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[15:17:44] <EVA-ZZ> hi
[15:17:53] <EVA-ZZ> anyone here who knows dominus?
[15:18:35] <EVA-ZZ> Dragst, servus, Sevalecan, do u know Dominus?
[15:19:35] <EVA-ZZ> wjp, do u know Dominus?
[15:20:58] <EVA-ZZ> wjp, Dragst, servus, Sevalecan, or do u know vividos?
[15:21:52] <EVA-ZZ> they both were here in this channel and they were talking about cvs systems. i got some serious problems working with these cvs systems and i'm urgently needing help...
[15:22:13] <EVA-ZZ> they were here on 7 Aug 2002
[15:23:16] <EVA-ZZ> vividos was channel operator, i think
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