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[17:03:33] <mitz|away> servus hi
[19:49:28] <servus> Hi mitz!
[19:49:33] <servus> I'm afraid I must leave again.
[19:49:56] <mitz|away> can u answer 1 quest ?
[19:49:58] <mitz|away> ion
[19:50:05] <servus> I'd like to hear something about uwadv so I can release the boned monster models and make animations for them if they are approved:)
[19:50:10] <servus> I can *try*, mitz. :)
[19:50:12] <mitz|away> :)
[19:50:30] <mitz|away> do u know how to make a boot disk for uw working on xp ?
[19:50:50] <servus> The real uw?
[19:50:53] <mitz|away> yea
[19:50:57] <servus> No -- but there's no need:)
[19:51:02] <servus> There's a patch:D
[19:51:07] <mitz|away> really ? :>
[19:51:09] <mitz|away> where ?
[19:51:22] <servus> It's a single opcode that kills it on XP!
[19:51:25] <servus> http://www.bootstrike.com/Uw2/downloads.html
[19:51:29] <servus> Ultima Underworld II In Windows 2000/XP
[19:51:33] <servus> Patch works for both games.
[19:51:35] <mitz|away> thx
[19:51:41] <mitz|away> but isnt there 1 for uw1 ?
[19:51:49] <mitz|away> ok
[19:51:50] <mitz|away> :D
[19:51:58] <mitz|away> didnt read first
[19:52:01] <mitz|away> thx m8
[19:52:18] <servus> Read the readme
[19:52:20] <mitz|away> r u programming the uwadv ?
[19:52:22] <servus> It tells you how to do it manually.
[19:52:56] <servus> I am not -- I programmed a physics engine but I'm not releasing it until I've finished it -- and I haven't even worked on it for quite a while:)
[19:53:17] <mitz|away> hehe
[19:53:26] <mitz|away> so u will start working on it again now ?
[19:53:42] <servus> To do it properly, a lot more things have to be changed (*all* objects would probably need a unified structure, the same one the avatar has; including bounciness, resiliency, and some sort of mass)
[19:53:57] <mitz|away> i see
[19:53:58] <servus> Perhaps, mitz. I'm a busy guy and always learning:)
[19:54:02] <mitz|away> :)
[19:56:09] <servus> I am sorry, but I must go for ~4 hours. Bye!
[19:56:17] <mitz|away> bye
[19:59:09] <mitz|away> servus have u left yet?`:D
[20:31:27] <mitz|away> wjp there ?
[20:52:23] <wjp> yes
[20:55:12] <mitz|away> nevermind :]
[21:34:48] <-- wjp has left IRC ("Zzzz...")