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[04:30:43] <quatermain> Anyone here at this time of night?
[04:35:47] <servus__> No.
[04:37:06] <quatermain> ah. You'd be the proverbial 'voice of the empty void', then?
[04:37:59] <quatermain> I was actually wondering if the project still needed a Mac OS X developer?
[04:38:10] <servus__> The project needs any developers, I think :-)
[04:38:18] <quatermain> Cool
[04:38:39] <quatermain> The site didn't really make it clear - one page asks for one, the other says you have one
[04:38:41] <quatermain> meh
[04:39:21] <servus__> I think the project is sleeping right now.
[04:39:58] <quatermain> oh? I hadn't realised...
[04:40:29] <servus__> Feel free to work on it :-)
[04:41:30] <quatermain> Not really sure where to start at the moment - not really done a lot of games programming, mostly low-level stuff
[04:42:05] <servus__> WJP might know better than I what needs to be done. Vividos will know for sure if you can find him
[04:42:42] <quatermain> Just sent an email to vividos - not really expecting a reply terribly soon though
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