jut a player like me ^^`?
[15:51:27] <zarkyb> i just play it :)
[15:51:28] <zarkyb> yup
[15:51:36] <zarkyb> uw is one of my favourite games ever
[15:52:06] <amOKchen> i played it by a friend before i got my comp years ago, lately it just got in my mind that i never finished the game entirely.
[15:52:16] <amOKchen> and want to
[15:52:17] <amOKchen> :o
[15:52:20] <zarkyb> yeah same here
[15:52:23] <zarkyb> or uw2
[15:52:30] <amOKchen> i never tried that one
[15:52:40] <amOKchen> is it same style?
[15:52:58] <amOKchen> engine
[15:52:59] <zarkyb> yeah, bigger view screen
[15:53:01] <zarkyb> yep
[15:53:09] <zarkyb> it's really awesome
[15:53:14] <amOKchen> and new mysties :>
[15:53:18] <zarkyb> yup
[15:53:26] <amOKchen> do you have it in a file you can dcc?
[15:53:44] <amOKchen> was REALLY hard to find uw1 also
[15:53:48] <amOKchen> ^^
[15:53:55] <zarkyb> heh, one sec
[15:54:05] * wjp sighs
[15:54:10] <amOKchen> :D
[15:54:11] <wjp> people, trading warez is illegal
[15:54:19] <zarkyb> i'm not going to send it, don't worry
[15:54:26] <zarkyb> here's a site where you can find it:
[15:54:27] <amOKchen> after 10 years it isnt illigal anymore i thought
[15:54:27] <zarkyb> www.google.com
[15:54:27] <amOKchen> :>
[15:54:36] <amOKchen> :n
[15:54:45] <zarkyb> heh
[15:54:48] <wjp> amOKchen: copyright lasts for _MUCH_ longer than 10 years
[15:54:59] <amOKchen> damn copyright
[15:55:17] <wjp> copyright itself isn't bad
[15:55:22] <amOKchen> you cant buy it in stores anyway :<
[15:55:37] <wjp> that doesn't matter at all legally speaking
[15:55:53] <amOKchen> :P
[15:56:05] <amOKchen> ok
[15:56:16] <amOKchen> so it's not legal either if i dl it from google :P
[15:56:23] <zarkyb> heh
[15:56:23] <amOKchen> if i can find it at all
[15:56:37] <amOKchen> found two places for uw1 and they dindt work
[15:56:59] <amOKchen> amsged foir one hour on 20 chans on quakenet before i found someone who got uw1
[15:56:59] <amOKchen> :P
[15:57:00] <amOKchen> :P
[15:57:26] <zarkyb> try ebay
[15:57:46] <zarkyb> i bought my copy of uw1 and 2 a few years back in a rpg collection... well worth the money
[15:57:58] <amOKchen> ok
[15:58:10] <amOKchen> uw was the only rpg game i ever played
[15:58:15] <amOKchen> then quake3
[15:58:18] <amOKchen> and mroe quake3
[15:58:21] <amOKchen> :o
[15:58:52] <amOKchen> proberly because of that i need a lill change
[15:59:23] <amOKchen> after i was to qlan in sweden and dindt win anything i need a lill break with it ;)
[16:00:13] <amOKchen> and rpg is perfect
[16:08:54] <amOKchen> 
[16:08:54] <amOKchen> 
[16:08:54] <amOKchen> 
[16:11:09] <amOKchen> is ultima 1 to xx same kind of game?
[16:11:32] <zarkyb> rpg yes, 3d no
[16:12:08] <amOKchen> ok
[16:21:49] <amOKchen> The page cannot be found
[16:21:50] <amOKchen> ^^
[16:21:51] <amOKchen> typical
[16:21:57] <amOKchen> when i find one
[16:36:51] <Dragst_> ultima 1 rocks
[16:36:56] <Dragst_> it's very hack'n'slash
[16:37:11] <Dragst_> but it still rocks =)
[16:37:32] <Dragst_> if you want to play it, I seriously suggest finding c64 version of it and playing it with an emulator
[16:51:25] <amOKchen> ok
[17:39:14] <Dragst_> ultima 3 on the other hand has a brilliant feeling into it
[17:39:27] <Dragst_> the only downside of the game is rather clumsy UI
[17:39:32] <Dragst_> (There is none, that is =))
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[17:51:43] <zarkyb> so um, who here is actually working on uwadv?
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[18:08:35] <amOKchen> 
[18:14:12] <wjp> zarkyb: main developer is vividos
[18:14:24] <wjp> but I haven't seen him on IRC for a while
[18:14:24] <zarkyb> ok, thanks
[18:38:05] <Dragst_> don't forget me =)
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[19:50:00] <amOKchen> :>
[19:50:27] <amOKchen> let's hope we havent seen him because he worked on it 24/7
[20:06:11] <zarkyb> heh
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