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[15:18:15] <Dragst> Ahoy!
[15:18:52] <eldron> avast ye matey
[15:19:01] <Dragst> Greetings, sires. 'Tis I, the artist of artists, the adept of harmonies!
[15:19:16] <Dragst> How fare thee?
[15:19:38] <eldron> uhm, fine I guess(eth)..
[15:19:41] <Dragst> haha
[15:20:24] <Dragst> Let's say I'm trying to find.. uh, Michael?
[15:21:09] <Dragst> Alas, I'm afraid he is not on right now
[15:21:09] <Dragst> (+line)
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[15:33:34] <Dragst> what nick does he go with?
[15:36:27] <eldron> oh, vividos, I haven't seen him for some time though
[15:36:48] <wjp> I saw him here about a week ago I think
[15:36:52] <wjp> ?seen vividos
[15:36:52] <exultbot> vividos left IRC around Wed Aug 6 19:39:45 2003 (GMT) ("Leaving")
[15:36:59] <wjp> or maybe two weeks :-)
[15:37:25] <wjp> hm, I'm fairly sure that month-and-a-half isn't correct
[16:10:10] <Dragst> heh
[16:10:18] <Dragst> well
[16:10:27] <Dragst> anyways, are you guys involved in uwadv?
[16:10:33] <Dragst> more than hanging on the irc channel, that is ;)
[16:11:04] <wjp> I think my official title is "linux porter" :-)
[16:11:23] <Dragst> yay :P
[16:11:25] <Dragst> and eldron?
[16:11:50] <eldron> well, I was to contribute some models, but it hasn't happened yet..
[16:11:54] <Dragst> ok
[16:12:04] <Dragst> it seems I'm involved now too
[16:12:13] <Dragst> the reason can be found on www.draconus.com/dss
[16:14:52] <wjp> minor nitpick: it's "Praecor Loth", not "Praecorn Loth" :-)
[16:19:09] <wjp> those uw2 mp3s sound pretty good :-)
[16:22:50] * eldron listens to the u6 creation song
[16:26:11] <eldron> my home folder is starting to look like my desktop did when I had windows
[16:34:15] <Dragst> raagh
[16:34:27] <Dragst> wjp, thanks :)
[16:34:29] <Dragst> they're supposed to ;)
[16:34:45] <Dragst> damn, how could I have typoed that
[16:34:51] <Dragst> shouldn't do work 4am ^^
[16:34:55] <Dragst> on
[16:37:37] <Dragst> anyway, I'm supposed to remake all uw1 tunes :)
[16:39:23] <wjp> looking forward to hearing them :-)
[16:39:30] <Dragst> hehe
[16:39:32] <Dragst> very good! ;)
[16:39:59] <Dragst> well, imagine, I'm both promoting my/our studio AND doing a favour for games :)
[16:40:01] <Dragst> s=r
[16:40:02] <Dragst> kdgpokdpogk
[16:40:05] <Dragst> gamERS
[16:40:52] <wjp> somebody already made mp3 versions of a three or four tracks, btw
[16:40:55] <Dragst> yep
[16:40:56] <wjp> s/a //
[16:40:56] <Dragst> I know
[16:41:16] <Dragst> they just sound too "midi" for my taste so I probably try them myself anyway =)
[16:41:23] <Dragst> (I think Michael agreed)
[16:41:36] <Dragst> and I think he made only 2
[16:41:38] <Dragst> this far
[16:41:56] <wjp> I have Wanderer, Descent, Maps and Intro here
[16:42:47] <wjp> um, I said mp3, but I meant ogg, btw :-)
[16:42:48] <Dragst> ok
[16:42:51] <Dragst> hehe
[16:42:55] <Dragst> the same :D
[16:43:19] <Dragst> you do understand it'd be kinda funny if 4 tunes would sound completely different, no?
[16:43:32] <wjp> yeah
[16:43:33] <Dragst> of course, it doesn't mean the game couldn't have 2 music packs, no? :)
[16:43:43] <wjp> choice is good :-)
[16:45:46] <Dragst> yay
[16:46:47] <Dragst> mmkay
[16:46:53] <Dragst> fixed the typo :)
[16:47:33] <wjp> 404 now
[16:47:55] <Dragst> yep
[16:47:57] <Dragst> just noticed
[16:48:00] <Dragst> and trying to figure out
[16:48:11] <Dragst> raagh
[16:48:19] <Dragst> I doubt it's Praceor Loth either :D
[16:48:21] <Dragst> AYE
[16:49:09] <wjp> I'm fairly sure it's not Praceor Loth, no :-)
[16:49:35] <Dragst> uhm.. lol? there's something wrong now
[16:49:35] <Dragst> :D
[16:49:49] <wjp> no, everything looks ok now :-)
[16:49:51] <Dragst> even when I try to DL it from the filelist directly, it's 404
[16:50:19] <Dragst> mmkay
[16:50:19] <wjp> I can download it now
[16:50:26] <Dragst> seems like I had to restart opera :-/
[16:50:44] * wjp used wget
[16:50:58] <Dragst> well. this was all quit unimpressive O_o
[16:51:00] <Dragst> hehe
[16:54:22] <wjp> hm, time for some dinner
[16:54:25] <wjp> I'll bbl
[17:46:49] <wjp> back
[20:47:53] <-- wjp has left IRC ("bbl")