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[00:23:30] <servus> Mitz?
[00:23:34] <servus> Did you need something?
[04:07:59] <mitz|away> i had probs with the sound but i fix it with VDMsound :>
[09:15:19] <servus> Just remember, Lain is God.
[14:48:06] <mitz|away> whois Lain ??? :>
[14:48:07] <mitz|away> servus
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[19:07:47] <sciflyer> he
[19:08:12] <wjp> hi
[19:08:18] <mitz|away> lo
[19:08:33] --> Dominus has joined #uwadv
[19:09:04] <Dominus> hello and greetings
[19:09:10] <sciflyer> hi there
[19:09:11] <mitz|away> hiho
[19:09:16] <Dominus> let'S talk about the greatness of uwadv
[19:09:19] --- mitz|away is now known as mitz
[19:09:23] <sciflyer> lets!
[19:09:32] <sciflyer> is anyone still working on it?
[19:09:47] <wjp> vividos has been committing lots the last week
[19:09:49] <Dominus> vividos is currently restructuring the source
[19:09:56] <Dominus> damn you beat me
[19:10:16] <mitz> not commiting suicide i hope :[]
[19:10:20] <mitz> commited
[19:10:22] <mitz> ^^
[19:10:23] <sciflyer> good to hear.. i had the link in my bookmarks and last website update was april
[19:10:31] <sciflyer> so i said wtf and stopped by in here
[19:10:42] <Dominus> you have to read the dev-log
[19:10:43] <sciflyer> you guys work on exult, too, if i remember correctly
[19:10:47] <sciflyer> :)
[19:11:00] <wjp> you remember correctly :-)
[19:11:09] <Dominus> yup
[19:11:22] <mitz> why freenode and not quakenet??? :┼
[19:11:43] <sciflyer> dom, were you the osx maintainer or was it wjp?
[19:11:56] <Dominus> neither :-)
[19:11:58] <wjp> neither :-)
[19:12:01] <Dominus> he he
[19:12:05] <sciflyer> cause i notice you got builds for the new beta, but some gcc bug
[19:12:05] <Dominus> beat you!!!
[19:12:07] <sciflyer> who was it then
[19:12:08] <sciflyer> ehe
[19:12:09] * wjp glares at Dominus; beat me :-)
[19:12:15] <Dominus> Fingolfin
[19:12:17] <wjp> Fingolfin
[19:12:23] <sciflyer> yeah there was no 1.0 build cause of some gcc bug
[19:12:27] <wjp> hah! I win this time :-)
[19:12:35] <Dominus> not according to my screen
[19:12:43] <sciflyer> so did he decide to build the beta in spite of the bug, or did they fix it?
[19:12:51] <sciflyer> yeah according to me dom won that one :)
[19:13:00] <Dominus> the logs sayys I beat you
[19:13:02] <wjp> bug was fixed
[19:13:08] <sciflyer> thought so
[19:13:09] <wjp> exultbot: traitor! :-)
[19:13:30] <Dominus> we didn't know of the beug before we had all the beta2 releases done
[19:13:30] <sciflyer> how is pentagram coming along
[19:13:39] <sciflyer> i am excited about it
[19:13:42] <Dominus> and most likely OS X build does not have that bug
[19:13:57] <sciflyer> which, the .99 beta?
[19:14:06] <wjp> Dominus: which bug are you talking about?
[19:14:19] <mitz> any idea at all when the project will be complete??? :D
[19:14:21] <Dominus> the chest items duplicate one?
[19:14:40] <Dominus> I was confused sorry
[19:14:41] <wjp> that wasn't a gcc bug :-)
[19:14:44] <wjp> that was one of ours :-)
[19:15:13] <Dominus> afaik we don'T have a gcc bug in the new beta
[19:15:25] <Dominus> new version of OS X fixed that bug
[19:15:33] <sciflyer> anyone tried building 1.0 with the new compiler?
[19:15:49] <sciflyer> i tried building it myself but it was a pain in the ass
[19:16:12] <Dominus> It's not really worth building the 1.0 anymore
[19:16:23] <Dominus> I'd go for the latest and greatest
[19:16:41] <sciflyer> didnt perform very well either, i remember having a build that performed pretty well, i dont know when it was, maybe june 2002, but then the ones i tried later seemed kinda slow
[19:16:42] <wjp> Dominus: new version of the devtools; not of osx
[19:16:52] <sciflyer> i should try out 1.1 sometime
[19:17:07] <wjp> latest 1.1 builds should be a lot faster than 1.0
[19:17:25] <Dominus> weren'T the devtools only coming with new (sub)version of OS X?
[19:17:37] <wjp> no
[19:17:44] <wjp> they're a separate download
[19:17:59] <Dominus> ah
[19:18:42] <Dominus> hmm, I really should go FAQing again...
[19:19:29] <sciflyer> someone have dailies for osx?
[19:19:55] <wjp> don't think so
[19:20:06] <wjp> and our osx developer is away for a while
[19:20:31] <Dominus> but we have a thread in our forum on how to build CVS
[19:21:06] <Dominus> or use beta2 for OSX
[19:21:20] <sciflyer> yeah, i'm gonna try that one out
[19:21:47] <sciflyer> i could try the cvs snapshot too, i guess
[19:23:47] <sciflyer> cant get the dmg for some reason, i hate sf sometimes
[19:24:05] <Dominus> read our download page :-)
[19:24:15] <Dominus> don't use a download manager
[19:24:16] <wjp> did you download the mirror-select page? :-)
[19:24:20] <sciflyer> am not :)
[19:40:36] <sciflyer> cool, nuvie is doin pretty well too
[19:40:58] <wjp> it is :-)
[19:41:32] <sciflyer> never played u6, lookin forward to it
[19:41:49] <wjp> it runs in dosbox, I think
[19:42:07] <sciflyer> ah
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