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[01:38:19] <Megz> um
[01:38:25] <Megz> did it fuck up so bad when you run into walls?
[01:38:28] <Megz> like jumping?
[01:38:35] <Megz> I really don't remember the original being like that.
[01:38:44] <Megz> like every other frame jumping back and fourth between two locations
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[03:43:51] <servus> The original, in DOS, and UWAdv (for me), is always silky smooth
[05:32:42] <Megz> servus: you know how it stutters to hell when you collide with a wall?
[05:32:53] <Megz> like flipping between 3 frames very quickly
[05:41:59] <servus> Nope. That's smooth. It just pushes me back out so I'm parallel with the wall.
[05:49:04] <Megz> servus: when I run into walls it goes bonkers
[05:49:16] <Megz> are you sure you dont know what I am talking about
[05:49:34] <Megz> like stuttering real fast when you collide with a wall and press forward, at an angle?
[05:49:45] <Megz> jerking back and fourth real quick
[05:49:49] <Megz> every frame
[05:54:27] <servus> No, it doesn't jerk. It just smoothly lines me up parallel with the wall so that I continue running alongside it
[05:56:25] <Megz> that's why I thought there was some timer issue or so ;/
[05:57:12] <servus> And yeah, the music sounds great through a Roland Sound Canvas :)
[05:57:23] <servus> have you tried disabled in-game music and sound, through the in-game Options menu?
[05:57:36] <servus> Dang, I kinda wanna play again!
[06:01:11] <Megz> i wanna play :P
[06:07:24] <servus> Your computer mustn't be powerful enough! :-p
[06:07:53] <servus> Try disabling sound from the in-game menu, though. I'm curious, because in DOS the game would stutter like crazy if I had sound enabled. I later found out SMARTDRV was causing it...
[06:08:00] <Megz> brb
[06:45:27] <Megz> if I change core=normal, I get way less sound fuckups
[06:45:58] <Megz> core=dynamic causes notes cut off short, extra long sustain, improper mixing, etc
[06:49:18] <Megz> i think this is playable with core=normal, core=dynamic was fucking everything
[06:50:06] <Megz> yes, the tempo isnt jumping around now
[06:52:10] <servus> Hm! Maybe dynamic core screws up with multi-core CPUs
[06:52:12] <servus> That's a thought :)
[06:52:23] <servus> yours should definitely be fast enough with normal core
[06:52:28] <servus> Yay for you then :)
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[23:24:49] <Megz> servus: i'm curious how it'd run in VMWare
[23:29:31] <Megz> testing out UW now, in the free VMWare player, with MSDOS and sound support
[23:29:37] <Megz> sb16